Wildfires around the world: Increasing in frequency and intensity?


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A massive effort is underway with keeping the Caldor fire from the Lake Tahoe basin.

Caldor Fire Update: Wildfire containment drops from 19% to 13%
Red Flag conditions accelerate Caldor Fire activity, approaching Tahoe Basin
Aug 30, 2021

Click below for an online evacuation map:

5:50 PM · Aug 29, 2021 from Alicante, Spain·
Images of the intervention.@AcifSalinas@GVA112@BomberosDipuALC@_FACIF


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Resorts burn and fire tornadoes rage in blaze-ravaged California, as entire CITY ordered to evacuate (VIDEOS)
Fresh evacuation orders have been issued in the resort city of South Lake Tahoe, California, as a devastating wildfire closes in. Meanwhile, fires to the south of Los Angeles have whipped up intense tornadoes of flame.
Some 24,000 people have already left their homes along the highway connecting South Lake Tahoe with Sacramento, CBS San Francisco reported on Monday. The fire has destroyed nearly 500 structures, injured five people, and burned more than 177,000 acres, according to data from Cal Fire.
I look at this article and think about Deep State agents causing fires to drive people out of their homes and force them to accept that "You now live in a rented home and own nothing. You'll be happy!".
The journalist says that he thinks the rumor that BlackRock is buying up homes is fake-news, while he links to his earlier article, where he looks at the fact that when we look who in the world owns everything, all assets, all companies, BlackRock comes second.. Vanguard is first..
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Erratic wind patterns could be the game changer for the jewel of the sierras.

During this fly-through, Kurtis Ming shows the latest heat map depicting where the fires are burning, including in Kirkwood, and near neighborhoods in Meyers.

The FawnFire kicked up yesterday north of Redding in Shasta County (very Northern California):

Burn footprint so far, 7,000 acres:

And of course started by climate change, err, no…more arson 🧐

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