The MOSSAD Happy Dance

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

June 13, 2003

In recent days there has been quite a firestorm of controversy ignited over my little piece on Mossad and Moving Companies. Normally, I don't have to worry that my occasional news/comment pieces will go much further than this site. It's not like I haven't made many comments about Mossad and the possibility that they are implicated in the 9-11 attacks from day one - and nobody has really noticed - until now. At the time of 9-11 I wrote:

It seems fairly obvious that, as many of the pundits were saying, there was a "failure of intelligence."

Well, aside from the grim humor of such a remark, what does it really mean? Is it even remotely possible for that many aircraft to be hijacked at once, for those routes to be changed without being noticed, for those who notice to not ask questions, and once the questions have been asked, for there not to be some action taken pretty damn quick?

What about the simple matter of having "intel," or "inside info?" Was this attack staged by an organization with absolutely no shoelaces left untied in terms of moles, double agents, or other leaks? In this day and time, that is almost inconceivable.

So, either it is possible that such was the case - there were no leaks - or that there WERE leaks, and someone turned a blind eye for their own objectives. [...]

Meanwhile, playing into the "anti-moslem," anti-Palestinian mode of thinking is ALSO falling into the clutches of the manipulators.

What is more: there is the even more chilling possibility that it was done by those who would wish to cast blame UPON the moslems or the Palestinians by manipulating them, helping them, and egging them on. Because it is fairly easy to see that the results of such an action would be so great a level of retaliation that only madmen of Islam would bring that kind of wrath down upon their own people.

Again: observe the results: THEY ARE INTENTIONAL.


One of the more obvious interpretations is that the whole incident with its comparison to "Pearl Harbor" is exactly that: an inducement to war. It is now generally known that the United States was aware of Japan's plans to attack Pearl Harbor well enough in advance to have taken preventive action. [...] But the U.S. did NOT take action - not even so simple an action as warning the troops to get the heck out of the way.

Why? Well, obviously, the U.S. wanted to get into the war and the people were dead set against it. How to manipulate the people to ask the government to go to war? Why, Pearl Harbor, of course. So we have the government playing the part of "restrained shepherd of democracy" who is waiting for the public (which is being manipulated by the media which is manipulated and/or controlled by the government) to DEMAND satisfaction by war.

Today we are confronted with saber rattling of the most extreme sort. It passes even the war dances that were plastered on billboards and television and broadcast on radios prior to the Gulf War. [...]

We are appalled at the whole thing. We are sick to think of those driven to actually jump from the WTC to escape the heat, the flames, the destruction and horror of that Charnel house. One witness nearly broke down when he reported that the sky was "raining bodies." People were jumping in pairs, holding hands.

Yes indeed! We are most heartily upset, offended, outraged, stunned, and just about every miserable and horrifying adjective you can think up. We are almost unable to even express our feelings for those whose lives were destroyed in this catastropic event, the dead as well as those connected to the dead directly or indirectly.

But, damn it! What if that is INTENDED?!

And intended by WHOM?!

WHO STANDS TO GAIN? By ANY action taken in response to this event?

Remember what FDR said: If it happens, it was planned that way.

And then there is the old intel guy who told me that one of the first rules of intelligence is to observe the situation AS IT IS, and extrapolate to who will gain from it.

And there is only one answer here.

On this website, we have published literally reams of material documenting our research into so-called "conspiracy" theories. The Wave and Adventures With Cassiopaea, while containing extracts of our scientific channeling experiment - superluminal communication - and discussions of some pretty far-out things, also contain extensive extracts of what could be called vertical and horizontal evidence of both hard facts and multiple witness testimony.

The bottom line of all this collecting of evidence - vertical and lateral - and assembling it together in one place, is that it's pretty clear that conspiracies rule our world.

In considering the subject of a "group" that is behind the machinations of history, we must consider the term "fifth column." "A clandestine subversive organization working within a given country to further an invading enemy's military and political aims" (American Heritage Dictionary, 1976).

Nearly all experts of "esoterica," after years and years of searching and studying, eventually come to the idea that there is some sort of major conspiracy that has been running the show on planet earth for a very long time. The problem is, there are any number of conclusions as to "who is on first" in this trans-millennial, multi-national, global ballgame. The thing that raises red flags, however, is that just about ANY of the many conclusions can be supported by REAMS of "evidence."

When I first began my own research in a serious and dedicated way, I was quite distressed by this factor. The only thing that I did different from most researchers was to take this confusion as a "given" fact that was INTENDED. In other words, I decided to also look at the things from a "meta-platform."

There were two things that had been burned into my mind very early on and I found both of them to be very useful when applied to the present problem. The first was the remark attributed to FDR: "Nothing in politics happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned." The other idea was a remark made to me by a friend who had been trained in Army Intelligence. He said that the first rule of Intelligence is to just observe what IS and understand that it is very likely the way it is for a reason; someone has engineered it. Once you have settled that firmly in your mind, you can then begin to form hypotheses about who might benefit the most from a given situation, and once such hypotheses are formed, you can then begin to test them. You may have to discard any number of ideas when you find the flaw, but unless you begin with this process, you will be duped over and over again.

In considering the problem before us, we can see that there are "tracks" throughout history of some pretty mysterious goings on that do, indeed, suggest a "conspiracy." If we take that as an observation of what IS, we immediately face the second big question: is it a conspiracy of "good guys" or "bad guys?" It is at this point that all the various conspiracy experts begin to diverge into their assorted rants about Zionists or Masons, Great White Brotherhoods, Benevolent aliens and all the many variations thereof.

But what if, instead of asking that question and beginning to argue, we just settle back and observe what is and try to find the answer based on observation?

Richard Dolan has written about "conspiracy" in the following way:

[Conspiracy Theory.] The very label serves as an automatic dismissal, as though no one ever acts in secret. Let us bring some perspective and common sense to this issue.

The United States comprises large organizations - corporations, bureaucracies, "interest groups," and the like - which are conspiratorial by nature. That is, they are hierarchical, their important decisions are made in secret by a few key decision-makers, and they are not above lying about their activities. Such is the nature of organizational behavior. "Conspiracy," in this key sense, is a way of life around the globe.

Within the world's military and intelligence apparatuses, this tendency is magnified to the greatest extreme. During the 1940s, [...] the military and its scientists developed the world's most awesome weapons in complete secrecy... [...]

Anyone who has lived in a repressive society knows that official manipulation of the truth occurs daily. But societies have their many and their few. In all times and all places, it is the few who rule, and the few who exert dominant influence over what we may call official culture. - All elites take care to manipulate public information to maintain existing structures of power. It's an old game.

America is nominally a republic and free society, but in reality an empire and oligarchy, vaguely aware of its own oppression, within and without. I have used the term "national security state" to describe its structures of power. It is a convenient way to express the military and intelligence communities, as well as the worlds that feed upon them, such as defense contractors and other underground, nebulous entities. Its fundamental traits are secrecy, wealth, independence, power, and duplicity.

Nearly everything of significance undertaken by America's military and intelligence community in the past half-century has occured in secrecy. The undertaking to build an atomic weapon, better known as the Manhattan Project, remains the great model for all subsequent activities. For more than two years, not a single member of Congress even knew about it although its final cost exceeded two billion dollars.

During and after the Second World War, other important projects, such as the development of biological weapons, the importation of Nazi scientists, terminal mind-control experiments, nationwide interception of mail and cable transmissions of an unwitting populace, infiltration of the media and universities, secret coups, secret wars, and assassinations all took place far removed not only from the American public, but from most members of Congress and a few presidents. Indeed, several of the most powerful intelligence agencies were themselves established in secrecy, unknown by the public or Congress for many years.

Since the 1940s, the US Defense and Intelligence establishment has had more money at its disposal than most nations. In addition to official dollars, much of the money is undocumented. From its beginning, the CIA was engaged in a variety of off-the-record "business" activities that generated large sums of cash. The connections of the CIA with global organized crime (and thus de facto with the international narcotics trade) has been well established and documented for many years. - Much of the original money to run the American intelligence community came from very wealthy and established American families, who have long maintained an interest in funding national security operations important to their interests.

In theory, civilian oversight exists over the US national security establishment. The president is the military commander-in-chief. Congress has official oversight over the CIA. The FBI must answer to the Justice Department. In practice, little of this applies. One reason has to do with secrecy. [...]

A chilling example of such independence occurred during the 1950s, when President Eisenhower effectively lost control of the US nuclear arsenal. The situation deteriorated so much that during his final two years in office, Eisenhower asked repeatedly for an audience with the head of Strategic Air Command to learn what America's nuclear retaliatory plan was. What he finally learned in 1960, his final year in office, horrified him: half of the Northern Hemisphere would be obliterated.

If a revered military hero such as Eisenhower could not control America's nuclear arsenal, nor get a straight answer from the Pentagon, how on earth could Presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, or Nixon regarding comparable matters?

Secrecy, wealth and independence add up to power. Through the years, the national security state has gained access to the wrorld's most sophisticated technology, sealed off millions of acres of land from public access or scrutiny, acquired unlimited snooping ability within US borders and beyond, conducted overt or clandestine actions against other nations, and prosecuted wars without serious media scrutiny. Domestically, it maintains influence over elected officials and communities hoping for some of the billions of defense dollars. [including scientists, universities, etc.]

Deception is the key element of warfare, and when winning is all that matters, the conventional morality held by ordinary people becomes an impediment. When taken together, the examples of official duplicity form a nearly single totality. They include such choice morsels as the phony war crisis of 1948, the fabricated missile gap claimed by the air force during the 1950s, the carefully managed events leading to the Gulf of Tonkin resolution... [...]

The secrecy stems from a pervasive and fundamental element of life in our world, that those who are at the top of the heap will always take whatever steps are necessary to maintain the status quo.

[S]keptics often ask, "Do you really think the government could hide [anything] for so long?"

The question itself reflects ignorance of the reality that secrecy is a way of life in the National Security State. Actually though, the answer is yes, and no.

Yes, in that cover-ups are standard operating procedure, frequently unknown to the public for decades, becoming public knowledge by a mere roll of the dice. But also no, in that ... information has leaked out from the very beginning. It is impossible to shut the lid completely. The key lies in neutralizing and discrediting unwelcomed information, sometimes through official denial, other times through proxies in the media.

[E]vidence [of conspiracy] derived from a grass roots level is unlikely to survive its inevitable conflict with official culture. And acknowledgement about the reality of [conspiracies] will only occur when the official culture deems it worthwhile or necessary to make it. Don't hold your breath.

This is a widespread phenomenon affecting many people, generating high levels of interest, taking place in near-complete secrecy, for purposes unknown, by agencies unknown, with access to incredible resources and technology. A sobering thought and cause for reflection. [Richard Dolan, UFOs and The National Security State]

What does it mean that "evidence of conspiracy ... is unlikely to survive its inevitable conflict with official culture?"

We have documented on our Timeline pages facts, data, observations, testimony, all of which - taken together - provide the evidence that we do, indeed, live in a controlled and manipulated reality. This evidence is not hidden, as Dolan points out, but it is neutralized and discredited both through official denial AND through a long term Counter Intelligence Program - COINTELPRO. We have discussed this at some length here on the site, most particularly in the Adventures Series.

What does COINTELPRO accomplish? Well, quite simply, it is institutionalized DENIAL.

Denial is a complex "unconscious defence mechanism for coping with guilt, anxiety and other disturbing emotions aroused by reality." Denial can be both deliberate and intentional, as well as completely subconscious. An individual who is deliberately and intentionally denying something is acting from an individual level of lying, concealment and deception.

Denial that is subconscious is generally organized and "institutional." This implies propaganda, misinformation, whitewash, manipulation, spin, disinformation, etc.

Believing anything that comes down the pike is not the opposite of denial. "Acknowledgement" of the probability of a high level of Truth about a given matter is what should happen when people are actively aroused by certain information. This information can be 1) factual or forensic truth; that is to say, legal or scientific information which is factual, accurate and objective; it is obtained by impartial procedures; 2) personal and narrative truth including "witness testimonies."

I should add here that skepticism and solipsistic arguments - including epistemological relativism - about the existence of objective truth, are generally a social construction and might be considered in the terms of the hypnotized man who has been programmed to think that there "is no truth."

Denial occurs for a variety of reasons. There are truths that are "clearly known," but for many reasons - personal or political, justifiable or unjustifiable - are concealed, or it is agreed that they will not be acknowledged "out loud." There are "unpleasant truths" and there are truths that make us tired because if we acknowledge them - if we do more than give them a tacit nod - we may find it necessary to make changes in our lives.

All counter-claims about the denied reality are themselves only maneuvers in endless truth-games. And truth, as we know, is inseparable from power. Denial of truth is, effectively, giving away your power.

Now, think about the word "conspiracy" one more time and allow me to emphasize the key point: From a historical point of view, the ONLY reality is that of conspiracy. Secrecy, wealth and independence add up to power. ...Deception is the key element of warfare, (the tool of power elites), and when winning is all that matters, the conventional morality held by ordinary people becomes an impediment. Secrecy stems from a pervasive and fundamental element of life in our world, that those who are at the top of the heap will always take whatever steps are necessary to maintain the status quo.

And maintaining the "status quo" in science HAS to be one of the main objectives of the Power Elite since science is, quite literally, the source of their power in the modern day.

And how do they do that? By "official culture." And official culture, understood this way, from the perspective of elite groups wishing to maintain the status quo of their power, means only one thing: COINTELPRO.

The single biggest argument against historical conspiracy is the relatively short lifespan of human beings, combined with the observable psychological make-up of man. A corollary objection is the fact that, very often, the domino effect of events that "change history" are of such a nature that it would be impossible for ordinary human beings to engineer them. In other words, Time and Space are barriers to the idea of human beings being engaged in a global conspiracy.

Well, of course the diligent researcher has by now tried every other way to make the puzzle pieces fit ending in repeated failures to account for everything, including the numerous views that oppose and contradict one another. So, when we stop for a moment to think about this initial, observable fact of the barrier of Time and Space, we then think of an idea: what if the conspirators are NOT constrained by Time or Space? Our initial reaction to this thought is to dismiss it out of hand. But as we pursue our researches, as we come across repeated "anomalies" and "glitches" and "tracks" throughout space and time - what we call "history" - we begin to get the uneasy feeling that we ought to take another look at this idea.

[Ark's note: A.T. Fomenko, Russian mathematician, member of the Russian Academy of Science, author of a dozen of monographs on differential geometry, applied the methods of exact sciences to the available historical data to conlude: history has been falsified. Of course Fomenko's own proposed version of the "corrected history" needs further work and discussion with other independent researchers, but Fomenko's analysis of the "anomalies" and "glitches" constitutes a good and solid piece of work.]

As it happens, once the possibility of manipulation of space and time has been added to our hypothesis, things finally begin to "fall into place." Once we begin to look at history from this trans-millennial, trans-spatial perspective, the character of the "conspiracy" begins to emerge, and only the most gullible - or negative intentioned - individual could hold onto, or continue to promote, any idea that this conspiracy is benevolent. In fact, it becomes abundantly clear that many, if not most, religions and systems of philosophy, have been created and introduced by the conspirators in order to conceal the conspiracy itself. And when you are considering beings with mastery over space and time, thousands of years needed to develop any given aspect of the overall plan is negligible. And so, in consideration of such beings, we come again to the idea of hyperdimensional space. This seems to be one of the main objectives of COINTELPRO - to keep the lid on this one.

[Ark' note: In my own papers, and in the monograph written in collaboration with my French colleague, we were using the term "multidimensional universe" rather than "hyperdimensional reality. Of course the "existence" and even "reality" of other dimensions does not imply by itself that some hyperdimensional intelligence is operating. Such a hypothesis, however, should also be taken into account if there are no facts and data that would contradict it and much evidence that would tend to support it.]

Those of you who have read the Adventures Series and The Secret History of The World know how we have documented the evidence that all points to a concerted effort to distract attention away from the very idea of the reality of hyperdimensional space and its possible denizens by the creation of myths and disinformation - COINTELPRO. And here we do not mean the specific FBI program, but the concept of the program, and the likelihood that this has been the mode of controlling human beings for possibly millennia. In fact, I like to call it "Cosmic COINTELPRO" to suggest that it is almost a mechanical system that operates based on the psychological nature of human beings, most of whom LIKE to live in denial. After all, "if ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."

COINTELPRO concentrated a great deal of energy and money on creating bogus organizations and promoting bogus ideas. In the scientific community, this can work in any numbers of ways, the most common being "proprietary organizations" that fund research that leads nowhere in order to keep someone with promising ideas busy. It is not stretching things to consider that "exciting new ideas" or areas of research might be promoted for the express purpose of vectoring scientists into following false and time-wasting research so as to prevent them making significant breakthroughs.

There exists in our world today a powerful and dangerous secret cult.

So wrote Victor Marchetti, a former high-ranking CIA official, in his book The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. This is the first book the U.S. Government ever went to court to censor before publication. In this book, Marchetti tells us that there IS a "Cabal" that rules the world and that its holy men are the clandestine professionals of the Central Intelligence Agency.

In our opinion, the CIA is but one "arm" of the cult, just as Benedictines were but one order of the Catholic Church. To borrow from, and paraphrasing, Marchetti:

This cult is patronized and protected by the highest level government officials in the world. It's membership is composed of those in the power centers of government, industry, commerce, finance, and labor. It manipulates individuals in areas of important public influence - including the academic world and the mass media. The Secret Cult is a global fraternity of a political aristocracy whose purpose is to further the political policies of persons or agencies unknown. It acts covertly and illegally.

And we are seeing it happen before our very eyes!

Remember: those who are at the top of the heap will always take whatever steps are necessary to maintain the status quo.

And maintaining the "status quo" in science HAS to be one of the main objectives of the Power Elite since science is what gives them their power via technology.

And how do they do that? By "official culture." And official culture, understood this way, from the perspective of elite groups wishing to maintain the status quo of their power, means only one thing: COINTELPRO.

The most effective weapon of COINTELPRO is Ridicule and Debunking.

Marchetti points out that this is done via manipulation of individuals in areas of important public influence - including the academic world and the mass media.

This is how the official culture is maintained. And we are watching it live, in real time!

Returning to the issue of hyperdimensional physics, as we have written in the introduction to our site:

In considering the general theory of relativity science usually utilizes a four-dimensional space-time continuum. In classical general relativity, the metrical properties of the continuum are intrinsic to the continuum, but a fifth dimension in which our normally sensed space-time is embedded can also be used to account for the curvature and properties of physical space.

In the space-time continuum one can say that all parts of the four-dimensional world exist simultaneously, in the sense of a mathematical formalism, and this would naturally lead to a complete collapse of the philosophical ideas of causality.

However, many scientists who work with these ideas do not think that this continuum is 'real' in a physical sense, such that physical entities could move back and forth at will in and out of time as easily as changing direction in three-dimensional space.

We, on the other hand, think that it is not only possible, but extremely likely based upon certain observations.

In relativity theory, time intervals between events are not completely fixed relative to moving systems or frames of reference. This has led to some speculation that there may also be analogies between precognition and anomalies. However, "time dilation," the contraction of time intervals between moving reference frames, is too small to account for precognition and would still require any information transfer to travel faster than light, and the special theory of relativity, when narrowly interpreted, does not allow for physical travel backwards in time but relegates this concept to an imaginary mathematical formalism.

Even though it is almost forbidden to question Einstein's restriction on superluminal travel, Einstein did, at one point, propose to consider the hyperdimensional world as "real." In 1938, with P. Bergmann, he wrote a paper entitled On a Generalization of Kaluza's Theory of Electricity:

So far, two fairly simple and natural attempts to connect gravitation and electricity by a unitary field theory have been made, one by Weyl, the other by Kaluza. Furthermore, there have been some attempts to represent Kaluza's theory formally so as to avoid the introduction of the fifth dimension of the physical continuum. The theory presented here differs from Kaluza's in one essential point; we ascribe physical reality to the fifth dimension whereas in Kaluza's theory this fifth dimension was introduced only in order to obtain new components of the metric tensor representing the electromagnetic field."

Einstein was somewhat nervous about this idea, but he followed it anyway, writing in his paper:

If Kaluza's attempt is a real step forward, then it is because of the introduction of the five dimensional space. There have been many attempts to retain the essential formal results obtained by Kaluza without sacrificing the four dimensional character of the physical space. This shows distinctly how vividly our physical intuition resists the introduction of the fifth dimension.

But by considering and comparing all these attempts one must come to the conclusion that all these endeavors did not improve the situation. It seems impossible to formulate Kaluza's idea in a simple way without introducing the fifth dimension.

We have, therefore, to take the fifth dimension seriously although we are not encouraged to do so by plain experience. If, therefore, the space structure seems to force acceptance of the five dimensional space theory upon us we must ask whether it is sensible to assume the rigorous reducibility to four dimensional space. We believe that the answer should be "no," provided that it is possible to understand, in another way, the quasi-four dimensional character of the physical space by taking as a basis the five dimensional continuum and to simplify hereby the basic geometrical assumptions.[…]

The most essential point of our theory is the replacing of …rigorous cylindricity by the assumption that space is closed (or periodic).[…]

Kaluza's five dimensional theory of the physical space provides a unitary representation of gravitation and electromagnetism. […]

It is much more satisfactory to introduce the fifth dimension not only formally, but to assign to it some physical meaning. [Einstein, A, Bergmann, P., Annals of Mathematics, Vol. 38, No. 3, July 1938. emphases, ours.]

[Ark's note: Einstein abandoned the above direction of research in 1941, and moved to other models of his dream: "unified field theory." The reason why he abandonned the idea of a "real fifth dimension" are not completely clear. In his last paper on the subject, written together with V. Bargmann and P.G. Bergmann, the following two reasons are given: a) "It seems impossible to describe particles by non-singular solutions of the field equations", and b) no arbitrary constants occur in the equations, the theory lead to electromagnetic and gravitational fields of the same order of magnitude." Notice that they write "It seems ...", which should be read as: "we did not work hard enough to decide whether such solutions can be found or not." Notice also that the second argument should be read as "this theory may lead to something really new, and we are not yet ready to look into it deeper."]

Shortly after 9-11, Richard Sauder wrote:

I submit that what we are seeing is closely akin to magic. Shall we  call it "BLACK MAJIC"? That is, we are simultaneously observing, and  taking part in, and also being subjected to, a vast global power  struggle, an attempt by the "New World Order" to place the entire  planet under its totalitarian, imperial control.

I say this is BLACK  MAJIC, not because it has anything to do with Black people, per se,  though there are certainly multitudes of Black people who are its  victims, both in America and other parts of the world (as well as  every other variety of human being). NO-- I say it is "BLACK" MAJIC  because it is so darkly, hideously violent and grotesquely murderous  and fratricidal and malevolent.

I say it is BLACK "MAJIC" because it  is done to our faces and so many of us either cannot or will not see  it for what it is.

I say it is "BLACK" MAJIC because the underlying  geo-politics have so much to do with crude, oh-so-very BLACK  petroleum. And like any other magic this BLACK MAJIC is done right in  front of us-- we watch the whole thing and think we know what is  happening, while in reality so many of us are fooled, bamboozled,  hoodwinked and flummoxed by superficial glitz, glitter and the  distractions of the stage craft, oops, make that "state craft" of the  wily, slippery, lying BLACK MAJIC practitioners, until we don't know  left from right, up from down, justice from injustice, or lies from  truth. [...]

[I]t is  definitely MAJIC and MAJIC of a very ancient and murderous sort. It  stretches all the way back to the time of the medieval Crusades by  the Knights Templar and beyond... powerful groups in both Muslim and Western  societies are making use of an ancient, ritual system of magic...

Richard is the author of two extensively researched books on "underground bases," wherein he has assembled documentation, from the files of the U.S. government,of technology that rarely sees the light of day. Richard obviously was very uneasy about this material and in his essay of 2001, he certainly was glimpsing something...

It's actually very interesting that Richard wrote about it in terms of "Black Majic," and Victor Marchetti wrote about it as a "Secret Cult."

Those you who have read our commentary on the Stargate Conspiracy by Picknett and Prince, already have some idea that it is this very conspiracy that has been described in our experiment in superluminal communication - the Cassiopaean transmission. What is more, this experiment has exposed the conspiracy down to the very roots of it in the realms of hyperdimensional realities that ARE PHYSICAL as Einstein proposed.

Dr. Sauder says further:

Just as in an ordinary magic show, that is staged in a theatre before  an audience, here there are also magicians, assistants, sleight of  hand, magical props, diversion of the audience's attention, carefully  timed pauses for building tension and dramatic effect to keep the  audience on the edge of their seats, as well as sudden tricks that  are pulled seemingly out of thin air on a moment's notice,  unexpectedly, to make the audience "ooh" and "aah" and manipulate  their emotions.

...and  listen real closely -- they are all playing from the same ritualistic  BLACK MAJIC playbook, the first rule in which playbook is DIVIDE AND  CONQUER. As in, divide and conquer the human race. Split the planet  asunder and have everyone at everyone else's throat, the better to  slaughter, plunder, manipulate and control. ...It is a power unto itself and it has only  one goal that I can divine: total, ruthless global control and 100%  subjugation of the human race to its iron will, and on its own  jackbooted terms.

Suffice it to say at the moment, that we are dealing with a cosmic, multi-millennial shell game. Yes, there is a pea under one of the shells, but the shells keep changing with the intent of confusing even the most discerning researcher. Without the assistance of the superluminal Cassiopaean transmissions from the future, I am certain that we would be among them.

Dr. Sauder is right when he points out that human agents of this great MAJIC show are expendable - all of them. There is something bigger and meaner and more cunning than anything you could come up with in your worst nightmare behind this.

But we never expected this magic show to be easy to figure out, now did we? Truth is, if it was that easy a puzzle to solve, it would have been done millennia ago. The greatest minds of history have been applied to the problems and issues of the true nature of our reality, (and we have most certainly researched all these many views ourselves in search of the answers), and in the end, they all have valid points and observations, but each of them lacks that essential element that enables the researcher to be able to connect them together so that a coherent picture is seen. It has only been through the assistance of the Cassiopaean experiment, that we were able to see these connections. It is only in terms of para-physical, hyperdimensional beings with time-travel capabilities and designs on our planet, that the whole, trans-millennial picture makes sense.

Coming back to the present moment in time, with the controversy around the net over my little assembled data that was published as "Mossad and Moving Companies," for which I can take almost no credit since all I did was utilize the research of others, presenting it in a concise, short format, I noticed something this morning that REALLY caught my eye.

As it happens, a few hours ago I did a short interview on the Jeff Rense show. It wasn't really a big deal, but what WAS odd was the way it came about and the players who stepped up to the plate once again.

A few days ago, Richard Sauder - a careful researcher if ever there was one - wrote another article - Event Horizon: Incoming and Fast! - that was published on the Jeff Rense news site. The following is excerpted from his article:

Global warming is very much in the news these days. Is massive, sudden climate change possible? It appears that it is and that it is underway during out lifetimes, with unknown consequences. The climate could continue to get warmer- perhaps much warmer. Or it may warm for awhile and then abruptly grow colder, perhaps much colder. Even glacially so. The geological and glacial record shows that ice ages can come on with surprising quickness and ferocity. In some cases seemingly within a matter of years. If there were rapid, global climate change (whether becoming hotter or colder) the social, economic, environmental and political implications would be staggering. World 'managers' would certainly want to assure that whatever happens, they will remain in charge. Thus, their 'herd' must be numbered, tagged, and whipped into submission so that it can be properly managed as the situation grows more dire. And it may well grow more dire if the present climate changes now underway continue. [...]

As the numbers of people increase, controlling what they do and think becomes harder and harder. Enter the Pentagon as a mercenary, social control force for the new Republican neo-fascist regime. [...]

Population biologists know that species that overrun their ecological niche run a serious risk of sudden decline. Is this soon to be the fate of the human species on planet Earth? Maybe. Maybe not. No one knows for sure. But it is absolutely one of the hugest, unknown variables in the chaotic period we have already entered. The chaos and uncertainty have already begun -- that much we know, both those of us who are awake to some degree, and those who fancy themselves to be world 'managers'. If there is to be a population crash they will want to land on their feet, on top of the heap, when the dust clears. They will want to control it if possible. If they feel it is inevitable, they may even want to initiate and manage it themselves (or try to). [...]

Then there is the ancient Mayan calendar. The Mayan priests were obsessive time keepers. They measured out vast stretches of time in intricate detail. When their ancient stellae were deciphered it was discovered that their future time line ends in December 2012. December 2012 is just 9 years from now - not long at all. So what did the Mayans foresee? By implication, they have forecast some kind of abrupt break in the human experience in our very near future. Did the Mayans manage to correctly forecast our present time? Is big change right around the corner? Is the change so great that it will be as if we have entered a new era in history? [...]

The Mayans, time keeping has certainly not escaped the notice of the world 'managers'. Indeed, they will have found it to be most alarming. Remember what the Roman Catholic bishop of the Yucatan did way back in the early Spanish colonial period? He ordered the Mayans to bring all of their books and had them burnt, at musket and sword point. The Roman Catholic church recognized the great danger (for its so-called 'Christian' teachings and power) that Mayan knowledge represented. Half a millennium has passed and today the Bush Reich exercises the sort of power on a global scale that the Roman Catholic church exercised in centuries past. So I seriously doubt that the present world 'managers' are unaware of the Mayans, time keeping. On the contrary, they may well attach some degree of credence to the Mayans, mysterious focus on the early years of this present century.

Let me give you an idea of what I mean. I recently talked with a retired petroleum engineer (in Texas) who has long experience in the oil industry. I asked him how much longer the American people would be driving their cars, SUVs, motorcycles and pickup trucks. He quietly replied: 'Twenty years.' (Then the oil runs out.)

Twenty years until there is a massive upheaval in American and world society. Actually less than that. In fact, the upheaval is already violently underway if you live in Iraq and maybe Iran-- as the Pentagon's mercenary troops try to secure Middle Eastern oil fields. The neo-fascists know very well that the really BIG upheaval is just around the corner and they are trying to control the situation on terms that they dictate, by employing massive force abroad. And by the way, does anyone doubt that massive force would be/will be employed here on American soil to ensure the success of the Republican neo-fascist social-control-at-all-costs agenda? Isn,t that the plain implication of the Department of Homeland Security?

Of course, the smart thing to do would be to undertake a massive research and development program for environmentally benign, alternative energy sources to phase in as soon as possible. The Earth has abundant, nearly free energy sources that can be tapped -- wind energy, tidal forces in the sea, geothermal resources, solar energy. The engineering expertise is available to tap all of these on a large scale and in the near term. It is also possible to greatly increase the efficiency of our present industrial base, thereby realizing substantial and immediate energy conservation. But none of these things are happening; neither are they likely to happen as long as the present self-anointed world 'managers' are on the scene. These people, as epitomized by the neo-fascist Republican regime that has seized political power in the United States, and their assorted 'wannabe', sycophantic supporters such as the American Democratic Party at home, and various and sundry other violent dimwits here and there around the planet (Blair, Sharon, Musharraf, Berlusconi, Mubarak, etc., the line forms at the rear), are not much into the 'vision' thing - oh no, they are very heavily into the 'nightmare' thing, as in neo-fascist apocalypse.

Unfortunately, a big chunk of the human species seems to share this self-destructive, negative programming defect. Is it genetic? Sociological? Political? Psychological? Imposed from without against free will? Generated from within because of free will? Does it even matter very much at this late date from a pragmatic standpoint, seeing as how this grotesquely violent, global chain of events is so far advanced down the road to species perdition?

There are many interesting analyses of the present situation. Some of the most interesting I have found are: Mike Ruppert's From the Wilderness, for a great discussion of the Peak Oil and 9/11 issues and also the Cassiopaeans, for an engaging discussion of some of the more esoteric aspects of what is happening and likely to happen in coming years and decades on planet Earth. [...]

So it was that somebody on Jeff Rense's site had a look at Cassiopaea and discovered the article on Mossad and Moving Companies. An invitation to be interviewed was immediately dispatched, and we had a nice little chat a few hours ago. That's that. End of story, right?

Actually, no.

Among the many things I noticed about the autumn of 2001 was that, at almost the same time that alleged Islamic Terrorists allegedly brought down the World Trade Center and put a hole in the Pentagon, our own work was attacked by a group of "spiritual terrorists" after we refused to be taken over and/or controlled by them. Obviously, COINTELPRO masters decided that we were getting too much attention from the public and we must be co-opted or marginalized at all costs.

Those of the readers who followed this story as it developed in real time probably don't even want to go there again. I can assure you, neither do we!

Nevertheless, the COINTELPRO agents assigned to our case most certainly could not allow an article to be published on Jeff Rense, nor an interview take place, without doing their job:

The most effective weapon of COINTELPRO is Ridicule and Debunking. Notice that Marchetti points out that this is done via manipulation of individuals in areas of important public influence - including the academic world and the mass media.

As of today, there is a "comment" added to Richard Sauder's article on Regular readers will not only recognize the names, if you bother to go and read the comment, you will recognize the same old tired rant of the COINTELPRO agents of MOSSAD.

Who Are The Cassiopaeans?
Comment By Alvin Wiley and Maynerd Most 6-13-3

(note: we have changed the names of these individuals to pseudonyms. The interested reader can write to us privately for the real names.)

In Dr. Richard Sauder's recent article Event Horizon: Incoming and Fast! (see reference is made to an unusual group of folks known as The Cassiopaeans. In his discussion of the current ills of our society, he mentions two sources of analysis that are, as he says, "interesting." One source is Mike Ruppert's From the Wilderness, a former LAPD officer who stumbled onto the CIA's drug operation and since 9/11 has become an outspoken critic of the Bush administration, and the other is The Cassiopaean's website.

In this libelous piece, Most and Wiley have decided that Richard Sauder must be "reprimanded" for daring to consider our information even remotely credible. They write:

Dr. Sauder's own works displays the same almost schizoid divisions. On the one hand is apparently solid research, well documented and on serious topics, and on the other hand there is the whole bizarre carnival of UFO disinformation, and these extremes are blended together to make a tapioca of plausibility that is acceptable as long as no one looks to deeply into things such as sources. [...]

That's a jaw dropping statement from somebody whose own life did not survive even a cursory investigation. It is also jaw dropping, coming from a guy who believes he is the reincarnation of Dr. John Dee, a guy who performs magical ceremonies with a straight face, thinking he is going to call down the "New Jerusalem," assuming that the cube of space doesn't fall on him and squash him like a bug.

Of course, it IS surprising that Jeff Rense, right after telling me that the reason MY article made it on his site was because I cited credible sources, then published Most's libelous rant based completely on lies and deception from a guy who displays all the characteristics of a psychopath. But, it gets better. The Mossad Moppets, Wiley and Most continue:

Perhaps, in his way, Dr. Sauder is actually trying to promote the Cassiopaean view of reality.

At any rate, the curious will look up their site. What they will see, if they look closely, is a very clever confidence game, the old wine of Madame Blavatsky in the new bottle of radical politics and pseudo-science. It is the new bottle, and its shiny label endorsements, that the website presents, but when the vintage Cassiopaeans are uncorked, the stale and rancid smell of spiritualism, egoism and covert operations is almost overpowering. [...]

The Cassiopaeans are actually just the projected unconscious fantasies of the real voice of Cassiopaea, one Laura Knight-Martin-Jadczyk. Reading even the heavily edited transcripts of the Cassiopaean sessions available on the website provides ample evidence of Ms. Knight-Martin-Jadczyk's self-absorbed ego involvement, her love freewheeling newage scams, and her ardent desire to cash in on her connection to the Cassiopaeans. In her other even more voluminous autobiographical writings, we find more evidence of a seriously disturbed individual. [...]

In the spring of 1997 Polish physicist Dr. Arkadiusz Jadczyk somewhat mysteriously arrived on the scene after a whirlwind courtship with Ms Knight-Martin on the web. Dr. Jadczyk had a long history as a high-energy physicist working for various branches of the Polish government and observing the other research centers in Europe. This doesn't quite make him a spy, see his CV on the Cassiopaean website, but what happened after he met Ms. Knight-Martin does make one wonder. [...]

With Dr. Ark's skilful guidance, what once was a simple tea and trances con game became a worldwide conspiracy movement. The changes were implemented slowly and in stages, but the end result was unmistakable. [...] With even a little awareness of Dr. Ark's background, and it is all on the website in various places, it becomes apparent that the Cassiopaeans may have started out harmless, but they have been hi-jacked and co-opted by some very complex intelligence operation. [...]

Their newfound radicalism grew out of old habits, such as Dr. Ark's anti-Semitism and Ms. Knight-Martin-Jadcyzk's narcissistic persecution complexes, projected outward onto a global stage. It found an audience, hiding its deeply flawed assumptions beneath a veneer of anti-Americanism and radicalism that appeal to many in this turbulent era. The Cassiopaeans offer a way to make sense of complex problems, a way to throw the blame for one's shortcomings on to those evil "psychopaths" in charge of everyone's life. And of course, there is no way to beat these evil aliens, except to read and study the teachings of the Cassiopaeans. [etc etc, some of it was grotesque slime about even our children, so I'm not going to print it on my website!]

Aside from associating our research on psychopathy with "aliens" in so devious a way, what suddenly caught my attention was this: You see, in the articles quoted in Mossad and Moving companies, there is a description of alleged Mossad agents doing the Happy Dance upon viewing the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers.

In glancing over the Most rant, I noted a lot of nonsensical emphasis placed on our so-called "political" agenda.

Now, the question is this: What could this political agenda possibly be that Most and Wiley are alluding to? They never come right out and say what it is other than to mention "anti-Semitism..." which, of course, suggests a "pro-Semitic" agenda on the part of Wiley and Most.

Our political position is pretty well out there in the open: we are against war and global fascism, and we see what Bush and the Gang are up to and we would like to stay focused on that and hopefully, if we continue to publish news and commentary, others will see it also.

Is that a "political agenda?"

Now, keep in mind that Most's best buddy, Storm Bear Williams tried to run for president on the Pagan Party ticket - so there are clearly some political agendas going on in that group.

But for anyone to say that we have a "political agenda" just sort of boggles the mind. Just think about it: Ark is a Polish citizen, I am an American citizen, we are living in France because we want to be able to continue to research and publish news exposing Bush and the Reich.

That IS our so-called "political agenda."

Neither one of us ever could or would run for any political office in this country or any other. And, for the record, Ark is not even a "nuke scientist" nor did he ever work for the Polish government. In point of fact, he was black-listed for years because he refused to cooperate with the communist regime, and he was always independent, and even a "dissident", in his views and in his actions.

[Ark's note: My speciality is mathematical physics. My position: professor of theoretical physics at the Division of Nonlinear Systems and Complex Dynamics, Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw, Poland. See: My CV is available from there: ]

But a whole raft of lies and nonsense are trotted out in an effort to promote the idea that we have a POLITICAL AGENDA!

Does that mean that Most and Wiley do NOT think that there is any reasonable possibility that the clues indicating Mossad involvement in the 9-11 are valid? It certainly seems that the whole idea of Mossad involvement in 9-11 is the main thing that Wiley and Most wish to discredit.

Does that mean that Most and Wiley are defending Mossad and Israel?

Sure looks that way

Does that mean that Most and Wiley are PRO-Bush?

It must be so since they are flaming us for having a "political agenda," when our only work is publishing the news and trying to see the machinations behind the scenes of the politics playing out on the world stage.

Which then leads logically to the conclusion that Most and Wiley have the OPPOSITE political agenda: in short, they support the Bush Reich and the activities of Mossad.

And that brings us back to the "Happy Dance."

As I was thinking about what could possibly be behind this "timely attack" of Most and Wiley and company, I remembered that somebody else was overjoyed at the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers. Somebody else was exulting at the deaths of thousands of Americans. Somebody else was crowing with fiendish glee that the dominoes of the takeover of the planet by a Fascist 4th Reich had finally begun to fall.


Well, here is an excerpt of an email sent by Maynerd Most to over 150 people just after 9-11:

...on September 11th, [...] The ringing voice of The Goddess was finally heard at last! Sekhmet [...]

"Sekhmet: A lion goddess who personified the fierce, destructive heat of the sun. Her name literally means 'the powerful one.' She has been called the great and terrible lion goddess who belched fire. She was also honored as a goddess of war and battle who could be both punitive and death-dealing.

"According to one Egyptian text she came into being as an aspect of the cow goddess Hathor, to wreak vengeance on the people of Set, and her fury was so devastating that the other gods had to intervene to save mankind from total destruction." [Egyptian Mythology by Anthony S. Mercatante]

Now, in order to have all this in context, we have to keep in mind that the guy who is claiming that WE have a "political agenda," the guy who is claiming to be an "expert" on everything we think do and say, who suggests that we - and Richard Sauder - are a bit "schizophrenic" - also claims to be a major mover and shaker in the world of Enochian Magic!


He's just a normal, sane, friendly, black magician with a firm grip on reality!

From The Truth About Enochian Magic

It is not at all clear why the Enochian Angels communicated their system of magic to humanity. They intimated to Dee that it was given to him as a reward for his piety, and was intended as a bountiful gift from the angels to humanity. However, there is every reason to believe that they were not being completely honest in their motives.

Well, until [fall 2001], the only things I knew about Dee and Kelley and their "system" was the rather thorough history written up by Colin Wilson which did not examine the system, but only the lives and doings of the participants. At a certain point I became aware that Maynerd Most was involved in "Enochian workings" and "calls" were being issued by him with some obscure objective. He wrote on his own website:

[...] Last fall, I was instructed by the Ophanic angels, who had been quiescent since their invocation almost a year before, that I should offer to teach what I knew of the Ophanic system. [...]

And then the line went dead. The angels were no longer around. This caused quite a stir, psychically. Ever since their invocation, the angelic crackle and buzz had been somewhere close by. Now it was gone. We managed to re-establish a sort of tenative contact, but things have not returned to the same level of intense energetics. I asked about this and slowly began to get an idea of what had happened. First, the angels assured me that everything was progressing according to plan. Everything is still lining up properly, the count-down is still under way. [...]

OK, so what exactly are the Ophanic Intelligences trying to tell us? First of all, they delivered a system to Dee and Kelley that operates as a dimensional interface and communication device capable of direct contact with the geometric structure of the universe itself. [...]

The galactic process is upon us and we are still trying to read the instructions on the life boat. And so it stood when the line went down in December. When we re-established contact, the angels explained that the lapse was basically caused by the fragility of our connection, symbolized by my tarot-like visions, and the turbulence caused by the on-coming energy front. Without a core group of adepts, it was very hard to hold open the contact. But at the equinoxes, it was very easy to punch through the static and make contact. So we worked out a compromise. For each of the next ten equinoxes, spring and fall from '98 through 2002, the Ophanic Intelligences will be focused on teaching those of us who can tune in how to deal with the increasingly intense transformational energy from the center of the galaxy.

When the above page was brought to my attention in August of 2001, I read it and noted the curious fact that "Maynerd" claimed to have been doing his "Working" on the equinox, and he implied that his activity was responsible for a massive solar flare - a response from Sekhmet, obviously. The only problem was, I knew for a fact that Maynerd wasn't doing that working on the equinox because he was at MY house in Florida trying to convince me that I had been programmed as a child by Satanic cultists, including members of my family, and that I needed to turn over my life's work to him since he was the only one who knew how to handle such "delicate" situations.

Needless to say, I didn't fall for that B.S. And when I later read that he was claiming to have diddled with the solar activity, I voiced rather strong objections. Strangely enough, right about the same point in time, our website was attacked by a gang of Jewish thought police who accused us of anti-Semitism and began a campaign of slander and defamation, claiming that Ark was a "cold war nuke scientist" and the astonishing accusation that we were involved in Satanic Nazi Magic because of our association with Maynerd Most! It wasn't too hard to see that we were being set up.

In any event, there was a parting of the ways with Most and we went from being almost associates (the set-up to associate us with his ridiculous Magical nonsense) to being targets of a concerted smear campaign that has not let up one whit from that time to the present with the exception of a short period when we pulled the website down to test our hypothesis that this was what Most and Wiley were really after. Interestingly, when they thought they had won, that we had given up our work, they went silent and all the slanders about us were removed from their own sites, only to be replaced with even more filth when we put our site back up!

At some point I decided to look into the Enochian twaddle just to see what it was that Most was advocating and teaching to others. I ordered the book with the complete transcripts of Dee and Kelley's conversations with the "Enochian angels." Considering his time, and the abysmal state of ignorance of his society, it is not surprising that he was so completely taken in by the nonsense that was delivered to him.

So, it is strange to me that anyone would read these dialogues and want to have anything further to do with such entities, as Maynerd Most obviously did. One of these days, if I live long enough and run out of other things to do, maybe I will do a line by line analysis of this "Dee and Kelley" material. Anyway, according to the analysis of Enochian magic cited above, the claim is made that "angels" gave Dee and Kelley the:

... same magic that had been taught to Enoch, but which arguably might just as likely be the magic that was taught by the Watchers to their descendants before the Flood, we cannot know, but it may well have some bearing on the coming period of transition from the present Age of Pisces into the next Age of Aquarius, which will be a period of great suffering and destruction and which is generally known as the Apocalypse.

It was the magic taught to mankind by the Watchers that caused God to cover the earth with the Flood in Noah's time -- it is quite possible that the similar (or identical) Enochian magic is intended by the angels to act as a trigger for the coming Apocalypse. The angels intimated that this was the case to Dee and Kelley, but they never declared it openly.

The writer above suggests that Dee's assigned task was to "trigger the apocalypse." Aliester Crowley imagined the same for himself. Designating himself as the "Beast," his "highest" aim was to discover the "working" of the keys to open the gates of the four Watchtowers to release the so-called "hordes of hell" into this dimension.

What is so gosh-darn funny here is the fact that Maynerd Most, can write about me, with a straight face:

As for the egoism, it is subtle, but all pervasive throughout the Cassiopaean material. And this hint of absolute rightness provides our first clue to the problems of character that is so important in such a paranormal exchange.

Keep in mind that this is the same guy who believes firmly that he is the reincarnation of John Dee, that the Enochian angels talk to him, and that it is his mission to complete the task that Dee and Crowley were unable to accomplish: initiate the apocalypse.

Returning to September 11, 2001: Maynerd Most was dancing the Happy Dance on 9-11. Maynerd Most probably even thinks that the WTC disaster is a triumph of his activity the same way the Sun erupted to his imaginary Equinox working. It certainly seems so in the quoted passage above where the statement is made:

"..on September 11th, [...] The ringing voice of The Goddess was finally heard at last!"

The image of the dancing Israelis who were photographing the collapse of the World Trade Center come vividly to mind. We begin to understand a great many things...






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