What is Laura Hiding? The Cassiopaeans Answer.
Includes Session from January 10, 2002
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Note: ("Frank Scott" is a pseudonym used by request of "Frank Scott." For details of the dynamics of the early Cassiopaean Group, the reader may wish to read Thomas French's article, published in the St. Petersburg Times, February, 2000.)

Open letter from "Alvin Wiley" (a pseudonym):

December 15, 2001

Dear Laura and Ark:

I too was misled by "Maynerd Most". Although he is a brilliant scholar, he has misrepresented his past and his own contribution to the book we co-wrote 'A Monument to the End of Time'.

First off - I was under the impression that the event at Zaca Lake was sponsered by you guys and Maynerd. Via Mr. Most I thought that you had cut out on him leaving Zaca Lake with a completely open weekend in the late summer and screwing Zaca Lake Charity out of $8000. I now realize I was wrong on this and I completely apologize for my out-of line remarks concerning you in that instant.

Maynerd Most has claimed that he 'recieved' the Hendaye information in August 1996 while on vacation with Dan Winter. This is a complete fabrication. I had been working on the Hendaye puzzle since 1986. I had uncovered all of the important facts concerning the monument years before I met Maynerd which was in September 1996. I did not convey any of my findings or tell him about the Cross at Hendaye until November 1997. I have witnesses to this event. He is out and out lying about 'recieving' the info in August 1996.

The secret of Hendaye was not channeled or 'recieved'. It was the result of years of thankless research, most of it alone and unaided. It cost me my first marraige and Maynerd Most owes me thousands of dollars, of my own money, that I lent him to help with the research near the end of the writing of the book.

One can imagine my outrage when I hear that all of those years of research and hard work were actually accomplished from Maynerd having a channeled session with the Enochian angels in the desert somewhere. Nope, I am sorry, it was just plain hard work and dedication that did it. No mystical revelations, no chance encounters with ghostly beings and no channeled messages from the Ophainim.

While he did contribute to the book, which is why I let him share credit, the major and important findings on Hendaye were accomplished long before November 1997.

Including: The mystery of Fulcanelli's identity, Canseliet's strange trip to the Pyrenees, the missing Hendaye chapter from the first printing of Cathedrals, the Family in France and how they understood the secret of time, the relationship of Hendaye to the Rennes Le Chateau mystery, the galactic alignment and the secret of the cross, the complete Peru part of the mystery and much more. One may disagree or agree with my findings but they are what makes up the book.

My heart is saddened that Maynerd Most continues to misrepresent himself so I have, reluctantly, asked him to cease publishing the book as he has damaged the credibility of the research.

It is up to him to set his career, and life, back in order. To do this he must apologize to everyone publicly for his misrepresentations.

Thanks to all for their time in this matter. I hope I have helped to straighten out this ugly mess.

Alvin Wiley (a pseudonym)

On Tuesday, January 8, 2002, Apparently, as a result of the posting of the above letter at the request of Alvin Wiley, Maynerd Most (a pseudonym) wrote a message to a public message board in which he announced that if "Laura and Ark had just taken all mention of me down from the site, as I requested repeatedly, I would have been quite willing to let the whole thing drop."

Indeed, we did refuse to be manipulated, intimidated, and threatened. Since Mr. Most case was one of the first full investigations conducted by Perseus Foundation, which states on the Mission Page:

Our most immediate and practical goal is to investigate claims of the many Purveyors of Knowledge & Wisdom and "inside info" who flood the worldwide web. We believe that, just as Perseus cut off the head of Medusa, if there are any Medusas out there in cyberspace, we intend to find them out, cutting off their power to deceive and to disinform. We intend to investigate their attempts toward reality control by irresponsible rumors or the terror tactics of millenial doom.

Not only does truth set us free, lies manipulate our emotions and perpetuate illusions. We’ll use every ethical means available to investigate the credentials and claims of the many individuals promoters selling books, tapes, teachings, seminars and other wares. We intend to gather information to reveal the identities and the methods of those who promote rumors and disinformation.

...to have allowed him to intimidate the Foundation into giving in to terror tactics would have effectively destroyed any credibility that we mean business, and that we follow through on what we have set as a goal. In essence, his personal attacks against us, rather than addressing the Foundation that produced the report, researched and put together by a team, amount to a concerted effort against Freedom of the Press.

Maynerd Most seems to be unable to comprehend the difference between lies and truth. The Perseus Foundation Report was researched thoroughly, and if he is accusing it of being false, then he is accusing a lot of people of being liars who clearly have no reason to lie. His quadruple-morphed story after the Truth was exposed did nothing to address the fact that his original bio and credentials were ALL LIES.

He has repeatedly accused us of "libel, slander, defamation of character, cyberstalking," etc, in the true manner of the psychopath who always accuses their target of what they themselves are doing. He began to accuse us of "blackmailing" his former co-author, Alvin Wiley which follows the psychological profile exactly and we should have known that he was effectively announcing his next maneuver.

As the latest attempt to stifle truth, Mr. Most then declared, that he was going to "publicly address the Cassiopaean Cult issue and tell the real, unedited version of the story." He then announced that he was going into the business of distributing our copyrighted work free to anyone who wanted it. This was accompanied by nonsensical lies that only "he" understood how to interpret it, and the further claim that we were deceptively "altering" the text and had been "from the beginning." Well, since he is not in possession of either the tapes, or the notes, we wondered on what "facts" he based such claims.

There were other "follow up" posts, but I won't bore the reader with the endless prevarications and nonsense. The bottom line was this: Mr. Most published the complete unedited transcripts without any care or concern for any of the private individuals who had attended sessions, many of whom had specifically requested that, at any point in time when the material was published, their names and identities should be disguised.

As we noted on our own page where the transcripts are available, it was the work of removing names and sensitive items that proper respect and regard for other human beings mandated, that held up the publication, along with the necessity of going back and checking the transcribed material with the notes and tapes to ensure its accuracy. It was and is an enormous job. In some cases, we have done global file replacement, which has resulted in areas of file distortion, but in no case is this an intentional obfuscation. Little by little, we have been working to correct the errors in the transcripts, and this takes time.

So, the point was not the distribution of the material, which we give away free here on the site ourselves, the point was concern for the privacy of people who had entrusted their privacy into our care, as well as our legal right to ensure that the transcripts are accurate, or to make sure that appropriate notes or comments are appended when we are not sure.

Knowing that it was futile to appeal to Mr. Most to have concern for other people's privacy, we directly addressed the owners of the server via email and FAX.

Apparently in response to our request to the server that the transcripts be removed, Mr. Most sent the following email which included a startling email from "Frank Scott":

Date sent:                      Thu, 10 Jan 2002 13:06:34 -0500 
Subject:                        FW: Permission Granted! 
From:                           Maynerd Most <...@ac.net

Unless you want the entire sordid saga published, you might think of taking my name down.



From: XXXXX 
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 04:15:49 EST 
To: ...@ac.net 
Subject: Permission Granted! 

Hi Maynerd: 

I will now make the following statement on your behalf: 

My name is "Frank Grant Scott". I give full and complete permission to  Maynerd Most to publish in full or in part the Cassiopaean  transcripts in the way that he chooses and for whatever purposes that he  deems appropriate. 

I participated in all of the sessions that took place between July, 1994  and November, 2000. My participation in the channeling sessions was to  an extent as great as or greater than that of any and all other participants. 

Thank You, 

"Frank Grant Scott"


Aside from the fact that Frank's claim that his participation in the experimental sessions was "to an extent as great as or greater than that of any and all other participants," is an outright lie, (and there were, in fact, sessions in which he did NOT participate), the legal fact is that the transcripts have been copyrighted by me from the day that I transcribed and printed out the first copy back in 1994. That is the LEGAL fact.

Any and all witnesses (of which there are MANY), as well as the hard evidence, shows that Frank's "permission to publish" is as valid as permission from Garfield the Cat. He does not, and NEVER DID, have any copyright "rights." All of the experiments were conducted in MY house, on MY equipment, recorded by me personally, MY voice; I OWN the tapes, I transcribed nearly every word, I burned the CD that Mr. Most has, that he was no longer entitled to have once we had terminated our relationship and requested return of same. We published the material.

In short, Mr. Scott's presence at the sessions was the ONLY thing he EVER contributed, and there were a lot of other people present at different times. Being a guest in our house does not constitute owning what we produce there!!!! By Frank's standards, Terry and Jan Rodemerk would also have the right to grant permission to publish. In fact, they would have a far greater right to do so, since they did a whole heck of a lot more work than Frank ever dreamed of. In point of fact, dealing with Frank throughout the entire period of time, was problematic at best as those who have read Amazing Grace already know.

But what is a more serious matter, as it turns out, is the fact that Mr. Most has, by writing the above email, committed a Federal Crime. He has attempted to blackmail us, to extort and coerce us. Blackmail consists of two elements:

a)extortion or coercion by threats especially of public exposure or criminal prosecution
b) the payment that is extorted.

Example from a real court case: SS threatened to expose MD on the Travis Carroll & Justin Show. This exposure would have harmed Dubose's career and most likely his future emloyeement. In return for silence, SS was trying to coerce MD into turning down one offer WITH THE EXPECTATION that JS would accept another, thereby giving SS greater job security.

You have coercion, threat of exposure and expected payment. Mr. Most says "Unless you want the entire sordid saga published, you might think of taking my name down." He is threatening public exposure, and he expects a return - payment in the form of us removing our articles about his fake bio and phoney credentials, and psychological terrorism. Why is what Mr. Most done a Federal Crime?

There are 3 statutory crimes under United States Federal Law relating to harassment. They are: a) 18 USC § 875. Crimes-Extortion and Threats-Interstate Communications; b) 18 USC § 2261A. Crimes-Domestic Violence and Stalking-Interstate Stalking; and c) 47 USC § 223. Obscene or Harassing Telephone Calls in the District of Columbia or in Interstate or Foreign Communications. Central to all Federal crimes of harassment is the fact that the crime must be committed in "interstate commerce". Basically if the harassment, threats or stalking are being conducted via the internet, they fall into the category of "interstate commerce", because the internet has been recognized as an instrument of interstate commerce. What this also means is that internet related crimes of all descriptions are going to fall under the jurisdiction of the FBI.

Even though Mr. Most was clearly attempting to blackmail us, and we knew it, we were only concerned about the innocent people who wished to have their identities and personal information removed. What was more, the remark about the "entire sordid saga" didn't make a lot of sense so we dismissed it.

As it happens, the Universe was on the alert. Later that day, another email came from "Alvin Wiley."

From: Goldenflower@***
Date sent: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 22:24:15 EST
Subject: Re: VB again
To: lark2@ozline.net

[Maynerd and I] exchanged a couple of very bitter emails. I told him he was a sociopath and that I couldn't sue his book company because it does not [legally] exist. This is his reaction. I will not be emailing him anymore so maybe it will go away.

By the way he says that he has 'proof' that you attempted to murder someone. [...]

Well, well, well.  It all became chillingly clear. I instantly understood that it was, indeed true, that Frank had written the above letter (which I had initially doubted because I was quite certain that Frank knew enough about the law to not do something that stupid), and why.

Those readers who have read Amazing Grace will surely recall the chapter where I describe "Frank's" long years of embezzling funds from his former employer which, at the end, caused his father's death, and the part I played in that debacle. For those of you who have not read it, you may wish to have a look at the chapter That's Hollywood!

The chapters subsequent to that explain how I reconciled myself to the event, how I "explained it away," and essentially put full confidence in Frank that he had learned a significant lesson, and that he needed to be trusted in order to be trustworthy. After all, that is what we are taught, isn't it? So, I trusted him. And I confided in him a number of things, including the story I am about to tell.

Even though Mr. Most thinks that he has discovered a "major skeleton" in the closet, it just so happens that this event is something that Tom French duly investigated and decided not to write about since it was essentially, not significant to the story. Some may think that he should have, because the fact that women are sexually assaulted with alarming regularity gets far too little attention as it is. But he was correct in his decision, in my opinion, because to tell it would have taken up space in a story that was, essentially, focused on different issues.

Nevertheless, when Tom interviewed me, even though I was very reluctant to talk about something so distressing, I did tell him everything.  As every other woman who has ever been through a similar experience will agree, it was so unpleasant that I have spent over 30 years trying to forget it.  And Tom agreed with us that it ought to just be left in the past.  Because, in the end, it was proven to be a very similar event to what Mr. Most is attempting to do now: coercion, blackmail and extortion. As one reader has noted: "Anyone who would attempt to blackmail you with this incident falls into the same category as the person who committed the initial assault. Such people view others as prey. They assess all those that they wish to prey upon as vulnerable and methodically proceed to search for a weak point and then attack." And sometimes they take years to do it, as is proven in the case of "Frank Scott".

When I received the email from the person who remarked that Maynerd Most "says that he has 'proof' that you attempted to murder someone," along with Mr. Most attempt to blackmail us by saying he was going to tell "the entire sordid saga," what I realized was the utter and absolute perfidy of Frank behind it - that he was, effectively, party to yet another criminal act that is almost the same as the embezzling he did from his former employer - because ONLY Frank could have been the one to share this information with Maynerd Most. What is more, Frank is being touted as the "C's authority," who is claiming in a libelous way that we have been "altering the texts" of the transcripts from the beginning. We find this to be more than odd, since one of the early things we noted about Frank was the fact that he never seemed to be aware of what the Cassiopaeans said, and would discourse for hours about issues in which everything he said was in complete contradiction to their messages. At one point, I provided him with a printed copy of the text so he could read it, but it became apparent that he was either not reading it, or that he could not comprehend it, because he continued to pronounce "knowingly" on many subjects from a totally opposite viewpoint. It was clear that the communications from the Cassiopaeans was NOT coming from Frank.

Frank claimed to be "the channel," and the "only" channel, and repeatedly wanted us to convert the experiment from using the board to direct trance channeling with HIM as the only source. On the several occasions we tried it, we found that the "personality" and "feeling" of the contact was so distinctly different - and in fact, repellant - that we realized that this suggestion was the maneuver of the STS forces to take over the work completely. (Here is a sample of Frank's "direct channeling on his own.")

So, just as it was with his former employer, Frank did as little work as possible, and thought that he was entitled to a whole lot more than he actually earned, and just decided to write himself a weekly check. Well, Frank is trying to write himself another check on somebody else's account.

Considering the evidential fact that he has now chosen a path of deliberate disregard for the legal rights of others, his participation in an attempt to blackmail, extort, and coerce us, any further statements from "Frank Scott" must be considered to be emanating from the same source as Maynerd Most . Maynerd Most has demonstrated total disregard for the truth, for the Free Will rights of others, and he has clearly established that he believes that the readers are too lazy to check things for themselves. He has also made it evident that his philosophy is the bigger the lie, and the more often it is repeated, the greater the likelihood that the public will believe it. In short: they have nothing but contempt for other human beings.

The reader may expect that "Frank Scott" will become the "authority of dirt" to back Maynerd Most up. He will be promoted as the "witness who knows the truth." Caveat Lector, is all we can advise.

Having this realization, and putting it together with all the odd remarks the C's had made about Frank through the years, we realized that there were many mysterious pieces of the puzzle finally coming together. We decided to have an unscheduled session and find out exactly what was going on. And then, even though there are a dozen other tapes that still need to be transcribed and posted, I decided that I had better put everything else aside, transcribe this one, and post it.

From what the Cassiopaeans told us last night, it now all begins to make sense - it's sick - but it makes sense.  I never could quite put together WHY the C's would slip through those cryptic remarks about Frank, and why they would refuse to answer certain questions when it was ONLY me and Frank at the board.  It appeared to be that there was a lot of information that could NOT be given with Frank present, and while I created many theories about this, it never, ever occurred to me that it was because I was being protected from Frank!

Well, all speculation aside, read what C's said about it last night:

January 10, 2002

Q:  Hello.
A:  Hello.
Q:  And who do we have with us this evening?
A:  Fiaage.
Q:  And where do you transmit through?
A:  Cassiopaea.
Q:  As you know, we have become aware this evening of Frank's extraordinary conversion to the dark side.  Is that an accurate way of perceiving it?
A:  Close enough.
Q:  Quite a few years ago, there were several remarks made on two or three occasions regarding Frank's battle with the Dark Forces, and the issue of whether or not he would be able to resist their domination.  Was it always known that he would fail?
A:  He is not a failure.
Q:  What do you mean?
A:  From the perspective of STS he is a success.
Q:  Why was it that we were able to channel STO material, with Frank being so borderline regarding this ultimate choice between STS and STO?
A:  He was programmed for the specific purpose of "downloading" from you secrets coded into you before birth of your present body.  He failed because you were incorruptible.  He is now charged with the mission, in concert with Maynerd Most, of destroying your ability to accomplish your mission.
Q:  Well, that means that there is a strong possibility that the material that came through while Frank was a participant was very likely corrupted.  Is that why you gave the figure of 72 percent purity of the material regarding those sessions?
A:  Yes.
Q:  So, are you saying that Frank's presence produced that 30 percent corruption?
A:  Yes.
Q:  What was the form that most of that corruption took?  Can we identify it?
A:  Predictions and terror tactics.
Q:  What is the advisable course of action to take at this point in time?  Shall I stop what I am doing and take time to deal with the issues that have come up as a result of this action by Frank and Maynerd?
A:  Good idea to deal with it A.S.A.P.
Q:  Should we also pursue legal action?
A:  Yes, in terms of copyright.
Q:  What about the stalking, harassment, defamation, blackmail?
A:  It will be handled at the proper time by you, and you will know when to do it.
Q:  (A)  Why isn't ignoring them completely not the answer?
A:  Because they are not affected by being ignored.  And your reality is such that lies and liars have prevailed in violating Free Will for millennia.  They do this most effectively by programs that are designed to perpetuate it, such as "Turn the other cheek," and "If you ignore it, it will go away."  Give what is asked for by a lie: Truth.
Q:  So, it comes back to balance.  In the face of a lie, balance is only restored by Truth.  Well, now, let me ask this: did Terry contribute positive energy at the board?
A:  Most of the time.
Q:  Was that the reason that you encouraged Terry and Jan to be present?  To counterbalance Frank's negative energy?
A:  Yes.  Frank would have killed you with his STS draining rather soon otherwise.
Q:  Is that why I (and everyone else) always felt so tired after some sessions and he always felt so energized?
A:  Yes.
Q:  He was literally sucking my energy out of me?
A:  Yes.
Q:  Is that why I had so many health problems during that period of time?
A:  Yes.
Q:  Well, yes, the evidence was all there.  The problem was, not being able to interpret it.  Of course, one believes the lies, and Frank was very good at it.  He was a consummate liar.  And I already had the evidence of what a capable deceiver he was from observing his interactions with NE and other people, including his embezzlement of funds.  But I chose to ignore it because I thought I could help him.  I thought that our mutual interest in this project would help him as much as it would help me.  And you are saying that the whole thing was set up, with all the synchronicities at the beginning, just for the purpose of getting me involved in this channeling experiment, to make the channeling experiment 72 percent positive, so that I would be encouraged to continue it, so that Frank could, more or less, vacuum out of me, from some level of consciousness, other information, and kill me.  Is that what we are getting at here?
A:  Pretty much.
Q:  That's depressing.  Why do all these people hate Ark so much?
A:  Because Ark won't allow them to regard you as an object to use for their own nefarious purposes.
Q:  In other words, it looks like Frank dropped out just as the time that Maynerd moved in.  Maynerd was the new "agent."  He spent his time getting close so that he could come and attempt to extract the same information that Frank had failed to get, only the new plan was to try to use hypnosis.  Is that what the plan was?
A:  Yes.
Q:  Who is pulling the strings behind this whole thing?
A:  It is better not to know specifics.  But a clue: STS Consortium.
Q:  I would really like to have some knowledge that would protect in this situation.  I would like to know what actions to take, some inside information, something that would help us.  Here we are, these guys keep us just constantly upset.  Is this the way it is going to continue to be from here on out?
A:  Not to worry, reinforcements are on the way.
Q:  I sure wish they would show up now!  We could use the cavalry.  I mean, here we are, the wagon train is drawn up in a circle, we are surrounded by Outlaws, we are down to our last few silver bullets; you keep telling us that we aren't supposed to worry, that reinforcements are on the way, and so forth, and we just keep hanging in there, working, working, working, and I don't see anything materializing here.  I think we ought to just sell the house and retire.
A:  Not yet!
Q:  (A) I want to ask about my theory about why walking is so important - that when one thinks while walking, one is able to evade mind control signals which are directed or reinforced when one remains static.  Is there anything to this?
A:  Close.
Q:  (L)  I want to know what caused my ear infection?
A:  Stress.
Q:  Should I continue to keep Frank informed in an effort encourage him to see the hole he is about to fall into?  I can't help but feel sorry for him.
A:  He is going to fall in the hole anyway.  So, why prolong the agony?
Q:  What hole do you mean?
A:  Suicidal thoughts; since he does not have the STO motivation to help others without an agenda, which gives staying power to those of the STO persuasion to survive great troubles.
Q:  Well, then it seems to me that he ought to avoid getting into such troubles.
A:  He can't.
Q:  Why?
A:  Drives.
Q:  What kind of drives?
A:  Programmed in by parental abuse and neglect.
Q:  Well, if you could say anything to Frank just now, would you want to?
A:  No.
Q:  But ought I not to feel grateful to Frank for his participation, helping me groove the channel?
A:  That was not his agenda.
Q:  (A)  We would like to know if it is recommended that we transcribe and publish the "mirror session" with Maynerd Most, as part of the Truth that needs to be made known?
A:  Yes!  All Truth is beneficial and promotes balance in a world dominated and run on lies
Q:  (L)  Yes, but when you start telling the truth in a world dominated and run by lies, the liars go absolutely crazy in trying to destroy you!  That is the plain hard fact that we have been facing.  It is unbelievable to strip away the lies; layer after layer of lies, the liars themselves, impossible to conceive how they can lie the way they do; I am just utterly astonished by it.
A:  Yes.  It is part of your mission.
Q:  (A)  Well, I am wondering if the way I am managing these attacks is the proper STO approach?  For example, I have blocked his access to the website.  I have removed his entries to the guestbook.  I have removed him from the egroup.   I am just simply making his mission of spreading lies difficult.  But I am not completely sure if this is an STO approach?
A:  It is.
Q:  (L)  Well, I think he has the perfect right to tell all the lies he wants in the places where lies are wanted and asked for.  He does not have the right to trespass on our space and tell lies because we do not ask for lies, we don't want lies, and it violates our Free Will to try to discover truth in our space.   He has the Matrioshka list that obviously wants to hear his lies.  They make no effort to discern truth in any way, and they certainly got very upset when Ark posted truth on their list, which only gave them a small sample of how it feels to have your free will violated.  He can tell all the lies he wants where they are wanted.  Any other suggestions?
A:  Just persist and be patient.
Q:  Is there anything we can do to accelerate the receiving of assistance?
A:  It is on the way.
Q:  [Laughter.]  I know that time does not exist on 6th density.  However, all these months dealing with these lunatics seems like six years, or six thousand years.  Well, I'm just whining.
A:  Either way it will come.  "Miles to go before you sleep."  Keep on going.  Destination will be reached.
Q:  (L) Anything else we ought to know that we haven't asked?
A:  Not for now.  Goodnight.

End of Session

Now, I am going to reproduce here an account of the incident that Maynerd Most and "Frank Scott" are attempting to use as blackmail. This account is the one that I wrote for Ark when we first met.  Just as I told it to Tom French who was entitled to know everything about me, I also told it to Ark from the very beginning.  Unfortunately, at some point, I also told "Frank Scott."

When he began to investigate the matter, Tom French told me that the public records on the event are so OLD that they don't even tell the disposition of the case. Tom French had to search out the attorney based on my information, to interview him and the private investigator in order to get all the details.

In order to provide the "bona fides" behind the story, I searched for an email from Tom that I thought existed, but only later remembered that, after he had talked to Joe Aloi, the investigator, and Brian Hayes, the attorney, that he had called me to tell me how glad he was that everything was exactly as I had said it was, even adding that these two gentlemen who were truly STO angels in my life, had sent their best wishes to me and were very happy to know that I was okay.

So, not having anything in writing, and knowing how difficult and costly such record searches can be, I decided this morning to just call Brian Hayes and talk to him about the situation. In any event, Brian and Joe are very happy to provide letters about the case, and they will be arriving via snail mail and I will scan and post them as soon as they arrive.

Update: Here is Brian's letter

Without further ado, here is the dreadful story about how Laura Knight, at the ripe old age of 18 years and 2 months, in Maynerd Most words, "attempted to murder someone."

As I noted, my mother was a bookkeeper who had  contracted with several local businesses to do their books.  One of these businesses was owned by a man who was also something of a local politician.  He ran for a State office and was elected so spent much of his time in Tallahassee, the State Capitol.  Mother ran his business for him.

He was sort of like a local "big wig" who had a home in the county, and an apartment in Tallahassee.  When he was in residence here, he would come to the house and discuss the business with mother and drop off and pick up the accounting and checks and deposits and so forth.

During this time, I was spending many hours a day practicing the piano.  I would practice in one room while they would spread out papers on the table in the other room.

One day mother announced that this man had expressed an interest in me and wanted to send me to school in Tallahassee where he could oversee my care.  She thought this was wonderful and a great opportunity!

It was agreed that this plan would be put into action, but I had to finish school first.  So, I attended locally from September 1969 to December 1969.  At that point, the plan was that I would go to Tallahassee and finish high school there in an accelerated class, and then be enrolled at the University.  So, in January I went.

An apartment had been reserved for me in the same building this man lived in when he was there doing his legislative duties, whatever they were.  Everything had been arranged.  So, I went to school, met new people, and things were fine for a few months - through April.  The apartment building had a nice pool, and I enjoyed studying by the pool... or, for me, at least reading.  A friend of mine came to stay with me because I was lonely and her mother knew this man also and thought this would be fine for her as well.

One night he came to our apartment and asked me to come down so he could talk to me privately since he had something very special to tell me and it was a surprise.

So, in an hour, when I was done with my homework, I walked down the outside walkway and knocked on the door.  He answered wearing a robe and smoking a cigar and with a glass of liquor in his hand.

To make a long story short, it became clear that the man expected "payment" for his help.  I was so dumb that I actually thought that he was just being a nice guy with a "fatherly" interest in me.  But that wasn't the case.

When I said "no," he got rough.  When he got rough, I fought back.  When I fought back, he became enraged and started choking me.  Since we happened to be standing in the kitchen, and I was being pressed back against the counter and was starting to lose consciousness, I threw my hands back to grab the counter to keep from falling.  When I did, my hand landed on a heavy object with a handle.  I grabbed it and hit him with it.  He loosened his hold momentarily, but then started squeezing again and I hit him again, only harder this time since I had been able to get a breath.  I hit him again in the head, and it was sort of a nightmare where he was totally enraged and I was totally determined to hit him until he let go of me.

At this point, he was bleeding on me, still refusing to let go, so I hit him again.  I think I must have landed about 4 or five good ones before he let go to try to protect his head from another, and when he did I ran like hell.  I was sure that he was after me, and I made it to my apartment, banged wildly on the door for my friend to let me in.  She did and was utterly horrified.  We were both just hysterical.

She was hysterical at the blood all over me and we didn't know what to do... so she made me take off my clothes and go take a shower... then, while I was in the shower, still shaking with the thought that the man could force his way into the apartment, she told me that police cars and an ambulance were in the parking lot outside.  Apparently the man had gone out to the balcony and yelled "rape" or some such nonsense, and someone heard him and called the police.  I was dressed and shaking violently when the knock came at the door.  He had made a statement to the emergency crew that I had attacked him for no reason after coming on to him sexually!!

I told them what really happened, and they were satisfied but told me not to go anywhere for a while until they investigated further.

And, seemingly the incident was closed.  But, three days later, I was called out of my English class to find a message that the police department wished to ask me a few more questions.  So, after school, I took the bus to the police headquarters.  When I walked in, expecting to answer questions, handcuffs were immediately place on me and I was arrested for "Assault with a Deadly Weapon With Intent to Commit Murder." The guy had created a fantastic story in which he was the "innocent" victim of a crazed teenager.

And I was taken and locked in a cell.

There is no way to describe such a transition.  None.  If a person is of a nature that they deliberately break laws, there is some idea in their mind that this could be a result.  But, for a person who has, essentially, done nothing wrong but be stupid and naive, someone who has been betrayed by someone she trusted, who has been viciously attacked, and then, instead of anyone realizing that I was the VICTIM, I was put in jail on the word of a psychopath and charged with trying to murder him! All women who have suffered this way understand that such an event is in a class by itself especially when the realization comes that grandfather cannot fix it, mother cannot fix it, no one can fix it.  And, when the realization came that this was a "capital crime" and just having someone come and pay money to get one out of jail was not possible, well... just imagine it.

A week later I was taken, in handcuffs, to court and stood before a judge who read the formal charges.  I was just 18 years old, and I had to walk down a public street, between two policmen, in chains.

The judge asked me if I had legal counsel.  I started to cry and said no.  But, a man sitting in the row of attorneys jumped to his feet and came forward and said: "Yes she does, your honor!  I am offering my services!"  He then asked me if I would accept him as my attorney and I said yes.  So that was settled.  I had an attorney.  His name was Brian T. Hayes.  He was assisted by a cracker jack Private Investigator, Joseph Aloi, and both of them were literally Knights in Shining Armor.

What they discovered about my "benefactor" was shocking. It seems that I had been the prey of a very sharp operator who had been trying to gradually draw me into a very ugly operation.[Sounds a lot like the situation with Maynerd Most, eh?]   And only my instinctive refusal to be used had saved me.  Indeed, my resistance had plunged me into a somewhat serious problem, as it has repeatedly in my life.  The Powers of Darkness don't like it when you resist their attempts to control you or draw you into their plans. It is the same now as it was then.

You see, as a minor government official, my "benefactor" had a little side-line: he made home movies used for blackmail.  Apparently, he had plans for me.  He wanted to use me as the "star" in movies that would be filmed by a secret camera set up in an A/C vent.  These movies would then be used to extort money, favors, and probably even for a special brand of "lobbying."

All of the evidence of this little "business" was discovered while the guy was in the hospital, desperately trying to lie his way out of the mess he was in. He even tried to change his claims that I had assaulted him for no reason, he was so desperate to avoid scrutiny. But it was no go. Once the State decides to prosecute, it doesn't matter if someone who formerly claimed to be a victim has now changed his mind. The State is a juggernaut, and the trial DID take place.

Well, the bloodbath in the courtroom was actually worse than the one at the time of the incident.  The guy, like all true psychopaths, lied himself black in the face, even when confronted with hard evidence of his intentions, his actions, his perfidy - in his own writing - and the end result was a resounding return of the verdict of "Not Guilty By Reason of Self Defense." And the only reason he wasn't proscuted for his own crimes was that he was so pitiful and swore he had learned his lesson, and also because he still had a few people in government offices who would go to bat for him (probably because he was blackmailing them.)

In short, I was acquitted of any and all charges, exonerated, proven guiltless of any crime except protecting my honor and reputation, a situation I find myself in again and again.

And in the present situation, we find almost the exact same situation. Maynerd Most has reacted against my refusal to be psychologically raped as violently as the "benefactor" of my youth. He has told the same kinds of lies. He has tried the same maneuvers. In fact, the entire scenario is something of a repeat.

You'd think those guys would learn.

The Forces of Darkness don't like Truth.  They don't like people who resist their control and manipulation.  And they will do anything, use anybody, tell any lie, stoop to any degradation, to try to force their control on other people. 

And it seems that, by communicating a twisted version of this incident to Maynerd Most that "Frank Scott" has firmly and definitively chosen which side he is on.

Note added: At the time of the incident, the Tallahassee Democrat published information based on the word of the attacker without ever interviewing me or anyone else I knew. Any who wish to know the full story needs to order a copy of the Trial transcript which was the source of Tom French's information, obtained directly from Brian T. Hayes, Esq.



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