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Hey guys and gals.

I wanted to share a personal ghost story that happened to me back in 2000. It wasn't particularly scary but something incredible happened that actually made me skeptical to the ghost explanation which is what I was thinking it was.

In August of 2000, I moved to Huntsville, Texas to attend a university there and I was going to be roommates with a friend of mine named Ronnie. The apartment was actually a large home built on an old slave plantation. The home was converted into four different apartments and ours was the only one on top.

I arrived on a Saturday and unpacked everything rather quickly because I wanted to get some rest. I wasn't expecting Ronnie to show until the next day and I knew I needed some sleep to prepare for the "partying" the next night.

I closed my bedroom door before I took a nap as that was a habit from my childhood and my need to do so was borderline O.C.D. Well, about an hour later I awoke to the sound of my door creaking open and there was Ronnie just staring at me.

I told him that I was surprised to see him and then asked if he needed my help moving in. He never said a word then walked away. I got up and slipped on tennis shoes to give him a hand but he was nowhere to be found. I went to take a look outside but there was still no sign of him or his car.

Perplexed, I gave him a call and he answered right away. I asked him why he left so quickly and he replied that he hadn't even left his house yet and wouldn't be in town until the next day. It really was no big deal so I just blew it off.

The next day Ronnie showed up like he planned and we got hammered at the bars later on that night just as planned as well. Early the following morning, sometime around 3:30 or so, I woke up because my ceiling was leaking and I was sleeping directly under the leak. My sheets were practically soaked.

I got a bucket to collect the water and then went to sleep in the living room. Later that morning, I called the owner/landlord and told him that a pipe must have bursted in my bedroom and that it need to be fixed ASAP. He told me that that wasn't possible because there are no pines running in the top floor ceiling. In any case, It needed to be fixed so he came later on that afternoon.

Not only were there no pipes in the ceiling, there was no water damage nor any indication of there ever being any water leaking in the first place It was pretty strange but I really didn't entertain the idea of it being supernatural until he made a comment about the place being haunted in passing.

Like any rational thinker and stubborn skeptic, I knew all that stuff was for kids and people who didn't know better.

Since I am an experienced astral projector, I am fully aware of the audio and visual hallucinations than can occur when we wake up in a state of sleep paralyses so I have dismissed that as a possible reason for me "seeing" Ronnie when he wasn't there. I know it wasn't a false awakening either since I physically got up to look for him and I certainly didn't imagine my soaking wet clothes and sheets as well as the gallon of water that I collected from the"leak" in my bedroom.

So yeah...I was beginning to think something weird was happening by that point. The story doesn't end there, however, and I moved out a few weeks later. A couple of weeks later, Ronnie and I were getting ready to go out on a double date with a couple of girls that we met in class.

For some reason that I can't even remember now, I showed Ronnie an old WW2 bayonet that my grandfather brought back from the war. It was starting to get late, so I left the bayonet out on the living room counter. Ronnie was the first to step out of the house so I was the one that locked up.

We were pretty much together the whole night so he never had time to leave. First dates are first dates and there are still some real gentlemen left in this world so we dropped off our dates and went home.

What I saw was the straw that broke the camel's back. In the middle of the living room floor, was my grandfather's bayonet. It was broken in half! I was so upset that I actually cried. The bayonet was very important to me for obvious reasons.

Right away, I check the door for any signs of a break-in but there were none. The next morning, I called my landlord to ask if he was the only other one with a spare key and of course he said yes. He had just put on new locks prior to us moving in.

So my question to you guys is this: Am I too close to the tree to see the leaves or is there something "supernatural" going on. I trust Ronnie wholeheartedly and I believed my landlord as well.

But if so, what could have the power to break that bayonet? :huh:

Thanks for reading guys. :)


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There are quite a few books on hauntings that describe such phenomena and speculate on what energies might be involved. Just go to amazon and search and start reading/researching!
Laura said:
There are quite a few books on hauntings that describe such phenomena and speculate on what energies might be involved. Just go to amazon and search and start reading/researching!

I have to say that this is a reply worthy of the C's. :D I agree with them completely when they say that discovering something for ourselves is the best way to gain knowledge.

I have already done plenty of research ( in as much as sitting on my lazy behind and just reading can qualify as research ;D) on the paranormal and I guess what I really wanted to know was if I should be looking for a flesh and bone culprit for breaking my bayonet.

I am comfortable in my conclusion that the other two events have explanations that originate outside the "norm" of everyday life but nothing that I have come across has led me to believe that a "spirit" could break the bayonet. So I was wondering if anyone else has heard of a ghost or spirit having that ability or if I should be thinking of horses and not zebras when I hear hoofbeats.

Thanks again.


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Did you read about the iron pan I shattered once with some kind of biophysical force? I think there may even be a photo of it somewhere on the forum here. If it's not a ghost, I'd say it's a message to the self, from the self. In fact, even if it IS a ghost, the same can apply.


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The story of the broken pan can be found here (Session 30 August 2009): http://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php/topic,13511.0.html

The photograph can be viewed in this reply: http://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php/topic,13511.msg100638.html#msg100638
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