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Vincent Bridges'post to the Cassiopaea Guestbook regarding Theft of the Cass Transcripts

Background: In the late summer/early fall of 2000, Ark and Laura cancelled their proposed appearance at a "conference" organized by Vincent Bridges. (See: Retreat From Zaca) The reasons for cancellation were many, but were really not important since the cancellation was made over six weeks prior to the scheduled date of the conference. Cancelling attendance at a conference is not an unknown event in the world, happens all the time, and certainly poses no real problems. Most conference organizers simply get another speaker to fill the slot - sometimes with as little as a day's notice - and life goes on. No biggie. However, that is not how things work out with Vincent Bridges.

At the same time that the conference appearance was cancelled, a verbal publishing agreement between Ark and Laura andVincent Bridges was terminated. This was based on business considerations, primarily the fact that Bridges had failed to carry out his part of the agreement. It was only later that Ark and Laura discovered that Bridges did not even own a legally registered publishing company, as he had claimed which effectively amounted to fraud.

However, Vincent Bridges' response to Ark and Laura cancelling their appearance at his conference and terminating their publishing agreement with him was so extraordinarily abnormal that Ark and Laura were certain that they were witnessing the behavior of a psychotic. He not only began a campaign of public libel, but he undertook to violate their copyright and publish "bootleg" copies of unpublished material that was not supposed to be published until the real names of participants had been changed for privacy, as well as some identifying details. This material had been entrusted to Bridges by Ark and Laura when he was fraudulently posing as a "publisher."

Ark and Laura had sent Bridges a formal notice via registered mail, cancelling any publishing agreements and demanding return of the CD which contained the unpublished and confidential information.

The following post - one of many made almost daily for months - made to the guestbook on the Cassiopaea site is quite revealing in light of the later investigation into psychopathy. The reader should be aware that the notice to Bridges was sent from Ark and Laura's home address, an address that Bridges certainly had since a package sent from him had arrived - correctly addressed - some two days prior to the cancellation of the conference. Also, it should be mentioned that the Perseus Foundation address was posted on nearly every page of the website.

So, for the reader who has read the Bridges Report and the research on psychopaths, this post fromVincent Bridges (of which dozens of similar ones were received in a seemingly unending flow) will serve as an example of exactly the type of insults and threats Ark and Laura suffered daily for literally months on end before they finally decided to respond and produce and publish the Bridges Report.

Vincent Bridges wrote:

Dear Laura and Ark,

So, enough is not enough? The CD comes back marked addressee unknown (Could be my problem or the PO’s. Please give me the correct address for the Perseus Foundation, or shall I send it to your house? Don’t be put off by the fact that is registered and certified, I just want proof you received it. I don’t trust you not to lie about it later.) and your attackbots keep digging themselves, and you, in deeper. Enough is obviously not enough…

So let’s make it crystal clear…

If you believe I have cheated you, stolen from you, pirated your copyright, or whatever accusations the ouiji aliens have come up with now, get a lawyer and sue me. Sign for your mail and you will have a statement from me that should be of great value to your case, assuming of course you had one.

Now, since I am the kind of person you are not, and seem to have trouble imagining could exist, I would like to give you one last warning.

Take down every word about me on your website, by 8am Monday, December 10, 2001, or I will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law for stalking via the internet as well as have my attorneys file an injunction to take my name off your website and sue you for the long and growing list of defamations, misrepresentations, breaches of contract, lies, harassment, invasion of privacy and anything else my lawyers in Tampa can come up with.

Don’t mistake my mild mannered attitude for weakness. It just takes a long time to get me angry. OK?

I am fully committed to having this stop now. You can keep your website, I don’t care what you write as long as it is not about me. But I will do whatever it takes, spend however much it costs, to have justice on this. I am not bluffing, I mean what I say.

I have already consulted the NPR Police Department, the Pasco County Sheriff’s office, the computer crimes division of the FDLE and the State Attorney for Pasco County. The consensus is that I have a legitimate complaint on several levels. I have also hired a local law firm in Tampa who will be filing an injunction and the subsequent legal actions.

So, to recap, just so you understand completely:

1) Get a lawyer and sue me if you think you have a case.
2) Get a lawyer anyway, ‘cause you’ll need one if you don’t:
3) Take every word about me down from your website by 8am Monday, December 10, 2001.

Please post your real Perseus Address on this list or matrioshka, or on Monday I’ll just send it to your house. Please sign for it, as Barry needs his check…

I will also no longer respond to anyone’s comments, although I will remain on this list to monitor the defamation level.

Thank you,

Vincent Bridges

He then later posted the following:

Just so everyone sees the point and we are not distracted by any attempt to make us focus on anything but the real issue, let me say it again:

I do not care about the Cassiopaeans. Laura and Ark can write and publish whatever they want. NO ONE IS THREATENING TO TAKE THE WEBSITE DOWN! OK?

I merely want the lies, defamations of my character by anonymous "sources" such as the ouiji aliens, slanderous innuendoes and openly admitted systematic harassment and invasion of privacy to stop. I want all mention of my name down from the website by tomorrow morning. Nothing more, and absolutely nothing less.

If that doesn't happen, I will go into court and get an injunction to have all mention of my name, articles, webpages and links about me taken down off the Cassiopaean site. It will be up to the judge what happens at that point.

And if they do not take it down and continue or allow people claiming to represent them to continue with their harassment, I will prosecute them under the Florida stalking law:

"The Florida statute is much broader than the California credible threat model because of its two-tier approach[13]. The Florida statute is a two tiered model that does not require a credible threat for a stalking conviction, but does required a credible threat[14] or violation of a court order for aggravated stalking. The statute[15]defines stalking as willful, malicious, and repeated following or harassment[16]. Under the Florida statute, there is no reasonable person standard for the victim's fear. Thus, merely following or harassing may constitute criminal stalking even if the victim is unharmed. Under the Florida statute, stalking is a misdemeanor in the first degree and aggravated stalking is a felony of the third degree."

"While criminal protsecution may be the best alternative for protection from cyberstalking, it may be possible to bring a successful claim under civil tort claims."

As I said, I have already discussed this with the local law enforcement authorities. They seem to think I've got a complaint.

So, Laura, Ark, do us all a favor and just take it all down. Go on with whatever it is you need to do to save the world. I couldn't care less, as long as it doesn't involve me.

Thank you,

Vincent Bridges

Vincent Bridges <>

Laura responded:

Mr. Bridges,

Just so YOU can get clear about what this is all REALLY about, let us state it one more time:

You have presented yourself, in public (on Laura Lee site, and elsewhere), as well as on an internet discussion group owned by us, in which there are over 200 members, as an "Expert" in government mind-programming and Satanic Ritual Abuse. You present yourself as an "expert" on many matters. With your "stories" and "credentials," you then began a process of inducing, persuading, or manipulating said individuals to believe that they were all potential candidates for having been Experimented on by the Government, or Ritually Abused by an expansive network of Satanists.

You then induced a number of individuals to pour out their personal life stories to you as the "expert," including intimate details of their sex lives. You attempted to persuade many of these individuals that they had been sexually abused by their parents or other close members of their families who, you claimed, were members of this world-wide network of Satanists.

As it happens, all of these claims are false.

After many of the above mentioned individuals began experiencing psychological stress and disturbances leading to debilitating physical effects, which often resulted in impairment of their ability to function both interpersonally, and in their jobs, they began writing to us to ask for verification of your background. Initial questions were not answered satisfactorily, and discrepancies were noted. Subsequently, we determined that it was necessary to inquire into your background for the purposes of determining the validity of your claims in order to satisfy the questions of the many people whose lives you were affecting negatively. Using Fraudulent Credentials to produce serious Harm, physical or psychological, is a crime.

Please remember our extensive file of your many emails describing in vivid detail how this or that person had "obviously" been subjected to this or that program, or had such severe sexual abuse that they were "beyond help." Please remember the extensive emails written to the group of 200 witnesses on these subjects, and your presentation of yourself as such an expert, and the way in which you induced fear and paranoia among this rather large group of people. All of these emails will be included in our response to any complaint you might make. For example, do you remember writing this to a member of the group:

Date sent: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 15:40:30 -0400
Subject: Re: Stuff
From: Vincent Bridges

Well, after going over your stuff, I hardly know what to say. There are so many red flags that it's hard to know which way to begin. Childhood- Well, there are reasons why you were huffing lighter fluid at 12. Can you remember anything else from these years?

You've mention sexual abuse, etc. do you have any memories?

As for your adult years, well, you were close to some very strange and evil people, and it looks like your ex, I hope, knew them well. Look up Matamoros and the cocaine connection and see what happened a few years later. It will give you new insight on your reptile rape.

As for treatment, well, I don't know. You need intensive therapy for the childhood trauma first, then it might be possible to explore further. Long distance, it's hard to know what to do. I would start with any remaining self-destructive or addictive behavior and then try to come to terms with what happened in childhood. If you were my client, we'd be looking at at least three years of intensive work, with luck and no fall out.

Sorry, V.

Please note, Mr. Bridges, you were telling a vulnerable person that "you need extensive therapy." You were also saying "If you were my client, we'd be looking at at least three years of intensive work..."

Do you think that this had no effect on this individual??? Do you think it was a "joke" to convince her that you were an expert so that she poured out to you the most private and personal details of her life, to which you responded "you need extensive therapy?"

And there were more. Shall we publicize ALL of them?

Please, Mr. Bridges, tell us it was not a joke. And if you say it was not a joke to pretend to be an expert on Mind Programming and Ritual Satanic abuse, and using such claims to attempt to produce what is called "False Memory Syndrome" in so many individuals, then what was it?

If it was a joke, it is a crime. If it was not a joke, it is a crime. And a very serious one, indeed.

You may be now saying that all of this was "novelization," or a "joke." I don't think that the law will think it is so funny. So please, file suit. We are anxious to file for discovery. We want to hear you say under oath that it was all a "joke." We want the court to hear how this "joke" affected other peoples minds, health, and lives in general. We want to produce the evidence of how you have harmed the lives of a significant number of individuals by your false claims of "expert status," and your manipulations of people's minds based on these false claims.

In short, YOU, Vincent Bridges used your claims as a "mind control expert" in order to manipulate a large group of people with obvious intent to do harm. You continue to try to further defraud others in this way.

Not only are you not an expert on anything, as the available evidence shows, you are an exposed fraud and liar. Yet you and your "gang" continue to stalk us and our discussion group, causing several members of said group to experience severe psychological stress resulting in physical symptoms and loss of ability to conduct their business and personal lives due to dealing with this cyber-stalking behavior. It is our belief, and the belief of many of our discussion group that you and your friends need to be thoroughly investigated by law enforcement agencies. Most of all, you need to be stopped from preying on the innocent.

You have also claimed ownership of a business, Aethyrea books, LLC, which does not exist as a registered corporation in the State of North Carolina. What is more, the county tax collector of Montgomery County, North Carolina has confirmed that there is NO currently active business of any kind registered to your name. You aren't paying your taxes, it seems.

However, based on this fraudulent claim to be a "publisher," to own an LLC, you fraudulently induced the owners of this website to agree to participate in a "conference" for the purpose of introducing books, published by your non-registered, illegal publishing outfit, at said conference. When it became evident that this was not going to transpire, and the owners of this website withdrew from the agreement, you began to publicly libel them and conduct actions of defamation of character. Part of these acts of libel and defamation include claims that you were going to sue for breach of contract. Mr. Bridges, there was no breach of contract if there was no contract, and there was no contract if you do not own a legally registered company as you presented. Another of your lies is exposed.

You further initially tried to avoid refunding the monies paid by members of the above said discusssion group, paid in advance for the conference, claiming that it was the responsibility of the presenters who had cancelled, i.e. Ark and Laura, to refund the monies. The exact figure is unknown to us, but is estimated to have been in excess of $5,000.00. You later claimed to have refunded ALL monies, but this has been proven to be untrue.

When the owners of this website responded to your acts of libel and defamation of character, you persisted in your actions, up to the present moment, which now includes filing malicious complaints against them with local law enforcement agencies, claiming that investigating your background via PUBLIC records is "stalking." Mr. Bridges, did you ever ask yourself WHY they are called "Public Records?" Because they are available to the PUBLIC to check up on people and find out if they are telling the truth.

You and your gang have threatened, libeled, stalked, defrauded, and damaged the owners of this website and their associates financially, psychologically, and in many other ways. Every defense (and let us emphasize "defense," as YOU started the issue by spamming over 150 people with your initial lies and fraudulent claims) made against your public attacks is met by you with escalation of your abuse and threats, many of which are delivered through your "followers."

We will also be forwarding to the authorities, along with emails like the one above where you are giving an "expert diagnosis" to a victim of your fraud, other emails such as the following:

Date sent: Sun, 07 Oct 2001 08:45:58 -0400
Subject: Re: notice
From: Vincent Bridges

I'll be returning the Cs transcripts along with the bill. I've finished mining it for insight. My next book, well under way, is The Pathology of Channeling and guess who the main character will be? Don't worry, I didn't use any of the transcripts themselves, "Who needs it?" as P&P said, just selections from the website. I did however use my personal experience of you and your "work" to draw some clinical conclusions. Who knows, maybe this is the book that will finally put channeling in the DSM where it belongs, right between Narcissism and Schizo-affective disorder...

And clear and obvious physical threats such as the following from your partner:

Date sent: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 04:53:29 -0700
From: Jay Weidner
Subject: Channeled Lies

Why do you lie when you say that others have backed out of the conference. This is not true. Not one has backed out except you (thank God for that!!!) You are a liar which somehow doesn't surprise me. You are also lying about the entities no doubt. Thank you for all the great material you are giving me for my article that I am writing about you. Each one of your indescretions will be noted. I know what you are and I will tell the world who you are working for. All of your bullshit 6th and 7th density beings and you call yourself a Physicist. You couldn't get a job as a janitor. I am telling Vincent to do the right thing and sue your asses into the ground. He needs to let the boys who are running your show know that we will not be trifled with. You should be sued for slander and I am telling Jirka Rysavy to do it as your claims are without merit. You have shown yourselves to be the perfect dupes. And your information is so full of crap it hurts. That's why you don't lis! t your sessions chronologicaly. You are back dating material as you find out what is right and what isn't. You are a classic intelligence operation and I intend to wipe you out. I am not afraid of you at all. I know that the devil runs as fast as he can whenever he is confronted. It is time to lay to rest all of this alien BS, this channeled crap and all the other lies that the NWO wants us to believe. If you expect anyone to believe that using a Ouja board is not Satanism then you should be attempting to get that fool into your organization. I told Vincent who you were, I said that time would tell.
Jay Weidner

In this respect, the Perseus Foundation has done what Investigative Journalism does in similar cases. Investigating Fraud and Criminal activity is not only NOT against the law, it is, in fact, protection of Innocent Victims from Predators like you.


This spot was formerly occupied by an "open letter from Jay Weidner" written on December 15, 2001, approximately two weeks after Mr. Weidner became aware of Vincent Bridges "shady background" as a result of our investigative report. Mr. Weidner seemed to be sincerely anxious to "make amends" for having been manipulated by Bridges to think that we had "shafted" him in regards to the Zaca Lake conference. He was also apologizing for several vicious emails he had sent us which he stated had been as a result of being misinformed about the conference by Vincent Bridges. He also seemed to be sincerely interested in getting to the truth and assisting in revealing Vincent Bridges history of conning others so as to make the information available to others who might be similarly targeted by Bridges in the future.

Jay wrote to us telling us that he was under the impression that the event at Zaca Lake was "sponsored" by Ark and Laura in conjuction with Vincent Bridges - obviously, what Bridges wanted him to believe.

As we have stated elsewhere, Bridges presented this conference as a big affair for which he already had a large audience. It was only when we cancelled that he informed us that WE were the "main attraction" and that most of the attendees were being drawn from our readers. We then realized that we were being used to attract the attendees, that he really did not have a large audience already. In short, the whole affair took on the appearance of a con job for the purpose of making money using us.

Mr. Weidner then stated that he was so irate because he thought we had "screwed Zaca Lake Charity out of $8,000.00." We are uncertain as to how this was possible since we don't think that there were enough attendees signed up for the conference that, after deducting expenses, there would be eight grand left. Also, Vincent Bridges had clearly stated that any monies left over after expenses would accrue to himself, and he would see to it that we received an "honorarium." We didn't really expect any money from the conference since we were mostly doing it as a favor to Vincent to help him get his "publishing company" off the ground, which would have been advantageous to us as well, since he was going to publish our books.

Nevertheless, Mr. Weidner informed us that there was a charity involved, and that funds from the conference had been slated to go to this charity, and the figure was $8,000.00. Mr. Weidner continued his letter by informing us that Vincent Bridges claims about the book they wrote together were "out and out lies." He then informed us that Vincent Bridges owed him thousands of dollars since he financed their research trips. (The figure was later give as $3000.00) Mr. Weidner concluded his letter with a heartfelt plea to Vincent Bridges to "set his career, and life, back in order." He had the idea that this could be accomplished if Bridges would just apologize to everyone publicly for his misrepresentations.

Now, coming forward to the present: We have just received a letter from Mr. Weidner telling us that our posting of his letters has essentially served his purpose. He informs us that he has now entered into a legal agreement with Vincent Bridges that he finds "satisfactory to me [Jay Weidner]." He then states that Bridges has paid him back the $3,000.00 he owed, and that he has "apologized for his mistakes." Next, he tells us that the copyright problem has been straightened out as well as the ownership of Aethyrea Books.

This last issue relates to the fact that we discovered through the tax collector's office as well as the Secretary of State's office in North Carolina, that Vincent Bridges did not own a legally registered company and therefore, any of his representations as being a publisher were fraudulent and misleading. Jay Weidner later filed the corporation papers on Aethyrea Books LLC, and this was the first time that it had existed as a legal corporation.

At some later point, Vincent Bridges posted on the internet in numerous places that Ark and Laura had "blackmailed" Jay Weidner into writing the letters that we posted on our site at Jay's request. Jay then provided a letter declaring that Vincent was an "out and out liar." The fact is, Jay Weidner contacted us, not the other way around.

Several other letters were published by us, on behalf of Jay Weidner, in our ongoing effort to expose a serious internet predator who has a history of theft, lies and fraud. Mr. Weidner has now informed us that he wishes to just let the whole thing drop because he is satisfied; he got his money back, he got an apology, and "the many things said in those letters is no longer true."

As a certain member of the research team pointed out regarding such a position: "Since when does truth become 'no longer true?' Who decides, and who's truth was it in the first place? Does something become not true, which once was true?"

What concerns us here, of course, is that there is nothing in Mr. Weidner's attitude that suggests concern for other people Vincent Bridges has, or will con in the future. So, the bottom line is: even though Mr. Weidner has a price - and rather low, at that - I don't think that Mr. Bridges will be able to "persuade" any of the other contributors to the documentation of his fraudulent life to retract what they have said.

And so, at his request, we are removing Jay Weidner's letters.

Not long after the above exchange occurred on the Cassiopaea website, Mr. Bridges contacted "Frank Scott," a former member of the Cassiopaean Experiment and induced him to participate in his fraud and libel.

As chronicled in the introduction to the Experiment, Frank had left the group in 2000, though Laura continued to hold the door open for his return. His betrayal nearly killed her. Perhaps that was his intent, though we will never know. Laura thinks, in retrospect, that Frank was as taken in by Vincent Bridges as she had been and only realized too late exactly what he had been induced to do.

At present, based on posts he has written on internet discussion groups, Frank is of the opinion that Laura's references to him in the Adventures Series were an act of "revenge" against him, but he is entirely wrong in this respect.

Laura's careful analysis, supported by the observations of the other members of the experiment, was fair, exact and compassionate. To this day, Frank does not realize how much was offered to him that he threw away so casually for the manipulations of Vincent Bridges.

What is so astonishing to us here at the Quantum Future School is the fact that in both cases - Vincent Bridges and Frank Scott - their actions were, ultimately, self-destructive and life-denying. We are reminded of the passage in Cleckley's masterpiece on psychopathy, The Mask of Sanity:

The concept of an active death instinct postulated by Freud has been utilized by some to account for socially self-destructive reactions. I have never been able to discover in the writings of Freud or any of his followers real evidence to confirm this assumption.

In contrast, the familiar tendency to disintegrate, against which life evolves, may be regarded as fundamental and comparable to gravity. The climbing man or animal must use force and purpose to ascend or to maintain himself at a given height. To fall or slide downhill he need only cease his efforts and let go. Without assuming an intrinsic death instinct, it is possible to account for active withdrawal from positions at which adaptation is unsuccessful and stress too extreme.

Whether regression occurs primarily through something like gravity or through impulses more self-contained, the backward movement (or ebbing) is likely to prompt many sorts of secondary reactions, including behavior not adapted for ordinary human purposes but instead, for functioning in the other direction. The modes of such reactivity may vary, may fall into complex patterns, and may seek elaborate expression. [See Organic Portals for a theory that explains what Cleckley is trying to express here.]

In a movement (or gravitational drift) from levels where life is vigorous and full to those where it is less so, the tactics of withdrawal predominate.

People with all the outer mechanisms of adaptation intact might, one would think, regress more complexly than can those who react more simply. [...]

Withdrawal, or limitation of one's quest in living, appears in many forms.

The decision for taking such a step may be consciously voluntary, but it seems likely that many influences less clear and simple may also play a part. In the earliest years of human life a great deal of complicated shaping may occur, with adaptive changes to promote survival by an automatic refusal (inability) to risk one's feelings (response) in the greatest subjective adventures. In adult life such decisions sometimes emerge in clear deliberation.

The activity of the psychopath may seem in some respects to accomplish a kind of protracted and elaborate social and spiritual suicide. Perhaps the complex, sustained, and spectacular undoing of the self may be cherished by him. He seldom allows physical suicide to interrupt it.

Be it noted that such a person retains high intelligence and nearly all the outer mechanisms for carrying on the complicated activities of positive life. It is to be expected then that his function in the opposite (regressive) emotional direction might be more subtle than those of a less highly developed biologic entity. [...]

When complexly organized functions are devoted to aimless or inconsistent rebellion against the positive goals of life, perhaps they may enable the patient to woo failure and disintegration with similar elaborateness and subtlety. His conscious or outer functioning may at the same time maintain an imitation of life that is uniquely deceptive.

Perhaps the emptiness or superficiality of life without major goals or deep loyalties, or real love, would leave a person with high intelligence and other superior capacities so bored that he would eventually turn to hazardous, self-damaging, outlandish, antisocial, and even self-destructive exploits in order to find something fresh and stimulating in which to apply his relatively useless and unchallenged energies and talents. [...]

As Laura has commented: what great co-experimenters Bridges and Scott would have made... had they used their talents and brains for life and creativity.

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