Wood Stoves and Tents from "Russian Bear Market": Heating, Cooking, Water heating and more


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Recently I came across a company with the name "RBM" which stands for "Russian Bear Market" and they seem to sell their products to the western market manly on their website, which is called hot-tent.com. I came across them because, out of curiosity, I was looking for good tents and I saw Rene (the owner and chief of offgridtrek.com) starting to redistribute their products on his website (Off Grid Trek was mentioned in this thread on the forum in several of my posts, for their outstanding solar blankets).

It seems to me that they sell very good wood stoves (in three different sizes and two different sizes of water tanks) and tents (in many different sizes). I think it should be relatively easy to use and set up the wood stoves also in other settings besides the tents (for which they were designed).

Long story short, I don't own any of their products myself at this point, but from what I have seen and researched, their products seem to be very good, well-made, well-designed, very easy to set up and carry, while they do pay a lot of attention to detail and seem to have thought things through quite a bit. The fact that Rene recommends them and started to redistribute their products also gives credence to that IMO. It seems Americans and Canadians are still able to get their products relatively easily. As for the rest of the (western) world (like the EU for example), I'm not so sure. You would need to look that up.

Below you can see Rene. In the first video segment you see; how he sets up and describes one of their large tents, followed by, the second video segment; a presentation of their biggest wood stove:

The wood stove can be used for heating of course, but also, for cooking and heating up water separately!

Here you can see the cooking in action in one of their smaller tents at -37°C:

Here an example of setting up their smallest and cheapest tent, called "Sputnik 3":

I won't mention all the features the Stove and Tents have. Sufficient to say that they have paid a lot of attention to detail and what is really needed in a real life situation. All of their products seem to be designed around being able to work (and quickly set up) in very cold temperatures.

As a side note, as you can see in the second video above, Rene recommends fire paste, in order to be able to fire up wood under any conditions quickly. Rene doesn't say which brand he is using, but from the looks and description, it might be the following fire paste from a brand called "Coghlan":

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There's also these ones that I found recently:

This video below, starting at 5:55, shows the units in use. This is a hunting video, and not a review video per se. It doesn't go over all the features in depth, but you still get a good sense of how lightweight they are. Notably, these folks backpacked into the back country, managing to carry the tents and stoves with all their gear.

They look very cozy, definitely not as big as those others you posted. I'm not sure how they'd fare in -37C! The titanium stoves look pretty awesome. Shiny!
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