Laura Answers Questions from Readers:
The Matrix, DNA, Illusions of Our World, and the Alchemy of Transformation

A Reader writes to Laura: Was e-mailed your site in conjunction with a discussion regarding energy and consciousness. Since the "Matrix" was an expression for me of my own search within I read that "discussion". Interestingly enough I just rented the video and watched it again last night. Current "awareness" resulted in the movie being of greater interest. I have a question...what is it that stands between the physical and etherical that prevents us from connection to our higher vibration,thereby allowing direction, and manifestion? it fear of the truth, fear of losing oneself, fear of being used by energy not of oneself, or just as it seemed you indicate...lack of awareness?
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Continued from Part I...

Q: (L) OK, we've got a whole bunch of DNA, in these funny- looking double strands. And, according to the book, only 2% is actually used, and the other 98% of it is what these 'experts' are pleased to call 'junk.' They call it junk. Now, I would like to know, is there any way to activate this other DNA?
A: Won't it be activated on its own?
Q: (L) Will it?
A: 4th density.
Q: (L) On 4th density. OK. You asked one time for me to comment upon the connection of phosphorus to the body, so I discovered that phosphorus plays an important part or role in the DNA, and also the 3 - 5 code you have previously discussed, so, I would like to know if the addition of phosphorus to the diet would enhance some of the DNA to the point where... (T) would activate...
A: Maybe it would "enhance" SHC.
Q: (T) What is SHC?
A: Spontaneous Human Combustion.
Q: (J) OK, well, maybe that's not such a good idea... (L) Well, that would make sense... phosphorus... (J) Yes, it would! [Laughter] (T) If you really want to make a show, take a little magnesium with it... ! Whoah! (J) Then you'd have a 'Highlander' quickening! (F) I just had this image of Laura deciding she's going to answer 'Not really! I'll have you know, my diet now includes 90% more phosphorus than it did any time previously!' And all of a sudden, flames start shooting out... [laughter] (T) Now that your finger can hold flame, it's a bad time to quit smoking, you know! No lighters anymore! [Laughter] And you'll never be lost in a cave!

Q: I am wondering if this information I have discovered about bloodlines and potential activation of DNA has any connection to that idea?
A: Build your staircase one step at a time.

[Funny that the DNA spiral LOOKS like a staircase or ladder!]

Q: Is bloodline something that is distinct or different from genetics or DNA?
A: Symbiotic relationship.

Q: Okay, if there is nothing else, then we will say goodnight... I am so miserable! What is going on with this pain?
A: Maybe some ongoing DNA evolvement.

Q: I have a few questions on the subject of Cassiopaea. On several occasions you have described Cassiopaea or the Cassiopaeans, the unified thought form light beings that transmit through Cassiopaea, as being the 'front line of the universe's system of natural balance.' On another occasion when Roxanne was here, she was asking questions about Isis and you said that Isis was a 'vanguard.' Now, it seems to me that something that is at the front line is also a vanguard - that the definitions are interchangeable, or similar. In reading through all the various myths and legends, it occurs to me that the similarity between the imagery of Queen Cassiopaea and Isis is quite striking. What is the relationship between Queen Cassiopaea, archetypally speaking, and Isis?
A: Subliminal.
Q: The other thing I noticed about the word 'Isis' is that it can be slightly altered to make 'I Zeus.' And, Perseus can be 'per Zeus' and Persia can be made to say 'per ziu.' One of the oldest etymological roots for the word 'God' is 'ziu' from which we get 'deu.' These all represent the English traslation of 'for God,' with Perceval being 'per ziu val' or 'strong for God.' Could you comment on these relationships?
A: Interconnected by trilingual learning curve.
Q: I also noticed that the word 'Osiris' could also be slightly modified to say 'of Sirius.' Comment, please.
A: Sirius was regarded highly in your "past."
Q: What was the foundation of this regard for Sirius?
A: "From whence cometh, is seen that which knows no limitation."
Q: Could you elaborate on that?
A: Could, but will not.
Q: Why?
A: Because you can!
Q: In reading the transcripts, I came across a reference to a 'pact' made by a group of STS individuals, and it was called 'Rosteem,' and that this was the origin of the Rosicrucians. In the book 'The Orion Mystery,' it talks about the fact that Giza was formerlay known as RosTau, which is 'Rose Cross.' Essentially, I would like to understand the symbology of the Rose affixed to the Cross. It seems to me that the imagery of Jesus nailed to the Cross is actually the Rose affixed to the Cross. How does Jesus relate to the Rose?
A: No, it is from the Rose arose the Cross.
Q: Oh.... I see...
A: Said the blind man.
Q: Elaborate, please. Are you saying that what I am seeing is not correct?
A: No, mirth!
Q: It is from the Rose that the Cross arose... What does the cross symbolize?
A: The symbology is not the issue. It is the effect.
Q: What is the effect of the cross?
A: All that has followed it.
Q: Could you list some of these to give me a clue?
A: You know these.
Q: In the same vein, I have noticed that there are two classes of arachnids. There are scorpions and there are spiders. The zodiac was changed by taking the pincers away from the Scorpion and creating out of them the sign of Libra. This was done at about the same time as the beginning of Christianity and the ostensible final destruction of all the old Goddess worship.This was probably formalized through the occult traditions of Kaballah. This image of Libra is that of a woman holding a balance scales, usually blindfolded. Now, in trying to figure out who has on what color hat, if there is such a thing, I have come to a tentative conclusion that the spider, or spinner of webs, is the Rosicrucian encampment, and that the Scorpion represents the seeker of wisdom... because, in fact, the word for Scorpio comes from the same root as that which means to pierce or unveil. Therefore, the Scorpion is also Perseus, per Ziu, or 'for God.' And the Rosicrucians are the 'other side,' so to speak. Can you elaborate on this for me? Or comment?
A: What a tangled web we spin, when we must not let you in.
Q: Another derivation of the word root of Scorpio is 'skopos,' or 'to see.' You said that the human race was seeded on a planet in the constellation Scorpio, and, therefore, when the zodiac was set up and the clues were laid out, it seems to me that the insertion of the sign of Libra was symbolic of the move to take power away from human beings, to take their hands away, to prevent them from seeing, to make them defenseless. Is this imagery close?
A: On track.
Q: And the Scorpion is represented in four ways: the scorpion, the lizard, the eagle and the dove. So, there are four levels of experience. Going in a slightly different direction, Minerva/Athena was the daughter of Zeus alone. She was known as the 'tamer of horses,' which connects the Scythians, the Perseids, and the Celts, and was a Virgin Goddess. She was also known as 'Parthenos' meaning separation. Is this part of the imagery of the creation of Eve from the rib of Adam, so to speak, or the separation of knowledge from soul, or the veil between the world of 3rd density and 4th density? The separation of Virgo from Scorpio and the insertion of Libra, who is "blinded?"
A: Close.
Q: Along this same line, in the astrological symbology, the different stars are designated as being located on different parts of the body in a rather arbitrary way that does not seem to necessarily have a lot to do with the actual configuration of the stars themselves. King Cepheus in the sign of Aries, the consort of Cassiopaea, has a star in the right shoulder. The name of this star in Arabic means 'redeemer. In the imagery of the crucifixion, Jesus is depicted as carrying the cross on his shoulder as if to say that he is the old king who must die to make way for the new one... Additionally, many of us have been experiencing the pain in the shoulder, arm, and shoulder-blade for some time. You have, on occasion, related this to DNA changes. Is it that certain individuals, or groups of individuals are connected to other densities through the windows of the stars in certain constellations, and the clues are found in the location of the stars in the figures of the constellations relating to the areas of the body where pockets in the etheric field are points of activation of DNA, and that these relate to certain pains and discomforts?
A: Okay.
Q: Is that okay as in I am onto something?
A: Maybe...
Q: Can you help me out a little here?
A: Too do so would compromise your discoveries.
Q: Are the body pains in these areas related?
A: To...?
Q: Obviously this is a big one... it relates directly to the crossed shin or thigh bones, the skull, the shoulderblades, knees, elbows and a lot of other symbology... the exposed breast of the Masonic initiate and so on. In the Bible where it says that Jesus was scourged, it is actually a word that usually means the pressing and squeezing that cause milk to express from the breast and the alchemical symbols of the Goddess show her as the "many breasted one." Is the Rose symbolic of Prime Creator and the Cross the conflict between STS and STO?
A: No.
Q: Anything you CAN tell me?
A: You are so inquisitive, you will uncover all you seek, even without us telling you directly.

Q: I learned the other day that the University of Montpelier was founded in this historical period that is of such interest, and that among the individuals who attended this university was Albertus Magnus, Thomas Aquinas, Roger Bacon, Arnold of Villanova and Ramon Llul, as well as Michel de Nostredame. Now, aside from the fact that all these people attended this same university, they all seem to be somehow connected to the city of Cologne. In fact, Albertus Magnus moved to the city of Cologne, and he was the teacher of Thomas Aquinas and they both wrote about a 'talking head' and, apparently, Albertus Magnus performed something of a miracle along the Rhine in a field... was this, by any chance, an alfalfa field?
A: Yes.
Q: And, is this OUR alfalfa field? [Search Cassiopaea site for references to this.]
A: Close.
Q: It is said that 3 years is the normal time required for the alchemical master work when proceeding by the 'white path,' or the 'humid way.' Is this, essentially true? Three years for the transformation?
A: Here, "time" serves as an illusion.
Q: Raymond Lully was rumored to have transformed a great deal of base metal into gold for Edward II of England. Did Raymond transmute for Edward in 1311 or 1312?
A: Only method which will accomplish this uses high pitched melodic sounds, brought forth while in a trance state.
Q: Brought forth from what, the human voice?
A: From the center of within.
Q: Well, back to my question, did Raymond transmute gold for Edward, because there was supposedly some special treatment given Lully by Edward, and we know that Edward II was the arch enemy of the members of the bloodline...
A: If you learn to concentrate on the present for such answers, the dividends realized will far exceed expectations.
Q: Okay. John Dee supposedly had a vision of the Angel Uriel who gave him a highly polished black stone which was convex, and into which he gazed to communicate with other realms. This sounds very much like a psychomantium you have suggested I utilize. Okay, these beings would appear on the surface of the stone and reveal all the secrets of the future. This was not an imaginary stone because it now resides in the British Museum. However, he later hooked up with Edward Kelly who was, apparently, a complete con-artist. What kind of beings did Dee and Kelly conjure through their polished stone?
A: Fourth Density.
Q: STS or STO?
A: Both.
Q: So, they must have gotten lies and truth and we have to sort it out. Was Eugenius Philalethes the nom de plume for Thomas Vaughan?
A: Yes.
Q: What is the 'prime matter' of the alchemical process?
A: H2O.
Q: What? (A) Water can be in different states.
A: Heavy water.
Q: What is heavy water? (A) Instead of normal hydrogen, you have hydrogen atoms with two neutrons. It is used in atomic plants. (L) Okay, if that is the prime matter, what is the philosophical mercury that goes with it?
A: Wrong "track."
Q: What is the right track?
A: See several answers back. Sound, Laura, sound!
Q: How does one produce this sound?
A: We have given you the pieces, now "fit them in."
Q: Well, the alchemists say that prime matter is that which is created by God and is firmly captured within you, yourself, and that any creature of God deprived of it will die. So, I have come to the idea that this prime matter is blood, which is connected to the hemoglobin molecule, which is...
A: What is the human body composed of? 77 per cent... what?
Q: Well, water...
A: Bingo!
Q: Well, how does one change the water in one's body to heavy water, and what kind of effect does that have on the system?
A: See previous responses!
Q: How does one make the water in the body into heavy water?
A: See previous responses!
Q: Is it as simple as going into a trance and humming 'ooom?'
A: On the right track, but short of destination.
Q: Does it have something to do with the bones... using the bones in the body as resonators?
A: Just review when convenient. Guessing will derail you.
Q: I need a clue about this sound...
A: You have been given this.
Q: Well, I thought about the DNA, marrow, blood, hemoglobin, magnetite, and the fact that blood is manufactured in the marrow of the bones, and the symbolism of the skull and crossbones which is also the symbol of the Rosie Cross - so it just made me think that blood was important. Does blood have something to do with this internal sound or does the sound change the blood?
A: No more on this.

Q: (T) What will Laura find as she tracks the family trees? The bloodline?
A: Roadblocks.
Q: Well, I have already found plenty of those. (T) What else will she find?
A: Frustration.
Q: Okay, you have given me all these clues, and told me that I will understand all about bloodlines, and now you are telling me that I will have roadblocks and frustration, so should I just simply drop this?
A: Because you would approach it in an improper manner.
Q: Should I just drop the whole bloodline thing?
A: Why?
Q: Well, because you are saying I would approach it in an improper manner, and I am getting roadblocks and frustration, and I certainly don't want that!
A: So, find the proper manner.
Q: I don't know what you mean by proper manner. What's the proper manner?
A: Gradual passage of phases.
Q: (T) Which phases are passing gradually?
A: The answer to that is the clue you need most.
Q: (T) Phases of what?
A: It is the discovery that fosters the learning.
Q: So, I will discover these as I go along, I guess. One dot leads to the next dot. The only way to learn is to do it. (A) The original questions was whether we should follow this bloodline research... to what purpose?
A: Bloodlines reveal destiny. Why do you think they have been covered up so thoroughly?
Q: (L) I have noticed that there seems to be a definite "obliteration factor" involved with some of these bloodlines, particularly the Percys, it seems. Why? Who wanted them all dead - or at the very least corrupted or in the dark?
A: Answer to that is like circumnavigating the interior of a balloon.
Q: What is that supposed to mean?
A: Explore all possible angles of that answer.
Q: Well, there is this Priory of Sion that is purported to be "protecting the bloodline of Chirst" in order to prepare for a reinstitution of the Davidic king at some point in the future. Is this the truth?
A: Or confusion.
Q: Well, the recent spate of books on the subject seem to indicate this and DO seem to be pointing directly to this bloodline of Christ, so it seems that somebody is trying to reveal this through this Rennes-le-Chateau phenomenon.
A: Part of it, but others do not want them to be found much more!
Q: Is there any truth to these ideas of Baigent, Leigh and Henry Lincoln?
A: Some.
Q: So, there is a very important bloodline of some sort?
A: Yes.
Q: And all of these books are stimulating veritable frenzies of searching in genealogies for this particular bloodline, whatever it may be?
A: It was der Fuhrer who tried hardest. But not nearly enough.
Q: What was he wanting to do with this bloodline?
A: Find it in order to supercede the very power structure that created him.
Q: What power structure was this?
A: The "Third Reich."
Q: And who created the Third Reich?
A: Illuminati.
Q: So Hitler thought he could find something that would enable him to take complete control...
A: Sort of like a termite trying to vanquish "Orkin."
Q: What is it in this bloodline that makes it so important to cover it up?
A: It would lead directly to verity on a scale never before seen on earth while at 3rd density STS.
Q: And what would be the result of this verity?
A: The truth shall set you free... as you are imprisoned!
Q: Where did these bloodlines originate?
A: Orion region.
Q: For how long were they maintained with any semblance of purity?
A: Indefinite.
Q: Are you saying that they are still maintaining them and manipulating them from other densities?
A: That is for you to discover.
Q: Are these bloodlines carrying a specific codon that is designed to activate at a certain period of time or in response to a certain frequency?
A: Possibly, but why should not that apply to everyone?
Q: Okay, so we have got ticking time bombs in our DNA, all of us!
A: Maybe.
Q: Alright, bizarro... (A) It is not necessarily time bombs, these are bombs which could be ignited by something else, like knowledge. (L) Is that the case, that knowledge could unlock these codons?
A: Yes.
Q: Certain activities such as meditating?
A: Yes. Or... channelling.
Q: So, channelling can actually unlock these potentials...
A: Enough on your plate for tonight...

Q: Okay, I have been having this sensation of an electrical charge building up in my legs and I would like to know what I can do to discharge this. All the muscles are hard and uncomfortable.
A: Molecular changes due to DNA evolving.
Q: We got a geneology program and I have been loading all this data into it thinking that I am going to find something. You told me to investigate the Knight line and I have gotten back to Willielmo Knyght back in 1325, but I need to know what it is I am looking for. I have all these other lines, and it is a crazy bunch of people and strange events...
A: You have dug up the figures, now analyze.
Q: Analyze. What am I supposed to see in seeing these figures?
A: The figures are the people.
Q: Well, the thing about this Knyght guy is that I think a)he took the name because he was a child of a Templar who decided to call himself "Knyght" because he was a Knight of the Temple who had blended into the landscape, so to speak, after the disbanding of the Templars, or b) that he was incognito. Why would a person take this name? I mean, there were so many knights, functionally speaking, so why would a person take this name unless they were trying to be incognito and not use their true name?
A: Right.
Q: So, which direction should I go? Who was this guy? Who was he really? He sort of appeared out of the blue in this particularly crucial period of history?
A: Search.

Q: (A) Now, about the relation between the phenomenon of physical disasters that are going to happen and psychic changes related to the realm border. What is cause and what is effect?
A: One precedes the other.
Q: (L) Okay, so disasters happen and then the reality changes in psychic terms?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Is the approach of the realm border, is the change in the magnetic field... does the reversal of the poles and the broadening of the magnetic field, is that going to be before the realm border crossing?
A: Intersection.
Q: (L) So, in practical terms, it may be that, what we observe will be a series of cataclysms, disasters, the 'cleansing' of the Earth...
A: This has already begun.
Q: (L) So, it is already happening. It will accelerate and intensify. And what we will observe is all of these things happening. And, as a result of the intersecting of these various energies, this realm border, this reality change, this change in the magnetics because of the interaction with the comet cluster, the sun's companion, the realm border, and so forth, it will then have an effect upon the people left on the planet who will then change in some way as a result of this, is that correct?
A: Your Bible says that there will be many wonders on the Earth and in the Heavens in the last days.
Q: (L) Okay, this period of time after this realm border, is this period a preliminary to the total end of the Earth and all life on it?
A: No.
Q: (L) After all of this change, those people who continue to be on the Earth will be in a new environment, and it will be almost like having to grow gills to live in water, and some people will have the ability and some will not. Is that it? It will be more gradual in terms of individual physical structures and psychic structures?
A: No.
Q: (L) It will be a sudden, total change? Like flipping a switch and everything is going to be different?
A: The key is awareness.
Q: (L) Are there going to be people...
A: Yes.
Q: (L) You didn't let me finish asking my question!
A: But we knew it!
Q: (L) In other words, there are going to be people who are simply not going to see what is happening?
A: Lost lambs beying in the knight.
Q: (T) They are not getting it. They are lost sheep. That really describes it. (L) Why did you give that funny twist on the spelling?
A: Why not?
Q: (T) Now, didn't they tell us that when the transition occurs, those who are moving to 4th density will move, and those who aren't, won't. And that it is not a physical move. That we really would not notice a difference when we shifted because it's all right here. And, those who are going to shift will shift right where they stand, and they won't really notice a change, and the perception is not the issue, it is the awareness of the shift, because we will still be physical... am I heading anywhere in the right direction?
A: Variability of physicality.
Q: (L) Does this have anything to do with changing of DNA via awareness?
A: Both ways.
Q: (T) So, we will notice that we can control much more than we could before in terms of our environment and physical structure, but we will still be doing a lot of things we have always done. And for those without awareness... those who have it will seem like gods...

Q: (A) I want to ask why is it so that when I look at Laura in the mirror, as I have several times I was seeing a gold glow, a big gold glow in both of her eyes. Why was this?
A: You are developing some DNA change related 4th density "bleedthrough."
Q: (A) But what was this glow in her eyes?
A: Part of 4th density reality, related to aural frequency.

Q: (L) Having done my homework on supernovae to some extent, and having discovered that either supergiant red stars are in the process of going supernova, or supergiant blue stars are getting ready to be ready to go supernova, as well as eruptions of massive interstellar clouds, I note that Betelgeuse, in the right shoulder of Orion, is a red supergiant, and Rigel, in the foot of Orion, is a blue supergiant, both of which could go supernova. Am I going in the right direction?
A: You have begun to trek down the right path.
Q: (L) We noticed that the supernova that occurred in Cassiopaea 300 years ago did not seem to have been widely noticed by people on earth. What is the reason for this?
A: Distance.
Q: (L) Now, formerly I asked about the 'two new stars in Cygnus and Serpentarius' that were written about in the Rosicrucian Manifesto of about this period of time, and you said they were talking about 'novae.' But, it seems that there are no new stars in either of these constellations. Yet, at approximately this time, there WAS the supernova in Cassiopaea. In fact, there are all sorts of amazing discoveries about the constellation of Cassiopeia in recent months....
A: Yes, those with foreknowledge were looking.
Q: (L) Also, there was a supernova that became the Crab Nebula, which occurred 5,000 years ago, which is the time you have designated as the beginning of the "Sorcerer's Coven" that is at the root of all this secret society activity. It is also supposedly the "beginning" of our "real" civilization according to archaeologists. This supernova was not seen on earth until 900 years ago which also happens to be exactly the time period I have been looking at as having been another turning point where seeds were planted that are now bearing fruit. Can you tell us if this supernova that occurred 5,000 years ago and was finally seen 900 years ago, produced effects that contributed to this state of affairs at the culmination of the Dark Ages, the creation of the Templars and so forth. In short, what were the effects of this supernova that was seen 900 years ago?
A: Excitation of base liquid molecules.
Q: (L) Did this have a physiological effect, or genetic, DNA effect on people?
A: Slight.
Q: (L) What were the pronounced effects that one would have been able to note?
A: Growth.
Q: (L) Growth in what sense? Growth and change in the size of people?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Growth in a psychological or mental sense?
A: Close.
Q: (L) What kind of growth specifically?
A: Both.
Q: (L) At the time of that particular supernova, 5,000 years ago, were there any superluminal effects that were felt instantly?
A: Maybe, research and correlate.
Q: (L) I have been also wondering if the Great Pyramid at Giza was built and lined up to supernova?
A: Part of the picture.
Q: (L) Were these supernova that occurred at the time of the construction, or that were expected to occur at some point in the future?
A: Both.
Q: (L) Are supernova in any sense cyclical?
A: In a sense requiring higher senses.
Q: (L) Do supernova create portals to other universes?
A: The doors may be redirected.
Q: (L) Does any of this supernova business have anything to do with the constellation Leo?
A: In a way.
Q: (L) In what way?
A: Through geometric configuration.
Q: (L) What do you mean 'through geometric configuration?'
A: Status of Trine.
Q: (L) You once mentioned the importance of the Horsehead Nebula in relation to the symbol of the Knight. What is the significance of the Horsehead Nebula?
A: Keep up your search, as you are near.
Q: (L) What would be the effect of cosmic rays emitted by a supernova that is in some proximity to the earth on the human body?
A: Genetic splice of strand.
Q: (L) How close would a supernova have to be to have this effect?
A: 2000 light years.
Q: (L) So that either of these stars in Orion that are potential supernova prospects could have this effect since they are approximately 1500 light years away?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Are we talking about effects that propagate with the speed of light, or effects that are superluminal?
A: Both, and slower as well.
Q: (L) What would be the effect that would be instantaneous?
A: Lesser.
Q: (A) Now this supernova that is supposed to happen soon, will it be soon in the sense of our SEEING it, that is the arrival of the light from this, or soon in the instantaneous sense?
A: Optically.
Q: (L) So, this supernova must have already occurred?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And where did this supernova take place?
A: No dice, baby!
Q: (L) What clue can I follow to determine which star it is?
A: Instincts.
Q: (A) But, if it already occurred, then this means that the instantaneous effects have already been felt, even if it was lesser than the optical effects. It must have been recorded by anomalous changes in genes? (L) Is that true?
A: Close.
Q: (L) So what, in the records, should we be looking for?
A: Sign of struggle out of sequence with pre-ordained activities of Royal Blood Lines.
Q: (L) In other words, the usurpation of the blood lines?
A: Close.
Q: (L) What is aphelion of the companion star of our solar system?

[I tried to sneak this question by... but...]
A: Not yet, as you need more understanding of those cycles that you so keenly allude to.

Q: Now, I was preparing these genealogies to print for Christmas and, while waiting for them to print, I wondered who would be last if one started at the present and worked backward... not specifically in terms of time, but in terms of generations. I wondered WHO the tree would end with. Well, it ended with the Frankish King Clovis I. He lived at the same time as the proposed King Arthur of several theories. So, I wondered about your previous clue, the term 'cloverdale,' and how it might relate to Clovis. Is it a deliberate or accidental connection?
A: Your quest is your own. We do not "steer." We supply the mortar, you are the Masoness.
Q: Well, I don't know how to take that! I mean, the Masons could be the most evil organization in existence! B thinks so.
A: Such judgements miss the point, if there are keys stored within the envelope.
Q: Well, on that subject, B really hates being in the body. He thinks that he is here by mistake...
A: Nonsense. He is depressed, but it is the way for those who are to take another step.
Q: So, he is in process of taking another step. Well, his question was, and he was frustrated by this, and it is a good point, I think, that if we have so many incarnations, and all there is is lessons, why can't we remember them. Why do we seemingly have to start over and over again. What is the cause of the forgetting? By this conscious forgetting, do we lose our ability to navigate from one life to the next? Why can't we remember previous lives?
A: You do, at the subconscious level. And it is at that level where the balancing to be derived from the lessons is most needed!
Q: Is there any other reason for the forgetting?
A: DNA strand structured.
Q: Alright, I found this article on the net called 'Hidden History of Jesus and the Holy Grail' written by Sir Laurence Gardner, KT etc., author of 'Bloodline of the Holy Grail,' transcribed from a lecture given at 'The Ranch' in Yelm, Washington. What he says is that he had been appointed historian and 'sovereign genealogist' to 33 royal families... he was putting together written chronological accounts of things these families knew the substance of, but not the details. He talks about the fact that Jesus was married and that he had heirs and that this was discussed in the published papers of Mary, Queen of Scots, and in the papers of James II of England. He says: 'I began this work with separate commissions from separate families, doing work on these genealogies. What happened was they began to converge. It became very apparent, and it took a long time, because genealogies have to be done backwards, put together backwards, and constructed backwards; but what was happening was that a triangle from a large top base with numerous family lines, was pulling to a point. I suddenly realized what this point was and I said 'wow! do you realize what I have found here?' and they said 'oh, you know, the father of so and so,' and I said 'oh, no, no, what I am finding is that this comes out of the house of Judah in the first century.' And they said: 'yeah, we know all that, what we wanted you to do was blah blah blah.' So, he says that he had access to Celtic Church records dating back to 37 A.D., the very documents that the Knights Templar brought out of Europe in 1128 and confronted the Church establishment with, and frightened the life out of them because these were documents that talked about bloodlines and genealogies. Blah blah blah. Before I go on, this guy says that all these family lines go back to the house of Judah. Do they actually have written genealogies back to the house of Judah connecting the royal families of Europe to this house?
A: Somewhere, maybe.
Q: Did Jesus descend from the house of Judah?
A: Is it important really?
Q: In other words, this guy is just blowing more smoke over the issue? I think he is blowing smoke.
A: Okay. Perhaps.
Q: It seems to me that if what he was saying was true, that he certainly would not be allowed to say it. It's based on and converges with all the stories they are telling about Rennes-le-Chateau and seems to be more smokescreen.

Q: I have this book, this Marcia Schafer thing: "Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist," and it's a bunch of channelled stuff; one thing she says: "the snake is associated with the sign of wisdom and higher learning, and is often regarded quite highly in mystical circles." She had an interaction with a rattlesnake, for which she felt sympathy, and she also has sympathetic interactions with Lizzies. I would like to have a comment on the idea of the snake as a "sign of wisdom and higher learning." Does this, in fact, represent what the snake symbolizes?
A: Snake is/was reported in context of the viewpoint of the observer.
Q: Are you saying that when the observer's viewpoint is that the snake is a symbol of higher learning, maybe...
A: Maybe the observer was just "blown away" by the experience. If you were living in the desert, or jungle, about 7,000 years ago, as you measure time, would you not be impressed if these Reptoid "dudes" came down from the heavens in silvery objects and demonstrated techno-wonders from thousands of years in the future, and taught you calculus, geometry and astrophysics to boot?!?
Q: Is that, in fact, what happened?
A: Yup.
Q: Well, this is one of the problems I am dealing with in trying to write this history of mankind. As I understand it, or as I am trying to figure it out from the literature, prior to the 'Fall in Eden,' mankind lived in a 4th density state. Is that correct?
A: Semi/sort of.
Q: Please be more specific.
A: 4th density in another realm, such as time/space continuum, etc.
Q: Okay, so this realm changed, as a part of the cycle; various choices were made: the human race went through the door after the 'gold,' so to speak, and became aligned with the Lizzies. This is what you have said. This resulted in a number of effects: the breaking up of the DNA, the burning off of the first ten factors of DNA, the separation of the hemispheres of the brain...
A: Only reason for this: you play in the dirt, you're gonna get dirty.
Q: What was the motivating factor for playing in the dirt? What essential thing occurred? You said once that it was 'desire based imbalance.' What was it a desire for?
A: Increased physicality.
Q: What was the objective sought for in this desire for increased physicality?
A: Sensate.
Q: How was sensate experienced so that these beings had an idea that they could get more if they increased their physicality?
A: Not experienced, demonstrated.
Q: Demonstrated how, by who? The Lizzies?
A: Basically.
Q: Demonstrated in what way? Did they say: 'here, try this!' Or did they demonstrate by showing or doing?
A: Closer to the latter.
Q: They were doing, experimenting, playing, and saying: 'look, we are doing this, it's so great, come here and try it?'
A: Not really. More like: "you could have this."
Q: What seemed to be so desirable about this increased physicality when they said 'you can have this?'
A: Use your imagination!
Q: Was there any understanding, or realization of any kind, that increased physicality could be like Osiris lured into his own coffin by Set? That they would then slam the lid shut and nail him in?
A: Obviously, such understanding was lacking.
Q: Sounds like we were a pretty naive bunch! Does the lack of this understanding reflect a lack of knowledge?
A: Of course. But more, it is desire getting in the way of... [knowledge]
Q: Okay. The 'Fall' occurred. It seems like, and some of the archaeological studies indicate, that for many thousands of years, there was a peaceful existence and a nice agrarian society where the goddess or female creative forces were worshipped. At least, this is what a lot of present-day books are proposing...
A: No. These events took place 309000 years ago, as you measure it. This is when the first prototype of what you call "modern man" was created. The controllers had the bodies ready, they just needed the right soul matrix to agree to "jump in."
Q: So, prior to this time, this prior Edenic state...
A: Was more like 4th density.
Q: But that implies that there was some level of physicality. Was there physicality in the sense of bodies that look like present-day humans?
A: Not quite.
Q: What did these pre-fall...
A: Cannot answer because it is too complex for you to understand.
Q: Does this mean that they are experienced... that the bodies we possibly would move into as 4th density beings, assuming that one does, would also be too complex for us to understand? You are saying that this 'sort of 4th density' pre-Fall state, in terms of the physical bodies, is too complex to understand. If going back to 4th density is anything like coming from 4th density, does that mean that what we would go back to is something that is too complex to understand? This variability of physicality that you have described?
A: Yes.
Q: So, was there any kind of worship of God, or religious activity in this pre-Fall state; this Edenic, 4th density state?
A: No need when one has a clue.
Q: What I am trying to get at here, what I am trying to understand, is the transition from the goddess worship to the god worship; the change from the understanding of cyclical time as expressed in the feminine cycles, and expressed as the goddess; to the concept of linear time, expressed as the masculine principle. It seems to me that these were stages of inversion of concepts which gradually led to the ideas that the Lizzies are imposing on us, and seem to have been working in this direction for millennia - the dominator experience which expresses as: "believe in something outside yourself that will save you, otherwise you are damned because the world is gonna end, and you are going to get judged, and boy! are you in trouble!". This is the concept I am trying to deal with here. I am trying to understand what was worshipped. Okay, we had these guys; they fell from Eden, but they were still fairly close to the original concepts, in some terms. Once they jumped into the physical bodies, as you put it, what was their level of conceptualization regarding the universe? Did they still retain some understanding at that point?
A: Kind of like the understanding one has after severe head trauma, vis a vis your normal understanding in your current state.
Q: So, they were traumatized; they may have had bits and pieces of ideas and memories, but they may also have lost a great deal altogether. There may have even been a sort of "coma" state of mankind for many millennia. But, after they woke up, with the bits and pieces floating around in their heads, they may have begun to attempt to piece it all together. So, they started putting it all back together. What was the first thing they put together regarding the cosmos around them?
A: Sex.
Q: What did they decide about sex? I mean, sex was there. They were having sex. Is that it? Or, did they understand the cosmos as sex as some Eastern religions suggest?
A: More like the former. After all, that is what got you guys in this mess in the first place! Just imagine the sales job if you can: "Look how much fun this is! Want to try it?!? Oops, sorry, we forgot to tell you, you cannot go back!"
Q: I really fail to understand - and I know it is a big issue that has been hinted at and alluded to, and outright claims have been made regarding sex in all religions and mythologies - but I fail to understand the mechanics of how this can be the engineering of a 'fall.' What, precisely, are the mechanics of it? What energy is generated? How is it generated? What is the conceptualization of the misuse of this energy, or the use of the energy?
A: It is simply the introduction of the concept of self-gratification of a physical sort.
Q: On many occasions you have said that the ideal thing is to have perfect balance of physicality and ethereality. This has been said on a number of occasions. Now, I don't understand how it can be that gratification of a physical body can be the mechanics by which one is entrapped? Is it not gratifying to look at something beautiful? Is it wrong, sinful, or a form of a fall, to look at beauty, to hear something beautiful such as music, or to touch something that is sensually delightful such as a piece of silk or the skin of a loved one? These various things that the human being derives pleasure from very often elevate them to a spiritual state.
A: Possession is the key.
Q: What do you mean?
A: In STS, you possess. If you move through the beautiful flowers, the silk, the skin of another, but do not seek to possess...
Q: It seems to me that it is possible to experience all of these things, including sex, without the need or desire to possess; only to give. In which case, I still don't understand how it can be a mechanism for a 'fall.'
A: If it is desired, then the mechanism is not to give. Do you eat a piece of chocolate cake because it is good to give to the stomach?
Q: Well, you could!
A: No, in STS, which is your realm do not forget, one gives because of the pleasant sensation which results.
Q: Could it not be said that, if everything that exists is part of God, including the flesh, that if one gives to the flesh, without being attached to the giving, that it could be considered a giving to the 'All?'
A: Explain the process.
Q: For example: there are some people who like to suffer, because they believe that the flesh is sinful. That is a big thing that the Lizzies have instituted. For centuries they have wanted people to suffer, and they have made this big deal about sex and anything that might be considered pleasant or desirable should be denied, and that a person should suffer, and revel in their suffering. And, actually, making a person...
A: If one seeks to suffer, they do so in expectation of future reward. They desire to possess something in the end.
Q: What I am saying is: if a person can simply BE, in the doing and being of who and what they are, in simplicity; to become involved in doing everything as a meditation, or as a consecration, whether they are walking down the street and being at one with the air, the sunshine, the birds and trees and other people; in this state of oneness, doesn't that constitute a giving to the universe as giving oneself up as a channel for the universe to experience all these things?
A: Not if one is "feeling this oneness."
Q: We are what we are. Nature is nature. Progression is progression. And if people would just relax and be who and what they are in honesty, and do what is according to their nature without violating the Free Will of others, that this is a more pure form of being than doing things out of any feeling of expectation, or desire; to just BE, not want... just BE?
A: Yes, but STS does not do that.
Q: (A) From which I draw conclusions: if there STS around us, we cannot just...
A: You are all STS. If you were not, you would not be where you are.
Q: (A) There are those who are happy in the STS mode; and there are those who are trying to get out of the STS mode...
A: STO candidate.
Q: (A) These STO candidates cannot just simply BE, even theoretically, because then, STS would eat them.
A: No.
Q: Why not?
A: STS does not eat according to protocol.
Q: What does that mean?
A: What do you suppose?
Q: I have no idea!
A: STS "eats" whatever it wants to, if it is able.
Q: That's what we said. If you are STO in an STS world, you are basically defenseless and they eat you.
A: No.
Q: Why? What makes STO unavailable or 'inedible?'
A: Frequency resonance not in sync.
Q: (A) But then, that would mean that all these people who are saying that we need just to love everything and everybody, are right. They just be, and love, don't do anything, just give everything to the Lizzies... they are right!
A: No, because their motivation is STS.
Q: How is the motivation to love everything and everybody, and to just give, STS?
A: Feels good.
Q: So, they want to do it because it feels good?
A: Want is an STS concept.
Q: So, you seem to be suggesting that the real trick is to just become non-attached to anything and anybody, do nothing, and just dissolve into nothing? No thought, no want, no do, no be, no anything!
A: If you are STS, that does not fit, but, if you did exactly that, you would reincarnate in an STO realm, where such energy does fit.
Q: But, if you have become nothing, how do you reincarnate? And, when you say 'reincarnate,' that implies being in a body!
A: You do not become nothingness.
Q: But, being incarnated means being in a body?
A: No.
Q: You mean moving into a realm that does not necessarily mean being in a body?
A: Close. But 4th density STO is partially physical. Does not consume nor possess.
Q: (A) This is contradictory to what we are doing. (L) Why write a book or do anything? There is no point. We should just sit around, do nothing but contemplate our navels and do nothing. (F) Why do you say that? (L) Because doing anything at all constitutes wanting, needing, possessing, having, and so on. (F) Of course, because this is an STS realm. (L) So, therefore, we should do nothing. We should contemplate our navels and try to get out of it and to heck with everybody else! (F) I disagree. (L) Otherwise, it is contradictory. If you try to help anyone else, or do for anyone else, you are desiring to help them. Therefore, you are desiring to change something... (F) Well, sure, but this is an STS realm.
A: You are confused because you seem to think you must be STO to be an STO candidate. You are STS, and you simply cannot be otherwise, until you either reincarnate or transform at realm border crossing.
Q: Alright, I got that. We are here, we are what we are, and until the realm border comes, we can't be anything else. (F) So, don't worry about being STS. That is what we all are. As long as we eat food, that's what we are. It's that simple. You can be moving toward STO, but you aren't there yet, and there is nothing wrong with that. (A) We ask a question, and you answer this question, and this answer can be interpreted in different ways. I am not sure which way this answer was meant. I mean, sitting and doing nothing. If you are STS that does not fit. But, if you do exactly that, you will reincarnate in an STO realm where such an energy does fit. There are several interpretations. One is that, if we do exactly that, we reincarnate in an STO realm where the energy does fit, and it would be just the right thing to do, because we WANT to be in an STO realm. So, one sure way to go to an STO realm is to sit under the tree and do nothing and contemplate your navel, but not having too much fun... eat nothing, desire nothing... typical Zen. There is another possible interpretation: if you would do exactly that, then you would reincarnate in an STO realm where such energy does fit, but there may be other STO realms that do NOT consist of such energies. So, maybe there is a way to another way to another STO realm, to which this energy does NOT go, but other ways would go. (L) And, there is another problem here: the very fact that one would do this is DESIRING to go to an STO realm! Which precludes the going. If you desire to be STO, you are screwed! (A) Not being, that is what some teachers teach. Nirvana. Is this something that is supposed to be the only way, and is it something that we are being encouraged to follow because it is no desire, no anything. Or, are there different STO realms?
A: Not different realms, as such, but different ways of getting there. Your respective developments have led you to where you are.


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