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From Dick:

I have been following your website, with keen interest, for several years.  Recently I have been wondering what happened... All we are getting now is a news update that can be had easily elsewhere.

Where is the science, the investigation, the thrill of the unknown that used to be evident in your work?

It seems that various things happen in the world that distract good people and serious work, the swamp that is the middle east is one of them and it occupies all of the news media, and your site seems to have fallen into this entrapment as well. You seem distratced and the result is a website that has become just another alternative news organ. What happened to the C's? What happened to the channeling? What happened?

The fear factor runs high in the U.S these days. If you are not fearing for your saftey then you are fearing for your job. The same tricks used by the current administration to keep fear rampant from the boogie man under the bed are used by industry.

I was told 2 weeks ago that one of our main customers was going to be not sending us much work for the next 6 months, but as I see the jobs roll out onto the floor it is contrary to this.

Pitting all employees against each other is also a tactic being used and abused. No friendships allowed in the workplace. Any and all tactics to raise productivity while creating the worst working condidtions I have been in in my 20+ years in the workforce.

I make my views of this known as I can as I believe that the effort of a team is much more productive than keeping everyone at each others throats.

A few words edgewise is all that I can offer to those who can not or do not see the evil that lurks. Some but few actually hear what I have to say, while others have no clue and are soooo brainwashed that it is pointless.

Does one stand up to be mowed down like a blade of grass on a sunny day??? Or do we do what we can where we can and hope our words are not in vain?

I do spread what I learn but only in certain circles in hopes that the drop of water has a ripple effect.

Your site has given me great insight into what is going on around me and although I have slipped into depression from time to time over what I see going on in the world, I continue to return to your site.

Keep the flame burning!!!


Hi - Just a note to say that you have a great site. The key to many things is the recognition of the psychopathic issue. These are people for whom truth simply does not exist.  For the psychopath, there is no feeling, no empathy, no love of truth, no joy. These types are not "human" in many ways.

I am a lawyer who has acted for clients accused of "Holocaust denial" and have written a book on it myself. The "gas chambers" of Nazi Germany are the missing WMD of WWII. They simply never existed. If you are interested, I can give you a run down, but to give an example, the "gas chambers" at Dachau were probably built by US servicemen immediately after liberation of the camp. They put in a false ceiling in one room and stuck in the heads of water cans to look like "shower heads". The very famous Hollywood producer George Stevens  produced the film "Nazi Concentration Camps" where he showed this room and a lot of pipes and levers while a deep, baritone voice intoned that the gas came through the pipes to the showers. These pipes, however, are still there today and are part of the heating system. Pretty smart, heh? Very simple really. I suppose Stevens got a big chuckle out of it. He was working for the US Government at the time.

No one claims today that there was a gas chamber that worked at Dachau . They say it was "installed but never used". But people were hanged at Nuremberg for "gassings" at Dachau.

Those who attempted to show this lie to the world were of course branded as "Nazis", "anti-Semites" and "hate-mongers" and most are in jail. In France, you have Dr. Robert Faurisson who was almost beaten to death. Norman Finkelstein has documented how this horrible lie has been exploited, to the point of being an industry.

I feel strongly that those of us who devoted our lives to this issue failed  badly in our efforts  to bring truth to the public. And because we did, the US was able to use more such huge lies to bring war in Iraq. People cannot seem to accept that such huge lies can be told and not be found out. But if you discredit, jail, beat, kill and destroy anyone who does try to tell the truth, its not surprising that the lie can survive.

911 is, of course, another spectacular production brought by the same psychopathic murderers. A move script. And I have no doubt a Hollywood producer was in on the planning, the timing of the event and the fantastic special effects such as fireballs and collapsing buildings.

And you are right. Very few people care. But that should never stop us from attempting to find the truth and to speak it. Even if all the candles in the world went out, so long as one candle remained, it is enough to relight all the rest again.

You have one of the best sites on the Web because you deal with the most fundamental issues of all. Congratulations. B. K.

Comment: We respond to this letter on The Signs of the Times from September 16, 2003.

Dear Ark and Laura and staff,

I for one THANK YOU for your site! I have learned much.  I just read "Not Enough People Who Care." True: many don't care. For some, so long as their own plate is full, who cares about the rest of the world? For them, YCYOR appears to be working or Jesus or Allah or Jehovah or whomever appears to be answering petitions, so why worry? Perform the ritual and go back to sleep.

Sometimes what appears to be indifference is frustration - one does not know quite what to do. Except tell others. (Complaint to TPTB is an act of futility.)  

From my perspective, establishing awareness of interdependence on the Big Blue Marble is a "spiritual issue."

As a long-time activist (since the 60's and Civil Rights), I know all too well what it feels like to be talking only to those who already think as I do, and being unable to reach beyond the small circle of those who already are awakening.  It is, after all, NOT a level playing field here in 3D. One may begin to wake up, feel appalled at the view, but the sheer effort of "thinking" about what to do drains energy; confusion ensues. Result: immobilization.

The attacks that accompany waking up are painful. As you well know!

I too have grown frustrated with Cass for the emphasis on what's wrong, without a lot of advice about how to make it right. Which advice is not, after all, your job anyway.

I am reading the Wave series for the second time. It makes much more sense now than it did a year or so ago. As a consequence, I am now focusing more on my own processes, taking to heart a great, great deal of what the C's have said about learning.

As a long time communicator, it has been hard to accept that education is not indoctrination; e-ducare is a "leading out." Or, as a dear friend, now in 5D, once said, "You can't teach anyone anything they don't already know!"  So true. So true. It truly is a step-by-step internal process, brick upon brick.

I have learned to watch mainly for whether I am energized or depleted in my contemplation of any given action. It's really all I've got - or anyone else has, either. (That's probably why the Quakers often took 100 years to reach consensus!)

There is a book, Power Vs Force, that was helpful to me in grasping the concept of inner knowing about what is "true." Sorry, but I've forgotten the name of the author.

For me, sometimes all the options I can think of feel "wrong." In which case, there's little choice but to wait for some synthesis or stumble into something serendipitously.  OTOH, we both know that coincidence can originate with either STS or STO. That too must be accepted.

Accepting myself as inevitably STS here in 3D, has been the hard part. Of course self-interest is served. Always. And there's nothing I can do about that except to clarify my motives for myself re any contemplated act, and determine as best I can whether it serves me or serves an ideal I value, generally in the area of social and economic justice.

I used to think "empowerment" was a clever way to proceed. Now, I've discovered that empowerment often corrupts and everyone can go back to sleep again.

Each of us is fallible in discernment and, as far as I know, each of us lacks real wisdom or an ability to pierce the veil to figure out which end is up for certain. (Sometimes I have envied you your Ouija board!)

But things are happening.

Yesterday I read that a batch of Octogenarians had congregated to protest the war! I surf the web for news (can't afford newspaper or cable tv) and message boards daily: there really are lots of people who are talking. The consciousness wave does not spread rapidly, but I feel sure it is washing over many!

More than you may know are now referencing Dubya as a robot. OTOH, far too many are still expecting to be "saved" and these need do nothing more than pray a lot, their rituals supplanting genuine thinking or acts. Just sign me:

"An old useless editor who still hopes the pen may be mightier than the sword."

Hello Laura, Ark, children, team......

what a time you are having, the refiner's fire indeed!!!.

No doubt it has occurred to you that the geographic area that you live in now has seen it all before. The south of France is soaked in the blood of the Cathars and other seekers of truth, the powers that be in their day sought to shut their mouths too.

Yes youčre right, it certainly appears that the majority of people don't want to know about the dark machinations governing this world......it's too frightening.....too "negative"...it threatens the cocoon that people weave around themselves in order to feel secure.

A Buddhist teaching says that we build this cocoon and no matter how cramped and smelly it gets in there we prefer to stay because it's what we know and it's far too frightening to break out of the cocoon into the unknown. [ no, I'm not buddhist ].

In the "old days" of serfdom the masses were kept under control by the sheer weight of physical work they did to put bread on the table.....whatever they produced the lord of the manor got the lion's share and their thinking was taken up with surviving from day to day with a strong overlay from the christian churches that they were woeful sinners threatened by hellfire and damnation  if they weren't obedient and didn't keep their place.

Outwardly things changed. The industrial revolution.... the education of the masses..... private enterprise..... class boundaries breached....... questioning of church teachings..... people wanting more from life than their class allowed.

Must have been a huge problem for the "powers that be". What could they use next to control and anaesthetize  and distract the mass of people that could rise up and wipe them off the board?

Easy peasy: give them what they want, give them the ownership of "things", distract them so much with materialism that all they will want is more, and the underlying threat is the hellfire and damnation of losing out.... being a loser.... not "cutting the mustard", and when they have all those "things"make sure they have to keep replacing them with the latest "thing" ....... and on and on it goes...... people running very fast to stay in the same place with no time or inclination or energy for that matter to question the validity of what they're doing. If they stop and think they'll lose their place on the treadmill. They have woven their cocoon, their security lies in "things" and how they get them contains little morality apart from "I want".  

Little wonder that so many people do not want to think, and indeed much of humanity has lost "heart and meaning" in their lives and can only accept comfortable "strokes".

As you know, the new age philosophy fills this bill.

Yes youčre right in thinking that heartless people/ organic portals/ narcissistic/ sociopathic/ psychopathic individuals appear on the increase. I certainly saw this happening from the late 80s onward when I worked in a psychiatric hospital [1980-1996] . Most of my years there were working on and managing the Acute Admission ward...... mixed sex, all ages over 17..... from depression to psychosis and everything in between.

From the late 80s we admitted more and more people with "behavioural and personality disorders" it was not pc to use the terms socio or psychopath. These were those that the courts and medics didn't know what to do with. They were disruptive and destructive and caused so much mayhem on the ward that the genuinely ill patients in the end got little or no therapeutic attention. And they didn't care. No amount of confronting them with the neglect that others were receiving through their actions made any difference. In fact they felt powerful because of it.

The last straw was the appointment of a "patients' advocate" by the NHS and the Patients' Rights Charter. These particular patients used this forum to tie the staff up in continual paperwork answering allegations and complaints that had no substance and we no longer had the time to do the therapeutic work that we were proud of.

I left the NHS in 1996 exhausted, depleted and thoroughly disillusioned with mankind. Thus began my own personal struggle that I have witnessed you all experiencing over the last few years.... and I feel for you...... but I also know how necessary it is for us to recognise the users/ predators that are around and often very close to us and learning the means by which we protect ourselves from them, which often involves "calling them out" so that they know that we recognise them, at least, with a "game over" outcome.


HOWEVER, you folks are so public and the www is so vast that your tormentors can go on indefinitely wasting your time and distracting you from what is important, and ultimately wearing you down.

Your experience is on a different scale to mine, the only way I learned to handle them was to ignore them, give them no attention [which was in sharp contrast to my work] and ultimately to remove myself from a situation  that could not be resolved [and still isn't according to friends still working there].

Since that time I've changed the dynamics between myself and others even those very close to me, and I'm grateful that the eye-opening experience that I had took place [ in retrospect].

I'm grateful also for having found you all out there in etherland, my soul feels less alone from reading your thoughts, research and experiences ....

One last thing before I go; wečve heard nothing since Adv. In France 15 about the saga with your landlord and I've been hoping that being so public about him hasn't brought on more agro as I understand from you that he visits the website. Also, how are you all managing with the very practical aspects of your move.... language, schools, culture change etc,etc,etc.....

It's impressive how you manage to keep posting your info when there must be so many details in your life to sort out. Isn't it true, though, that if as a family you have love and true partnership together....nothing can really overcome you. I hope this is what you have.

With appreciation........ Y B

Laura responds:

Dear "Y",

Regarding the continuation of the adventures, you hit the right answer with "how are you managing the practical aspects..."

It has been VERY busy around here lately and I will get back to writing SOON with some blockbuster stuff, for sure.

As usual, all the attacks of the detractors only serve to attract the attention to us of those who are most willing (and able) to help. And so it happened: as I wrote about the situation that developed here, a veritable army of knights came to joust in our behalf! So every dark cloud really does have a silver lining. Stay tuned; as usual, I will tell all!



Firstly can I say how wonderful it is that you have developed such a wonderful site with words that are like gold dust and have been so thoughtfully put together so as to avoid the pitfalls of double meaning, are very clear and flow at a very acceptable pace. It's so refreshing to hear someone seek the truth, and yet is qualified enough to understand the real world and somehow tie that in with the spiritual in the face of let's face it, much adversity. You've really reached out and touched me.


I am still reading The Wave. To say it is enlightening is an understatement. So many things that just plain add up, especially when taken in contrast with ones own life experiences.

I have read much about the many mysteries of this paradoxical world from a very early age. From Tuesday Lobsang Rampa to Carlos, but never putting the picture together, too many parts, like a broken mirror each reflecting a small part of a greater picture.

You have it seems a large piece to which you have attached many smaller pieces creating a view that is breath taking. I don't know what or how but what you say fits at some deeper level. Keep up the good work.

Hey all,

I've been reading your site for a few years now and really enjoy the work you guys do. I know you get a lot of encouragement, but I bet you don't get much from the younger crowd. Most of the kids my age (i'm gonna be 19 in a few months) are so busy starting their "lives" and what not that they don't really care for any of the deeper stuff. I chose not to go to college because I didn't really think it was for me. A lot of people have been telling me what a mistake that was, but I try not to let them get to me. I'm just working and trying to educate myself as best i can. But anyway...

I noticed an article in the signs the other day that kind of made me think. It was about the popular video game series Grand Theft Auto. Here's a quote from the article:

"We have got a nation of Manchurian Candidates who are training on these video games."

I believe it was even suggested that defence officials have employed video game designers to help train soldiers. I shudder to think at what this kind of conditioning does to little kids. They are definitely more violent now then they were a few years ago.

In our local paper I read a story about a group of kids who were hanging out at a nearby skate park. An argument ended up breaking out and one kid shot another kid in the face with a BB gun. This was all caught on videotape. The one who shot the gun said something to the effect of "he made me mad so I had to do it."

In the same paper i saw how our community celebrated the newly created "Patriot Day." They brought the army in to show everyone all of their neat weapons. In the picture (should be attached) a soldier is explaining to a group of average old americans (many of them children) how to operate a 105 mm Howitzer. I believe they even let a few of the locals fire this weapon. I don't know; I just connected the article about the video games to this one about Patriot Day.

All of this effort to make violence and weapons look glorious and entertaining really bothers me. It just makes it that much easier to go up to the recruiters in EVERY high school across the country and sign your life away. I mean, you've been "virtually" killing people all your life anyway, and you saw how smart and interesting that soldier looked right?


Those kids in Columbia had to be conditioned too. Youth is very important in wars, and when you want to dominate the world, you are probably going to need a lot of the youngins on your side.

Anyway, just thought i'd say hey and give you all some props. Keep up the good work guys.


P.S. You know how everyone throws those "God Bless America/Proud To Be an American/United We Stand" bumper stickers on the back of their cars? The other day coming home from work I saw this guy with "Islam Sux" on his car. It was spelled out in black electrical tape, so you know he must have spent like half an hour constructing that bigotry. We are getting closer and closer to Nazi Germany every day over here it seems.

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