Letters From Readers

Note: Names, as well as any text that would tend to specifically identify the writer, have been removed for privacy. Text that is sensitive, or that relate to requesting specific help has been omitted.

Thank you for helping your visitors become aware of montalk. I contacted montalk about the psionic link and the non-plus info it contains. The feedback was full of non-plus egocentric eloquent rhetoric.

From a reader in Australia:


I am still reading The Wave. To say it is enlightening is an understatement. So many things that just plain add up, especially when taken in contrast with ones own life experiences. I have read much about the many mysteries of this paradoxical world from a very early age. From Tuesday Lobsang Rampa to Carlos, but never putting the picture together, too many parts, like a broken mirror each reflecting a small part of a greater picture.

You have it seems a large piece to which you have attached many smaller pieces creating a view that is breath taking. I don’t know what or how but what you say fits at some deeper level. Keep up the good work.

With reference to the practice of sacrifice that used to take place in the Americas and else where – I had always been disturbed by this as I have never understood why people would be so vicious. But if they were acting on instructions the term sacrificing to the Gods to appease them makes perfect sense. Especially as they very probably directly demanded this to obtain the energy from the terrified victims. What option would these people have had? I would imagine that to go against these beings would have been unthinkable. Many questions come to mind and I expect that a lot have already been asked so I will hold until I have read more. Thank you both

From Canada:

Szanowny Panie Profesorze!

I am an expatriate Pole born in Ludwigsburg after the war, emigre to Canada and lost citizen of the Polish Second Republic. [...]

On a personal level, I find the mix of interests in your website fascinating, and am chapeau bas before you and your wife.

I spend a great deal of time on the internet, and on occasion am surprised by coincidences that make me feel like the net is a living creature that has delivered up information purpose-built for me alone. In the case of your website, I am frankly disturbed that the suite of ideas you are pursuing so perfectly matches the lines of reasoning that go through my mind on the rare occasions when I am capable of deep thought.

While I am not capable of honestly assessing the technical elements, I am amazed by the breadth of view and intellectual depth of your website. But I can assess, and am charmed by, your subtle command of the English language, your ability to so easily communicate profound ideas. Without detracting from your own eloquence, I must say that your wife posseses a mighty pen indeed, as well as a powerful mind.

I do not mean to pry into your personal life, but I am curious to know of your background. Since you studied and live in Wroclaw, your family might have come from the Kresy. [...] It has been my good fortune to know many of our talented countrymen, each of whom has an absolutely incredible family history - hence my curiosity.

Please forgive me for babbling on, that is a function of how much you have impressed me.

Reader from USA:

I just finished reading the article 'Darkness over Tibet' and all I can say is that I am completely blown-away gobsmacked.

I have added this book to my 'must- buy list'.

The parallels with the C's material is just amazing.

I would like to recommend to you another work of fiction which I think portrays the STO vs STS battleground of life very well. The trilogy is by an author named David Zindell, and is titled "A Requiem For Homo Sapiens". The three books that make up the trilogy are "The Broken God", "The Vild" and "The War in Heaven". It is beautifully crafted science-fiction with strong themes of philosophy, mathematics and anthropology.

When I first read this series I felt that there was some kind of spiritual message enclosed within it, however the exact nature of this message did not become clear to me until I came across cassiopaea.org.

There is also a prequel to the trilogy named "Neverness" which Zindell wrote first. I recently re- read "Neverness" for the first time since coming across the C's materials, and found a reference which makes it pretty obvious Zindell must have more than a passing interest in Gurdjieff's work - he practically quotes verbatim from G's tale of the "Evil Magician and his sheep" in his book. A large theme is also the protagonist/hero discovering that people are "unconscious machines" who are run by "programs".

If you choose to read this series I am sure you will find it as hard to stop reading as I did. :)

Anyway, thanks once again for that article - it was one of those things which make you feel more awake and aware just from having read it.

Dear Pani Laura,

I very much enjoyed reading your "Polish" article, and will refrain from too much effusiveness as I expect many other have done that already.

Please believe me that I did shed tears over it, because I know what your husband and his family went through, and I'm touched by the way you wrote about it.

I don't want to plague you with critique, but I would like to comment on a few items. You open with a short discussion of the Kristallnacht, which I take to be a mood-setting literary device very appropriate to your topic. The pathology of that event is very complex, with many threads. One example is the proximate cause, Herschel Grynszpan's assasination of a German diplomat. Herschel was distraught at the treatment of his parents: they were Polish Jews living 'illegally' in Germany; deported by the Nazis, they were not admitted by Polish border guards and were left in brutal conditions in the no-man's-land between the border wires. Herschel was imprisoned near Paris and survived the war. The best (IMHO) account of Kristallnacht is in David Irving's biography of Goebbels. I would be very happy to download the relevant sections and email them to you in case you ever wish to expand the intro to this wonderful article.

Several paragraphs later, you state that 6 million Poles died during the occupation. I used this number in a brochure I wrote for the 50th anniversary of 1944 (there were extensive Polish-community commemorations in Canada and the US) and was taken to task for it - during lectures I presented to Polish students and Scout, I was asked how I knew is was 6 million?

Well, in fact this is a PRL propaganda number.

In fact, no one knows how many Polish civilians and soldiers died, how many emigrated, how many are still in Siberia. It might have been 6 million, maybe more, maybe less. We just don't know. The actual listings compiled by post Walesa scholars from Parish or municipal records are much lower in aggregate, but a lot of the records were lost. Almost all of the Synagogue records were destroyed.

In the next two paragraphs, you state that "Poland was chosen for the main killing site". In fact, the largest camps, Auschwitz and Stutthof, were in territories incorporated into the Reich. They were never in "Poland" as such, but in Germany. When Poland was resurrected, its territory encompassed the camps, but these no longer functioned, so it can't be said that they were "Polish Concentration Camps" as the New York Times loves to trumpet.

The 4 million Jewsih deaths you reference are likely from the tablet at the gate to Auschwitz I. This has been changed by the museum authorities to "1.5 million, 90% of whom were Jews". Recent documentary research may reduce this number.

As for as the other camps in the wartime rump of Poland - the "General Government" - many were transit camps whose "death factory" status is in question: even Majdanek and Treblinka have not been researched at all 14 years after the collapse of PRL, a curious situation when you consider that there! are almost 1,000 chairs of Holocaust Studies in the US, with perhaps 100,000 graduate students.

Several paragraphs further on, after your synopsis of Luck's history (which I found delightfully written), you connect the Soviet invasion of Poland on September 17 1939 with Stalin's scorched earth policy. I think that in the latter point you are referring to the forced evacuations that took place in front of the German invasion of the USSR in the summer of 1941. Indeed there were deportations from Luck soon after the Soviets invaded, and much technical and intellectual property was immediately removed to the interior of the USSR, the wholesale evacutations did not start until July-August, 1941. This is really a minor point, but some people might find it confusing.

I won't pester you with any more comments. Please accept my gratitude - and that of many old Polish veterans to whom showed it - that you took the time to write this article, its very close to our hearts. thank you...

From a reader is Australia:

I was looking for you and stumbled on to your "friend" Maynerd. He really is a piece of work. He has spent untold hours discrediting your work, I think he protesteth too much as the Bard would say. I wonder how much damage he has done? I suspect that most people who have spent any considerable time at your site would be able to see through him. I can't find Noah Syndrome or Amazing Grace on the site, will they be up soon? Keep up the good work.......Regards,


As Chairperson of the Rose Garden imprint, publisher of The UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION series, I would like to comment on the above referenced article and why our consulting staff has decided to remove it at this time.

We are fair and balanced and believe in the first amendment of the United States of America where our imprint is registered, in addition to our website. Thus, we are amenable to giving other visiting authors a forum in which to express his or her views. It was in this vein that we published Ms. Knight's article concerning one Vincent Bridges, who has since gone on an internet spree concerning the allegations in this particular piece. He had been communicating with our webmaster concerning this, who in turn asked him to back up his repudiation with facts, documents, photos, etc. What was returned was a personal opinion piece, not what was initially requested. Consequently, we did not publish this repudiation on our website.

Then, it came home to roost on my doorstep in some very blatant threats via an e-mail from one Mr. Weidner.

I do not and did not take kindly to someone wielding overt threats to me personally and to the group of which I chair.

I am not yielding one iota to Mr. Bridges and Mr. Weidner's threats. They have the whole internet in which to express their opinions and disclaimers. It is just not going to be done on our website, as this is not our intended format as we move along with our project and the upcoming Volume Three.

It is now our intention to publish informational pieces that have to do with the topical matter published in our volumes. I simply do not have the time to deal with threats, chaos and turmoil that so many are hell bent on triggering.

Our group is a collective, non-affiliated body and cannot get caught up in the milieu which seems so prevalent on the net.

FYI You were linked from http://XXXX so I guess your server is at about the melt-down stage by now so I'll make this complaint brief: :-)

You mention several times, almost as a "given" that Bill Clinton is, in your mind, a possible sociopathic personality type. Regrettably, I find this attitude understandable given the enormous coverage which the corporate media gave his private sexual behavior and also, BTW, studiously avoided any real substantive discussion during his presidency.

What I do find disturbing however, on the other hand, is how you completely avoid mentioning how well Republicans in general, and right-wing conservative one's in particular, admirably fit many, if not most, of your criteria for psychopathology. (The image of the self-righteous, gun-toting Christian "barbarian of integrity" :)) never occur to you when writing this article? I find that hard to believe. And yet, nary a hint on your whole page.)

Personally I find this painfully obvious evasion to be highly suspicious all by itself, and not a little bit cowardly. I'm sorry, but you need to seriously re-access your thesis to correct tis implicit, but glaring distortion, if for no other reason, than to better address current social problems. If, that is, you are eager to have your work taken seriously by a wider, more sophisticated audience. I would be curious to hear your defence on this matter or even if I'm completely off-base here.

Laura's response:

Hi, Criticisms well founded. But, please notice that the page says, at the top:

"Our Sincere Thanks to the Owner of the website on Psychopathic Personality Disorderfor kind permission to quote her research in assembling this report."

Perhaps I should highlight the opening where it is pointed out that this is, more or less, old material and that we have more up to date reviews.

Most of what is on that particular page is not reflective of our view after the past few years of more research on our own.

I think that you will find our recent article: Official Culture, to be one which covers many of the issues you raise.

Thanks for writing,

From East Africa:

Nice to know that you have settled well in France.

I'm just going thru The Wave series 12a/12b. Something I would like to share with you. Sex-lust is Humanity's/ man's greatest enemy from its beginning up to to now (its end). This is the cause of man's Fall.

First according to natural laws the Divine woman/man became BODY CONSCIOUS ie BODY CENTRIC (as The C's say) and then SEX was instilled to trap her/him by the negative forces. But all this is The Predestined DRAMA of the physical universe and the Time has arrived to return to the Source and therefore all individuals have to rid of themselves all 5 VICES {sex-lust, ego (arrogance OF THE BODY), greed, anger (in all its forms) and attachment.}.



(But the myths refer to the "ancient past" so how can it refer to the future? Interesting No? The Eternal wonderful Spiritual Paradox.)

Such scenes will be witnessed by the whole of humanity. The "time" has come. As the C's have aptly put it Non-Anticipation & Non Expectation are great virtues. Don Juan called it "Doing everything with Abandonment" and "being filled with Awe at whatever happens" .

Why do I write to you? Your work has and is truly commendable to say the least. Truly commendable. The C's have very rightly said you have a major role in this Drama. But this morning (8/8/03) I had a very Interesting Realization/Impression.


By the by: Have the C's mentioned anything about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-ACD (author of Sherlock Holmes). There is a book: THE RETURN OF ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE. In it after ACD left his body used a certain lady (Mrs Grace Cooke-Minesta) as a medium and channel to convey some spiritual concepts, after about one year after he died and is currently a worldwide lodge.(1930-1931)

The interesting thing is thatall arrangements & preparations during this one year were coordinated by a certain White Eagle (Sage from the East), Gorupe des Polaires (based in Paris at 36 Avinue Junot,18e) together with a means of communication in code kniwn as Oracle de Force Astrale (thru which one can get answers to everything and used mathematical formulae) and last and surely not the least, Chevalier Rose-Croix-the chevalier sage-White Knight [...]

Why I bring this up is because at the end of the book it says the teachings conveyed thru this medium was a continuation of the work of the ALBIGENSIAN BOTHERHOOD who had as their base a castle (currently ruined) in the FRENCH PYRENEES . They say that Albigensian Brotherhood (Cathars?) was founded by John, the beloved of Jesus. I think you know a lot about the Albigensian brotherhood (and a powerful movement it was) and how it ended. I think there is something Important to learn and understand here.

I am writing you to tell you thank you for doing the job that you do because in the end even if you don't live to see it, it will be worthwhile.

My name is kimberly i am 17 and currently enrolled in High school. I was born in Haiti and moved to the US at the age of nine. Throughout my life I have struggled to understand the bible, religion, life and so on. This has been a curse and a blessing it goes from wanting to live another day to discover the truth to not wanting to live at all.

As i'm growing older and wiser I am finding more and more people like me who are desprate and some thristy for the truth but simply do not have the courage to go and pursue it. I have been lucky enough to meet people who encourage me to pursue the quest for truth not only in the Bible but in everyhting. I am proud to say that you guys are part of that circle. It must take courage and whole lot of anti-depresants for a person to question common beliefs and than share that imformation. Keep up the goo work.

Laura responds:

Dear Kimberly, No - no anti-depressants. That's part of the "work" - to SEE and to be able to stand the "heat of the kitchen!"

Thanks for writing!

Just a a quick note to thank you for all the hard work you put into providing myself and others with an opportunity to learn that we may never have had if you didn't do what you do.

I realised that, although in my heart I am so grateful every day to yourself, Ark and the Cass team as well as other QFS members, I've never written to say this.

Sometimes I shake my head in disbelief at what is taking place, all the lies and deception. But always there is a feeling of awe that inspires me, a feeling I've arrived at a journey I was always destined to make, and for me the knowledge of the potential both here and 'out there' is inspirational indeed.

So, thank you again, Laura. You do work that is essential, as I'm sure you're well aware, to many like myself who knew something wasn't right, who felt that damn pea every night however many mattresses we covered it with, but were or are searching for the way to discovering why.

And what can I say about the potential Cass Castle :-) you've found that hasn't been said already, it's stunning. All those fairytales involving knights and castles we were told as kids were true! Thanks to the C's and everyone's hard work it seems some amazing things are developing. Exciting times indeed. Best Wishes,



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