Wildfires around the world: Increasing in frequency and intensity?


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A blaze has ripped through the US state of Georgia, forcing residents from their land.

Monster Wildfire Displaces 1000s in US State of Georgia (Photos)

At least 130,000 acres on the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge have been decimated by the fire and there’s little hope the blaze will be contained any time soon. The wildfire started April 6.

“Anything that can burn will burn if a hot ember falls,” park officials and firefighters said.

Some displaced persons have been shuttled to a nearby elementary school, where a temporary shelter has been established. “We’re not sure what’s going to happen right now, so it’s open until further notice,” Michael Davis, West Mims Public Information Officer, said on Sunday. The shelter is estimated to hold about 79 people.

All 2,000 individuals living in the unincorporated St. George community were mandated to leave on Saturday as the fire inched closer to their homes, Davis told ABC11. Davis noted that refugees should bring whatever they think they’ll need for what may be a long stay. The fire could rage on for months.

What’s more, the fire could spread from its origin in southern Georgia down into Florida, officials noted.

About 500 firefighters are actively working to extinguish the blaze, but high winds and low humidity levels are working against them.

“First Responders are NOT coming door-to-door,” one refugee said via Facebook, as they are entirely focused on putting out the fire. Still, the West Mims Fire may labor on until November, a spokeswoman for forestry officials and fire crews said.
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There 126 wild fires in Florida right now.
The smoke is heavy in the air, they closed schools in north central Floida today due to
Smoke and breathing issues.


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Meager1 said:
There 126 wild fires in Florida right now.
The smoke is heavy in the air, they closed schools in north central Floida today due to
Smoke and breathing issues.

Thanks for the report, Meager1.

May 9 (UPI) -- Georgia officials expanded mandatory evacuations due to the Okefenokee wildfire that is now also burning Florida's John M. Bethea State Forest.

Georgia expands mandatory evacuations as fire moves into Florida

The Charlton County Emergency Management Agency on Monday expanded mandatory evacuations to include residents in the Georgia Bend, St. George, Canaday Loop and Moniac areas. Officials also shut down Georgia State Route 121 and Interstate 94.

The National Wildfire Coordinating Group said the fire, called the West Mims Fire and started by lightning on April 6, at Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge grew to 133,744 acres and is 12 percent contained as of late Monday.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Fire Management Division early Tuesday estimated the fire grew to more than 140,000 acres, though the number is not yet official.

The NWCG said the fire will likely continue to expand and move north through more of the Okefenokee forest.

Officials say voluntary evacuations are no longer needed in subdivisions near a wildfire burning in a nature preserve near Tampa, Florida. Local media reports more than 2,000 acres burned. (May 8) AP

Wildfire in nature preserve near Tampa, Florida (Video)

LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. — Three schools canceled classes due to smoky conditions from a nearby wildfire as Florida’s agriculture commissioner said the state is in the “midst of its worst wildfire season in years — with no end in sight.”

Florida Ag commissioner: ‘No end in sight’ for wildfires

Commissioner Adam Putnam said in a news release that nearly 125 active wildfires were burning Monday morning.

Officials in Pasco County near Tampa, on Florida’s Gulf Coast, called off classes Monday at an elementary, a middle and a high school near fire that burned some 2,300 acres (930.8 hectares) over the weekend.

The National Weather Service said dense smoke could quickly drop visibility near the wildfires. Fire officials say the fire was 70 percent contained on Sunday night.

Some residents north of the Jacksonville area also are on fire alert due to a wildfire in south Georgia.


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The death toll of a forest fire in central Portugal claimed lives of up to 62 people, local media reported Sunday, citing Portugal's Secretary of State of Internal Administration Jorge Gomes.

Death Toll in Forest Fires in Portugal Rises to 62 - Reports

The deadly wildfire in central Portugal claimed lives of 62 people so far, local media reported Sunday, citing Portugal's Secretary of State of Internal Administration Jorge Gomes.

Almost 60 others were injured as a result of the fires, the Publico media outlet reported.

The Portuguese authorities declared three days of mourning for the victims.

The extremely hot weather in Portugal led to fire outbreak in the municipality of Pedrogao Grande on Saturday. The flames quickly spread to four different directions, damaging several settlements.

The members of the European Union will provide aid to the Portuguese authorities in the fight against deadly forest fires in the central regions of the country in line with the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides said Sunday.

EU Countries to Help Portugal in Fighting Deadly Wildfire - EU Commissioner

The extremely hot weather in Portugal led to fire outbreak in the municipality of Pedrogao Grande on Saturday. The flames quickly spread to four different directions, damaging several settlements.

"The EU is fully ready to help. All will be done to assist the authorities and people of Portugal at this time of need. In an immediate response to a request for assistance by the Portuguese authorities, the EU's Civil Protection Mechanism has been activated to provide firefighting aircraft," the statement by Stylianides published on European Commission's website, read.

As of now, total of 57 people are reported dead and almost 60 have been injured as a result of the wildfire.

LISBON, Portugal — The Latest on the Portugal forest fires (all times local):

The latest Portugal forest fire death-toll (Video)

5:25 p.m. - Portugal’s national soccer team is wearing black arm bands and has stood for a moment of silence with the Mexican team in solidarity with the country’s forest fire victims.

The ceremony took place before the teams’ match Sunday at the Confederations Cup tournament in Kazan, Russia.

Coach Fernando Santos, Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of the players released a statement saying “in this sad hour, we send our deepest sympathies to the families, friends and loved ones of the victims of the fires.”

FIFA President Gianni Infantino, attending the match, also offered his condolences. He says “we want to send a big hug to everyone in Portugal for what they are going through, which is absolutely terrible. There are no words for that.”

Officials say 62 people have died in a raging forest fire northeast of Lisbon, most while trying to flee in their cars.

4:50 p.m. - Greece’s prime minister has offered his Portuguese colleague Antonio Costa help in fighting the deadly wildfires in his country.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called Costa on Sunday afternoon to offer his condolences for the 62 victims of the forest fire northeast of Lisbon and to offer the support of the Greek people. His statement says Tsipras “also emphasized that Greece will offer any help necessary to fight the fires.”

Greece experienced its deadliest fires a decade ago. From June to September 2007, 84 people died in Greek wildfires, including 67 in a blaze that torched 1,500 square kilometers (370,000 acres) of forest and farmland in southern Greece.

3:55 p.m. - Portuguese officials say most of the 62 people who died in the forest fire north of Lisbon were trying to flee the inferno in their cars.

The forest fire began Saturday in the Pedrogao Grande area, 150 kilometers (95 miles) northeast of Lisbon.

Interior Ministry official Jorge Gomes said Sunday that at least 30 people died inside their cars as they tried to flee. He says 17 others died right outside their cars or by the road, 11 people died in the forest and two people died in a car accident related to the fire. He said there was no information on the other two deaths. So far, no one has been reported killed by the fire inside a house.

Gomes says 54 people have also been injured, 5 of them seriously, including four firefighters and a minor.

Temperatures in the area have hit 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) in recent days.

Most of the victims were killed in their cars on a roadway as they tried to escape the blaze.

A Deadly Forest Fire in Portugal

A “dry thunderstorm” is believed to have started the fire. The phenomenon happens when rain evaporates because of high temperatures before hitting the ground. Investigators found a tree struck by lightning that’s thought to be where the fire began on Saturday, about 100 miles northeast of Lisbon. The blaze sent a thick wall of smoke through the region, and 11 districts were under under surveillance on Sunday because of fire risk.

Images are coming out of Portugal of the aftermath of a fire that scorched a forested area in the center of the country over the weekend, leaving at least 61 dead, according to a spokesperson at Portugal's interior ministry.

Images from Portugal show aftermath of deadly wildfire that killed 61

A bolt of lightning that struck a tree in the Pedrógão Grande area may be responsible for sparking one major fire, investigators told The Associated Press.

Portugal's Prime Minister Antonio Costa said that there had been 156 fires across the country over the weekend, with 11 still active -- and two blazes that are "particularly problematic."

One of multiple fires that spread in Portugal this weekend sent flames sweeping across a road, which reached motorists who became trapped in their cars. That blaze led to the bulk of the damage and fatalities, Costa told the media on Sunday. Costa said everyone who died was on one road or next to it.


Southern California, New Mexico, southern Nevada and Arizona Wildfires

Intense Heatwave Kills Four, Feeds Southwest Wildfires (Video)

Scalding heat killed at least four people this weekend in Arizona and was stoking at least five major wildfires across the desert Southwest, authorities said Sunday.

Excessive heat warnings blanketed Southern California and Arizona, where temperatures soared into the triple digits Sunday and were expected to remain there until Monday, according to the National Weather Service. "The interior areas will remain dangerously hot," the NWS said.

The heat will remain constant in the West and expand into the middle of the country by midweek, said Reynolds Wolf, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel. "It's like you take a salt shaker of madness and sprinkle it" over the western half of the country, Wolf said.

At least four people have died in Arizona from separate heat-related emergencies, authorities said.

The first, a 25-year-old man, died while hiking the Peralta Trail in Pinal County on Saturday, Sheriff Paul Babeu said.

Sunday, a 28-year-old woman who worked as a personal trainer died during a morning hike along the Desert Vista Trail in Maricopa County, Phoenix fire officials told NBC News. The heat overcame her so swiftly that she died despite having taken along plenty of water and being immediately treated by a doctor in her hiking group.

Later Sunday, two hikers, a man and a woman in their early 20s hiking in Pima County left the trail without taking along water and had to be rescued by helicopter, authorities said. The woman died before deputies arrived, and the man was being treated at a hospital, the Pima County Sheriff's Department said Sunday night.

And one man died and another remained unaccounted for Sunday night after their hiking group was overcome in Ventana Canyon near Tucson, the Pima sheriff's office told NBC News. The man who died was believed to be from Germany, but that hadn't been confirmed, the sheriff's office said.

The crushing heat is expected to get even worse Monday, when highs in Phoenix could hit 120 degrees — the hottest in more than 20 years.

New Mexico, southern Nevada, Southern California and other parts of Arizona are expected to see temperatures as much as 20 degrees above average — up to 110 degrees,
said Michael Palmer, The Weather Channel's lead meteorologist.

Fire officials said the excessive heat would hamper efforts to quell five explosive wildfires that were forcing evacuations in three states.

In New Mexico, the Dog Head fire, burning about 30 miles south of Albuquerque, had already damaged 24 homes. The fire was only 9 percent contained Sunday, according to incident commander Rich Nieto.

The fire, which started Tuesday, tripled to 17,000 acres Saturday, forcing evacuations. But it hadn't grown much by Sunday, partly because of rising humidity that came with the rising temperatures in the area, Nieto said.

Another fire burning in the state, near Cibola National Forest, had ballooned to more than 35,000 acres Sunday and was 30 percent contained.

"The weather forecast ... calls for unseasonably warm air temperatures along with a drying trend which will continue to develop over the region," fire officials said in an incident report. "This pattern will continue to increase fire behavior and smoke production."

Heat was also feeding the Sherpa fire in Santa Barbara, California, according to Los Padres National Forest officials. The more than 2,000 firefighters battling the flames were focused on saving 60 homes in Refugio Canyon and 80 homes in El Capitan Ranch, which were under a severe threat, officials said. Those areas and other surrounding areas were under mandatory evacuation warnings, and officials said Highway 101 could be shut for a second time this week because of the blaze.

Crews were able to make some progress overnight when expected "sundowner" winds, which rush down the mountains in 40-mph gusts, didn't materialize. But they will likely strengthen again, meeting low humidity and high temperatures and preventing crews from quelling the fire, which has already burned 7,800 acres.

A new fire broke out about 11:30 a.m. (2:30 p.m. ET) Sunday along the U.S.-Mexico border near Potrero, California, about 45 miles east of San Diego, and within just a few hours, it had exploded to 1,500 acres, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said.

The entire population of Potrero, about 700 people, was being evacuated for what was being called the Border fire on Sunday night, CalFire said.

Winds weren't as much of a concern for crews fighting the Cedar fire in eastern Arizona on Sunday, but the flames would be propelled by heat. "Over the next 24 hours, fire will continue to spread on the south and east flanks due to burnout operations, resulting in increased smoke and acreage growth," an incident report said.

The fire had burned 12,000 acres and was 40 percent contained. Adam Wolfe, the communications manager for the county, told NBC station KPNXof Phoenix that people in the affected city of Show Low should be ready to flee.

"If they have medication, if they have family members, make sure everything that is important can be put in cars and moved," he said.

At least four people have died in Arizona from separate heat-related emergencies, authorities said. The first, a 25-year-old man, died while hiking the Peralta Trail in Pinal County on Saturday, Sheriff Paul Babeu said.

Sunday, a 28-year-old woman who worked as a personal trainer died during a morning hike along the Desert Vista Trail in Maricopa County, Phoenix fire officials told NBC News. The heat overcame her so swiftly that she died despite having taken along plenty of water and being immediately treated by a doctor in her hiking group.


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A forest fire in Southern Spain threatening a national park famous for its biodiversity has forced the evacuation of at least 1,500 people.

Spain: 1,500 Evacuated as Fire Hits Famed National Park

The flames advanced eastward on Sunday and entered Donana National Park, one of Spain's most important nature reserves, a tourist attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1994 , Al-Jazeera reported.

The park, which has over 50,000 hectares of wetlands and woods, is an important stop for migratory birds from Africa and Europe. It is home to a variety of animals, including the highly endangered Iberian lynx and the Iberian imperial eagle.

"The fire has entered in the limits of the reserve, and that is where we are focusing our efforts," Jose Gregorio Fiscal Lopez from the regional Andalusian authority in charge of the environment told Spanish national television.

Emergency services said local authorities sent in 10 helicopters, seven planes and four waterbombing jets to deal with the blaze, which comes a week after forest fires killed more than 60 people in neighbouring Portugal. Over 150 firefighters were also combating the blaze.

Spain was notably hit by a spate of forest fires in 2015 and officials said some of those could had been started deliberately.

The cause of the latest fire was also not clear and regional president Susana Diaz, who rushed to the area affected, indicated "the human factor cannot be excluded."

Diaz said fighting the blaze was proving difficult due to the hot, dry weather, with temperatures reaching 39 degrees Celsius and shifting winds.

The regional president said "there's no risk to the population" after hundreds of people were evacuated from campsites and houses near the town of Moguer on Spain's southern coast where the fire started on Saturday night.

Around 750 people are being housed temporarily in sports centres, according to emergency services. Some residents had already been allowed to return to their properties.

At this time of year, Spain is also having to battle drought and on Sunday saw several areas classed as being at maximum risk of fire, including the Andalusian province of Huelva, where the Donana Park is situated.


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Nearly 400 people were evacuated on Monday due to the outbreak of a forest fire in the Spanish province of Huelva in the Andalusia region, local authorities said.

Some 400 People Evacuated in South of Spain Over Wildfire

A total of 250 people from the northern part of El Campillo town and its suburbs were evacuated, while 140 people were evacuated from the center for the intellectual disabled for precautionary reasons, according to the region's authorities.

Currently 130 firemen and 19 water-dropping aircraft are taking part in the fire extinguishing operation.

Last month, thousands of people were evacuated from homes and hotels in southern Spain due to the forest fire that was triggered by hot and dry weather and shifting winds, according to media reports.

The extremely hot weather and careless handling of fire regularly provoke forest fire in Spain and in neighboring Portugal as in June the fire outbreak in the Portuguese municipality of Pedrogao Grande claimed lives of 62 people.


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Northern Nevada: USA

UPDATE: Earthstone Fire 20% contained, I-80 back open (Video Pic's)
The Nevada Department of Transportation is reporting that I-80 is back open in both directions from Patrick to Wadsworth after a...

Fire near Wadsworth reaches 4500 acres
UPDATE: The evacuation order for homes in the Duffy Road area has been lifted, according to the Churchill County Sheriff's Office.

Fire near Lovelock burns 2000 acres
BLM has dispatched air and ground resources to the scene, and urges residents to remain clear of the area as to not hinder wildland firefighting

Douglas County fire burns 25 acres north of Genoa
The so-called Foothill Fire reportedly is burning west of Jacks Valley Road area, and roads in that area are closed, including Genoa...

Brush fire on Mt. Babcock Street in Stead fully contained
There were reports of fireworks in the area, but the Reno Fire department says there was no evidence that firework use was to...

Reno Nv. 7-4-17 Plus Map of NV. County's


Jul 4, 2017


Published on Jul 3, 2017

Fire on I-80 Sparks NV 2017 between Patrick and Mustang on our way home on 7/3/17. We got through just in time before they closed the highway. We have never been this close to a wildfire before. It's amazing to watch how fast it moves. Devastating and amazing at the same time.


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SacBee Jul 06, 2017
A look at wildfires burning in California, Nevada and Colorado (Video pic's)
Several fires were burning across the West. Evacuation orders for hundreds of homes were in place as a wildfire rages in the White River National Forest about 4 miles from Colorado's Breckenridge Ski Resort. In northern Nevada, flames headed toward homes
Homes Evacuated as Colorado Wildfire Rages (:50)
Published on Jul 6, 2017
Evacuation orders for hundreds of homes were expected to remain in place through midday Thursday as a wildfire rages near Colorado's Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Colorado resort town on notice as wildfire spreads (2:39)
Jul 6, 2017

Published on Jul 7, 2017 (Reno NV,)


July 3, 2017 - The Fire Situation Report


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An evacuation order has been issued for residents in Canada’s central British Columbia after a growing wildfire threatened households.

Thousands Told to Evacuate in Canada’s British Columbia As Wildfire Nears Homes

Some 3,000 people in the Cariboo Regional District have been ordered to leave their homes, Canada’s National Post newspaper reported.

The district’s top official, Al Richmond, was cited as saying the wind had changed direction and was predicted to increase in speed.

BC Wildfire Service announced on Twitter the fire was expected to grow substantially in the coming hours depending on weather and wind conditions. Firefighter crews would work through the night to build containment lines, it said.


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Evacuations lifted in Calaveras County as crews get handle on wildfire Video
59-acre fire is burning near Valley Springs
Evacuations were lifted Wednesday evening as crews got a handle on a 59-acre wildfire burning in Calaveras County.

The fire was first reported around 1:10 p.m. and is burning near Quail Oaks Road and Oak Hill Drive. The fire was 75 percent contained as of 9:20 p.m. Forward progress of the blaze was stopped around 6 p.m.

The evacuations were lifted around 6:20 p.m.

Four outbuildings were destroyed by the flames.

The cause of the fire was someone using a lawn mower, Cal Fire said. The person was cited for not having the proper equipment nearby to extinguish the flames after the fire ignited.

No other details have been released.

July 10, 2017 - The Fire Situation Report


Orville California USA
Families Left To Sift Through Ashes After Wall Fire's Devastation
Published on Jul 11, 2017
Published on Jul 12, 2017

Timelapse video of the Wall Fire in Oroville, California July 7, 2017 courtesy of the Nevada Seismological Laboratory.

Drone view of Boston Flats fire destruction (B.C wildfires)
Jul 12, 2017
The Thompson-Nicola Regional District sent up a drone to survey the damage caused by the B.C wildfires

To read more:_http://cbc.ca/1.4200898

UPDATE: Long Valley Fire 20% contained at 33,300 acres Pic's and video
DOYLE, Calif. (KOLO) - A brush fire north of Reno and Sparks has burned about 33,300 acres, or about 48 square miles, according to Sierra Front. It is about 20 percent contained.

Firefighters reported vigorous air and ground firefighting efforts on Thursday that followed overnight fire suppression efforts limited the growth of the Long Valley Fire between Reno and Susanville.

By the air Thursday, there were four heavy air tankers, four Super Scoopers, one single engine air tanker and a very large air tanker made several drops of water and fire retardant. Helicopters also made bucket drops.

On the ground, 21 fire engines, six dozers and two hand crews, worked on the fire. There are about 460 personnel on the fire altogether.

About 300 structures have been threatened. Five outbuildings like sheds or barns have burned and three residences have been damaged, but no homes have been lost. Seven vehicles have burned.

The fire is expected to be contained by July 20. The cause remains under investigation.

The Long Valley Fire broke out in Lassen County about 1:30PM July 11, 2017, 2 miles north of Doyle, California. It then burned east and southeast into Nevada to the Fish Springs and Winnemucca Ranch areas.

The Bureau of Land Management has temporarily closed the Fort Sage Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area, near Doyle, to protect the public from wildfire.

Farad Fire 58% contained; 747 acres burned (Pic's and Video)
FARAD, Calif. (KOLO)
- The US Forest Service says the Farad Fire burning near Farad and Mystic, California, southwest of Reno between Verdi and Floriston, is 58 percent contained after burning 747 acres as of Thursday night.

CHP says the westbound lanes were closed Tuesday at the Nevada state line due to spot fires, smoke and debris, but have reopened. Eastbound lanes were also closed much of Tuesday.

Cal Fire is helping the US Forest Service with the firefight. Truckee Meadows Fire is also assisting.

The fire is burning on the west side of I-80. Heavy smoke could be seen from much of northern Nevada and on many of the AlertTahoe cameras.

There is no word yet what caused the fire, which started July 10, 2017.

Bravo 17 Fire burns 9,000 acres southeast of Fallon (Video Pic's)
Jul 13, 2017
Sierra Front reports a wildland fire about 30 miles southeast of Fallon is burning about 9,000 acres, or about 14 square miles.

The Bravo 17 Fire broke out about 4:30PM July 12, 2017, south of Fairview Peak, in Churchill County.

Sierra Front says the fire started on a bombing range at Naval Air Station Fallon and spread east onto Bureau of Land Management land.

There is no reported containment.

BLM resources are being pulled from the nearby Draw Fire, which is mostly contained (Video Pic's)
Updated: 7-13-17
Evacuations Underway as Long Valley Fire Grows in Size Near Doyle
The Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District says the Long Valley fire burning near Doyle, California is now 30,510 large and 20% contained Thursday.

Evacuations have been ordered for residents on South Fish Springs Road and East Winnemucca Ranch Road due to the Long Valley Fire near Doyle.

At a briefing Wednesday, firefighters say the Long Valley Fire's behavior has been extreme since it first started on Tuesday, July 11. The wildfire is burning grass, sage and is making a push to the east toward Winnemucca Ranch Road.

Evacuations were previously announced for about a dozen residents on Hackstaff Road, Fort Sage Road, Clark's Lost Road or Debbie-Do Lane.

Five outbuildings and seven vehicles have been lost. Three homes have been damaged.

The BLM is closing the Fort Sage OHV area as a precaution.

The fire is under investigation, but officials believe it was human caused.

July 15 - July 28 2017 Image: (Guess-tament) Weather chart

2017 Fire Season Is One of Worst in 15 Years Video
Posted: Jul 14, 2017 2:04 AM RST

Crews Battling Whittier Fire Brace for Weekend Sundowner Winds Pic's
updated 11:02 p.m. | July 13, 2017 |
Flames are visible Thursday night in the mountains west of Goleta; blaze is at 12,263 acres and 52 percent containment

Firefighters were bracing Thursday night for expected sundowner winds this weekend, which could potentially push flames from the Whittier Fire down into the foothill neighborhoods in and around western Goleta.

Forecasters were calling for “light to moderate” sundowner conditions Friday and Saturday evenings, with downslope north to northwest winds of 10-20 mph and gusts to 30 mph.

“Overall, the weather is always a wildcard, whether it comes or doesn’t,” Incident Commander Mark von Tillow told Noozhawk Thursday night. “But we’re prepared for it, and I feel pretty comfortable right now with the plan we’ve got. Actually very comfortable. We’ll just have to wait and see if the weather develops.”

As it was the previous evening, the fire was active again Thursday night below the ridge line on the south side of the Santa Ynez Mountains.

Flames were easily visible in the upper reaches of Gato Canyon and Las Varas Canyon, below Santa Ynez Peak west of Goleta.

Officials said the 9-1-1 lines were being inundated with calls about the flare-up, and issued the following statement late Thursday night:

"This flare up currently is not a direct threat to homes or communities. It is approximately 2 miles from communities. It is slowly backing down the mountainside.

"Firefighters are actively monitoring this area with Night Flight Aircraft. Crews are continuing to work on fire control lines on all areas of the fire tonight, including reinforcing dozer and hand lines along the front country area.

"Flames will be visible until late this evening when the marine layer returns.

"Rumors that powerlines are being currently being impacted are not accurate."

Those flare-ups were expected, von Tillow said.

“That was in an area we call the thermal belt. and that’s where the warm air gets trapped from the onshore flow of cold air that comes up to a certain point,” von Tillow explained. “And then the cold air that sinks at night traps that warm layer there in the middle.

“So that’s where the fire remained active, with the high temperatures and low humidity.”

As of Thursday night, the size of the fire had increased about 340 acres from the previous day, to 12,263 acres. Containment rose to 52 percent from 48 percent.

Some 20 structures have been lost, and an estimated 3,500 people have been evacuated, mainly along the Highway 154 corridor, Paradise Road and in the West Camino Cielo area.

Air tankers and helicopters spent the day laying down lines of retardant below the southern flank of the fire,

“We’ve had folks out there all week, scouting around,” von Tillow said. “We’ve been building some bulldozer line down in the bottom, connecting the ranch roads, and working with all those ranchers out there. We feel good about it.

“I was out there today … We’ve been laying retardant in there all afternoon to slow anything that’s going to come down if the winds develop. So we’re preparing, and that’s all we can do at this point is prepare.”

The northeast flank of the fire also remained active Thursday, although it remained within the upper reaches of Bear Creek Canyon.

“Crews have been working extremely hard in there the last couple days,” von Tillow said. “We’ve had more hotshot crews in there. They’re getting more comfortable with it. We’re going direct.

“We supported them with aircraft again today, and there was a lot less smoke in the air today than the last few days.”

Bulldozers and hand crews labored to build and strengthen containment lines throughout the fire.

Evacuation orders remained in effect for Highway 154 from Armour Ranch to Paradise Road, and West Camino Cielo from Highway 154 to the Winchester Gun Club.

An evacuation warning remained in place for the area from Las Varas Canyon east to Winchester Canyon, and from Highway 101 north to West Camino Cielo; and Paradise Road from Highway 154 to the first river crossing.

Law enforcement is patrolling the evacuation areas, and as soon as it is safe, will communicate how and when people can re-enter the area to retrieve personal items left behind during the evacuation.

The American Red Cross of Central California-Pacific Coast Chapter has been operating evacuation centers at San Marcos High School, at 4750 Hollister Ave. near Goleta, and at the Minami Community Center, 600 W. Enos Drive in Santa Maria for people displaced by the Whittier Fire and the Alamo Fire burning in northern Santa Barbara County. The Santa Maria shelter has since closed.

Nearly 1,096 firefighters have been assigned to the Whittier Fire, including personnel who had been released from the Alamo Fire east of Santa Maria.

Also assigned were 68 fire engines, 23 hand crews, 10 bulldozers, 10 helicopters, and 6 water tenders. Fixed-wing tankers are available from local air bases as needed.

Highway 154 remained closed between Highway 246 and Foothill Road in Santa Barbara because of the fire, and many local roads within the evacuation areas are also closed, including West Camino Cielo at Highway 154, Kinevan Road at Highway 154, Farren Road at Vereda del Padre, and Old San Marcos Road at Via Parva.

West Camino Cielo remains closed from Refugio Road east to the fire.

Click here for a map of current road closures from the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department.

Caltrans District 5 has up-to-date highway closure information here.

Just Sayin :whistle:

Published on Jul 10, 2017

July 10, 2017: *Imperial Beach, California* | A meteor spent 4.3 billion years traveling through the cosmos and entered earth's atmosphere on the 4th of July high above So Cal, flying towards Imperial Beach during a fireworks display creating a god-like firework display of its own. What are the odds of something like this happening...4.3 billion to 1....?


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angelburst29 said:
Thousands Told to Evacuate in Canada’s British Columbia As Wildfire Nears Homes

Massive forest fires, which erupted in the Canadian westernmost province of British Columbia, forced evacuation of total of 36,000 people, local media reported.

Almost 37,000 People Evacuated in Canada Over Outbreak of Forest Fires

Currently about 2,900 firefighters and 203 aircraft are involved in a fire extinguishing operation, while the country’s authorities have already spend over $80 million to fight the natural cataclysm, the CBC broadcaster reported Sunday, citing Canadian Minister of Forests John Rustad.

Rustad added that one helicopter crashed during the operation, the pilot was injured.

A total of 178 fires are currently active in British Columbia, while some 131,000 hectares of forest have been destroyed by fire in 2017, Chief fire information officer Kevin Skrepnek said, according to the broadcaster.


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Maybe it is not important or I did not put attention time ago, but I think that last month there was an insusual number of fires around the world. I made a list just with the fires reported by RT and Sputnik:

Jun 11 Peru - Fire on a Mall
Jun 13 United Kingdom - London, Grenfell Tower
Jun 14 Turkey - Istambul Hotel
Jun 14 Mexico - Refinery
Jun 17 Portugal - Forest fire
Jun 18 US - Utah forest fire
Jun 19 Israel - Miltar factory
Jun 20 Jordan - Housing complex
Jun 22 Peru - Lima, Art galery (it lasted 5 days!!!)
Jun 24 United Kingdom - London, Housing complex in Bethnal Green
Jun 25 Pakistan - Overturned a tanker truck, 120 dead
Jun 25 Spain - Forestal fire
Jun 25 United Kingdom - London, another building in Waxham House
Jun 26 Iran - Refinery
Jun 27 Peru - Horizontal building
Jun 29 Russia - near Chernóbil
Jul 01 Italy - Sicilia
Jul 03 Germany - Bus is on fire (18 dead)
Jul 08 El Salvador - Government building
Jul 09 Israel - Militar base
Jul 09 US - Los Angeles, Electric Power Plant
Jul 09 United Kingdom - London, a market in Camden Town
Jul 10 Russia - Moscú, Mall
Jul 12 Russia - San Petersburgo, tractors factory
Jul 13 Chile - Santiago, Chemical products factory
Jul 14 Canada - Forest fire
Jul 15 Hawai - Honolulu, Building on fire
Jul 15 Ecuador - Bus is on fire (14 dead)

I really do not know if this is the meaningful, but only from this list some information emerge:
  • In total there are 28 fires, almost 1 per day
  • 11 of them were in buildings or housing complex in urban areas, most of them attributed to electrical faults of the electrical installation or some device
  • 4 were reported in London, 3 in Russia, 3 in Peru, 2 in US, and 2 in Israel
  • 4 of them are forest fires
  • The fires on buses and in the tanker truck were because they overturned
  • There are 2 fires in Military Installations (Israel) and 2 in Refineries (maybe they are not too much inusual)
It is true that many of places where the fires begin are relatively "logics" (refineries, military factory, chemical factory, etc), but the number of fires reported in recent times has caught my attention. I usually check the news every day and so far I have not seen a situation like this, in which so many fires are reported in such a short period of time.


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msante said:
It is true that many of places where the fires begin are relatively "logics" (refineries, military factory, chemical factory, etc), but the number of fires reported in recent times has caught my attention. I usually check the news every day and so far I have not seen a situation like this, in which so many fires are reported in such a short period of time.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing, msante!


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Oxajil said:
msante said:
It is true that many of places where the fires begin are relatively "logics" (refineries, military factory, chemical factory, etc), but the number of fires reported in recent times has caught my attention. I usually check the news every day and so far I have not seen a situation like this, in which so many fires are reported in such a short period of time.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing, msante!


Interesting is that on the Jul 03 Germany - Bus is on fire (18 dead), coincided with a bus crash in Russia.

14 people, incl. 4 children, killed as bus collides with truck in Tatarstan, Russia
Published time: 3 Jul, 2017 10:46

2 new wildfires in California prompt evacuation orders Vid
The Associated Press
A wildfire burning in Central California tripled in size Monday, forcing more people from their homes as firefighters battle the day-old blaze burning in steep areas with heavy brush and tall grass.

The fire, burning near Lake McClure, a reservoir about 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of Modesto, has scorched 11 square miles (28 square kilometers) since it broke out Sunday afternoon, said the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Officials have ordered evacuations for an unknown number of homes. The fire has destroyed one structure and damaged another.

No one has been reported injured.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

In Northern California, a 900-acre wildfire in Mendocino County has also triggered an evacuation of homes. That fire is 25 percent contained.

To the south, crews are struggling to surround a 28-square-mile (72-square-kilometer) blaze burning for more than a week in the mountains of Santa Barbara County. It is just 49 percent contained after destroying 16 homes.

WASHOE COUNTY, Nev. (KOLO) - The Long Valley Fire has burned 83,733 acres, or about 131 square miles, as of Monday morning. It is about 35% contained.
The fire started July 11, 2017 near Doyle, Calif., and has burned into the north end of Spanish Springs Valley toward Pyramid Lake.

Whittier Fire grows to 18,311 acres, remains 49% contained
Posted: Jul 17, 2017 3:08 PM RST
The Whittier Fire grows to 18,311 acres and remains 49 percent contained as of Monday morning, according to U.S. Forest Service officials.

On Sunday, officials reported that nine more homes and dozens more structures have reportedly burned in the Whittier Fire.

Fire officials said Sunday the damage was done in first hours after the fire began July 8, but damage assessment teams are just now completing the assessments with the help of new software technology.

Officials had previously said eight homes and 12 outbuildings had burned. That number has now changed to 17 homes and 36 outbuildings.

More than 1,900 personnel are currently battling the the blaze.

The fire Sunday continued backing down the south slope of the Santa Ynez Mountains above the canyons west of Goleta.

As it nears the bottom of the slope, fire officials say flanking runs and short, intense burning could take place.

The fire broke out the afternoon of July 8 along Highway 154 near Cachuma Lake and grew quickly.

Highway 154 is closed from Highway 246 to Foothill Road (Highway 192). Officials say there is a possibility the highway will re-open Sunday night, depending on fire behavior throughout the day.

Evacuation orders and warnings remain in effect.

Utah Wildfire Forces Evacuation of 25 Homes (:48)
Published on Jul 16, 2017
Utah officials say 25 homes were evacuated as crews work to control a fire on a mountainside south of Salt Lake City. Utah Fire Info's website says the brush and grass fire was caused Saturday by a group shooting guns in the area. (July 17)


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There are major forest fires burning all over Dalmazzia. A huge one came very close to Split from surrounding mountains propelled by Boorah wind. There are some burnt buildings and vehicles, some neighborhoods are without electrical power - luckily no one is seriously injured; jet some evacuations are in doings...
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