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Part 2

Subject: Re: THE MATRIX as a prophecy concerning the fate of Christianity (Jews and Muslims read!!)

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 07:00:37 -0700

Jimmy <> wrote in message


> Dee wrote :

> > If you show the "The Matrix" to ten different people who are either

> > religious or who have mystical beliefs; you will get ten different

> > interpretations of what the movie meant.




> Funny thing about that statement, is that the same goes for the effect


> reality has on ordinary people with no mystical beliefs...


> Because every human has archetypes, and each sees reality through their


> perspective.

Actually, we all see reality more or less the same way, (except some people,

and children who have the ability to see ghosts) but depending on individual

bias, and bad memories, and changing memories, people describe things

differently, and believe reality differently, as you said, based on other

beliefs, whether or not bias. Face it, most humans are liars/assumption

makers, and the rest are truly bias and/or have memory problems. Sometimes

however, strange things DO happen, and then the liars because those who call

them liars.

I don't mean to attack your statement. It is perfectly fine the way it is.


> It is an amazing thought when you think that there are as many

> different realities as there are humans alive.


What would happen if all but 10 people on earth suddenly died? Would

everyone else's realities cease to exist? The question is, Is reality

absolute? If it isn't, can it still be called reality? Since you said

before: "each sees reality (singular) through their own perspetive" then you

said "there are as many realities as there are humans" so you can see why I

am yet again confused by your statements. I will assume for now you mean "as

many different perspectives of reality as there are humans". Again, I don't

mean to attack you, just want to clearify.



Subject: Re: 911

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 07:04:45 -0700


"This is a witness against everyone on this newsgroup."



Thomas S. McDonald <> wrote in message



> "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc> wrote in message


> > Something is going to happen tomorrow. This is a witness

> against everyone on

> > this newsgroup. I hate this newsgroup, and everyone on it

> sucks. REPENT! You

> > are all evil liars! Do not be so evil, and be holy. You

> are going to get me

> > killed because of the truth of my mouth. I am not telling

> you what is going

> > to happen until it does, because an EVIL and adulterous

> generation seeks for

> > a sign.


> Dear Xin,


> Well, your tomorrow was yesterday. Will you tell us now

> what the thing was that happened?


> Peace,

> Tom McDonald





Subject: Re: Matthews Wisemen

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 09:21:09 -0700


> King Herod died in 4 BC which is why

> they moved back the figures birth

> date to 6BC, however the census was

> in 7BC leaving the NT accounts exposed

> as falacious.

Who said Herod died the same year as the supposed "slaughter of the


To the ignorant, Jesus could have been born in 7 BC, and 2 years later the

"slaughter", and Herod died the next year, in 4 BC.

> Once again making the 6bc birth dating

> looks suspicious because how can he

> be a young child yet King Herod still

> be in the story since he was already

> passed on?

Completely right! NO WHERE in the gospels does it say how old Jesus was when

Herod died, or how many years later Herod died after attention was drawn to

Jesus by the magi.

This means Jesus could have been 18 when Herod died!

There is one mistake/lie in the gospels that is throwing everyone off. The

"slaughter of the innocents" never took place. It was made up for two

reasons: it makes Jesus seem extra-ordinary, and it fulfilled some supposed

"prophecy" in Matthew. Jesus was already 12 (young child, not a baby) when

the magi came looking for him, and that is when Herod tried to kill Jesus

personally, but he fled to Egypt. What kind of king would slaughter

thousands of babies just because some particular child was born? The king

would find that child and kill it, not thousands of babies. This is

Matthew's demonization of Herod. But like I said, Jesus was 12 when this

occured, and Herod died when Jesus was 18. Most people of this opinion

believe Jesus was only 8 when the magi came looking for him, and that he

died about that same time.


Mike Night,

If you believe Jesus was satan explain this: Jesus was a man. Satan is not a





Subject: Re: THE MATRIX as a prophecy concerning the fate of Christianity (Jews and Muslims read!!)

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 09:45:04 -0700


By saying "part of the real world" it seems you might be trying to take the

focus off of the here and now, and, just like Christians, trying to make

this "part" of the world seem unimportant, like nothing matters. I just

don't like your statements. They make me sick, not so much because of what

do say, but because of what you do not say. I could take your statements to

mean that there are many unknowns about THIS world, right here, not some far

off (as if) galaxy with many other (as if) worlds, but I think you mean it

more like "this world is not everything", or "this isn't the real world".

You describe this world as a "prison", and an "illusion". Don't act like you

agree with me if you don't. Just say flat out that you DISAGREE. I said

quite clearly THIS IS THE REAL WORLD, and although there are illusions, and

many unknowns, even illusions are made from REALITY, and this is not the

issue at hand. I believe you are just trying to find some way to let

yourself off the hook, some way to allow yourself to continue living in your

dream world, your illusion, your lie, your pathetic life in all its

selfishness. You don't care about justice. That's all, and that is why your

lie must also be destroyed.

Love is justice,


Jimmy <> wrote in message


> Yes.. in fact this world is very much a "part" of the real world, is the

> real world. But the fact is that many of us just do not see it, because


> are still under the illusions perpetuated by the senses, and therefore

> imprison our own mind. The small fraction of the universe that we do

> perceive, is typically spoken of as the totality of it. When in reality,


> small portions that we do percieve, are not lies... but are only a small

> fraction of the reality of this world. The images that we perceive are

> incomplete, yet within their incompleteness they do hold the keys to many

> different layers of more complete views, each one being more and more and

> more complete. Like a russian Babushka doll, or the same thing from the

> Navajo tribes.


> Now, given this prison that people tend to find themselves in, a prison

> which is an illusion created by a perception of only a fraction of


> how else does one who wishes to show this to someone else speak of it,

> unless they get the seeker to see that the world in which they believe is


> complete picture, truly is not. Some wish to call it illusion, others


> it the devil, others call it still merely incomplete. There will always


> portions of the universe which we are not aware of.


> Meher Baba, a sufi saint, said it quite nicely when he spoke of the


> of the seeker as a journey that starts in a small village, and then


> via the ocean to 6 subsequent ports of call. Each one being a bigger and

> bigger city, and each one having its own unique yet incomplete take on

> reality. Very often, a seeker gets to a city in the middle of this voyage

> and believes that this must be it, there is no more, and is taken in my


> incompleteness, when in reality all these very unique cities exist within

> the same world, within the same city, within the same One.


> In love,

> jimmy




Subject: Re: THE MATRIX as a prophecy concerning the fate of Christianity (Jews and Muslims read!!)

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 10:51:09 -0700


Jimmy <> wrote in message


> I'll try to address your statement here actually, and it is probably best

> that we continue on only one thread as to avoid confusion on both our


> as well as those of the readers.


> The nature of reality is often looked at in a few different ways, each

> having their own validity, however each having a bit of incompleteness


Look Jimmy, if you say reasonable and rational things, so long as you don't

make assumptions, I'm probably going to agree with you, but you are coming

from a whole line of thought that I despise.

You say: " looked at in different ways...and they are all valid"

Thus, you call me a liar, because you said reality is not absolute. Why do

people like you have such a hard time saying reality is absolute? Because

they fancy their own opinion so much, that they don't want to admit they are


Damn it. How can I talk to people such as yourself who believe that whatever

they (or anyone) believes (no matter how wrong) is just as valid as anything

elses beliefs. You are living in a dream world. The matrix is a lie. Lies do

not exist. If you are unable to wake up from the dream, how will you ever

realize that your beliefs are WRONG?

> 1. <snip, didn't make any sense>


> 2. Others who have noticed this difference in perspectives use the terms

> "reality and Reality", or "reality and actuality". The first term being

> that world which is manifested to each individual observer, the second


> the source of that manifestation. An example might be the situation in

> which we have a human and a canine in the same room. A dog whistle is

> sounded, and is beyond the perception of the human, however the dog

> percieves and responds to the stimuli. The person in this category might

> say that there were 2 different realities, yet only one Actuality, or only

> one Reality. (The eastern religions tend to use the lower-case, upper-case

> swithc to denote the two)

This make much more sense. I think the example helped, but the difference

between reality and actuality I didn't even take to heart. THEY ARE THE SAME

THING. Stop inventing (ok maybe someone did first) absurd wording for simple

ideas. (Note to children out there: Do not pay any attention to this man's

strange ideas. Everything can be explained in simple, understandable

language. Concepts such as the trinity are COMPLETE BUNK.)

Now I will explain the example you just used:

A whistle is blown. It emits a sound on a high frequency. The human ear is

unable to hear the sound on this frequency. The dog's ear is not like the

human ear. It can hear the sound. Thus, the dog responds to the sound

whereas the human does not. One reality, one actuality, because those two

words mean the same thing.

Another example: A child sees a ghost, and says: "I see a ghost". The

child's parent says: "Where?" Child: "Right in front of me." The parent does

not see the ghost. The GHOST IS THERE, but the parent's eyes are not the

same as the child's eyes.

Another example: A man says: "God exists." Another man says: "God does not

exist." GOD DOES EXIST, but each man is just stating their BIAS.

Find one example where reality has not been consistent with itself.


> 3. <snip, is this supposed to be scientific? This is unscientific

nonsense, and makes no sense to anyone with a scientific, analytical mind.>

You did say however,

"Therefore they see each individual reality as being just as valid as every

other individual reality"

Yet, as I already said, show me one example where reality is not consistent

with itself. Do you think just because you can refract different colors out

of light means reality (at present) is different to each human? Look, if it

is, it would be a very small difference, even as the shade of one color, and

the only differences from color to color would not be found here. Thus,

reality here is absolute to only 99%, which is close enough for our purposes

to call it "absolute". I do agree however that light is the best example you

will ever find of the sevenfold spirit of God, (See Revelation) God being

the light, and the sevenfold spirit being the seven colors. Thus, all seven

become reality instead of just the one, and this explains how reality CAN

CHANGE, (I never said it was absolute through time and space) but right now

at present, here, it is absolute for each of us, (to 99%) and this is at

least what I would like you to agree on.

> 4. <snip> People of this category typically choose to be

> behind the scenes, and not to make too much of a stink about anything, yet

> seek to assist any human in need. These folks are typically seen as very

> compassionate, and selfless.

This makes no sense. You said "they don't make to much of a stink about

anything" and yet "they SEEK to assist any human in need." Certainly this

implies they DO MAKE A STINK about humans in need? If so, these are the ones

who will resist evil, and thereby live. Yet, if these are the ones who

resist evil, they must not respect the reality of that evil, and therefore

it also makes no sense why you said this type "respects all the realities of


You're confusing me again.


> 5. To make it all very confusing on an exponential scale, now add in every

> other living creature on earth, and those perspectives as well. The fly

> with its compound eye, the Bird that sees wax on fruit as a luminous


Is seeing wax glow a different reality? No! This is scientifically

explained. I never said each person's perception of reality was absolute,

(that is obviously not true) just that the reality of this world (right here

and now) was absolute, and that more or less every HUMAN'S perceptions of

reality are also the same, (discounting seers and babies, an children with

'abilities') but that it is mostly bias that gives us different perspectives

of that absolute reality. You are trying to justify false beliefs by calling

them alternate perceptions of reality, when they are in fact it is not an

issue of perception, but bias perspectives.

Agree with this much, or prove otherwise with so much as ONE example.



> the Dog, the fish, the frog, the bacterium, etc. All of these


> are in fact stimuli for other perceiving creatures. An overlapping ocean


> waves of consciousness.


> -jimmy




Subject: Re: THE MATRIX as a prophecy concerning the fate of Christianity (Jews and Muslims read!!)

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 10:55:51 -0700



Dee <.@coeeaoeeaeeco> wrote in message



> Jimmy wrote in message <9mt9sb$i41$>...

> >Dee wrote :

> >> If you show the "The Matrix" to ten different people who are either

> >> religious or who have mystical beliefs; you will get ten different

> >> interpretations of what the movie meant.

> >

> >

> >

> >Funny thing about that statement, is that the same goes for the effect


> >reality has on ordinary people with no mystical beliefs...

> >

> >Because every human has archetypes, and each sees reality through their


> >perspective. It is an amazing thought when you think that there are as

> many

> >different realities as there are humans alive.


> Well, that's kind of picky. It's true that no two brains are alike, and


> different memories might be evoked. But not being too picky back atcha,


> people would agree that the recent killings in households with children


> abhorrent.


> Whereas, for "The Matrix", if you got a whole page essay; okay maybe two

> might say it's about mind control and the ignorance we as humans have


> reality. But they could disagree on who's controlling the minds, and what


> reality. Some might say it's a warning about the nwo, good versus evil,


> might say it's about Jesus, some might say it's anti-religion, some might

> say it's all about religion, some might say it's a statement against

> advanced tech, or genetic manipulation or abortions or dehumanization,


> might see other dimensions, life is a video game, mind over matter, the

> hidden talents in anyone, predestined savior with anti-religious


> blacks are more spiritual...and that's not including the silly messages,

> like Keeanu looks like Jesus probably did.


Very good Dee, you've pointed out all the BIAS perspectives people have

about the matrix. Now which is correct? They CAN'T all be correct. Only the

NON-BIAS one is correct.



Subject: Re: THE MATRIX as a prophecy concerning the fate of Christianity (Jews and Muslims read!!)

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 11:04:39 -0700


Sollog's name is an anagram of LOGOS L, which means THE LOGIC, or "THE WORD

OF GOD". Let's see your logic debunk ANYTHING I've stated as FACT. THE WORD

is a lie. Words are uttered, but that doesn't make them true. You guys like

to talk and talk, and BRAINWASH and MIND-CONTROL everyone with your

propaganda and TALK, but your words are nothing more than utterances, lies,

and they lies are not true, and therefore do not exist. Debunk with logic

anything I've said, and then you will show you are Sollog fans, as I am.



> In article <9mtgit$f7n$>, Jimmy says...


> Nice, Jimmy. Nice

> I just can't keep shut.

> X of course, is a Sollog fan. (as am i)

> I cannot help but note the irony here.

> You are expressing the Sollog viewpoint quite well.

> Xinoehpoel, on the other hand, seems to be somewhere else.

> Damn, why have you been just "lurking" for the past two years.

> Good stuff. (although a bit over my head, at times)





Subject: Re: Matthews Wisemen

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 19:23:15 -0700



Uniacke <> wrote in message


> Why not be consistent. Jesus was born in Nazareth, therefore, there was no

> star, no manger, no wisemen, no massacre. Jesus, Mary and Joseph never


> inside the Temple proper. Jesus never was in the Temple Jewish court.

> Archelaus was also called Herod. Herod the Great had his two Jewish prince

> sons killed. Herod the Great and his Samaritan son Herod Archelaus hated


> Jews as much as Jews hated them, the reason for the narratives.

> True, the "slaughter of the innocents never took place."

> Moses, David, Solomon never existed, so what? Faith is not based on

> narratives.

> >

Uniacke, I didn't reply to your other post simply because I was so confused

by it. I will assume you have a problem expressing yourself and your beliefs

in such a way so that they can be understood.

But, I like some of what you have to say. Jesus however, was not born in

Nazareth. Such a place never existed. He was probably born in Capernaum. No

massacre is right. .... I agree with Dee that Solomon and David did exist,

but about Solomon's temple, because it does exist.




Subject: Re: THE MATRIX as a prophecy concerning the fate of Christianity (Jews and Muslims read!!)

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 19:34:48 -0700



Jimmy <> wrote in message



> Xinoehpoel <tesnal@psl.moc> wrote in message


> >I could take your statements to mean that there are many unknowns about

> THIS world, right here...


> That is exactly what I am saying.

Oh no you don't. Everyone please read my full post. This is a complete LIE.

I stated quite clearly that you are disagreeing with me. Do not pretend that

you agree with me when it is quite clear that you do not. I hate what you



> This world is all here...

A completely irrational statement that makes no sense whatsoever. Please try

again in alt.mystical.talking.nonsense

... but we are only aware of the portion we are

> "tuned" to be aware of.

No, I detailed the truth in my last post, that you are trying to throw off

bias/perspective differences as perception ones. "tuned in" whatever. That

only applies to the few rare instances I detailed in my last post.


> There truly is a natural justice in all things, however we may not always

> perceive it.

A completely unrelated statement that has nothing to do with what we were

talking about.

....And at sometimes what seems like injustice, may in fact be

> justice... however, this is in the eye of the beholder.

Well, if you insist on changing the subject, yes, one man's pain is

another's pleasure, and vica versa, and yes, for every injustice, there is

either justice being made, or just to be made in the future.


> When it boils down to applicable items, it comes to this.

??? applicable items? Is english your primary language? If not, that's ok,

but I'm just checking, because if it is than there is no excuse to speak

this way.

... We as humans have

> no authority to say what is good or evil,


.......we have no authority to judge

> others in spiritual matters.


<snip complete bunk>

Yea, and there still people who believe Yahweh was evil to send the flood

and destroy mankind....that doesn't make it so.




Subject: Re: THE MATRIX as a prophecy concerning the fate of Christianity (Jews and Muslims read!!)

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 19:50:48 -0700


Well Jimmy, I'll just single out the smartest thing you've said in this


"The reasons for ones beliefs are almost always based on ones experience of

their own environment."

No free will.


> You speak of science, and then you state that it is a silly to say there


> no absolutes.

I said there are no absolutes through time and space, but here and now truth

is absolute.

...... My question is, which science, is it that you speak highly

> of, surely not that of Einstein ........

Einstein didn't really accomplish anything, and in fact, just made some

stupid ASSumptions. So why would I speak highly of him? Do you also believe

his ASSumptions? Don't you realize what that makes you, if you can't prove

what you make?


........actually showed mathematically this postulate of the relative

> (non-absolute) nature of the universe.

Yea, yea, THROUGH SPACE AND TIME, as I said. It does not prove YOUR POINT,

at all.

........ There was no belief system involved.

> Nothing except for the basic axioms of mathematics were taken on faith.

DAMN THE LIE YOU SPEAK FROM YOUR HOLE. You are a walking trinity, you know

that? So which is it? Was there no belief involved, or did it have to be

taken on faith. Ah yes, why did the basics need to be taken on faith?



> As for this dialogue, it has ceased to be so, and has turned into a debate

> without any standards of reference.

Not really. You're just an ignorant, bias, wrong man, who wont even agree

with simple concepts a 10 year old could understand.

<snip incomprehensible bunk>


> I enjoy a good scientific debate as much as the next person, only if it is

> limited to the realm of science.

Oh shut up. I am the scientist. You are the faithful believer in your

illogical ideas, which I call lies and faith. All I asked is for you to

repent and become my disciple, which is the very least you could do for the

one who freed you from the prison of your lies. Whoever believes lies, is a

slave to them.

...... When debating intrareligiously, only the

> aspects of that particular religion can be utilized, much as in scientific

> debate. However on matters of different religions, I will not debate.

Why did you not reply to the points I made in my last post? Because they

debunked your stupid religion as a farse?





Subject: Re: THE MATRIX as a prophecy concerning the fate of Christianity (Jews and Muslims read!!)

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 19:57:37 -0700


> >Very good Dee, you've pointed out all the BIAS perspectives people have

> >about the matrix. Now which is correct?


> Dunno. .....


Good job Dee. You just admitted your ignorant of the one true perspective.

Yet, I have told you what that perspective is, and you refuse to learn it.

There was a great mind name Hillel, a Torah Sage, who said: "He who does not

increase his knowledge decreases it." That's you Dee.

...........I'm still a learner, (obviously not) exchanging ideas. I know

some things that most

> other people don't, and other people know things I don't. Maybe I gotta


> Sollog when he gets out of confinement, if that's where Ennis or Sollog is

> now.

Hmm, Sollog is being quiet right now it seems, but he did have some updates

on his site recently. Perhaps he is writing another book, who knows?


> >They CAN'T all be correct. Only the

> >NON-BIAS one is correct.


> Well, I won't think of the author(s) of "The Matrix" as the teachers of


> world reality, at least till I see part 2 and part 3 might still be

> necessary.

Hmm, I think say, the authors of the Matrix planned a certain interpretation

of the movie "The Matrix" has nothing to do with sequels.




Subject: Re: THE MATRIX as a prophecy concerning the fate of Christianity (Jews and Muslims read!!)

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 19:58:27 -0700


Jimmy <> wrote in message


> I think that is a key point as well....


> Just because it is possible to see a "truth" in a story, does not mean


> the author intended that. Of course this does not detract one bit from


> personal truth that the observer has received.

Prove it.



Subject: Re: Is anything sinful? Not to you according to Paul...

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 09:27:09 -0700


I remember replying to your post the last time you posted this exact same

question in this newsgroup.

Yes, sin is only an illusion created by offences. Yes, even something

non-offending to another human being can still be a sin. Why? Because it

offends the Creator. If it did not, what else is a sin? Thus, you are wrong

that the Creator only detests sin for the reason you gave, psychological

twisting. Personally, I think it sounds like something Paul would say.

Perhaps you should become a Christian. Paul allowed abortion and

homosexuality in Romans 14:14, whereas I think, although not in all cases,

they are sins.

Others would say if you love others, you've fulfilled the whole law, but I

disagree. I think that is the least you must do. If you are a Jew, of course

there are other laws, like Sabbath. But I think everyone is subject to the

natural laws of guilt by non-resistance. No one shall stand idly by when

evil is being or has been committed to another human. This one thing I

believe will cause the greatest amount of people to sin in these last days,

so I mention it in particular. Some people would say if you just drift

though life being a good person you will be saved. I do not believe

salvation has anything to do with believing in Jesus, but I do not think

being a good person is enough either. There were some good people just

living harmless lives before God destroyed them all in the flood. This goes

to show that you must also take an active role against evil or else God will

be offended that you are not offended by the evil. I do not recommend

killing people for it, but testifying against them, and non-violent acts of

"terrorism" should be enough. If there are really bad people doing very bad

things, then perhaps killing is ok in those situations, even necessary when

God calls for it. Capital punishment would be perfectly ok, not ideal, (even

Cain was just banished) but there are some people who do not deserve to

live. One of the reasons Cain was only banished is because it was the first

murder (and he repented) and God wanted to slowing make the punishment worse

and worse, because Cain wasn't forewarned of the punishment, and also so

people wouldn't want to follow in those footsteps. The problem these days is

the ones executed are heroes and freedom fighters, not the true criminals,

such as the ones doing the executing.


colin blackburn <> wrote in message


> Dear Reader,

> What if what we have been taught about sin is incorrect

> and our Creator only detests Sint because of the way in which it twists us

> psychologically?


> For a more indepth explanation please feel free to visit my site which

> explores the theory in greater depth. I would be most grateful for any

> opinions concerning the site that you might have thank you?


> Http://



Subject: Re: THE MATRIX as a prophecy concerning the fate of Christianity (Jews and Muslims read!!)

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 09:33:40 -0700


Umm, I think you misunderstood me. All I wanted from you, if you insisted on

calling my interpretation just another in a long list, none of which are

more valid than any other, that you show how any other interpretation works,

or how mine is flawed. I could of course debunk every one else's one by one,

but it is much easier to watch you pathetically try to prove another, which

I could so easily tear apart.




Subject: Re: 911

From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 09:34:57 -0700


Since when do I post prophecies, other than end of the world cataclysmic



Thomas S. McDonald <> wrote in message



> "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc> wrote in message


> >

> > "This is a witness against everyone on this newsgroup."


> That's it? "This is a witness against everyone on this

> newsgroup."? That's your big friggin' deal? You underdid

> yourself this time, Xin. Usually I can at least rely on you

> for some interesting reading. This sucks.


> Tom



Subject: Re: Matthews Wisemen

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Mike Night <Don'> wrote in message


> True Nazareth did not yet exist till it was a command by the Roman Army to

> build the town in 90-100ad.

> The term Notzrim (off shoot sect of Messianics) was confused with the


> Hebrew term for Nazarite (person from Nazareth).

> Like Xino commented: The Christ figure from Galilee (probably yehuda of

> Galilee) was from Capernaum:

> He taught in the town of Capernaum - John 6:17,24,59, Mark 1:21, 2:1 ,


> 4:31, 7:1, Matthew 4:13,8:5,17:24.

> He lived in Capernaum, which was by the lake in the area of

> Zebulun and Naphtali mentioned in Luke 10:15 and John 2:12.

> In the New Testament it says Jesus visits his home town of Capernaum.

> However Yeshu son of Mary the 1 century earlier Christ figure would not


> fled towards Egypt to escape Jannaeus (later changed to become the Herod

> story) if he lived in Galilee, he would have fled towards Tyre to escape.

> Therefore the Yeshu character probably lived further south closer towards

> Egypt.

Interesting, I've never heard about this Jannaeus. Seeing as how Jesus had

"close friends" in Bethany, where Mary and Martha lived, he could have fled

to Egypt from there. After all, Jesus would get Herod's attention most

easily in Jerusalem for his miracles, where also the wise men went looking

for him! (as I said, he was about 12 then)

> Yeshu was the Carpenter, Yehuda probably the Fisherman, this is why the

> character has two professions 2 blames and stories upon his death, and


> to be living all over the place which is impossible and also unecessary

> making no sense.

> This is why the Image called Jesus has a new name, new birth date, and

> combined or confusing accounts that never add up to historical accuracy.

You're right about the confusion, and for this reason there is little we can

know for sure.




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> Misty wrote:



Magi: "we have come to worship him."

Does one worship a king? Perhaps the redactor of Matthew would have prefered

them to say: "We are looking for him who is born fully man, fully God."


> 3 When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem

> with him.

"and all Jerusalem with him"

This is a second redactor's hand at demonizing the Jews.



> 11 On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother

> Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened

> their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of

> incense and of myrrh.

Yea sure. There is a fictional Christian text to go along with this called

"The books of Adam and Eve"


> 12 And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod,

> they returned to their country by another route.

And how did Matthew know the Magi's dreams? The redactor writes from an

omniscient point of view, typical of fiction novels.


> 13 When they had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph

> in a dream. "Get up," he said, "take the child and his mother

> and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is

> going to search for the child to kill him."

As I said, if Jesus ever did flee, it was after he was born and because of

the miracles he was performing, when he was about 12.


> 14 So he got up, took the child and his mother during the night

> and left for Egypt,


> 15 where he stayed until the death of Herod. And so was fulfilled

> what the Lord had said through the prophet: "Out of Egypt I called

> my son."[6]

Actually this is not a prophecy of Jesus, and one of the many cases in

Matthew where he credits Jesus with the fulfillment of some obscure or

completely unrelated text in the Hebrew scriptures, some of which we do not

even know where they came from, or they were made-up out of thin air.


> 16 When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he

> was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem

> and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance

> with the time he had learned from the Magi.

Yea sure. This fiction worked up the time the magi came looking for Jesus

shows a misunderstanding about the age of Jesus at the time this occured.

This massacre is interesting for one important reason. Luke for instance

would never demonize the government like this, but Matthew seems to have no

problem doing so, but perhaps it furthers the case that Jesus was someone

extra-ordinary if Herod wanted him dead. Besides, the Hebrews hated Herod

and the Roman government and would have no problem doing this much the way

many Americans have no problem calling Clinton a murderer and displaying a

list of all the people he has had murdered. There was also a "blood eclipse"

in this year, and perhaps it sparked the redactor's imagination.


> 17 Then what was said through the prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled:


> 18 "A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel

> weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because

> they are no more."[7]

Here is another perfect example of a non-prophecy being credited to Jesus.

There may have been certain Jews suggesting passages like these were

prophecies, because after all, it does seem rather odd that Matthew suggests

these are prophecies in the first place.


> 19 After Herod died, an angel of the Lord appeared in a dream

> to Joseph in Egypt


> 20 and said, "Get up, take the child and his mother and go to

> the land of Israel, for those who were trying to take the child's

> life are dead."


> 21 So he got up, took the child and his mother and went to the

> land of Israel.


> 22 But when he heard that Archelaus was reigning in Judea in

> place of his father Herod, he was afraid to go there. Having

> been warned in a dream, he withdrew to the district of Galilee,


> 23 and he went and lived in a town called Nazareth. So was

> fulfilled what was said through the prophets: "He will be

> called a Nazarene."

Notice no footnote for this prophecy. As I said before.


> (foot notes)

> 1.[1] Traditionally Wise Men

> 2.[2] Or star when it rose

> 3.[4] Or Messiah

> 4.[6] Micah 5:2

> 5.[9] Or seen when it rose

> 6.[15] Hosea 11:1

> 7.[18] Jer. 31:15

> (NIV)


> Notice The star stopped at a house. This because Jesus was 2 years old

and they

> lived in a house and not in the stable that the Christmas story people try


> tell us.


> According to the 70 weeks of years prophecy in Daniel 9 Jesus was to be

born closer

> to 2 BC. then what you are saying in your discussion.

> There were 4 Herods in the Gospels.


> Misty,