What's the weather where you are?


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Currently where I live in the BC interior we are under a special weather advisory and a severe thunderstorm watch. This morning, it was bright and sunny when I visited the Farmers Market. I wore a T shirt. Now the temperature has dropped 20 degrees, the sky is overcast. Some of the occupants of my apartment came out to look at the skies, we saw seven planes, which a resident informed us that they were to monitor lightening strikes.

It is predicted we will have high winds, hail and possibly receive up to 40mm of rain over this evening and into tomorrow., the river levels are already high due to the high snowpack during the winter months. We are indeed living with strange weather phenomena. I expect some interruption of the power supply to homes, if this becomes a reality where I live.

This is concerning for future food production, it has been stated in some areas that there is a shortfall of agricultural workers in the area due to COVID. Resulting in the inability of agricultural suppliers to harvest crops, how this will impact the food supply is a real concern IMO.

What will be, will be, I am reminded of the Chinese proverb, We Live in Interesting Times.


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UPDATE on post #3,299. Record sunny spring time in the Netherlands confirmed. The drought continues to aggravate and water supplies are already faltering in places to the East of the country.

The meteorological spring of 2020 will go down as the sunniest on record by far, with 790 hours of sunshine, compared with 517 in an average year. The new record also beats the previous one - set in 2011 - by 47 hours, the KNMI weather bureau has confirmed.

April was the sunniest April of all time and both March and May are in the top five. De Kooij, near Den Helder in Noord Holland had the most sunshine – 830 hours in total, while Twente had the least – 741 hours.

Spring was also extremely dry, with just 77 millimeters of rain falling, compared with 172 in an average year. Most rain fell in March, and April and May are both among the driest on record.


Endless sunshine: Spring 2020 was the sunniest on record, and one of the driest - DutchNews.nl
Water company calls NL residents to be sparing with water as drought continues


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West of Ukraine, Pannonian Basin

Mild storm with rain, mini "hurricane-seed whirl"s are starting to form in the sky. Cool winds.

I'm experimenting with a completely different way of managing the summer heat. Nothing like reported before. Now I barely touched our sky = the air-mass beneath the clouds - the entire energetic system - directly above us.. and in 3 hours we have a stormy sky with the outlines, swirly legs, of a forming hurricane. Nothing like the US, no such Mega-Hurricane, of course. The effects are milder, not so aggressive sudden storms as reported in last years. This storm appears more wider reaching, more encompassing.

* The fact it didn't cost any energy-expenditure from my part. Rather the reverse! *

It appears that I took OUT = extracted - from the energetic-atmospheric system above us - the "positive-neutral stabilizing atmospheric energy-reserves" and the result is that nothing is holding back the stormy weather-chaos anymore and the result is stormy-weather chaos on a miniature scale.

But this new situation, developed in less than 3 hours, is still completely and radically changed the sunny, hot, stuffy weather that this entire afternoon PROMISED to stay.. into the evening, warming up the house and turning it to resemble an almost hot, "pre-sweltering heat". So that "looks like we will have a heated-up evening" now is completely gone.

Changed into a more encompassing, more wide reaching, calmer, rainy stormy sky with constant mild-distant, subdued roar / bellow, but still clearly audible.

Now the result is again a dark-grey, "flat mushroom" cloud, covering the entire area above us, with its epicenter right above our house. Just as if I had raised an umbrella. The far-away edges of this flat-mushroom storm-cloud has "rainy-legs". Anything beyond our localized radial-storm is lightly clouded and bright, sunlight comes through easier there. Cool air, winds almost cold.
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Weather calmed down with cool, soft winds. Rain was brief. All of the mild storm suddenly ended, as expected, as is usual for this kind. ~65% of the sky is covered with dark grey clouds [centered above our house]. The rest ~35%, has a white, light haze. No setting sun visible, only some rogue rays far west. I'll see in the coming weeks how the humidity reserves in the atmosphere will hold: Last year with the repeated-forced interventions [as reported], no more rain could be made after a while => "Sahara-conditions" prevailed until the "atmospheric humidity reserves" regenerated.


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East-Europe, ~90 miles West from the Ukrainian border:

Sky cleared up quite nicely by ~23:00pm. So we could have a nice cool-down for the night, because during a heated day lots of IR reaches the surface and heats everything up. Concrete streets, walkways, house roofs, house walls all act as Heat Storage Units and especially during summer all these start radiating IR = heat. So when we have clear skies at night, all excess IR = heat can radiate back out into space ==> giving us a nice cool night [ideally], so we can sleep. So "Summer Earth" can cool off = act as a heat dispenser unit.

However, I mentioned above that this new method I'm forced to use is more wide reaching, more "deep", more encompassing, so our skies now - 01:15am - have holes, where I can see the stars, but the thick grey clouds are also back and there is frequent Silent-Lightning in the South and more rapid-fire ones of same in the West. Silent..

However.. as our planet and we cruise farther INTO 4th Density now, as this space-sector - and our planet along with it - is drifting from [last years] Outermost Reaches of 4thD ---- further inward into 4thD, we are getting more intense 4thD-specific effects everywhere.

This is why, I now can and by necessity - to complete The Mission - am also forced to use more radical measures..

This is why the C's pondered & calculated and judged that it is safe now, to mention THE CURRENT.

Essentially, The Current is the same as your new house's electric work: when the workers have finished building it into your brand new house's walls (= last couple years slow drifting into 4thD), then the entire electric circuit of your new house is ready to be connected to the country's "National Electric Grid" or Western Interconnection US Grid =
= which is the same process


is happening now, that we and our ancient planet - SARAS-III. - or - as we call it Earth nowadays - is ready to be connected to the 4th Density "wide area synchronous grid".

This is what the C's call The Current. It is like Tesla's wireless electric grid that - as you may have guessed - powers absolutely everything in 4th Density. Houses, cars, planes, radio, ""4thD-Wi-fi"",
then flora and fauna as well:
plant life, animal life, the seas, etc.. etc..

The Current is like a flowing life-force with multi-phased aspects. I think, it can be used to resuscitate people via 4th "defibrillator" tech. Its - I think - what the Lizards use for their highly advanced technology as power source, etc..

Now you know it will be super-dangerous. Essentially industrial-strength, freely flowing current. So those cart ruts, Laura mentioned, well, you can guess the strength of the arc-lightning generated by The Current, if it has the power to leave these cart-rut sized scars in the ground.

Also The Current is the basis of
4thD STATIC ELECTRICITY [in the air] = ELECTRIC MIST = fine electric water vapor in the air =
what I call "Ambient Frequency" [ineptly] right in the air. Filling up the air, like high-level of moisture. You have clean sea-water and then you have "heavy" seawater filled with plankton and bioluminescent algae. This is - I think - what gave added and very beautiful and absolutely amazing increased ambient lighting on Kantek: lit up seas and we could see better in beautiful bioluminescent mists on Kantek. Essentially the same as we enjoy on warmer winter nights, where the mists are so heavy that the moon's light get completely diffused and we have a "general increased diffuse illumination", which is the easiest on the human eye - or on my eyes used to low Kantekkian planetary lighting.

Sorry for digressing. So this ""ambient frequency"" [stupid made-up term, I know] will - I think - fill up the air increasingly more and it will allow... [uh-oh here it comes the Baked Noodles].. it will allow low-altitude cruise and levitation. Just like nowadays people go for parasailing. As you can see people like it very much: now in 4thD, in our new environment, made possible by The Current™, it will be the same exhilarating experience, only without the ridiculous harnesses and without a parachute of course. Just you can do it in you Birthday Suit: of course better wear some Summer-clothing for decency, but that's all the requirements for 4thD "Parasailing". Of course you'll need some basic training, which will be just as difficult as learning how to bicycle in your childhood.
I'll describe the exact mechanics in the Dreams thread, called:
Mechanics of Flight in Dreams.
I think, because my dreams are so consistent about the mechanics of this above introduced phenomenon - enabled by The Current™, I think its ((past-life/other density)) memory. So, don't worry.. :D its simple and it will be a fun read.
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Pretty cold weather for this part of the year.
Yesterday around 2 pm a strong storm in the region of Gostivar in Macedonia. Heavy rain and hail. The city was flooded.
The main city hospital was in the water. The heavy hail destroyed a lot of crops, fruits, and vegetables. I haven't seen so much water falling from the sky, ever.
The interesting thing was that there were no thunderstorms. Like the atmosphere was not electrically charged. When storms appear in this part of the year it is usually with a lot of lightings. Not this time.
This is a video from a local TV station and a few images.



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The rain was falling for the entire month, and yesterday it finally ended with a big flood after a heavy rain during the night. The pictures are from my village. Most people live on a hill with their crop fields in the valley, but some people decided to live in the valley. A bad decision.




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Q: (Andromeda) What's up with the cracked airplane windows that have been showing up in the news?

A: Electrical charges have many effects. By the way, that is the reason for some of the animal deaths: electrical discharges.

Q: (Belibaste) Because there's more dust between the ionosphere and the surface of the earth. (Galaxia) Is that also why I've been getting shocked by electrical equipment recently? (L) Could be.

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) Is that electrical discharges from the sun, or...

A: Sheets of rain, or dust plus electricity. Snow too.

Something interesting was happening in the last week. My satellite TV was losing the signal. I thought that this had something to do with the weather conditions during the last month, but my father commented that the rain was also falling down before and he never had such problems with his satellite TV. He installed it just before the New Year last year.

Perhaps a combination of factors in the atmosphere created a problem with the satellite signal. Since yesterday the rain stopped and the signal is now clear.


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Gale strength winds + sheets of rain out of the blue sky in Hungary, West of Ukraine, ~90 miles west from the Ukrainian border.

Here is the weather prognosis for this week:
This screenshot I made on the 16th in warm weather and as you can see they list 23°C / 73 F, but it was warm with temps like 27°C / 81 F nearing - reminding me of a feel of a sweltering heat. In 4 hours - using the new method [probably now] fueled by the slowly-slowly starting The Current™, I turned that into 21°C / 70 F with cold winds, some little rain, only so much that the ground didn't remain muddy the next day - even the evening - , so I could walk on the sufficiently dried-up ground without getting mud on my shoes.

So this meant the rainy month - May usually or June this year - is ending and the scorching hot summer is beginning with Sahara-like conditions with the storm-clouds usually just passing by above us, but giving us no rain ==> big cracks develop in country roads, bad for the thirsty plants.. those are looking to get 'heat-damage'.

Look at the Friday 26th on above pic. What does it say?
Here is today's screenshot:

What does the above say? Rain? Nope! Strong winds? Nope! Morning sky was clean blue, whole day looked like an intro into sweltering heat.

I was getting the false sense of "security" that now as the rainy month ended and the entire weather system now will be depleted of moisture, we will get far fever rains, so I'll be free to practice the new method - fueled by the very slowly starting The Current™, meaning no more energy expenditure from my part and the very slowly starting up The Current™ [just like "first raindrops"], fuels everything and I can hopefully retain a fragmentary FRACTION of the The Current™-s Cosmic-Nature-Weather-Energy-Type that is - I think - generally incompatible with the 'human meridian energy system', so our bodies cannot retain Nature's Weather-Energies and the [positive?]neutral-stabilizing energy taken from the weather system [into the human body] behaves like this:

BUCKET SIEVE leaky_bucket.jpg

Well.. I was wrong.
While last time's mild-effect was created by **three In-Breaths, me categorically stating toward the [denizens] of the Spirit-World that I only accept 6thD STO energy => this to prevent any [spirit] parasites sucked in. I also take care to only take in energy from SkyWard - only from Up High, which is very important, because this is a neighborhood and houses are super-close to each other and I don't want to take plant-energy (grass, vegetables from the garden) and I definitely don't want to take in human energy (life-force) from the ~~1000 feet [?] Direct Area Effect of this method. You can exactly imagine why if you watch that amazing movie or just look at that picture on the linked page......

Example of Kantekkian Malpractice Towards the Weather System:
So I was mistaken that because the weeks of sweltering summer heat is beginning, the effect of this new radical strength method won't be as strong (?? I don't know how exactly could I be so stupid as to assume this???!)

So instead of a safe three, I took seven **In-Breaths. Assuming that I can freely experiment, because the summer now will be safely rain-free and sweltering-heat-like...

Gale strength winds with sheets of rain. I assumed the effect will WEAR OFF - and the whole thing will last an hour or so and it will completely dissipate as it always DID last year. Unfortunately the effects of this new method fueled by the very slowly starting The Current™ are EXTREME.
3 In-Breaths = mild storm, passing quickly
7 In-Breaths = storm is stronger, not getting weaker as quickly and now we have bean-sized ice balls as well.
Well audible rumbling, lightning roaring, but not super super strong.

Though the storm was about two times stronger, matching the increased strength method, 3 vs. 7 In-Breaths (one Unit of Nature-Cosmic-energy extraction during one In-Breath).


Now after about ~45 minutes the sheets-of-rain is subsiding into a weak rain, ice balls stopped hammering the door + roof, wind speed is dropping. Thundering is also appears to pass.

:-( I didn't mean for this to happen. I take full responsibility. Hopefully no / minimal collateral damage was caused, minimal damage hopefully restricted to the garden.
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While almost all plants in the garden miraculously survived, including the paprika, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, etc..
- Eight young corn plants [~two feet high] are now bent, almost lying on the ground.
- one 25kg sack of cement is half drenched = gone, because I left open the storage-room door and the storm blew the rain in.


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Started raining on and off again and now keeps raining, shattering the meteorologists' prognosis for this week on above pics, which was a maximum of ~half an inch for a day. By now - amidst dutiful thundering - we have at least an inch of rainfall and continuing on.

Unfortunately the effects of this new method are more encompassing and go deeper, than the "cursory" and always quickly dissipating effects characteristic of the old method from last year. It appears The Current™ penetrates every fiber of our new environment and messing with it effects more lasting results. Well.. if my aim would have been to create rain for the plants .. .. (which always never is) now it is "done & done": more than accomplished.. :-|


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South Florida

It’s been a mixture of heat and rain. Right now it is currently sunny and pretty hot, temperature is mainly in the 90s F during the late morning-late afternoon. Last week it was raining and thundering every single day but with this current Saharan sand flowing through, it put a mini stop to it. It is already showing to be raining and thundering again around the 4th July weekend.

During this time of the year, it gets very hot and humid with frequent downpours and thunderstorms. Let’s see how this years hurricane season is going to be. Seeing how things have been so far this year, I wouldn’t be so surprised if there was abnormal activity. Only thing I’ve noticed so far is the early start of hurricane season this year with a tropical storm that developed off the coast of Mexico around late May.


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Well, we had a doozie of a storm last night with a bit of cyclonic action. It tore off half a shutter on one of the upstairs windows and we lost the top half of a couple of trees. But, otherwise, just high winds and rain coming sideways for a bit. The guys were watching the radar and the live lightning map and thought we were going to miss the worst of it but, apparently, whatever happened here just blew up right on top of us.


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The guys were watching the radar and the live lightning map and thought we were going to miss the worst of it but, apparently, whatever happened here just blew up right on top of us.

We were watching live radar and lightning maps as well as precipitation predictions. It literally looked like east of here, they were getting hit pretty hard, and we'd avoid the worst of it. You could see dark clouds and lightning off in the distance behind the house.

Looking out an open window, the air was hot and calm... Closed window, and 2 minutes later the wind and rain appeared. It just sorta spun up out of nowhere! The wind and rain of varying intensity also lasted about an hour I think, which is pretty rare.

So much for "live" weather forecasting...


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Here in São Paulo, Brazil, it's raining for hours and since last night we've had a lot of powerful thunders. The temperature dropped abruptly on Tuesday. On and on it's strange to see so much rain in June, generally one of the dryest months.

Also in the news this week we were almost invaded by a swarm of locusts (apparently they didn't like our country and headed to our neighbor, Uruguay) and the massive Saharan dust cloud just hit the northern bit of South America, including the Amazon rain forest.

I think it's not related in any sense to these events, but this global magnetic anomaly that happened this week, added to the fact that the South Atlantic Anomaly is close, makes me wonder about our electric universe while watching the weather.

The rain doesn't fall, it pours yet. Really strange.
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