Winter time shift


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The server is in Iceland, which doesn't do DST any more. But, depending on where you are, the forum software adjusts the timestamps on posts accordingly. Seems to work okay for me here, but maybe there's a bug or something, as well.
I think you have to adapt your profile preferences for time zone from UTC+2 (summertime) to UTC+1 (wintertime).
I don't think it's supposed to show wintertime in winter with UTC+2 because that depends on your country exactly, so you have to adapt it manually.


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I checked my profile settings and it's pinned on UTC+1 which is CET (central European time).

Yesterday evening I noticed that new posts added after 23.00 hours but before 24.00 hrs. were already considered to be posted on the next day while all posts from before 23.00 hrs. were marked "yesterday" -- which was rather odd from where I'm sitting. That's how I found out.

I don't know whether there would be a bug somewhere. The only thing I can say for sure is, that this is the first time ever I noticed this hiccup on the forum anyway. All previous time shifts went by smoothly to the point of as good as unnoticed with no quirks like this one.

I'll watch it again tonight. Maybe it settles itself automagically...


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I've just checked for anomalies in the time stamps on the New Posts page and couldn't find any.

Moreover, the after 23.00 hrs. posts which yesterday evening seemed categorized as belonging to today are now properly placed in the right category where they belong.

All in all, it looks like a minor glitch took place, or I simply misread -- what to me seems very unlikely but is not entirely impossible. :-/


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Little off topic somehow, but i've noticed that some posts of mine were "lost in time" in couple of occasions - like 'What's new ' feature was not updated correctly... I remembered this while i was checking new member's (Gray Swan) profile and noticed that he has two posts... First is in most recent C's session's thread and other was his introduction posted today at 12.13 PM - I was checking new posts on forum a couple times today and didn't noticed (not an especially complicated task due to lowered forum activity lately:-[) that peculiar thread...I guess it just was not processed - so to say - and I was the first to reply in GS introductin thread. Is it possible that anbody else hasn't noticed it for almost half a day:huh:
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