Schwaller de Lubicz and the Fourth Reich part 3

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

The Cassiopaeans have emphasized the importance of Frequency Resonance Vibration. They have also indicated that the Self Serving Negative Hierarchy meddles with it by way of rituals, by way of "beliefs," by way of tampering with DNA via "abduction" processes, and so forth. They have indicated that the Service to Others alignment acts in accordance with the natural order of things.

Fulcanelli tells us over and over again that Plato was an initiate, and he drops clues everywhere that the "Egyptian" version - as it is promulgated - is not the true source of higher positive knowledge. The clues are given to us in Plato's writings that the Atlanteans were an "evil empire" that attempted to conquer the world, and were defeated by the "Athenians," giving rise to the archetypal legend of Perseus and Andromeda.

But, there is certainly a mysterious "gap" here that begs explanation. Let's have a look at what the C's have said about it:

Q: (L) In a previous session you said that the pyramid was built 10,643 years ago. That would be 8,649 BC. Is that a correct figure, or was there any corruption?
A: Yes. Correct.
Q: Then you talked about the pyramid as a focuser of energy to do 'all things' or many things. Later we asked about Stonehenge and you said that Stonehenge was built 6,000 BC by Druids, an early Aryan group, as an energy director to do 'all things.' This seems to be that both structures had similar design functions. Is that correct?
A: No. Stonehenge is a vector of energy derived from Solar and Cosmic rays. Pyramids focus electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere ambiently. Stonehenge was built 8,000 BC, by the way.
Q: If it was built in 8,000 BC, and the Pyramids were built 8,649 BC, which is 10,643 years ago, more or less, that means that they were built at almost the same time, or at least within 600 years of each other. If they were built at almost the same time, were they built by the same, or similar groups of people?
A: Atlantean descendants.
Q: Obviously the Great Pyramid is a marvel of engineering - and Stonehenge is as well - yet the two structures are so dissimilar. The Pyramid presents such a finished and sharp and elegant appearance, and Stonehenge might give a person - of course that is based on how it appears today - a more primitive presentation.
A: Was not originally.
Q: Did they work in conjunction with one another and were the two groups that built them in communication with one another?
A: No and yes.
Q: Was it two different groups? One with the Stonehenge business and one with the Pyramid business?
A: Offshoots of same group.
A: Were they antagonistic toward one another or were they friendly toward one another?
A: No, yes.
Q: If the flood of Noah, as you have said before, occurred 10,662 BC, that means that the Pyramid and Stonehenge were built more than 2,000 years after this event.
A: Yes.
Q: Did it take 2,000 years for them to develop or create the technology?
A: No.
Q: What were they doing in those 2,000 years?
A: Reassembling.
Q: In that 2,000 years of reassembling, do you mean reassembling as a group through reincarnative processes...
A: All.

Now, we face a dilemma here. There were obviously two approaches to reality being taken by these two groups. It is stated that they did not work in conjunction with one another, yet, we also see that they were not antagonistic toward one another, and they were in communication with one another. Further, the remark is made that they were "offshoots" of the same group: i.e. "Atlantean Descendants."

Regarding the idea of Atlantis, the C's have made a few most interesting remarks that can be clearly understood by observing our own civilization today:

Q: (L) Was the story of Noah's flood the story of the breaking up of Atlantis?
A: Yes. But symbolic.
Q: (L) How many people were on the planet at that time?
A: 6 billion.
Q: (L) Out of this six billion people, how many survived?
A: 119 million. (or 19 million) [I am not sure of this figure. The early tapes were destroyed, and the notes have the number both ways with a couple of cross-outs.]

Q: (L) Can you tell us more about the six billion people on the planet at the time of Noah's flood. Where were most of these beings living?
A: Atlantis.

Q: Okay. I would like to know what the geographic coordinates, according to our current grid system, that would frame Atlantis. I don't need the exact shape, just a general box shape... the perimeter...
A: Like asking: "What are the geographic coordinates of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?"
Q: Okay, let me get more specific: the Atlantean land that was supposed to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean... what was the farthest north of any any part of Atlantis that was in the ocean, that no longer exists?
A: It is "time for you" to know that Atlantis was not a nation, land, Island, or continent, but rather, a civilization!
Q: All I wanted was to have an idea of a land mass in the Atlantic ocean that people talk about - where did it sit?
A: Where do you think?
Q: Well, I sort of think that the Azores and the Canary Islands are sort of...
A: Yes, but many other places too. Remember, the sea level was several hundred feet lower then...
Q: Why was the sea level several hundred feet lower? Because there was ice somewhere or because there was not as much water on the earth at that time?
A: Ice.
Q: Was the ice piled up at the poles? The ice sheet of the ice age?
A: Yes.
Q: So, Atlantis existed during the ice age?
A: Largely, yes. And the world's climate was scarcely any colder away from the ice sheets than it is today.
Q: Well, how could that be? What caused these glaciers?
A: Global warming.
Q: How does global warming cause glaciers?
A: Increases precipitation dramatically. Then moves the belt of great precipitation much farther north. This causes rapid buildup of ice sheets, followed by increasingly rapid and intense glacial rebound.

As an aside, regarding "glacial rebound," the C's have also commented:

A: [...] One change to occur in 21st Century is sudden glacial rebound, over Eurasia first, then North America. Ice ages develop much, much, much faster than thought.

But, getting back to Atlantis, the global civilization that must have been similar in many ways to our own. Notice that the C's made a specific comparison to NATO, or a "World Government" sort of thing. The deeper implications of this remark suggest that a certain "group" conceives of such an organization, and "sells" it to other countries, and then it is used as a platform to institute global economic control. And that is exactly what is happening today, and it began with NATO and, as we showed in our analysis of Game Theory, it is the platform upon which the New World Order, based on Egyptian Synarchy and the work of Schwaller de Lubicz is intended to be based.

In other words, the North and South American continents could very well be the "island of Atlantis." And all of the evidence we have collected about the prior destruction of North America, including the evidence of nuclear fission in the Great Lakes region, the vast copper mines of Isle Royale, evidence that Tiahuanaco used to be a seaport and the astronomical evidence that the ancient cities of South Americs were built at least 15,000 years ago, point to the America's being Atlantis itself.

Q: What group mined the copper in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, like in Isle Royale?
A: Aryans.
Q: What did they want the copper for?
A: Weapons.
Q: Wouldn't iron make better weapons?
A: Not in 4th density.
Q: I'm getting the feeling that there have been bleed-in, bleed-out situations with 4th density on this planet a lot more often than we suspect.
A: Yes.
Q: Are these situations sometimes manufactured by those who know how?
A: Close.
Q: Do they just happen to know where those window points are?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it significant that Rock Lake is on the same longitude line as Tikal?
A: Yes.

In all the Celtic folklore when they talk about 'fairies,' which are obviously other density beings very similar to our modern 'Gray alien,' these fairy/aliens insist that no iron come near them in any way. It was also said that bringing iron into contact with someone thought to be a 'changeling' would prove whether or not they were because if they were, they would disappear instantly. Also, the instructions for the building of the Temple of Solomon included restrictions on the use of iron in either the preparation of the materials or the putting together of the building itself, even down to the rejection of the use of iron nails in any part.

J.M. Allen in his new book "Atlantis: The Andes solution" attempts to show that the Altiplano area in Bolivia is really part of the continent that held the city of Atlantis. He makes another connection by pointing out that ATL is the Nahuatl word for water and ANTIS is the Quechua is word for copper. And so, by his reasoning, ATL-ANTIS must be a word from South America meaning Copper-Water.

This issue of needing "4th density weapons" made of copper, combined with Allen's idea above leads to another interesting comment made by the C's:

Q: Who built the city of Mohenjo-Daro?
A: Lizards directly. Coatzlmundi legend ties in to this directly. Look at illustrations on stones now.
Q: Who is Coatzlmundi?
A: Other deity of the Lizards worshipped by the Atlanteans and their descendants because of the direct contact with humans for 1000 years.

Q: (L) Did any aliens at all, and specifically the Lizzies, ever live among mankind and receive worship?
A: They did not live among mankind, but they did interact directly with human beings, at various points in the past. It was at those points when human beings were ready, willing and able to accept deities appearing directly from outside sources and then worship them. Such things would not have occurred in the recent past. But, beware, it may very well occur very soon. [...]
Q: (L) Who built the city of Angkor Wat?
A: That was built by the Lizard Beings themselves. Built approximately 3108 years ago.
Q: (L) Who built the city of Mohenjo Daro?
A: That also was built by the Lizard Beings directly.
Q: (L) Did they live in these cities?
A: No, as stated before, they did not live there, they visited or occupied on a temporary basis, but did not live there.
Q: (L) Who did they build the cities for?
A: They built the cities for themselves and their worshippers amongst humans.

Q: We watched this television show the other night which talked about the city of Angkor Wat and its orientation to Draco 10,500 BC. You said that Angkor Wat was built 3108 years ago by the Lizzies themselves, and that the city of Mohenjo Daro was also built by the Lizzies 3065 years ago, which is within 30 or 40 years of the same time period. Do you still confirm that the Lizzies themselves built these cities?
A: Reptilian Beings.
Q: And they did this themselves?
A: Yes.
Q: What happened to the inhabitants of these cities?
A: Taken to another planet.
Q: Why was this city built in orientation to the constellation Draco?
A: Was not, was a record: see the texts of Kaballah for details after linkage is established.
Q: After what linkage is established?
A: Between the astronomical data and the sites.

Q: (L) You said that the Lizzies lived among humans for a thousand years. When, in our illusion of time, did this occur?
A: During peak of Atlantis.
Q: (L) And how long was the Atlantean civilization in existence?
A: 70,000 years

Q: It also says here that on this pyramid, at the time of the Spring and Autumn equinoxes, combined patterns of light and dark combine to create the illusion of a giant serpent undulating on the northern staircase. On each occassion the illusion lasts for 3 hours and 22 minutes exactly. What was this optical illusion created to convey?
A: Worship of serpentine deity.
Q: Was it created to convey or produce any other effect other than worship?
A: The key is in the reading of the geometric cycle.
Q: On page 80, the book talks about these statues at Tiahuanaco on Lake Titicaca. It says:

'Carved in red sandstone, worn and ancient beyond reckoning, the statue stands about 6 feet high and portrays a humanoid, androgynous being with massive eyes and lips. In it's right hand it clutches something resembling a knife with a wavy blade like an Indonesian kris. In it's left hand is an object like a hinged and case-bound book. From the top of this book, however, protruded a device which had been inserted into it as though into a sheath. From the waist down, the figure seemed to be clad in a garment of fish scales.'

Okay, there is another statue with an object in it's left hand that is like a case bound book, but from it protruded a forked handle. The right hand object was roughly cylindrical, narrow in the center and bigger at each end. It appeared to have several different parts. I would like to know what these objects, or devices, carved into these ancient statues represented?
A: Conductor.
Q: What did these conductors conduct? Were these the sound machines that you have described previously?
A: No.
Q: What did they conduct?
A: Quartzine energy from atmospheric source.
Q: What was this energy used for?
A: All.
Q: Well you have described a lot of things that did all kinds of things... the pyramid, Stonehenge...
A: When one harnesses free energy, no limitations need apply.
Q: Why were these beings depicted with these fish-like garments?
A: Reptoids have that genetic profile to varying degrees.
Q: According to the Sumerian traditions, this was like the god Oannes. In the night time, he would plunge back into the sea, but in the daytime he would converse with men, giving them insight into letters and sciences and every kind of art. But, it was noted that he was never observed to eat. It says that he taught men how to construct houses, temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometric knowledge. He made them distinguish the seeds of the earth and made them gather fruits. In short, he instructed them in everything that would tend to soften manners and humanize mankind. From that time, so universal were his instructions, that nothing has been added materially in the way of improvement. The surviving images of Oannes on Babylonian and Assyrian reliefs clearly portray him as a fish man. Is this another similar profile?
A: "El legato."
Q: Was this Oannes fish man similar to the Quinotaur that was supposedly the half-father of the Merovingian royal line?
A: Only if one considers losses in the translative quarry.

Q: I have this book, this Marcia Schafer thing: "Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist," and its a bunch of channelled stuff; one thing she says: "the snake is associated with the sign of wisdom and higher learning, and is often regarded quite highly in mystical circles." She had an interaction with a rattlesnake, for which she felt sympathy, and she also has sympathetic interactions with Lizzies. I would like to have a comment on the idea of the snake as a "sign of wisdom and higher learning." Does this, in fact, represent what the snake symbolizes?
A: Snake is/was reported in context of the viewpoint of the observer.
Q: Are you saying that when the observer's viewpoint is that the snake is a symbol of higher learning, maybe...
A: Maybe the observer was just "blown away" by the experience.
Q: Clarify, please.
A: If you were living in the desert, or jungle, about 7,000 years ago, as you measure time, would you not be impressed if these Reptoid "dudes" came down from the heavens in silvery objects and demonstrated techno-wonders from thousands of years in the future, and taught you calculus, geometry and astrophysics to boot?!?
Q: Is that, in fact, what happened?
A: Yup.

Q: (L) Who created the Lizzies?
A: Ormethion.
Q: (L) And who is this individual?
A: Thought center.
Q: (L) Located where?
A: Everywhere.
Q: (L) Can you give us a little more of a clue?
A: Another sector of reality.
Q: (L) Is this a sentient, self-aware being that created the Lizzies?
A: Yes and no.[...]
Q: (L) And who created this Ormethion?
A: Not being; thought center.

Q: Is Ormethion who the Lizzies worship?
A: Close.
Q: Who do they worship? What do they call their god?
A: Physical universe.
Q: The physical universe is their god?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What are the implications of the fact that the Lizzies worship the physical universe?
A: Self service.
Q: (L) What do they see in the physical universe that they feel is superior to the spiritual universe?
A: All who serve self yearn for physicality.
Q: (L) These bodies they are creating for themselves, are they creating some kind of super physical beings they can then move into and occupy which will have very advanced abilities that would enable them to serve self better, longer or more completely?
A: Yes.

The link between South America, Mohenjo Daro in the Indus Valley, and Egypt and Judaism/Kaballah will be more important further along, so keep it in mind.

Plato makes a somewhat confusing remark about Atlantis:

"At the centre of the island, near the sea, was a plain, said to be the most beautiful and fertile of all plains, and near the middle of this plain about fifty stades inland a hill of no great size," (Critias. 113b)

This description basically says that the city of Atlantis was both in the middle of the island, as well as being near the sea. But, this problem disappears when we think that Plato was an initiate and was speaking in code about a literal, global civilization. The ancients often referred to a nation by its "chief city." In the upcoming excerpt, the C's make the comment that "Atlantis was merely a home base of an advanced civilisation of 3 races of humans occupying different sections of a huge Island empire, which, in itself, underwent 3 incarnations over a 100,000 year period as you would measure it. [...] [The Celts] took over the Northern section. "

Now, "different sections" of a "huge island empire," put together with the idea that this "empire" was global, leaves the possibility open for all of the America's to be part of this empire, and for North America to be the "northern section" that was almost utterly destroyed in a cataclysm. When we consider such things as the badlands, the grand canyon, the Carolina bays, the nuclear evidence of the Great Lakes region, we come to the idea that something truly dreadful happened to North America and that it may have been a combination of war and cometary bombardment. There is also evidence that there was a massive shift of the earth crust raising the western coast of South America, and a similar raising of the Western part of North America could have been involved in that scenario. In short, much of what is Western America could have formerly been under the Pacific. And the raising of this Western portion most definitely could have sunk the Eastern seaboard of North America as the evidence of the Bimini wall, and other remains suggest.

In short, such a scenario would fit Plato's description of the destruction of Atlantis in a "single day and night."

What is more interesting, however, is the hyperdimensional manipulations that occur during such cataclysmic upheavals. We can even think of this as the moving of the "playing pieces" in the Secret Games of the Gods.

Q: (L) When the Aryans were brought here, were they brought to Atlantis?
A: No. The Aryans were different from the Atlanteans.

Q: (L) Who constructed the great serpent mound in Adams County, Ohio?
A: Armonan sect.
Q: (T) Who are the Armonans?
A: Atlantean descendants.
Q: (T) So, this was a long time ago? (L) Is there anything about them we would be advised to know or learn?
A: "Puzzle pieces."
Q: (L) What period of time did they live in this area, from when to when?
A: See answers to Sumerian question.
Q: (L) Well, my opinion to this whole thing is that the Sumerians and the Armonans were Atlanteans who set up shop in their respective places when Atlantis went under.
A: Good, now go with that.
Q: (L) I would say that the same answer holds for the White Horse at Uffington, in England?
A: Yup.

Q: In the information I now have on the Canaries, I found that a strange icon appeared on the island long before the conquest, long before any missionaries or Europeans arrived. The natives were the big, blond types. They said that they knew this icon was divine because following its appearance, there were processions of angels, or divine beings, up and down the beach where it appeared, lights, smells, chanting and singing and so forth. How did the statue of the Virgin of Candelaria arrive on the beach at Tenerife?
A: Teleportation.
Q: Who teleported it there?
A: The "Celts."
Q: Celts in the sense of the Druids?
A: Or in the sense of Atlanteans.
Q: Now, you said before that Atlanteans were not Celts, is that correct?
A: No.
Q: The Atlanteans were Celts?
A: "Celts, Druids," etc... are merely latter day designations.
Q: Let's back up here. You said that the Celts came from Kantek. They were transported by the Lizzies... brought here, correct? [Kantek: the fifth planet of the solar system that was destroyed and is now the asteroid belt.]
A: Yes.
Q: When the Lizzies did this, how many Celts were physically brought here?
A: Hundreds of millions.
Q: How long, in our terms, did it take to bring these Celts to this planet? Or, is this ongoing?
A: Well, in the sense that you measure it, let us say about a week.
Q: Did they transport them in ships, that is some sort of structure. That is, did they load them up, move them into 4th density, reemerge here in 3rd density, or something like that?
A: Close.
Q: And they unloaded them in the area of the Caucasus, is that correct?
A: And regions surrounding.
Q: And, that was what, 79 to 80 thousand years ago?
A: Over 80,000.
Q: As I understand it, Atlantis was already quite a developed civilization at that time, is that correct?
A: Yes, but regions change with waves of immigration, or conquest... witness your own lands.
Q: You also said once that there was a nuclear war in India and that this was what was being discussed in the Vedas when it talks about the 'blue-skinned' people who weren't really blue because they were Celts, and they were flying in aircraft, and they were engaged in this war, etc. Who were the Celts at war with?
A: The Paranthas.
Q: Now, wait a minute! Who are the Paranthas?! Do we have a new player here?
A: Not new.
Q: Do we know them by another name?
A: Choose.
Q: The Atlanteans? Were the Celts of India at war with the Atlanteans in the Atlantic?
A: Atlantis was merely a home base of an advanced civilisation of 3 races of humans occupying different sections of a huge Island empire, which, in itself, underwent 3 incarnations over a 100,000 year period as you would measure it.
Q: The 3 races were the Celts... and who were the second and third?
A: Or Kantekkians.
Q: Are the Kantekkians different from the Celts?
A: Only in the sense of long term racial and genetic blending.
Q: So, Atlantis had the Kantekkians and who else?
A: Race you would call "Native Americans," and a third, no longer existing race, somewhat resembling Australian or Guinean aborigines, only lighter in complexion.
Q: Was this third group destroyed by the other two?
A: One of the 3 cataclysms.
Q: So, the Paranthas were the antecedents of the Abos of Australia?
A: Yes, and compare to now existing peoples of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, and New Guinea for similarities, bearing in mind genetic mixing and dilution.
Q: Were the Vedas written by the Paranthas or written by the Celts?
A: Descendants of Parantha, as per "Divine guidance."
Q: [...] We have taken care of a couple of points; we have 3 races on Atlantis, Celts all over the place... did the Celts conquer the Atlanteans?
A: No.
Q: Did they just move in and hang out?
A: They took over the Northern section.
Q: At the same time, there were Celts in the Caucasus, along the Baltic, in Ireland, England and Europe...
A: Ireland, England, etc. was later.
Q: But there were in the Norse lands, as Sweden, Norway and Denmark, they were along the Baltic, and they were in the Caucasus?
A: Some above mentioned areas were ice covered.

Tracing human beings, their cultures and trying to figure out who is really on first, is difficult at best. This is especially true when trying to correlate the legends and myths to the archeological facts. When different cultures mix so do their genes. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only from your mother. The "Eve Hypothesis" that has been widely promulgated is somewhat misleading because very few popular discussions of this idea reveal that the results of the DNA investigations showed two "origins" for humanity, Asia and Africa. In other words, a more or less North/South division. One method of assessing relationships between cultures is their blood group, but it may not be very accurate because blood type is not determined by Mitochondrial DNA, but by nuclear DNA. The conquering of a tribe by another, the killing of all the males and the subsequent mating with all the females, can very quickly produce a dominant "type" that may not accurately reflect the actual cultural tracks.

The AB group is almost non-existent in apes, and O is minimal! Chimpanzees are mainly group A (never B), and Gorillas are mainly group B (never A). Similarly, the early Europeans had a high % of group A, whilst the Asiatic races had a high % of B. So the idea has been proposed that chimpanzees developed into Cro-Magnon man then Europeans, whilst Gorillas developed into the larger brained Neaderthals then into the Asians. To account for group O there must have been a third group of proto-humans who were O. Type O occurs only as a recessive gene. Both parents must have at least one copy of the gene to produce a child who is type O.

Most blood groupings are generally split evenly. However, there are some pure groupings. For group O the Bororo, Mayans and Incas are all virtually 100% group O. Further north, the Navajos are 73% group O. Still further north, the Blackfoot indians are 82% group A. Group AB, which is rare, includes the Peking Chinese, Korean, Japanese at about 10-18%. Poles, Czechs and Hungarian Gypsies are run at about 9-10% of the AB group. Interestingly, Tartars and Hindus show also strong AB.

It has been noted that some disease causing organisms have the same proteins on their surface as some of the blood types leading to the idea that some blood groups are more susceptible than others to certain diseases. This leads to the idea that populations can be deliberatly manipulated by introducing epidemics that "favor" certain blood groups. This may be the reason for the unusual "purity" of blood groups in certain populations. Those who carried the "wrong" type were eliminated by viral or bacterial population control methods. The C's have, in fact, mentioned just such a possibility:

A: You should know that these bloodlines become parasitically infected, harrassed and tinkered with whenever a quantum leap of awareness is imminent. Such as "now."

Claims have been made that the O blood group is the blood of royalty (blue blood), that stems from an Atlantean heritage. The races that possess this blood races (called the Red races) are races of the Americas; of the Canary Islands; Basques, Scandinavians, Celts, as well as certain Polynesian and Indonesian peoples. However, this could be altogether misleading due to the "conquering" factor, as well as the "parasitic" factor of population manipulation. One thing that seems clear is that there is serious "manipulation" of populations going on, and it is quite easy to imagine that the type O prevalence is a result of the introduction of the Kantekkians, a group described as being closer to the Orion genetic heritage, the tall, blond, nordic types, which can be either strongly polarized positively or negatively. In other words, the type O blood group may not be the "Lizard genetics" that has been proposed by some of the wilder theories making the rounds, though it may indeed be the blood group of individuals possessing very strong genetic potential for good OR evil as the following excerpts indicate:

Q: (L) Who are the Nordic type aliens?
A: Your ancestors.
Q: (L) What planet did they come from?
A: Several and transitory.

A: We are providing invaluable information which becomes knowledge, but you are under attack, therefore, you could maybe use some direct power from the same density as the attack is coming from.
Q: (F) But, until you have total knowledge... (L) You don't have the kind of power we are talking about needing. (F) Right. We would would need 500,000 pages of transcript to have that kind of knowledge, to get to that point. (L) Okay, what is the phone number of the Orion Federation? (S) Laura! (T) That's what I was going to ask. [Laughter.] (L) How do we get ahold of them?
A: Off the hook!
Q: (T) Uh oh! (L) They're busy? (T) Getting a lot of calls. (L) Okay, guys, what do we need to do here?
A: Find a "Nordic." They are on Earth posing as humans.
Q: (T) They are 4th density. I thought they...
A: Yes.
Q: (T) I thought that 4th density couldn't hold the frequency that long and that is why the Lizards have so much trouble. (J) They're STS.
A: Not STO!

Q: (L) Are the Orion STS the infamous red-headed Nordic aliens?
A: Yes, and all other humanoid combinations.
Q: (L) Okay, if it started with the Nordic types, and that is where the other humanoid combinations came from, what genetic combinations were used for human beings? Black people, for instance, since they are so unlike "Nordics?"
A: The Nordic genes were mixed with the gene pool already available on Earth, known as Neanderthal.
Q: (L) What was the genetic combination used to obtain the Oriental races?
A: Orientals come from a region known in your legends as "Lemuria," and are a previous hybridization from 7 genetic code structures from within Orion Union, designed to best fit the earth climate and cosmic ray environment then existent on earth.
Q: (L) Okay, what about the Semitic and Mediterranean peoples?
A: Each time a new flock was "planted," it was engineered to be best suited to the environment where it was planted. Aryans are the only exception, as they had to be moved to earth in an emergency.
Q: (L) If races are engineered on earth to be "best suited," what factors are being drawn from or considered regarding the Semitic race?
A: They are not engineered on earth, but in Orion lab as all others. They were "Planted" in the Middle East.
Q: (L) What genetic type were the Atlanteans?
A: They were the same as the "Native Americans."

Q: (L) This book describes the Nordic aliens as having blood with a different chemical base than ours...
A: This is trivial disinformation, "Nordic" Physiology is identical to yours, with the exception being their cranium, which averages 3 per cent larger.

A: The Nordic Covenant was a duality. [...] All persons of Nordic heritage hold secret power centers, can be of darkness, or of light...

Q: (L) Okay, now: I would like to know if there was a real historic person behind the legend of King Arthur?
A: Close. Sorcerer's Coven. Secret pact of coven is covenant.
Q: (L) Was this the Nordic Covenant behind the legend of King Arthur?
A: Not really.
Q: (L) I think that implies that there might be a connection?
A: Maybe there is something more like an offshoot.
Q: (L) The Nordic Covenant is an offshoot of the Arthurian Covenant or vice versa?
A: King Arthur story based on an offshoot of Nordic Covenant Root.
Q: (L) Okay, now you say that the Nordic Covenant can be positive or negative. Would the Arthurian Cycle be of the Positive Offshoot?
A: Both.

Q: Is the Nordic Covenant in any sense similar to any of the things I have read here?
A: It is a mystical thing, not related to theology in a direct sense.
Q: How long has the Nordic Covenant been in existence?
A: 5129 years.

Diverting from this session momentarily, we note that 3131 BC is very close to 3100 B.C, a time of some sort of global disruption recorded in ice cores and tree rings. The fact is, there was some sort of discontinuity of many ancient cultures which occurred at this period: 3100 B.C. It is also the time estimated for the unification of Egypt and the beginning of the reign of Narmer/Menes. This leads us to another interesting series of questions:

Q: (L) Who were the Elohim of the Bible?
A: Transdefinitive. And variable entities. [...] First manifestation was human, then non-human. [...]
Q: (L) Well, what brought about their transformation from huma to non-human?
A: Pact or covenant.
Q: (L) They made a pact or covenant with each other?
A: No, with 4th density STS.
Q: (L) Well, that is not good! Are you saying that the Elohim are STS? Who were these STS beings they made a pact with?
A: Rosteem, now manifests as Rosicrucians.
Q: (L) What is their purpose?
A: As yet unrevealable to you.

Was Narmer part of this "Nordic Covenant?" How does the name "Rostau," the ancient designation for Giza, relate to the Rose-Cross, or the Rosicrucians?

Q: In reading the transcripts, I came across a reference to a 'pact' made by a group of STS individuals, and it was called 'Rosteem,' and that this was the origin of the Rosicrucians. In the book 'The Orion Mystery,' it talks about the fact that Giza was formerlay known as RosTau, which is 'Rose Cross.' Essentially, I would like to understand the symbology of the Rose affixed to the Cross. It seems to me that the imagery of Jesus nailed to the Cross is actually the Rose affixed to the Cross. How does Jesus relate to the Rose?
A: No, it is from the Rose arose the Cross. [...]
Q: What does the cross symbolize?
A: The symbology is not the issue. It is the effect.
Q: What is the effect of the cross?
A: All that has followed it.

And this leads us to that most interesting character, promoted assiduously since the end of the dark ages, as the "father of alchemy," Hermes the Thrice Great:

Q: (L) Who was Hermes Trismegistus?
A: Traitor to court of Pharoah Rana.
Q: (L) Who is Pharoah Rana?
A: Egyptian leader of spiritual covenant.
Q: (L) In what way was Hermes a traitor?
A: Broke covenant of spiritual unity of all peoples in area now known as Middle East.
Q: (L) Who did Hermes betray?
A: Himself; was power hungry.
Q: (L) What acts did he do?
A: Broke covenant; he inspired divisions within ranks of Egyptians, Essenes, Aryans, and Persians et cetera.
Q: (L) What was his purpose in doing this?
A: Divide and conquer as inspired by those referred to as Brotherhood in Bramley book you have read.
Q: (L) Is this the Brotherhood of the snake Hermes formed in rejection of unity?
A: Hermes did not form it; it was long since in existence.
Q: (L) Who was the originator of the Brotherhood of the Serpent as described in the Bramley book?
A: Lizard Beings.

Q: (L) I would like to know the approximate year of the life of Hermes Trismegistus.
A: 5211 [years ago] approx.

And that brings us right back into the ballpark with the time of Narmer's "Unification" of Egypt and the formation of the "Elohim Covenant." The question is, how does this relate to the Nordic Covenant? Back to the 12-26-98 session we interrupted:

Q: Is the Nordic Covenant made between humans and other humans, or between humans and higher density beings?
A: Mostly between humans and humans, but some of the other.
Q: Does this Nordic Covenant exist on the earth today in similar format as it did at its inception?
A: Yes.
Q: Is this Nordic Covenant the same as you have referred to as the Quorum?
A: No.
Q: Would you say that the Nordic Covenant and the Quorum are in opposition, or just different?
A: Segmented relationship.
Q: Is there any particular thing about this that I ought to ask at the moment that I am not going to discover in the course of my research? The mail group asked a few questions about this, so I thought I ought to approach the subject. Is the Nordic Covenant made between people who are blond and blue-eyed?
A: Not the central issue.
Q: What is the central issue of the Nordic Covenant?
A: Bloodline extends off the planet.
Q: Is this Nordic Covenant a group that is in place on the planet for the purpose of guarding or propagating a particular bloodline?
A: To guard secrets.
Q: What does this secret have to do with a bloodline?
A: You should be able to figure this one out!
Q: Are these people with this bloodline and with these secrets the same ones involved with the genetic engineering of new bodies for the Lizzies to occupy at the point of transition to 4th density?
A: No.
Q: Are these secrets negative to our civilization or race?
A: From your perspective, maybe.
Q: Do these bloodlines have to do with Nephilim?
A: A little.
Q: What secrets are they guarding?
A: Your origins; the nature of your being.
Q: So, this Nordic Covenant is that which wishes to maintain the darkness of our realm, the time loops, the replays, and all that sort of thing?
A: One of the players, yes.
Q: You also said that the Nordic Covenant was a duality, that it could be positive or negative.

Q: Well, let me get to some of these other questions. Previously you said that the central thing about the Nordic Covenant was that there were bloodlines that extend off the planet. From what I understand, all humans on the planet have bloodlines that extend off the planet. In what sense did you mean this about the Nordic Covenant; that the bloodlines extend off the planet?
A: Not all so recent, not all so "pure."
Q: In the sense of recent, how recent do you mean?
A: Speculate, using your transcripts.

Q: What was the connection between the Hyperboreans, including the Celts of Britain, I believe, and the people of Delos?
A: Northern peoples were responsible for civilising the Meditteranean/Adriatic peoples with the encoded secrets contained within their superior extra-terrestrially based genetic arrangement. Practice of which you speak was multi-trans-generational habit.
Q: Is it the case that some of them communicated with higher density beings via Stonehenge, and that these communications they received...
A: Stonehenge used to resonate with tonal rill, teaching the other wise unteachable with wisdoms entered psychically through crown chakra transceiving system.

Q: Now, I have this book entitled "Arktos." He says something here that echoes a remark you once made. He says:

"It is a very remarkable thing that enlightenment seems to have come from the North against the common prejudice that the Earth was enlightened as it was populated from South to North. The Scythians are one of the most ancient nations; the Chinese descend from them. The Atlanteans themselves, more ancient than the Egyptians, descend from them."

You said that the civilizing influence came from the North to the South. Of course, all the standard texts claim that civilization came from South to North, starting in Mesopotamia. Now, getting...
A: Okay, just a minute here. Thinking Mesopotamia is the beginning is like thinking that the beginning starts at the 12th chapter.
Q: I know that! The problem is: finding artifacts. I've been searching and digging, and I find a little bit here and there, but my God! Either nothing survived...
A: Artifacts have a limited shelf life!
Q: Exactly! The problem is that they've got specimens of humanoid types from 100 to 200 thousand years ago, and even further, but no specimens of modern man that are that old. Why is this so? Are they just looking in the wrong places?
A: Specimens survive by sheer luck.
Q: So, they are lucky that they have any specimens at all. Who knows, when they find a very ancient specimen of a modern type human, they won't believe it - it will be called an "anomaly!" There ARE artifacts that are EXTREMELY ancient, which give evidence of the presence of modern type man, and they just simply argue themselves to death over them.
A: Yes.
Q: They ignore them. But, during the time Neanderthal man was on the Earth, did he live alongside Modern man?
A: Yes. Except modern type man was different then.
Q: In what ways?
A: DNA and psycho/electrical frequencies.
Q: Does this mean that their physical appearance was different from what we consider to be modern man?
A: Radiance.
Q: What do you mean "radiance?"
A: You find out!
Q: Oh, that's interesting. Well, there are legends that the Northern people had "light" in their veins. Very ancient belief. Is this what you are referring to?
A: Maybe.
Q: Was this light related to the hemoglobin level, the iron level in the blood?
A: Maybe.
Q: Did they have a much higher iron level in their blood?
A: Possibly....
Q: Okay, part of the ancient legend of Arktos was that, in very ancient times the Earth was different because it had a vertical axial orientation. This contributed to the golden age or the Edenic condition. Is this, in fact, one of the conditions that existed in the Golden Age?
A; Well, yes, but still some puzzle pieces needed.
Q: I noticed also that there are several ball-park type figures given for the precessional cycles. Apparently there is not a whole lot of agreement as to how long this cycle is, exactly. I notice that, if you divide 309,882 years by 12, you come out right in the ball park of 12 precessional cycles. Is this the reason that the zodiac was set up with twelve signs or houses?
A: Related, yes.
Q: Now, since all the recent conjecture about the precessional cycle has really gone all over the place, it is my thought that the real reason for the ancient clues about this cycle are to inform us that the length of 12 of these cycles is a GRAND Cycle, and that THIS is the big clue.
A: Needs some study by you.
Q: One of the interesting things about this Northern civilizational factor is that one of the hallmarks of the Aryan attitude is the Male dominated religion. When did the masculine religion "take over?" Was this always the tendency or leaning of the Aryan group?
A: Involves more than religion. Religion is the facilitator.
Q: Facilitator of what?
A: Customary psycho/social habitue.
Q: Customary to whom?
A: Those whom you refer to as Aryans.
Q: Where did they acquire the "habit" of a masculine oriented religion? Everybody else was worshipping the goddess in one form or another. But this male dominated theology was the distinguishing characteristic of the Northern peoples. Where did they come up with this.
A: Originated on home planet.
Q: Kantek?
A: For all intents and purposes.
Q: Was it this male dominated religion that contributed to the destruction of Kantek?
A: No.
Q: Okay, when they were on their home planet, why did they develop a masculine religion as opposed to a feminine one, considering the fact that women are the source of life, in certain terms?
A: In your density, masculinism/feminish is essentially a roll of "the dice." Remember, at higher levels gender is nonexistent.
Q: Well, the problem I am having here is this: the masculine religion is monotheistic, essentially.
A: In your references.
Q: Was the older masculine religion polytheistic?
A: Going off the track. [Which suggests that being "on track" would be to go in the direction that a "masculine" religion could worship a goddess.]
Q: The Aryans always thought they were better than everybody else...
A: They were more advanced than the company they found themselves amongst.
Q: But then, as far as I can tell, the Hebrew monotheism is also derived from the Aryan, monotheistic, male dominated religion. It then "fathered" Christianity, and that has been the whole patriarchal, kill-em-all and let God sort-em-out war mongering thing under which we have lived for over 2000 years. This is the Western, European mind... it came from the Aryans, from the North; it was the so-called "civilizing" influence in nearly every respect that you can track. The cohesiveness and dominance of this type of thinking was able to civilize, but then civilization involves dominance, killing, war, territory, the Hitler scene, the whole nine yards. All of this is antithetical to all that you promote as far as being desirable. Yet, you have said that you were in contact with the Northern Peoples for millennia. Yes, Cassiopeia is a Northern Constellation, and probably figured in the early myths of these peoples in ways we cannot know, but the whole thing is that they represent all that is STS.
A: But so do you, so then why did we contact you?
Q: Well. I don't buy into that whole monotheistic, dominator, war-mongering, make everybody conform to one way of thinking head trip!
A: So, you think all individuals conformed then, or is it the soul that counts in the final analysis?
Q: Okay, obviously all individuals are different, and some did not conform then, either.
A: And neither do you.
Q: Point taken. I am just having a hard time with this. I wish you would just tell me! Who interacted with these Aryans to give them this male-dominated, monotheistic idea that they then sought to impose on every other human being on the planet - and are STILL trying!
A: Interactions were transdensity.

Now, getting back to Atlantis: we note that the C's have said that "Atlantis was merely a home base of an advanced civilisation of 3 races of humans occupying different sections of a huge Island empire." And here we come to the problem of Antarctica. It is obvious from that most amazing of artifacts, the Piri Reis map, that there was something unusual about Antarctica. Rand and Rose Flem-Ath have proposed that Antarctica was formerly in the Atlantic and was "shifted" further south to relocate itself at the South Pole. A lot of people like this idea because it explains the "missing island of Atlantis," and simultaneously explains the existence of the Piri Reis portolan. The C's, however, have a slightly different "take" on that in addition to their remarks that "Atlantis" was a global civilization, and that we ought not to be looking for an "island." What is more, this explanation relates to technology that was utilized in a way we cannot even imagine. There was a very definite reason that Antarctica may, indeed, have been the Atlantean home base as suggested by the Flem-Aths, but not quite the way they think.

Q: [...] (A) Okay, this brings us to the question about the Piri Reis map. We wanted to know the origin of this map?
A: Complex, but the origin would date back to 14,000 B.C.
Q: (A) Atlantis?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Was this map drawn when Antarctica was NOT covered by ice?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Was Antarctica not covered by ice because the poles were in a different location?
A: No.
Q: (L) Was it not covered by ice because the entire planet was not covered by ice?
A: No.
Q: (L) Was it not covered by ice because it was in a different location itself?
A: No.
Q: (L) Why was it not covered by ice? (A) Because the climate was warmer.
A: Technologically achieved.
Q: (L) Why would somebody want to technologically warm Antarctica if the whole rest of the planet was available for use? What is so special about Antarctica?
A: The whole rest of the planet was available for use? Not hardly.
Q: (L) Why was the rest of the planet not available for use?
A: Ice.
Q: (L) So, the rest of the planet WAS covered by ice?
A: No.
Q: (L) There is something I am missing here. (A) Much of the planet was covered by ice, but not all.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, instead of using the areas that were NOT covered by ice, why, in particular, was Antarctica...
A: What?!?
Q: (L) What I am getting at is: why go to all the trouble to thaw out a whole big island if it might have been easier to have been somewhere else?
A: Well, first of all, we thought this was Ark's turn. But, since you have asked, is it not obvious by now? Magnetic power grid physics . EM utilization. Crystals, and the like. Seeking paths to the interior? The "Poles" know best! [...] EM generators usually employ a grid. 'Tis for field creation.
Q: (A) When you say this, you mean A grid, not THE grid?
A: Yes. Looks like a waffle iron.
Q: (A) You mean like a waffle iron that is used in transformers?
A: Okay. Why? To duplicate nature. Earth has a web, and so doeth thee!
Q: (A) Now, Earth's grid is just an imaginary grid related to field, or just a mathematic grid... no, it must really exist....
A: Yes.
Q: (A) If it really exists, is it a field of grid, or is it a grid made out of some matter, like these waffle irons? Just field, or matter?
A: The iron is attracted, not attractive.
Q: (A) I wanted to know if the grid is a material grid, or if it is just a grid of field and nothing more, or if there is something material in the earth relating to it?
A: Both.

And here we realize that the use of EM waves, the significator of the Pyramid concept, was related to the "underground bases" and that the Atlantean technology was somehow dependent upon polar convergence points of the magnetic grid of the Earth. And this, of course, brings us to that most interesting problem of the "cart ruts" on the island of Malta which is also famous in UFO lore for being an opening to the "underground tunnel" system.

Q: (L) [...] I want to know what is the cause of the so-called "cart tracks" on the island of Malta?
A: Grooves.
Q: (L) Well, I KNOW that! But they are grooved in such a way that they cannot possibly be cart ruts, as they are called. I just recently purchased a book about the archeology of Malta which talks on and on about the temples and so forth, and then, on the very last page, devotes a single paragraph to the "cart ruts." This book says:

"The enigmatic cart ruts are too obvious in the Maltese rocky landscape to be ignored in any work, however concise, on Maltese archeology even though they are still not easy to locate in the chronological sequence. according to the traditional view, they should be placed in prehistory, more precisely in the Bronze Age, the main argument being that some specimens are cut by "Punic" tombs and, therefore, should be prior to that period.

"The validity of this argument is, in my view, highly questionable particularly since for Temi Zammit, its originator, 'Punic' could mean anything from the 7th century BC to the 3rd century AD, especially as far as tombs are concerned. In my search and study of ancient quarries over the last fifteen years, I found cart ruts very frequently, almost invariably, associated with them. The best example is, perhaps, the Buskett group which lies next to the largest and most important of Malta's ancient quarries. For this reason I cannot refrain from believing that they were intended for the transportation of construction blocks from the quarry face to the road in ancient (i.e., not prehistoric) times. This view is supported by a good number of parallels abroad (for instance in Sicily, southern France and Greece) as well as by their concentration in several areas around Melite which must have required a constant supply of ashlar masonry for its buildings. "

There is a single picture of the ruts in this book. In the 1975 Lexikon der Archaeologie, the entry under Malta reads:

"More emigrants from Sicily came to the island around 3200 BC. An astonishing number of megalithic temples were constructed between 2800-1900 BC. The still extant temples, some thirty in number, exhibit a highly developed plan and superstructure ...This population possibly followed warlike immigrants from western Greece... The strange 'cart-ruts' belong to the same period."

Now, the problem with this cart rut theory is the following: When you look at these furrows impressed in the ground, most of them parallel as they should be, the natural thing is to think of them as ruts. But, apparently, close examination shows that they CANNOT have been ruts in the ordinary sense of the word. The reason is that the tracks of the two parallel furrows are not only DIFFERENT FROM RUT TO RUT! but also vary in the course of a single stretch! They run through valleys, over hills, and sometimes exist in several "pairs" side by side which then unite into single two track stretches, followed by sudden curves. They also run off straight into the Mediterranean. Others end abruptly at cliff edges. They are from 65 to 123 cm wide. The furrows themselves are frequently over 70 cm DEEP! At one place, on rut runs in a curve over a hill and cuts 72 cm into the limestone ground. If a cart ever ran in these ruts, it could not have taken a curve because of the great depth of the ruts! Either the axle would have vanished in the deep imprint or the axle must have been at least 72 cm high which would have given the wheel a diameter of 1.5 cm. But that presents the problem that such a large wheel could NOT have taken such a tight curve! It would get stuck or break. Such wheels that would be necessary to navigate the depth of the ruts could not have maneuvered in the narrowness of them which is approximately 6 cm. Since every single-axle cart has two wheels which must run absolutely parallel in the furrows, we are faced with an impossibility. Even a double axled cart would not work because when taking a curve, the rear wheels have to trace a narrower track than the front wheels which is why large trucks have to make a wide swing to take a tight curve.

At another point on the island, four pairs of ruts join together into one rut. They all have different "gauges" a prior to this union. Nearby, there is a rut that crosses another, but they are of different depths. Another rut is up to 60 cm deep, and has a width of 11 cm at the deepest point, and 20 cm at the highest. As noted, in many places, the ruts run straight into the waters of the Mediterranean. It was assumed until recently that the ruts would end underwater a few meters from the coast, which would suggest that they had originated when the sea level of the Mediterranean was lower. However, divers have discovered that the ruts continue in the stone to great depths below sea level.

Now, recently, a German real estate investor who was also a part-time archeologist, claimed to have identified a megaliths temple similar to Mnajdra on the sea-bed in Malta's territorial waters. Supposedly, the discovery was made by two Maltese divers who noted the structure during a dive on the 13th of July in 1999. They took photographs. This was some 3 KM off the eastern coast of Malta. If this discovery were "authenticated," it would overturn existing history as we know it!

In order for a temple to lie on the bed of the Mediterranean sea, it would have to date to the last ice age. The implication would then be that the Maltese temples are at least 6,000 years older than previously thought.

Following this announcement, which really set the archeologists on their ears, there was a report printed in the "Malta Independent" on Sunday, November 7th, 1999 which said:

"The initial caution and scepticism with which the news was received by local archaeologists would now appear to be vindicated. After an on-site dive carried out by the Museums Department last Friday, a spokesman for the Department expressed serious doubts that the underwater structures in question have any archaeological importance at all, let alone constitute a complete prehistoric temple, as suggested by amateur German archaeologist Dr. Huber Zeitlmair, who took credit for the discovery. An official press statement to this effect is expected to be released shortly. :The structures which elicited such widespread interest and even excitement were first filmed by local divers Shaun and Kurt Arrigo on an underwater plateau some three kilometres east of Malta. At its deepest point the plateau is over 25 metres below sea level; at its shallowest, about seven metres. Strewn about the area are several large rectangular stones which give the impression of fallen menhirs. Beyond, there are a number of what appear to be kidney-shaped chambers, bearing some resemblance to the apses of above ground temples such as Mnajdra and Hagar Qim.

"For Dr. Zeitlmair, video footage was evidence enough to publicly assert that the structures represent a complete megalithic complex, constructed at a time when the plateau would have been above sea level. the fact that it is now underwater could be due to the melting o the polar ice caps during the last ice age, which would mean that the structures were inundated between 8,000 and 10,000 BC.

"The implications are, to say the least, dramatic. Sadly, though, his interpretation has not stood up to preliminary investigations, and it now appears that what we are dealing with is most likely a natural phenomenon. Meanwhile, contacted independently of the Museums Department, Professor Anthony Bonanno of the Department of Classics and Archaeology at the University of Malta, described the possibility of an underwater temple as "extremely improbable."

"'The fact that Dr. Zeitlmair is part of a society of 'Palaeoastronauts' automatically puts me on my guard" , he says. As for the theory of an antediluvian temple culture, Prof. Bonanno dismisses it out of hand. "'Our existing temples have been very reliably carbon-dated to the period 3,600 to 2,500 BC. In that space of time we have traced a regular evolution in style, from the small and rudimentary to the large and complex."

The good professor then goes on to suggest that, if the ruins ARE validated, the only way they could possibly have gotten where they are is if they were contemporary to the ruins on the island, and were on an adjacent part of the island that "sank because of a fault in the rock." So, what it amounts to is another discovery is being co-opted by the authorities who immediately pooh pooh it, cover it up, explain it away with their circular cerebral gymnastics. The bottom line is: I want to know what was the cause of these crazy cart ruts that cannot have been cart ruts! They cannot possibly be cart ruts!
A: Energy grooves.
Q: (L) What kind of energy?
A: Something like short circuit at time of disturbance in magnetic field of planet.
Q: (L) Was there something inlaid there that conducted this energy? I mean, did this rock melt like this because it had lines of conductors laid into the ground?
A: Crystal generators were once used to collect and redistribute cosmic and terran energy fields.
Q: (L) How long ago were these ruts or grooves formed?
A: 14019 years ago as you measure it.
Q: (L) Was this before the temple structures were built on Malta?
A: Yes. Survivors built those.
Q: (L) These ruts are certainly in the way. They are a definite hazard to walking. Maybe they filled them in with dirt that later washed away.
A: Magnetic disturbance, human cause.
Q: (L) What do you mean by that? Are you saying that the magnetic disturbance was caused by humans, or that the magnetic disturbance contributed to the cause of the ruts, and that the ruts were caused by humans, in such case, how did they cause the ruts in relation to the magnetic disturbance?
A: No. Calamities caused magnetic disturbances. Picture a short circuit in the global crystal power grid.
Q: (L) So, in other words, a global crystal power grid short circuited due to magnetic disturbances, and these human constructed grid lines all over the planet - I'm sure they must have existed in other places if that is the case - did it just melt the rock?
A: Maltese condition is somewhat unique from a preservational standpoint.
Q: (L) Again, did the rock just melt along these laid out grid lines?
A: More like atomic changes structurally.
Q: (A) I don't understand if they were built or were they natural lines of conduction? Was this power grid artificial or natural?
A: An artificial utilization of natural energy fields.

What we discover when reading the vast amount of "Atlantean Theories" is that there is almost nowhere that has not been claimed to be the site of Atlantis. But, if we understand Atlantis as a global empire, very similar to what we have today, then we are easily able to accomodate all the many theories into the whole picture. We can then understand the role of of Wisconsin, Antarctica, the North Atlantic, South America, Indonesia, and the numerous other places being claimed to be the site of Atlantis. We also begin to understand the true capabilities of our ancestors, and why it simply is not necessary to explain the so-called "monuments" on Mars as the work of "extraterrestrials."

Returning to the problem of Tiahuanaco. Mainstream scholars argue that building started around 150 BC and the city continued to grow until the latter part of the first millennium AD. Others - still in the mainstream - insist that it was probably completed by the second millennium BC. Arthur Posnansky, an archaeologist whose findings were endorsed by the Bolivian government, and Rolf Muller, a German astronomer suggested the Kalasasaya enclosure functioned as an astronomical observatory, a thesis that is now widely accepted by his peers. But Posnansky went further. Based on the alignments of the site, the complex must have been built around 15,000 BC. Dr Muller checked his calculations and cautioned that while 15,000 BC was certainly a possibility, the astronomical findings could also point to 9300 BC.

Of course, the mainstream archaeologists simply cannot deal with this, even though it would solve the puzzle of why Tiahuanaco was built as a port. There is clear evidence that the Altiplano on which the city is built only rose above sea level with the ending of the Ice Age, around 8000 BC. If Tiahuanaco existed before then, it would have functioned as a port and would have been more or less contemporary with Plato's lost Atlantis. This is interesting in light of what the C's had to say about it:

Q: (L) Who and what were the Mayans?
A: The Mayans were a trasitory people who still exist in the lands that you refer to as Central America. And who have certain physical features that are not consistent with the rest of human beings on 3rd density Earth environment, due to their interactions, in the past, as you measure time, with beings of other density levels.
Q: (L) What beings would those be?
A: Well, we have described 4th density STS beings on many occasions.
Q: (L) The Lizard Beings?
A: Indeed.
Q: (L) Who was Arajuna of Tiahuanaco?
A: Well, we believe that you are referring to one of approximately eight hybrids that ruled the area currently referred to as Central America. Hybrids being a 4th density to 3rd density transfer experiment from the Lizard race to the human race, which was abandoned after approximately 240 years of experimentation by the Lizard Beings, due to the lack of success for sustaining physical duplication, or reproduction of the race. It was one of several attempts by the Lizard Beings to directly transmit their souls into 3rd density environment for permanent placement there. And, of course it is no longer perceived as necessary by them because their intention is to rule 3rd density beings in 4th density when they arrive there.
Q: (L) Who built the city of Tiahuanaco?
A: The Lizard Beings in cooperation with humans.
Q: (L) When was it built?
A: Varying time frames since it seems to have been destroyed at two points. We have to estimate an average of 8,000 years prior to the current time, as you measure it.

Helena Blavatsky wrote:

In Hindu works America is referred to as Patala, meaning the antipodes, and Arjuna, Krishna's disciple, is said to have descended to Patala and married a daughter of one of the Nagas, or Serpents of Wisdom.

And of course, the "serpents of wisdom" are seen as the "civilizing good guys." What is most interesting is that, by following the pathway of the religious symbolism and the art, we can see a connection between the South American civilizations to India and the Indus Valley Civilization, and thence to Egypt, finally coming to rest in Judaism and modern Christianity based on the Egyptian religion. All of them contain elements of "flaying the sacrifice," worship of the sun, fire and mountain gods, slashing the penis as an offering to the gods (finally becoming circumcision), and worship of the serpent, either overt or hidden. (Recall Moses' bronze serpent in the desert.)

We can even follow the distorted skulls of the alien hybrid suggested above from the Ica Skulls of Peru, to the artistic renditions on Easter Island, to the piled up hair of Shiva, to the elongated skull representations of the Egyptian pharaohs - not to mention the actual physical distortion of the skull of Nefertiti and her children. That King Tut's skull was similarly deformed suggests that he was definitely the child of Nefertiti. Earlier representations of Akhenaten show him with a completely normal skull configuration, so it is clear that the "hybrid genetics" came from Nefertiti. And perhaps that was her "entree" to the royal family - the "mark of the beast," so to say. At one point, a "deformed skull" was found that was proclaimed to have been Akhenaten, but it later turned out to be the mummy of a woman. The facts seem to show that the bones of Akhenaten and Nefertiti have never been found.

The short synopsis of the situation, following the tracks and traces of myth and legends, blood types and art work, archeological and paleontological remains and artifacts, lead to the conclusion that the "Southern contingent," the "pyramid people," were the Masters of Atlantis, aided and abetted by hyperdimensional negative beings in an attempt to take over the world, and were defeated by the Athenians, or the Northern contingent, the circle people, the builders of Stonehenge and worshippers of the Moon and the Mother goddess. But this defeat of the Atlanteans - keeping in mind that the "Athenians," as part of the global culture, can also be called "Atlanteans," just as both France and the U.S. can be called members of NATO - was shortlived because it was closely followed by disaster piled on disaster in the form of swarms of comets, asteroids, meteorites, and an EM disturbance of the solar system that was so dramatic that the very planets were jostled and seen to exchange energy potentials.

What we conjecture from all of this is that, at certain points in time when the population of the planet reaches a certain density, it is possible that, during a global cataclysm, to utilize the energy given off by human beings in the throes of terror and destruction, to infuse a certain "idea center" with its "hyperdimensional nutriment." We noticed that the population figure for Atlantis that the C's gave is very similar to our present day population, and that suggests that this stimulation of population growth has been deliberate. In other words, in a strange sort of way, Gurdjieff's remark that mankind is "food for the Moon" is not much of a stretch if we understand it in the context of the Moon as the "eighth sphere" or the portal to hyperdimensional realms.

STS forces, remember, have no power of creativity; they cannot generate work of their own.  They need the power of the Mother to do that.  That is why they capture women with power, keep them half-alive so as to maintain a minimal continuity of creative interaction and the suitable production of form. 

It is through tailored regulation of Loves' forms that STS intelligence derives the means of coercing soul-energy into converting to specific psychic and emotional coinage - Service to Self.  And it is through the cumulative psychic and emotional energy that the STS forces hope to obtain the energy-keys to timelocks and spatial corridors of even richer and still-virgin terrains, portions of the cosmos intact with creative life, ripe for plunder and privileged profit.

Thus, the negative being of higher densities takes on the configuration of a forebodingly lonely presence, lurking in caves and desolate grottos of the astrophysical realms.  It becomes a fiercely mental entity of 5th density power-knowledge, possessing the proverbial basilisk gaze and only turning the stream of its attention "away" from that intensified/contractile self absorption toward the created worlds [..] imbibing the "light units" to insure the uninterrupted power that it needs, the inconceivable "wattage" required, to maintain that monumental self-absorption and narcissistic self-luminance of the negative Ego-postulate - the Anti-Logos, the Selfness of Consciousness - Ormethion. It must absorb them into itself - it feels the necessity of undoing creation - it NEEDS that energy to fuel its infinite self-contemplation.

This is the Ultimate Objective of the Being at the apex of the pyramidal food chain.  And this is why its agenda is masked in the lower levels of the hierarchy.  Until such lower level negative beings have consumed sufficient energy - a sort of critical mass - to trigger the implosion of such extraordinary self concentration, they are only interested in destroying that which resists their domination and preserving a vital minimum of captured resources so as to possess an ongoing supply of nutriment.  They wish to control, or freeze the rate of planetary destruction and disintegration so as to technically conserve the intelligent life-form in a tractable state so as to render it a good "servant." 

The Negative forces can demonstrate remarkably far-sighted restraint.  If one group has been effectively captured and could be completely annihilated, instead, the game will be preserved with the conquerors holding their positions intact, poised to parlay their gains into even greater negative glory of "galactic conquest."  This is just superior strategy, trying to include as much as can be included at once so that a comparatively larger portion of the multidimensional cosmos can be wiped out in the twinkling of an eye.

And those periods of time when energy potentials are exchanged between planets, or between the Sun and the planets, as a result of the disruption created by swarms of cometary bodies, are the precise times when such "energy transfers" are most likely. And that brings us to the issue of just how swarms of comets can create such disruption.

French mathematician Henri Poincare first blew the whistle on the "closed system" thinking of Newtonian mechanics. According to classical physics, Newtonian physics, a closed system is perfectly orderly and predictable. A pendulum in a vacuum, free of friction and air resistance, will conserve its energy. The pendulum will swing back and forth for all eternity. It will not be subject to the dissipation of entropy, which eats its way into systems by causing them to give up their energy to the surrounding environment. Planets, like pendulums, cannot be disturbed unless by outside chance, and they must be unvarying in their perambulations around the sun.

But Poincare asked a question about the stability of the solar system. Why he asked this question, we do not know; but he did. And the reaction to his question was the standard linear/faith brush-off: "Of course they are stable! They've been stable for a long time. Heck, we can predict eclipses years in advance!" It was a tenet of the scientific faith that knowing the law of force and mass of the bodies, any good scientist could predict the interactions with Newton's equations. The law of force, the inverse square of the law of gravitation, was all wrapped up in a nice, neat package.

But Poincare had been doing some math on the side, and he knew that there was a small difficulty here: for a system containing only two bodies, Newton's equations work. For an ideal two-body system, the orbits are stable. The problem arises when going from two to three bodies, such as including the Sun in the equations, Newton's equations become unsolvable! For formal mathematical reasons, the three-body equation cannot be worked out closer than an "approximation:"

Well, one would think that an "approximation" might be okay. We can live with that. It's nothing to keep one awake at night, right? Well, Poincare knew that the approximation method appeared to work for the first few terms added, but when the number of terms increased, if you add more and more bodies to the system, even including a few spare asteroids and their very minute perturbations of the system, over long periods of time, at some point the orbits shift and the solar system begins to break apart under its own internal forces.

Mathematically, this problem is nonlinear and nonintegrable. When you add a term to a two body system it increases the nonlinear complexity, or feedback of the system. Poincare did this, and was satisfied that a 3 body system remained pretty stable. Small perturbations, but so what? With just the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, we can sleep safely in our beds at night. Right?

Wrong. What happened next was a shock. Poincare discovered that with even the very smallest perturbation, some orbits behaved in an erratic, even chaotic way. His calculations showed that a minute gravitational pull from a third body might cause a planet to wobble and weave drunkenly in its orbit and even fly out of the solar system altogether! And just imagine what a swarm of comets might do!

One will be struck by the complexity of this figure which I do not even attempt to draw. Nothing more properly gives us an idea of complication of the problem of three bodies and, in general, of all the problems in dynamics where there is no uniform integral. [H. Poincare quoted by M. Schroeder in Fractals, Chaos, Power Laws]

Poincare had discovered that chaos is the essence of the nonlinear system. He revealed that even a completely deterministic system like our solar system could do crazy things with the least provocation. The smallest effects could be magnified through positive feedback and a simple system can explode into shocking complexity.

And that seems to be what happened then, and what is before us in the not-too-distant future. And this brings us back to our own civilization as the reincarnation of Atlantis with the United States as the "central Atlantean power" that seeks to conquer the world economically and otherwise:

Q: Why is this happening to us? [Referring to the idea of alien abductions and genetic engineering, earth changes, and general global mayhem.]
A: Karma.
Q: (L) What kind of Karma could bring this?
A: Atlantis.
Q: (L) What can protect us?
A: Knowledge.
Q: (L) How do we get this knowledge?
A: You are being given it now.

Q: (L) I would like to know if you could comment on what we were discussing earlier, the purported idea of mans' destruction of the planet. This is, of course, a disturbing aspect of mankind, but I wonder if mankind is as guilty as he is made to feel?
A: Mankind, so called, is one element of creation.
Q: (L) When you say 'one element of creation' in relation to the question about man's destruction of the planet, are you saying that this so-called destruction can, in a sense, be considered to be creative?
A: The "destruction" is merely one segment of all that exists in a long wave cycle.
Q: (T) Basically, man is doing what he is supposed to be doing, whether we know it or not. [...] (L) Now, one question that we were discussing earlier is: how can the close approach of the companion star cause an increase in the Sun's gravity when there is no reason why it should change anything since gravity is a function of mass?
A: But do you rally know all there is to know about gravity?
Q: (A) No, we don't know. But, does this mean that this will be an effect that does not follow from the theory of gravity that we know already?
A: Gravity is the life force that binds all realities as one.
Q: (L) What are the mechanics of the increase in the Sun's gravity? What is going to cause this?
A: In order to understand this, you would need a reworking of the theorem.
Q: (L) Can you help us in this reworking of the theorem?
A: Waves.
Q: (A) What I want to ask is: we have Einstein's theory of gravity, and the question is whether the effect of increasing the Sun's gravity is something that goes beyond Einstein's equations or not?
A: You must see the wave.
Q: (A) What wave, a gravitational wave, or an electromagnetic wave, or some other wave? What wave?
A: Arkadiusz, how do these intersect?
Q: (A) Gravity and electromagnetic?
A: Yes. And others.
Q: (A) How they are described within a theory, or how they intersect in space when they come together?
A: Both.
Q: (A) Okay, why does this increase in the Sun's gravity have anything to do with electromagnetism? We were told that the Brown star will not radiate any radiation, so, in particular, no electromagnetic radiation. So, where does electromagnetics come in? I do not understand...
A: Gravitational pull incites electromagnetic impulse.
Q: (A) Okay, that means we go beyond gravitational theory, and this is part of Unified Field Theory?
A: Yes, exactly!! The complete UFT was withheld from you!
Q: (L) I think they mean humanity in general...
A: Yes.
Q: (T) So, the complete UFT is known to someone here on the planet?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) And they are not making it available...
A: Oh no, because "The Truth Will Set You Free!"
Q: (J) From gravity!
A: You may access hyperspatial truths with UFT.
Q: (A) Is it a good time for me to know more on that, to work on that? Can you give me a pointer so that I can discover it for myself?
A: Back up to where you were in "69."
Q: (T) You must have been looking into something in 1969... you were a young'n then and didn't know you had stumbled onto something. (A) I was reading books by Lichnerowicz on UFT...
A: Yes. Check the notes.
Q: (L) Well, we have a REAL problem with these notes and papers and things because of the fact that the bags that they were packed in have disappeared!
A: Gee, we wonder why?!?
Q: (L) If we make a stink about these bags, will we get them back?
A: No. Wait to see if they arrive.
Q: (L) We have been waiting a year! Well, there was a lot of stuff for them to go through... we'll have to wait awhile!
A: Even without notes, the lonely young man walks down the concrete walk with the clumsily arranged light poles, contemplating the truth, the REAL truth. You were in an alpha state, a crossroads, wondering "where do I go from here?" "And why are all these things being pushed onto me?" Go back to then, Arkady. You know you are really a "Russian" at heart!
Q: (A) Well, we started with the increased mass of the Sun, and we came to UFT which is hidden from us because it would make us free; there is this tendency in me to follow this road because it is science and would open a new road. The question is whether such activity or knowing such things will lead to other densities? Is it just for satisfaction, or is there real value in knowing more in this direction?
A: Well, the Unified Field Theory unlocks the door completely to the higher densities.
Q: (T) But there are parts of this that have yet to be discovered by the general research books because it is being kept secret?
A: No.
Q: (T) Has science acknowledged that gravity is a wave, as something that can be measured, quantitative?
A: Controversy.
Q: (L) What gravity is and what it is not is a controversy. (T) But if gravity is part of the UFT, and somebody knows what it is... (L) They are building HAARP. (T) I think there is more to it than this HAARP. UFT is a major step...
A: Grids.
Q: (L) What kind of grids... (T) They keep jumping off... wait a minute...
A: We are not "jumping off."
Q: (L) What kind of grids?
A: The planet has been enshrouded with EM grid.
Q: (T) Are these the ley lines?
A: No.
Q: (L) Are they artificially generated?
A: Contoured.
Q: (L) They are artificially contoured. What is the result of this shrouding?
A: Manipulated for use by 3rd/4th Consortium.
Q: (A) What kind of EM grid? (L) The natural EM grid is being contoured...
A: Like a gently waving geometric "blanket."
Q: (T) Is it on the surface of the planet, through the planet, or where?
A: Above.
Q: (J) Do microwave towers factor into this?
A: Indirectly discovered by same principal. [person?]
Q: (A) Who is this principal? A name? (T) The gravity waves, whether they exist or not, are a controversy, yet they are part of the UFT, and someone already knows how it works. Therefore, it is only controversy to those who don't know what the answer is, and it is not a controversy to those who know. They know what it is and how to measure it and how to use it.
A: Of course.
Q: (T) So, it is only a controversy that is allowed to be. (L) Or created. (A) Some power is used to sustain this grid. What is it?
A: Land and space based generators.
Q: (T) What can it be used for?
A: Multiple uses.
Q: (L) Well, what are the top three, for example?
A: No "top three."
Q: (T) Just an example, give us an idea? How does this affect us?
A: Broaden concept.
Q: (T) Can this grid be used by other objects as a power source? (J) Can it be tapped into?
A: Net.
Q: (L) It is a net that traps things?
A: Broaden.
Q: (L) It is a net that...
A: Calculates...
Q: (J) Internet? (T) Is it like a big fence to keep us in?
A: You are dancing on the 3rd density ballroom floor. "Alice likes to go through the looking glass" at the Crystal Palace. Atlantean reincarnation surge brings on the urge to have a repeat performance.
Q: (T) The Atlanteans who have reincarnated are getting ready to do the same thing they did before with the crystals. So, this is an Atlantean type thing that is being done now? Different equipment, but the same type of thing?
A: All lessons must be learned before you can move onto bigger and better things.
Q: (L) Is that a general statement about the Atlanteans repeating the lessons, or that once we learn this lesson, we can move onto bigger and better things in counteracting this grid?
A: All that is present and future too.
Q: (T) Well, maybe it is a defensive shield that has been put up to protect us since we have monkeyed with the ozone so much...
A: No. Better to contemplate and meditate. No linear thinking please, you know better.
Q: (J) I think they just slapped your hand. (A) I want to ask if there is something that we can and should do about this grid for ourselves?
A: Why? To know was all you need.
Q: (A) Well, it was said that this was for the purpose of control and manipulation. So, knowing is all that we need. Or, we could try to shield... (L) But, to know IS the shield. I don't know how that works, but it seems to be so.
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Now, how did we come to this grid from UFT?
A: Grid construction represents application of...
Q: (L) Somehow we went from the increased gravity of the Sun, to UFT, to the grid...
A: UFT explains the "increased" gravity of Sol. But, is there not something in UFT about increase/decrease???
Q: (A) There is no reason for it to increase or decrease... but this is Einstein's theory which we were told is incorrect... (L) Well, maybe it is speed? When two things are rotating in tandem, when they come together, wouldn't it increase their speed, and doesn't speed increase gravity? (A) No, we were told that there is some interaction between gravity and EM wave, and this is what UFT is about... If we use other dimensions which we are supposed to use in this UFT, going with Kaluza-Klein, then the very concept of mass is something which is not so clear, and mass can be variable...
A: Yes, variability of physicality.
Q: (T) Fourth density. (A) We were told earlier that this UFT opens the door to other densities...
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Can we have a UFT which unifies EM and gravity and does not include the concept of other densities. In other words, can we put in a textbook all about the gravity and electromagnetics, and a student could learn all of this and still know nothing about other densities?
A: No. Other densities become apparent when...
Q: (A) So, it means that Einstein and Von Neumann knew about these other densities?
A: Yes, oh yes!!!
Q: (T) Just a thought: having UFT and being able to manipulate different fields within it, creates different effects. So, as we understand it in the apparent present state of science, we have to spin something in space in order to create gravity. But, with the UFT, one small offshoot is that one could create real gravity without spinning anything. So, the problem of weightlessness is really already solved...
A: Elementary my dear Terry, elementary.
Q: (T) So, this whole thing with the space station and all the trouble they are having readapting to gravity when they come back, is all a game...
A: When you "let the cat out of the bag," you create an entire feline "nation."
Q: (T) So, we are capable of "Star Trek" right now?
A: In a sense, but there is so much more than that.
Q: (T) Of course. Most people would say that 'cutting edge' science is 25 years ahead of what we see, and I say it is more like a hundred years, and I am even off? Cutting edge science on this planet is more like 3 or 4 hundred years ahead?
A: More like 30 to 40,000 years "ahead!"
Q: (L) Is that because of 4th density influence and information?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) 30 to 40 thousand years? Let me get that number right...
A: Yes, at least.

This, of course, brings us back to our problem: what to do?

Q: (L) I read the new book by Dr. David Jacobs, professor of History at Temple University, concerning his extensive research into the alien abduction phenomenon. [Dr. Jacobs wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the history of the UFOs.] Dr. Jacobs says that now, after all of these years of somewhat rigorous research, that he KNOWS what the aliens are here for and he is afraid. David Jacobs says that producing offspring is the primary objective behind the abduction phenomenon. Is this, in fact, the case?
A: Part, but not "the whole thing."
Q: (L) Is there another dominant reason?
A: Replacement.
Q: (L) Replacement of what?
A: You.
Q: (L) How do you mean? Creating a race to replace human beings, or abducting specific humans to replace them with a clone or whatever?
A: Mainly the former. You see, if one desires to create a new race, what better way than to mass hybridize, then mass reincarnate. Especially when the host species is so forever ignorant, controlled, and anthropocentric. What a lovely environment for total destruction and conquest and replacement... see?
Q: (L) Well, that answered my other question about the objective. Well, here in the book, Dr. Jacobs says that there is ongoing abductions through particular families. I quote:

'Beyond protecting the fetus, there are other reasons for secrecy. If abductions are, as all the evidence clearly indicates, an intergenerational phenomenon in which the children of abductees are themselves abductees, then one of the aliens' goals is the generation of more abductees. Are all children of abductees incorporated into the phenomenon? The evidence suggests that the answer is yes. If an abductee has children with a non-abductee, the chances are that all their descendants will be abductees. This means that through normal population increase, divorce, remarriage and so on, the abductee population will increase quickly throughout the generations. When those children grow and marry and have children of their own, all of their children, whether they marry an abductee or non-abductee, will be abductees. To protect the intergenerational nature of the breeding program, it must be kept secret from the abductees so that they will continue to have children. If the abductees KNEW that the program was intergenerational, they might elect not to have children. This would bring a critical part of the program to a halt, which the aliens cannot allow. The final reason for secrecy is to expand the breeding program, to integrate laterally in society, the aliens must make sure that abductees mate with non-abductees and produce abductee children.'

Now, this seems to suggest that there is a particular bloodline that is susceptible to...
A: We have told you before: the Nazi experience was a "trial run," and by now you see the similarities, do you not?
Q: (L) Yes, I do see...
A: Now, we have also told you that the experience of the "Native Americans" vis a vis the Europeans may be a precursor in microcosm. Also, what Earthian 3rd density does to Terran 2nd density should offer "food for thought." In other words, thou are not so special, despite thy perspective, eh? And we have also warned that after conversion of Earth humans to 4th density, the Orion 4th density and their allies hope to control you "there." Now put this all together and what have you? At least you should by now know that it is the soul that matters, not the body. Others have genetically, spiritually and psychically manipulated/engineered you to be bodycentric. Interesting, as despite all efforts by 4th through 6th density STO, this "veil remains unbroken."
Q: (L) Now, the big question is: what are we supposed to DO with this information?
A: As with all else, it is not what you should do with it, it is just that you have it.
Q: (L) Is there any possibility of defeating the plans of the 4th density STS in this project?
A: Is there any possibility of defeating the Spanish Conquistadores and the English, French, Dutch and German "colonists?"
Q: (F) Did they say what I think they said? (L) Yes. That is inexpressibly depressing.
A: And you expected a Rose Garden?
Q: (L) If that's the way it is, why don't we all join the Heaven's Gate cult and commit mass suicide and just not deal with all this stuff?!
A: You chose to "deal with it," now did you not?
Q: (L) Well, was I in my right mind when I made that choice, or had I been drinking?
A: No drinking on 5th density!
Q: (L) Now, I have been having an exchange with Carla McCarty who was the Ra channel. She says that we are not supposed to DO anything, we are just supposed to BE, and what we are supposed to BE is to just let love flow through us, love the aliens and everybody and just sort of relax in the tulips and, if they take us over, then we should LOVE that, too. Somehow, I don't find this...
A: All there is is lessons!!
Q: (L) Is the lesson to learn how to give up the ghost with panache? What's the point?
A: Your experiences never end, only transform. No bodycentrics need apply.
Q: (L) Well, you once said something about the transition to 4th density creating a 'level playing field.' Then, the people will wake up and there will be a battle between the humans and aliens...
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And if it is a more level playing field, then the situation would not quite be the same as the Conquistadores against the Aztecs and the Native Americans against the Europeans and...
A: Wrong, all in that drama were at 3rd density. The rabbits, rats, dogs, etc. are not on a level playing field with you!
Q: (L) Do the aliens know about the upcoming comets and all that sort of thing?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And they have the idea that what they are doing, this race they are creating, is going to survive this cataclysmic activity?
A: Of course.
Q: (L) Is that 'of course' as in they ARE going to survive, or that they BELIEVE they are going to survive?
A: Both.
Q: (L) Okay, you once told us that this was like a 'cosmic battle.' That the cycle was going to create balance and so on. I am trying to understand this. If that is the case, it seems that there is more to it than the Conquistadores against the Aztecs and the Europeans against the Native Americans; that at some point the story changes - the oppressed fight back - I am trying to get the allegory into a more understandable framework. Do you see what I mean?
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, that is because I am confused. What I am trying to ask without asking it directly is: what chance do we have of doing anything?
A: You are still not seeing the "bigger picture."
Q: (L) What is the bigger picture?
A: Your souls, your consciousness.
Q: (L) So, in other words, we chose to come in at this particular point in time to experience this mass takeover of our planet and the conquest and destruction of the human race, just so we could have this experience, check- out and reincarnate?
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, that is what it sounds like! You say that the only thing that really matters is our souls, our consciousness, so if we tend to our souls and our bodies check out, then obviously the answer is to a) reincarnate, or b) move to the next density and reincarnate. What other option is there?
A: How long did you expect to "live?"
Q: (L) Well, under the normal circumstance, 70 or 80 years, optimistically.
A: And is that long?
Q: (L) No, it is not. By cosmic standards it is a whiff of vapor. What are you getting at here?
A: Think about it. ? Have you had any contemporaries who transited to 5th density?
Q: (L) Yes.
A: How come? How can this be possible?
Q: (L) Because they died. The body died.
A: Why?
Q: (L) Because that is what bodies do.
A: But is it "fair?"
Q: (L) Is it fair?! I guess if that is what they choose.
A: And...
Q: (L) I don't know where you are going with this!
A: You seem to be under the impression that only "good" experiences are acceptable.
Q: (L) No, I am not under the impression that only good experiences are acceptable, but I AM in a little bit of a quandary here because, here we are talking to you guys who are supposed to be 'us' in the future. Here we are in this period of time on this planet, where things are in a very strange state. There is some kind of huge transition going on, and I am just wondering what is the whole point. Why are we talking to you? What's the point?
A: It is the lesson. Do you not understand still? The lesson, the lessons, that is all there is. They are all immeasurably valuable.
Q: (L) Okay, we are having these lessons. You have told us what is going on. We see it going on around us. I am convinced that what you have said is so from a LOT of other circumstantial evidence as well as the research of others who have come to the same conclusion and, DAMN IT, IT'S UGLY! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?! IT'S UGLY!
A: That is your perspective.
Q: (L) Well, as C** said on the phone the other day, what are we supposed to awaken to? Are we supposed to just awaken to the fact that we can SEE all this stuff going on?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And just waking up and seeing it is the whole thing? Okay, once we wake up and SEE it, why can't we just check out at that point? If you know what the script is, you don't have to watch the movie!
A: But then you miss out on the experience.
Q: (L) So, we are all here to experience being munched and crunched...
A: No.
Q: (L) Imprisoned, controlled, being treated like rats in a cage in a laboratory...
A: Ecstasy, remember?
Q: (L) Ecstasy?! WELL SWELL! We can just ALL be BURNED AT THE STAKE! I understand that is QUITE an ECSTATIC experience! I'm sure William Wallace felt perfectly ecstatic when they castrated him and removed his bowels and burned them in a brazier in front of his face!
A: Not so long ago, your face smashed upon the pavement...
Q: (L) Was that an ecstatic experience?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, when you say 'ecstatic' you could just be talking about jumping out a window and croaking?! You gotta understand here! The perspective here on 3rd density! You don't have faces to smash on pavements!
A: Neither will/do you/us.
Q: (A) You say knowledge protects. It protects against WHAT?
A: Many things. One example: post transformational trauma and confusion.
Q: (L) So, knowledge is going to protect us against post transformational trauma and confusion. You are saying that this transition to 4th density is going to be traumatic and confusing. Do you mean transformation from 3rd to 4th density, or 3rd to 5th density, i.e. death?
A: Both.
Q: (L) So, if one does not have the shock and trauma and the confusion and so forth, one is then able to function better?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Well, if a person transitions directly from 3rd to 4th density without cycling through 5th density via dying, that implies that persons can transition directly from 3rd to 4th density without dying. Is that correct?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) How does that feel? How is that experience...
A: Alice through the looking glass.
Q: (A) Okay, they say that knowledge is supposed to protect from trauma and confusion. On the other hand, all is lessons, so trauma is a lesson. Why are we supposed to work to avoid a lesson?
A: You are correct, it is a lesson, but if you have foreknowledge, you are learning that lesson early, and in a different way.
Q: (L) So, if you learn the lesson in a different way, does that mitigate the need or the way or the process of the way of learning at the time of transition?
A: Yes. Smoother.
Q: (L) I do have to say that thinking about it all, not being able to do anything about it, not being able to talk to people about it because they don't believe, is certainly more painful than being hit by the shock of it...
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, you are suggesting that I CAN tell others such things?
A: You can convey, but suggest it be done in a subtle fashion.
Q: (L) Well, how subtle can it be? I mean, 'hello folks, you know the words munch, crunch, yum yum???'
A: It is not all that way, and you know it! Most are not eaten, just manipulated. Knowledge protects in the most amazing ways. Mathematics are "taught' in your realm in such a way that only a select few will learn. And mathematics is the language of all creation. For example, advanced math studies, such as algebra, provide the keys to unlocking the doors between the matter and antimatter universes. Suggest those present who still need to, learn algebra.
Q: (L) Okay, you suggest that those present learn algebra...
A: Who need to.
Q: (L) Are you saying that we can unlock doors between matter and anti-matter universes? Is that what you are getting at here?
A: Maybe...
Q: (L) I certainly don't want to hang out on this planet after it is taken over by aliens and everybody is getting munched!
A: Munched? Please!!
Q: (A) I want to refer to the previous session when we were talking about UFT and you said that I should go back to 1969. I tried to remember what, in particular, in 1969, what was the crossroads? I couldn't remember anything. Can I have some clue: what was it? Which month?
A: August.
Q: (A) Was it in Wroclaw?
A: Yes. Lodz.
Q: (A) That is the town where my brother is living. Perhaps, yes... I was there in 1969. Yes, that is true. I want to know about the remark saying 'Russian at heart?'
A: You studied it, you interacted with amazing people... Hamburg...
Q: (A) Yes, that is true, but why is it relevant?
A: The doors are opened to revelation by contemplating the past which is really the present.
Q: (A) Now, is this mention of 'Russian,' and going to Hamburg related to research I was doing in Hamburg?
A: Reading Russian books about pertinent theoretical or hypothetical principles? Hamburg? Research? Yes, but that is a clue and all we can give you, lest you miss the opportunity to discover something truly important.
Q: (L) Okay, we'll work on it.
A: Pathway by the lightpoles, Arkadiusz...

Q: (L) One of the crop circles you interpreted was an "astronomical twin phenomenon." What is an astronomical twin phenomenon?
A: Many perfectly synchronous meanings.
Q: (L) Synchronicity is involved. Does this have something to do with "image?"
A: Duplicity of, as in "Alice through the looking glass."
Q: (L) Double images. Does this relate to matter and antimatter?
A: Yes, and...
Q: (L) Gravity and manifesting on one side and manifesting a mirror image on the other...
A: Yes, and... [...] Astronomical.
Q: (L) Okay, that relates to stars and planets... astronomical in terms of another universe, an alternate universe composed of antimatter?
A: Yes, and....
Q: (L) And is this alternate universe going to merge with our universe...
A: No.
Q: (L) Is this alternate universe of antimatter the point from which phenomena occur or are manifested in our universe?
A: More like doorway or "conduit."
Q: (L) Is this alternate universe the means by which we must travel to 4th density? Is it like a veil, or an abyss of some sort?
A: Think of it as the highway.
Q: (L) So, we must travel through this universe of antimatter in order to reach 4th density?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is something going to happen in terms of interacting with this antimatter in order to bring about some sort of transition?
A: No. Realm Border is traveling wave.
Q: (L) Okay, you say "traveling wave," and then you say that antimatter is the highway. Does this mean moving through antimatter or interacting in some way with antimatter via the the impetus of the traveling wave, or realm border?
A: Bends space/time, this is where your unstable gravity waves can be utilized.
Q: (L) Utilizing antimatter by creating an EM field, which destabilizes the gravity wave, allows antimatter to unite with matter, creating a portal through which space/time can be bent, or traveled through via this "bending." In other words, producing an EM field, bringing in the antimatter, IS the bending of space/time? Is that it?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) Is there a portal for each person, or one large portal?
A: No.
Q: (V) So we move through a portal in masses?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is this generating of EM fields to destabilize the gravity wave what the HAARP assembly is designed and built for?
A: No.
Q: (V) If there are not personal portals for one person, or portals for groups of people...
A: Portal is where you desire it to be.
Q: (V) So it could just be a state of mind?
A: No. With proper technology you can create a portal where desired. There are unlimited options.

Q: (A) I want to ask about this grid business. I have this book with this 'sacred geometry' business, Bruce Cathie and all that. These people draw these grids with geometric shapes that differ from simple meridians. I would like to know how to find out what is the true geometry of this grid? Is it as complicated as they draw it, or is it as simple as longitude and latitude? Can I have some help with this?
A: Seek answers in the pyrotechnics.
Q: (L) Do you mean having to do with explosives or fireworks?
A: All that is related to the root. For example: lightning.
Q: (L) Yes, but what we are asking is how to SHAPE, to construct a correct grid! Is there a particular geometric figure that applies, and are there particular locations ...
A: No, no, no. You are assuming, and you are not being patient.
Q: (A) I don't understand what this pyrotechnics is about, but first question: at some point we were asking about this magnetic grid, and we were told that the grid lines are located about every 200 miles, and that it is a regular pattern of lines...
A: Yes, but those are primary. What happens at the poles?
Q: (A) At the poles, these lines converge, and the pattern becomes more complex, I suspect.
A: Convergence.
Q: (A) Okay, they converge at the poles, and probably go inside.
A: In atmosphere, there is undulation. At core, there is primary convergence, and that is also your doorway/bridge.
Q: (A) Core of the Earth?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) These lines that are being drawn, are they just one dimensional lines, or are they a plane that crosses the Earth along these lines?
A: Latter.
Q: (A) Well, I wanted to make sure because, when we were directed to this place in Russia and the term 'magnetic meridian' was brought up, and we asked the question as to where the zero magnetic meridian was located, we were told that it was at about 90 degrees East longitude in the Western Pacific ocean. We checked the map and it is clearly the Indian Ocean and not the Western Pacific. Was this just a mistake?
A: No because all those lovely, shimmering oceans intersect around a lovely island with really inexpensive real estate!
Q: (A) They are joking! They act like they drank too much! I have no idea what that means! [Laura stops and gets the Atlas and examines the area in question.] (L) Okay, the only island I can see that those lovely shimmering oceans intersect around, in the terms in which you have expressed it, is Antarctica.

And in the following excerpt, unpublished thus far, we find some clues to the "mission" and the possibilities, not to mention the current situation.

Q: [Laughter] Well let me ask you this: Am I right to be so upset with Vincent and his damned ritual magic stuff?
A: Yes.
Q: Am I right in my thinking that even if he is not conscious of it, he was sent as an agent to extract information from me?
A: Yes.
Q: Are the Cassiopaeans the ones that got in contact with him in his childhood and then when he was older [as he claims]?
A: No.
Q: Is he consciously working as an agent?
A: No.
[...] [These next remarks about Maynerd Most will be made clear in the Adventures series.]
Q: Where did that stuff about the "Percival 3" come from when Vincent was here?
A: Vincent.
Q: Is there really something hidden in the "Lair of Titus?"
A: No.
Q: Is there really going to be a 2010 Space war?
A: No.
Q: Are we really supposed to build some kind of thing to shield the earth in 2010?
A: No.
Q: Are we supposed to build some kind of technology for SOME reason?
A: Yes. Later.
[...] [Interestingly, the following remarks about Frank Scott proved to be stunningly correct, though we had no idea at the time how the scenario would ultimately play out.]
Q: I want to know what "Frank" is up to?
A: Sorry he left. Listened.
Q: (A) Who is sorry? (L) Who did he listen to?
A: Mark.
Q: I see. Is my brother mad at me, too?
A: No.
Q: (L to A) I stay in trouble all the time. The only one who doesn't get mad at me is you.
A: Frank. [Obviously, the point was that Frank was either mad at me at the time, or was going to get mad at me via the manipulations of Most.]
Q: Well, what else can I ask to get a non-answer?
A: Yes. 5 million.
Q: 5 million questions I can ask to get a non-answer. I see.
A: Voila! Joy! Now Learn!
Q: (A) Was that a joke? (L) In other words, learning is fun?
Q: It might be fun for you guys; however, there's certain things about this 3 D environment, like when you kick rocks, it hurts; and when you spend more money than you have, you go into debt.
A: But it is more fun that way.
Q: Are we supposed to move to France?
A: Yes.
Q: Are you sure?
A: Yes.
Q: When will we move to France?
A: 2003.
Q: Are we supposed to DO something in France?
A: Yes.
Q: What?
A: More work.
Q: Well, SWELL! [...] Okay. So we're going to move to France and do more work?
A: U 5.
Q: "U 5?!" Us and the three kids?
A: 8835 million. [...] Hope and glory is coming close! [...] Point the way to love in realms of light. Trust on it.
Q: I want to know why so many things were told to us in code when Frank was present?
A: Frank is a Mole.
Q: (A) If Frank was a mole, why did he leave?
A: STS looks at his own time to hook onto zone of sail soon.
Q: (L) Are you saying that STS... I don't know how to put it. Why did he leave? Was he trying to get information and he couldn't get it, and then they decided to pull him out, so that if he couldn't get it, I couldn't get it either?
A: Soon to answer itself.
Q: What was it that we know that Frank couldn't know?
A: How to build a prototype.
Q: Prototype of what?
A: Demolecularizer.
Q: Demolecularizer? Cool!

And so, we come to the idea that Knowledge Protects - but only when information becomes knowledge by being Utilized. And in the following excerpts, there are clues to this Utilization:

Q: I have a few questions on the subject of Cassiopaea. On several occasions you have described Cassiopaea or the Cassiopaeans, the unified thought form light beings that transmit through Cassiopaea, as being the 'front line of the universe's system of natural balance.' On another occasion when R*** was here, she was asking questions about Isis and you said that Isis was a 'vanguard.' Now, it seems to me that something that is at the front line is also a vanguard - that the definitions are interchangeable, or similar. In reading through all the various myths and legends, it occurs to me that the similarity between the imagery of Queen Cassiopaea and Isis is quite striking. What is the relationship between Queen Cassiopaea, archetypally speaking, and Isis?
A: Subliminal.
Q: It is subliminal? The other thing I noticed about the word 'Isis' is that it can be slightly altered to make 'I Zeus.' And, Perseus can be 'per Zeus' and Persia can be made to say 'per ziu.' One of the oldest etymological roots for the word 'God' is 'ziu' from which we get 'deu.' These all represent the English traslation of 'for God,' with Perceval being 'per ziu val' or 'strong for God.' Could you comment on these relationships?
A: Interconnected by trilingual learning curve.
Q: Any further comments?
A: No.
Q: I also noticed that the word 'Osiris' could also be slightly modified to say 'of Sirius.' Comment, please.
A: Sirius was regarded highly in your "past."
Q: What was the foundation of this regard for Sirius?
A: "From whence cometh, is seen that which knows no limitation."
Q: Could you elaborate on that?
A: Could, but will not.
Q: Why?
A: Because you can!

Q: Well, you have talked about the Wave before, and I complained that we did not have time to do certain things that you had suggested that we do. You said that, yes we would, and that these things were suggested to "prepare" us for this event. Just trying to deal with it from a linear point of view, we still have to build this pool with the columns, get a Nobel prize, supposedly, work with people on the crop circles, and all that. Are we still looking at doing these things in this linear time progression that we exist in; that we are aware of as small children on a very large plane?
A: If you let it flow, it will flow.
Q: So, you are us in the future, we are you in the past - when you say this, are you "us" in the future in the sense of ALL mankind, or in the sense of any particular group of mankind?
A: In between those limited options.
Q: Could you be more explicit?
A: No, because you wold not "get it."
Q: When I post material on the website, those people who resonate to the material believe that this refers to them also. I have been of the opinion that Unified Thought Form being must mean a very large group as represented in this density. I know that we are dealing with limiting terms. But, is this applied to people who CHOOSE the Cassiopaean option?
A: Maybe it is best to say it applies to those who recognize the application.
Q: So, if they recognize it, if they know it is them, they are part of it. (A) But, thinking in nonlinear terms, its up to us to work to make this precise. You are asking this question which implies that the answer exists. But, exactly what the answer is may be it is not yet chosen, and it is up to us to make it this way.
A: Lodestar is a clue for you.
Q: I guess that means a guiding star of some sort. Something that attracts... a lodestone is magnetic, it is where the compass points. In the myth, Cassiopaea, Danae, and Athena work together to enable Perseus to cut off the head of the Gorgon and kill the sea monster and rescue Andromeda. Of all the mythical heroes, Perseus stands out because he was SUCCESSFUL. He went on the quest, he succeeded in the mission, he freed the maiden in distress, killed a slew of Lizzie types, balanced the situation in his environment, and then even lived happily ever after. He didn't lose his reason, he didn't fail... it is about the only really successful myth. He DID it. And did it well. Is that...
A: A quest is successfully followed one step at a time. No need to gauge the staircase.


Q: What is the symbology of the 'breaking of rocks,' as in the alchemical texts, as well as related to Perseus as 'he who breaks?'
A: Occurs at a time when rocks break, as in the electromagnetic impulses that emanate from earthbound rocks when sheared by tectonic forces, and much more importantly, the possible utilization of said forces whether naturally or otherwise induced.

Q: Is the story of David a gloss of the Perseus legend?
A: Yes. More than that though.
Q: Okay, can you tell me what it is more than that?
A: A Tale of 4th Density.
Q: So it's interactive in the sense of groups, not individuals?
A: Yes.
Q: Where is the "Ethiopia" of the Cassiopeia story? Where it is today?
A: 4th Density.
Q: Okay, what people did it refer to, in a larger group sense, if it was an archetypal expression?
A: Gaul. [...]
Q: What is important about "White House?"
A: Future Hit 4th density.
Q: Future what 4th density?
A: Hit.
Q: (L) What is important about white house.
A: Go to 4th density through there.
Q: What does white house actually mean? Is it a building, or does it have an esoteric meaning?
A: Genetic structure. [...]
Q: (L) Oh, we have a new asteroid, PM-9. Is PM-9 going to hist us on May 10, 2003? (A) Maybe.
A: Very possible.
Q: Is that our "Kaboom, splat?"
A: Maybe.
Q: If it hits in the Pacific, Ranier will be a cladera, tsunamis would roll into Puget Sound, and goodbye to Hawaii!
A: Yes.
Q: (A) If it will hit, we will have nuclear radiation.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What is the probability?
A: High.
Q: Will we move to France before then?
A: Yes. [...]
Q: (L) Well, good night unless there is something else you want to say?
A: Progress is being made at all levels, so carry on! Good Night.

And so, in the final analysis, we come to some idea that we are living in a time loop in which many possibilities play out over and over again according to some archetypal pattern of the Theological Reality. At the present moment, it seems that the Atlantean drama is being replayed. We can conjecture from following the tracks that the two sides are represented by the Pyramid people vs. the Circle people at our level, though at some level, these positions merge. That isn't important to us here because that is out of the scope of our potential function.

In any event, what seems to have happened is that the Evil Empire of Atlantis, headquartered in Antarctica, with major outposts in South America, India, Egypt, and other Southern locations, was defeated by the "Athenians," or the Northern contingent - the Hyperboreans.

However, shortly after this victory, disaster struck, and it was a very long time before the different groups reassembled and were able to build the pyramids and Stonehenge. In fact, several catastrophes occurred between the final collapse of the Atlantean Empire in 10,662 BC and the final major disaster on the earth that occurred at the time of the Exodus, and which included the eruption of the volcano Thera on the island of Santorini. At each of these periods, the STS forces worked to consolidate their position, little by little obliterating the truth of the drama, except that it was transmitted to us by a true initiate: Plato. And we have Fulcanelli telling us to study the classical Greek authors, the Greek myths, for keys to our reality. He compares them to the stories in the Bible, and we certainly notice the similarity of the story of David to the story of Perseus. We then wonder if the stories of the ancient world were so widely known that they were co-opted to the use of the Egyptian religion - corrupted and distorted and "historicized?"

On the other hand, we have people like Schwaller de Lubicz, trashing Fulcanelli, trying to defame him and bastardize his work, all the while promoting the agenda of the "Egyptian Gods," in order to open the Stargates to the reality of the Evil Empire of Atlantis - Global takeover and domination.

Plato also gave us the allegory of the cave to explain the 4th density, hyperdimensional reality, and discussed at length the ways of accessing this so as to serve others. He wrote:

This entire allegory, I said, you may now append, dear Glaucon, to the previous argument; the prison-house is the world of sight, the light of the fire is the sun, and you will not misapprehend me if you interpret the journey upwards to be the ascent of the soul into the intellectual world according to my poor belief, which, at your desire, I have expressed whether rightly or wrongly God knows.

But, whether true or false, my opinion is that in the world of knowledge the idea of good appears last of all, and is seen only with an effort; and, when seen, is also inferred to be the universal author of all things beautiful and right, parent of light and of the lord of light in this visible world, and the immediate source of reason and truth in the intellectual; and that this is the power upon which he who would act rationally, either in public or private life must have his eye fixed.

I agree, he said, as far as I am able to understand you.

Moreover, I said, you must not wonder that those who attain to this beatific vision are unwilling to descend to human affairs; for their souls are ever hastening into the upper world where they desire to dwell; which desire of theirs is very natural, if our allegory may be trusted.

Yes, very natural.

And is there anything surprising in one who passes from divine contemplations to the evil state of man, misbehaving himself in a ridiculous manner; if, while his eyes are blinking and before he has become accustomed to the surrounding darkness, he is compelled to fight in courts of law, or in other places, about the images or the shadows of images of justice, and is endeavoring to meet the conceptions of those who have never yet seen absolute justice?

Anything but surprising, he replied. [...]

And now shall we consider in what way such guardians will be produced, and how they are to be brought from darkness to light, -as some are said to have ascended from the world below to the gods? [...] The process, I said, is not the turning over of an oyster-shell, but the turning round of a soul passing from a day which is little better than night to the true day of being, that is, the ascent from below, which we affirm to be true philosophy.

As the Cassiopaeans say: Strive always to rise.




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