Which past movies have raised global conciousness?


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i'm currently in the midst of my 'Ultimate Matrix Box Set'.
while i was watching, i thought back to the 1st time i saw The Matrix. it was such a mindblowing eye-opener and hit a such a nerve with me.
at that point i was still some time away from my efforts to 'look behind the veil' but in retrospect it probably started off my quest to understand what was REALLY going on on this strange planet.

obviously i wasn't the only one who felt like this.

that got me thinking - which other movies from the past century caused a shift in global awareness/conciousness? (any subject)
we're talking about global blockbusters here, that reached many people with a message they would otherwise not have thought about.

close encounters? ET? star wars? the day after tomorrow? the godfather trilogy?

please post your suggestions!

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For me, when I was a youngling, it was the star wars trilogy (the original three). It was an idea that not everything as it is. Everything was dark, and new hope was our way to light. The next trilogy (the new three) parellal to recent events and brought about the manpuliative individuals and lurking darkness (a psychopath rising to power, destroying what's stands in his way, etc.).

The Matrix did somewhat opened my eyes to the understanding that there's something beyond our realities. Are our reality real or not? Then again, people kept telling me it's just a movie.


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I can only speak about my personnal experience.

I was a movie addict for quite a while.

I lived near Paris for two years, spending most of my free time in movie theater thanks to the UGC unlimited access card.

After a while that wasn't enough for my addiction and I started renting DVDs. After another while I wasn't finding much that seems to have any interest. In a kind of despair, one night I rented eXistenZ, watched it on a small screen in my little appartement, I got out to get the DVD back and there, in the middle of the night, in those empty streets. I felt like the main character at the end of the movie...

So, to me eXistenZ is the one that had the biggest effect. Fight Club and Matrix had also a big effect, same kind but less strong.


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I think it depends on the movie and the movie watcher, and the topic of course.

Idiocracy was excellent, V for Vendetta of course, even Jupiter Ascending (even if it was awful), Squid Game more recently, Eyes Wide Shut was another interesting one. They Live.., of course was excellent, even if a bit cheesy. The Bourne series of movies, could awaken you to the way the intel agencies work.

Probably the first season of House of Cards, but I have friends who love series like Star Trek, or Resurrection Etrogrul, because of the value they find in them.

Movies like Gladiator have left me with great insight, and even some inspiration. The Last Samurai was another one of those. The curious Case of Benjamin Button is one of my favorites, A Monster calls.

But I daresay you realize I am kind of a movie buff, so I think there's plenty of movies that have raised my awareness in one or another aspect of existence.

I think that one ought to be looking for something, to recognize it in something one sees.


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I don't know about raising global consciousness (is there such a thing?) but among the very rare movies that deal with aspects of human psychology, how our programs can cloud our judgements and how to try to go beyond them, "twelve angry men" is a good example of a well made movie touching upon an important subject with talent. Warning, it's in black and white and there are no explosions.
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