Why "Terrorism" Pays Off

Just thought I'd share this information as I'd never heard about this behavioral cause and effect correlation before--though I'll bet the puppetmasters have:

"Abram Rosenblatt et al. (1989) found, for example, that when reminded of their mortality, people react more harshly toward moral transgressors and become more favorably disposed toward those who uphold their values. In one experiment, twenty-two municipal judges were given a battery of psychological tests. In the experimental group, eleven judges were told to write about their own death, including what happens physically and what emotions are evoked when thinking about it. When asked to set bond for a prostitute on the basis of a case brief, those who had thought about their death set an average bond of $455, while the average in the control group was $50. The authors concluded (Greenberg et al. 1990) that when awareness of death is increased, in-group solidarity is intensified, out-groups become more despised, and prejudice and religious extremism escalate." From: http://www.trinity.edu/~mkearl/death.html


A Disturbance in the Force
Interesting. That certainly plays very well into the hands of the PTB and their fear mongering - the programmers certainly have all of the bases covered. Of course, when one can travel back and forth in time at will and set things up exactly as they want them to be, it really wouldn't take genius programmers, just entropic minds.
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