Will the cost of renting server space for internet technology decrease in an ICE Age?


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Something I am very curious about is the potential effects of decreasing climate temperatures on the cost of web hosting.

I am interested in this from a commercial point of view and recognise it is something I don't really know enough about.

I do know that some websites are hosted in ICELAND (like this one).

I know there are some legal freedom advantages that ICELand has and I think that because of the large costs of cooling power needed to cool server technology, Iceland is in a strong position because it has long periods of being very cold.

I am aware the cost of building a data centre is very high.

But here is where I start guessing...

If you are starting from stratch in a very cold climage then I think you would build your data centre to optimise the environment.

But if you starting now then I think it would be very difficult to plan until the climate has properly shifted. I just think that there is a large crowd of tech managers who are going off in the wrong direction thinking that increasing CO2 temperatures and investing incorrectly.

I'm just wondering for a countly like the UK if it actually makes any difference.

I don't know the answer to this and was wondering if some of the awesome techie Nerds we have here on this forum would know anything that could be useful to a young enterpreneur seeking competitive advantage?
Thanks :)


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I posted this question on an Industry Web Hosting forum and got the following answers:
There is something you are not thinking about in the cooling aspect of a Data center. Your air handling has to include way more then cooling to be done right.

You have to have proper filtering / air quality as well as humidity. While its true that cooler natural air is typically lower in humidity, this would not always be the case like Iceland, Greenland, etc. The average humidity in Iceland is 78%, this is way to high for a data center, that needs something 45-50%. So even though you are not cooling the air, removing moisture from it takes a lot of energy as well.
Datacenters generate heat from all the equipment and all the cooling equipment. Take all that heat and use it for something. What that "something" is is now your job to figure out.

I immidiately thought of Heating for homes and was reminded of Richard Arkwright who
https://www.ukessays.com/essays/history/industrial-revolution-impact.php said:
was one of the first people to improve the working conditions in factories

Although I think the pressing issue for many will be the food supply, so thinking of keeping chickens and pigs warm. I don't know what the best use of this extra heat would be?
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