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I just read over Session 16, October 1994, and was reminded of this song
Two months later there was another discussion about the great "convention" that will occur at the "realm border crossing".

So, I don't think all is lost...

Johnny told it like it is. Great singer, great man.
I agree Johnny was a great soul...

And here is more of the story...

Session 3 December 1994:
Q: (L) Well, in the case of Reiki, what I specifically want to know is if, say an individual is psychically, spiritually, karmically, or otherwise wounded or discombobulated, does the application of Reiki symbols give messages to the electromagnetic field to re-form or re-arrange the pattern in the perfect pattern intended?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And can repeated application of this, can not only physical things, but also etheric things, be healed? That is karma and so forth?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So that our continual use of Reiki and application to ourselves and each other literally would cleanse us from our karmic burdens, memories or scars of the soul?

A: Yes.

Q: (V) I am just concerned about the previously mentioned "convention"...

A: Convention is because of realm border crossing.

Q: (L) And why is there a convention attending this realm border crossing? I mean, is it just a "reely big shew!"

A: It is an opportunity.

Q: (V) As in the windows are all opening at one time so that all these beings can get in at one time?

A: As in an opportunity to affect whole universe. Picture cosmic playing of "Pomp and Circumstance" AKA "Hope and Glory."

Q: (Laura) How can a convention with slews of different kinds and races of people, converging on a single little pin- point planet on the outer edges of an insignificant galaxy, at the farthest reaches of this enormous universe, affect the whole thing?

A: That is your perception.

Q: (L) Well, what is the correct perception? Is the planet earth and the people thereon, and the things that are going on in this spot, the earth specifically, more important than maybe we would ordinarily have thought?

A: The Earth is a Convergence point.

Q: (L) Has it always been a convergence point? Was it designed to be a convergence point? Or, is it just going to be a convergence point this once?

A: Too many questions at once.

Q: (L) Was it designed to be a convergence point from the beginning?

A: Natural function.

Q: (L) Has it been a convergence point all along? Is that why so many weird things happen here?

A: That is difficult to answer because you have no understanding of "time".

Q: (V) Has this type of convention thing happened on other planets with other groups of beings?

A: Has, is, and will.
It's not country but many of us have heard it at "graduation" time...

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