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Note: ("Frank Scott" is a pseudonym used by request of "Frank Scott." For details of the dynamics of the early Cassiopaean Group, the reader may wish to read Thomas French's article, published in the St. Petersburg Times, February, 2000.)

Statement By Terry and Jan Rodemerk

Having been directly involved in the Cassiopaean Experiment for several years with Frank Scott and Laura we feel that we can make the following statements in very good faith.

1 - Frank Scott has no right to claim majority involvement in the C's material. He has no right to give anyone permission to use the material.

2 - Frank Scott did no work in transcribing transcripts, putting info into readable form, researching background on info or developing questions for the sessions based on either new topics or info from previous sessions. Frank Scott seldom asked any questions or on occasion asked only a very few questions.

3 - Frank Scott showed up when he felt like it. Usually after 10:30pm for any given session, sometimes not showing up at all. Being late and not showing up reflected his feeling of being the sole channel and that nothing could be done without him. We waited for him not because we needed him, but because we considered him a friend and part of the group. His lateness resulted in sessions lasting till the early hours of the morning, like 4am.

4 - Frank Scott is not the channel for the C's. Just because he thinks he is does not make it so. Many tests were made that confirm this statement.

5 - Frank Scott and Laura did not make contact with the C's; the C's made the contact because of Laura's life long quest for the truth about the human condition. Laura came up with the questions that the C's responded to.

6 - The C's made the contact. They are the sender. The group at each session are the receiver. The knowledge passed from 6th to 3rd Density is the true channel. For Frank Scott to say that he is the channel is the same as saying that Frank Scott is the author of all radio and TV programming because he has a radio and TV on which to receive them.

7 - The C's stated that they transmit through the Cass 'A' supernova RF signals that radiate through space towards the Earth. Does Frank Scott have the ability to do this?

8 - Laura has worked very hard on the material ever since the C's made contact. Laura organized and implemented the recording of the material. She owns the tapes. She pushed the stop and start button. Laura asked most of the questions. I (Terry) asked many questions. All answers are are recorded in Laura's voice. Frank Scott has done nothing. He showed very little interest in any part of it other than an interest in manipulating the entire group in various ways.

9 - Frank Scott accuses Laura of attempting to make money off the material. We are witnesses to the fact that Frank Scott was asked by Laura many times if Frank Scott had any ideas on how to get the material out to the public.

10 - Frank Scott only showed interest in the material if there was a way to make money off it. We are witnesses to the fact that Frank Scott, on numerous occasions, indicated his only interest in the material was monetary: he said that Laura should charge big money for people to read the material and that then she could pay him to show up and "channel."

11 - Frank Scott claims that Laura is building a cult around the material. That's a very strong statement. Can he back that up? We think not. It is libelous and defamatory.

12 - When Ark entered the picture, Frank Scott became more moody and sullen. Frank Scott tried very hard to prevent Laura from becoming involved with Ark. After Ark arrived in the US, Frank Scott basically disappeared from the picture. He showed up less and less often and didn't stay as long as he did before Ark arrived.

13 - As we see it, Frank Scott's issue with Laura is not about the material at all. It's about how badly Frank Scott can hurt Laura for having met Ark.

14 - Jan and Terry Rodemerk stand with Laura and Ark. Laura and Ark are two very good people trying hard to get the C's material out to the world. The material was sent by the C's to Laura. Since the C's created the material, then they should hold the copyrights. Since that is not really practical and the C's aren't all that interested in 3rd Density legal issues, we affirm that Laura is the sole holder of the copyrights to this work as she has done all the work on this project. Frank Scott contributed nothing more than sitting at the table just like everyone else at the sessions. Beyond that he contributed nothing at all.

15 - We are happy to call Laura and Ark our friends and are glad to have been a part of something special with them. Up until all this noise started, we considered Frank Scott our friend also. Now all we can say is how badly Frank Scott has disappointed us.

Terry and Jan Rodemerk

A personal statement concerning Frank Scott for public consideration

From a long-time member of the Cassiopaean group who has always APPRECIATED the fact that Laura and Ark are careful to protect the privacy and trust of those attending the sessions.

I prefer to remain anonymous in my remarks to Frank Scott, (though he will know who I am), which I also wish to make public so that others will know the depth and extent of the shock and hurt that I, and other group members have felt, as a result of the actions of Frank Scott. His betrayal of the trust of Ark and Laura, his false claims regarding the Cassiopaean Material, and his alignment with those seeking to destroy two such fine people, is a nightmare for them and for those of us who have been long associated with them and who love them and have been uplifted by them in so many ways.

So it has come to this, huh "Frank?"  While I may never get an answer from you to this question, I would so like to know: How do you justify yourself?  Your actions do not demonstrate one glimmer of enlightened human behavior, much less human concord.  Do you act with such disregard for others - their personal rights and privacy - do you unashamedly seek to destroy another person's life WORK, because your own being is so fraught with manipulation and discord?  And, by life’s work I don’t just mean the mechanism that is the C’s material that has the potential to produce results, whether those results be material or ethereal, but also a the life work of another that has engendered personal growth.

Whether or not you can wrap yourself around this, understand, comprehend this, it is true: some of us are motivated to leave this existence evolutionarily advanced beyond the condition in which we arrived, to be better than this unmediated chaos you seem hell bent on perpetuating, just as has been perpetuated by countless self serving others of our so called “civilization.” 

You have publicly and privately trashed those who trusted you, people who,  at any moment right up to the recent past, would have and DID come to your defense, to care for and to support you, and to comfort you; something you so desperately seemed to need.  And we see it was all a manipulation.

Frank Scott, you are the epitome of why trust in another human being is an almost impossible ideal and not a daily experience of personal joy.

I conjecture that your behavior is not because you don’t know the difference between right and wrong, between sound choices and poor choices.  On the contrary, on many occasions I have heard you discuss the so-called tragedy and abuse of your childhood and adult life wherein you were more than capable of identifying an attack of one person on another as wrong and immoral, and most appropriately as despicably injurious.  I personally understand about attack and oppression from my own experiences and because of this I have sought within myself to “lovingly” and “forgivingly” make some allowances for your acts of deceit, past and present.  But in the end and in all truthfulness I can find only find shallow excuses for your heartless, mean-spirited behavior.

So you, Frank Scott, in my assessment, as one who has participated in more than a few sessions and other group activities, cannot be excused, personally or even legally, if that is the only recourse to your persistent false claims of ownership or authorship of the C’s material.  You cannot be excused for the way you have manipulated the group members, the way you have violated their privacy, and the way you have misrepresented their participation to suit your own agenda.  And ultimately -and more importantly - you cannot be excused for the false claim that the C’s material is a product of YOU, that YOU are responsible for the information and therefore in rightful ownership of the material.  Your claims are blatantly and transparently egocentric, as if all the others who have participated in the effort and energy to bring this information to light are naught.

Knowing from long experience how motivated you are to acquire money and affluence, it is obvious that if you were the “definitive” channel of the C’s material as you claim to be, you’d be whipping out channeled pages from your rarefied corner of the Universe faster than one could say “Cha-Ching!” and claiming “you may call me Mister Scott.”  The only problem is - a problem I don’t doubt you’ve faced much to your discomposure - those Cassiopaeans don’t talk to just any old dope, and they don’t confer with scam artists.

Frank Scott, you are an insult to each and every one of us, including all the many people who have never had the privilege to sit in on a session, who manage to glean enlightenment from the C’s material in the quest to achieve knowledge and promote personal growth.

I write this next statement with a fire and conviction that I doubt will transfer to paper, but please know that it is there: No one - not one single other person - ever involved in the work with the C’s material has “pushed the envelope” further, worked harder, put up with more “shit and shinola” (especially from you) as have Laura and Ark.  They have worked their fingers to the bone practically night and day to facilitate a forum for those who know there is more to life than "life as we know it."

I find, as have many others, that the C’s material has meaningful implications for every single living and breathing, even-remotely-conscious entity in the universe, and that meaning is far greater than who you are as an individual, or whatever faction with which you are aligned.

The C’s material is greater than all of us as individuals.  It is even greater than that.  It is a compassionate message that we are not alone, that the truth, no matter how nontraditional or frightening, is indeed that which builds the knowledge that is the key to the fruition of our passionate search for unencumbered freedom... and, bless our souls, that we can and should be proud of being on the margins of the mainstream ideology that leaves so many cold, hungry, and bereft of substance, seeking meaning beyond what we have been told we must mean.  I, for one, am indescribably grateful for having been introduced to Laura nearly ten years ago.  I count myself lucky to have been a part of the sessions in the capacity that I was.  I personally want no more than to be thankful for the C’s material.

At this point I am reminded of the proverbial lemmings who blindly tromp toward the edge of a deep cliff unaware they are on the verge of a great fall and destruction - so unconscious of the danger of their actions - belonging to the mainstream movement to what end they know not.  A person of knowledge looks at the allegory of the lemming as representative of humanity being duped and led astray, and can discern that there is a lack of rationality in this blind faith march.  A person of knowledge would have compassion for those lost in the deception.

But you are not like the allegorical lemmings you have scoffed at in the past, demonstrating your lack of empathy and altruism.  You are not led astray.  You are not ignorant, nor an innocent.  You are awake, aware and acting of your own volition.  No one but yourself has manifested this scenario that reveals your own lack of compassion and desire for all-encompassing importance and adulation.  Not Laura, not Ark, not the C’s.  No one but you is your own worst enemy.

I implore you to cease creating this chaos that is hurting so many, many people - creating, in effect, the very conditions and feelings about you and toward you that you so many times bemoaned as being "unfair" and "unkind."  You are indeed, creating your own reality, and it is the very one you dreaded - rejection and contempt from others.

Frank Scott, did you ever think that people reacted to you negatively because of who and what you are?  Did you ever think that we - the group - made a super-human effort to assist you in overcoming these negative traits and aspects?  Did you ever really understand how much giving was offered to you, how many allowances were being made for your all-too-human failings, those failings that you claimed you did not have?

Did you ever, at any point in time, even remotely consider the fact that all of us were trying to HELP you by including you, by allowing you space, by tolerating your overblown ego, and by encouraging you to try to overcome the limitations of your narrow, egocentric world view?  The fact is, as early as 1995, it became apparent to members of the group that you were not the "definitive" channel.  In your absence, group members channeled without you.  At that point, Laura realized you were not a necessary component of the channeling endeavor.  But because of her caring, she didn't want to exclude you.  She had greater feelings for you -  It's called friendship.

Why, why, why Frank Scott?  Why, when the door was left open right up to the last moment, did you choose to create such a reality for yourself?  Did all our efforts to help you really and truly only feed that monstrous ego?  Can you even conceive of the pain and suffering you are causing two of the finest people I have ever known?  Can you conceive of the pain and suffering you are causing to those of us who gave you our time, our energy, our friendship, only to discover that we were just "food" for an ego?

And what's this about your reason for leaving the group?  Because Laura described you as "androgynous?"  What kind of reason is that, Frank Scott?  After all, you spent years trying to convince all of us that this is exactly what you are?  It sounds like an excuse - any excuse - and that is about the most pathetic excuse I have ever heard!  Wasn't your agenda to play another manipulative control game, Frank Scott?  It didn't work out quite the way you thought it would, did it?

Remember, Frank Scott, you walked away and QUIT.  You declared that you wanted nothing further to do with any of it.  You declared it by your words and actions.

For years, it appeared as though you didn't care about anything but "holding court" when the group met.  And as if that wasn't enough, you showed up later and later to sessions with no regard for the fact that the rest of us had a life - children to get breakfast for in the morning for example - and other social activities besides hunkering down in a hovel to watch television and videos. 

In hindsight, you never cared about the group members, the sessions, the C's or the material.  You only wanted ATTENTION to bolster your hungry ego.  Well, you have it now, Frank Scott.  You have the attention of the thousands of readers who come to the C's site everyday.  Undoubtedly, this is not the role you thought you were going to play, is it?  And your ego was petted and soothed and fed, and because that is your weakness, you became a tool of those forces seeking to destroy the life and work of two of the kindest and most giving human beings I have ever had the privilege to know.

Do you even care about the stress and suffering of Laura and Ark and their family?  For God's sake, Frank Scott, there are young children in their home, and your negative creation is adversely affecting them.  Do you even care about the fact that your actions - and the actions of those with whom you have aligned yourself - those who are using you and your false claims as a "hammer," has caused significant hurt and harm to them?  Do you even think about the suffering you are causing the one person - Laura - who defended you and protected you for YEARS, even when your actions and behavior were - in the opinions of others - indefensible?  And I'm here to tell you I saw you for what you were - a manipulator - and told her so, pleading, even yelling at her to do something - anything - about it.  Are you aware of how she fought for your place in the group - how she stood up for you?  How, even after you so summarily dismissed the C's work, the group, and broke all connections, that she still kept the door open?  She still clung to the hope that you would "find your way" and come back as a friend and fellow seeker?  Right up to the moment when, out of the blue, with not a single word to her, not an indication that you were "unhappy" with anything - not even the courtesy of a single email saying "well, I'm unhappy with something and we need to talk about it," you just slammed her with betrayal and blackmail? 

What's with that, Frank Scott?  Is that really YOU?  If it is, then you are everything I thought you to be - in a nutshell: despicable.

Did it ever occur to you, Frank Scott, that, considering the fact that Laura has only, in the past couple of years, begun to recover her health from many years of overwork and stress, that your actions might have literal, physical consequences?  Did you ever think about your personal liability in THAT respect, Frank Scott?

I know you know what karma is.  I gather you have little respect for that, as well.

Did you ever think about the fact that the work of the C's material is so much more than just getting some answers at the board?  Did you ever think of the fact that what you are doing is attempting to destroy the one person who truly is the driving force behind the work, the C's, and the sharing with humanity?  Did you ever think that maybe a whole lot of people would not take kindly to the fact that you are not only violating the privacy of the members of the group, that you are betraying the trust of a lot of people, but that you are literally attempting to deprive thousands, or even MILLIONS of people of the messages of hope and truth that the C's have entrusted in Laura.  Her actions, her behavior, are exemplary and fully of a truly compassionate heart.

Where is YOUR compassion for other people, Frank Scott?

Laura has put herself out there in the line of fire that is public scrutiny, taking the lumps and bumps, and even virtual bullets, from her detractors even when it broke her heart time and time again.  She did so because she believed the material was ultimately more important than her own comfort, just so others could find a place of solace in the sharing of like ideals.

Have you done one single thing other than align yourself with people whose intent and effort is to viciously malign her and the C's work?  Have you produced a single compassionate word for ANYONE?  Have you shared a single thought, a single experience that would help a single other human being?  Have you ever done anything other than endlessly complaining about how no one appreciates you and your "superior spirituality?" 

At the end of the day, at the end of life’s road we are all ultimately responsible for our own actions and will surely have to answer to ourselves for what we became in life.  Give some concerted thought to what questions you will face in yourself at the end of your own days, your own life.  Try some personal growth Frank Scott, it goes a long way in development of compassion and helps in maintaining meaningful relationships.  We all trusted you to be capable of growth and sharing and making progress - just as we were striving for.  It is now obvious to everyone that you are truly handicapped in that respect.

You know me, but because I value my privacy, I'll sign myself,

The Giant Pansy - figure it out, Frank Scott.

April 22, 2002

Mr. Scott:

I have willingly and consciously entrusted Laura Knight-Jadczyk with information of a personal and private nature. I have extended no such trust to you, nor have I, in any manner implied such trust.

You have illegally and fraudulently extended permission to publish the Cassiopaean transcripts, which were solely and exclusively generated by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Mrs. Knight-Jadczyk is the unquestionable sole and exclusive owner of these transcripts. You are aware of the fact that my name appears on the aforementioned Cassiopaean transcripts. You did not generate these transcripts and you do not have the legal right to possess, dispose of, nor extend any form of consents or permissions related to the use or publication of these transcripts where my name is mentioned.

By illegally extending permission for the publication of the Cassiopaean transcripts which contain my name, you have placed me and my family at risk of harm. Your illegal act, has violated my right to privacy and confidentiality, placing me and my family, in a position of vulnerability to stalking, harassment and inappropriate attention.

I am fully prepared to take any and all legal steps necessary to protect and ensure my right and that of my family to privacy, confidentiality and safety. I am providing you, by means of this letter, one opportunity, to publish a clear and concise retraction on any and all sites and locations where you have illegally granted permission for use and publication of the Cassiopaean transcripts which contain my name.  Your retraction must clearly state that you have no legal right of ownership or authorship. This opportunity requires that you contact any and all individuals that you may have extended illegal permission to, in verbal or written form, for the utilization of the Cassiopaean transcripts which contain my name. I require that you clearly and concisely communicate to any and all individuals, that you had no legal right to extend such permission as you are not the author nor the owner of the transcripts. Otherwise, you will be held liable.

The provision of the opportunity I offer, begins with the date of this letter, the 22nd of April of 2002 at midnight and will be available for a period not to exceed seven days.

I strongly suggest that you give serious consideration to the content of this letter and to your course of action. Your illegal violation of my privacy makes you liable for damages.

Sara Fernandez



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