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Most of the following session material has not been published to date.

Q: (L) We have been discussing whether or not we ought to engage in any kind of promotional activity to make people more aware of the material, of the network, of the principles we are putting together as a result of the transcripts as well as research and the activity of the group and its moving through the many areas of research. We are in something of a quandary as to whether or not promotion can be considered an STO activity.
A: Absolutely. It is giving the lie what is asked for: Truth. It should be noted that the STS system can only be penetrated by becoming "wise as serpents and gentle as doves." There is nothing negative about networking. Details of a network include the necessity for those who are involved to invest "energy" in the exchange. If the individual comes upon the life work of another and expects to benefit and gain by that work, they will naturally wish to have their own position balanced by putting forth a commensurate amount of energy. Otherwise there will be an imbalance of energy. This then leads to an STS pyramid. An example of this principle in reverse is a teacher who demands payment for no real work on their own part. The fact that both of you have devoted yourselves to this work for not just a short time, but literally your entire lives, and have not asked for the support that this intensive labor earns has, in effect, created an imbalance for those who are benefiting. Many of those who are experiencing blocks in their own lives would find those blockages dissolved by the action of opening the flow of energy in the exchange. Notice carefully how the STS domination has been created and maintained. It is not done with the objective of promoting knowledge. As you know, it is done with the intent of hiding truth. What is wrong with pointing the door to greater potential knowledge out for those in Darkness? You can shine the light on the door. The choice of opening it and passing within is up to the seeker.
Q: (A) There is another problem, in fact. We were hesitating about promoting because we knew that as long as we are working on a small scale, we will not attract attention and attack. As long as we function on a small scale, it can be allowed or accommodated in the Matrix. When we go to a larger scale, the Matrix can bring in new forces because anything on a larger scale can be considered by the Matrix as dangerous. So, enlarging the scale, attracting more interested people, at the same time we should be prepared for more attacks. So that was one of the reasons for our keeping a low profile. (L) Yes. The question is: if we approach the matter in a more active way - since we don't want to proselytize, we only want to make people aware, they can look, accept, discard, or do whatever they want; I think the awareness factor is what we are targeting; there are six billion people on this planet and most of them are asleep and don't even know it; so awareness of the existence of a different option for viewing reality is the issue - how much will this increase the level of attack?
A: Knowledge protects. You have been in "attack school" for a long time, most recently having taken a grad level course. The principles learned thusly will stand you in good stead. From the fire comes light!
Q: (A) We were several times told that "help is on the way." What kind of help?
A: When you begin to expand the potential network you will rattle a lot of bushes.
Q: (L) The thing that concerns me is that I am nervous about such ideas. Generally speaking, such approaches generally lead to an organization which then leads to codification, which then leads to all kinds of problems. You can't keep it personal and simple. Bigger networks, means more people, means more opportunities for twisting and distortion and problem. There is just so much potential for people becoming involved who do not have the same intent we have, who don't have the intent the group has, and just a whole host of things that come to mind here. When you start getting big, you can't give enough attention to everything. For now, we take care of everything ourselves. We protect the group so that they can gather their awareness; they are making extraordinary progress; and how can you do that on a larger scale?
A: At some point there will be those among your group who will step forward and accept the mantle of teacher. Your role as teachers of teachers is one that may produce the balancing energy needed for the STO harvest to be plentiful indeed. Perhaps you should relax and not be afraid of the child you have borne taking its first step out in the world. There are many teachers in your group. Each of them will awaken to their mission destiny profile as appropriate.
Q: We have recently been working with some material from Boris Mouravieff. We can see many relationships. I would like to ask about some of his political views, his ideas about creating some elite corps to help the world graduate to what he calls the cycle of the Holy Spirit. How accurate are those views of Mouravieff?
A: Mouravieff, like many who have protected and passed on the "tradition" are merely carriers and not interpreters of the capacity of a Master. The True Master understands the nature of the "worlds" in terms of real, Hyperdimensional Interpenetration. Thus Mouraveiff and others misunderstand and misinterpret, thinking in 3rd density Hierarchical terms which simply do not apply.

Q: (L) Is the place of safety at the end of time to be found in Peru?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is the place of safety a physical location on the planet?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is the place of safety a hyperdimensional state of being?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Why does the apparent counterintelligence program seek to convince so many people that Peru is a source of great wisdom, benevolence, spirituality and so forth?
A: Same as usual: diffuse knowledge. [...]
Q: (R) Regarding our Quantum Fractal program, I have only one question left on that and that is whether the detectors are consciousness interface points, is that where consciousness is interfacing with reality?
A: Frequency awareness boundaries.
Q: (L) What are frequency awareness boundaries made of? Whose awareness?
A: 7th density nature/divisions.
Q: (R) Okay so my question would be if consciousness, for example us three in this room, are we interacting with reality through 7th density which uses these frequency awareness boundaries? Right so it's kind of a middle step. I'm not sure how to phrase it.
A: 7th density interacts with divisions through you.
Q: (R) Ah! So it is not us interacting with reality through 7th density it's the other way around. 7th density is interacting with the concept of divisions through us.

Q: (V) I'll start with the Reiki symbol that we received. (shows symbol drawn on a piece of paper) This was the way it was drawn out and at the time it was drawn out we were told that it was close enough as though maybe it wasn't as it was supposed to be. I am wondering if this is closer than this? (comparing proposed alternatives) In other words if the spiraling inside of the...
A: Match corners to outside spiral, neither inside nor outside.
Q: (V) The other question I have about this symbol that I thought was very curious is in this center part there is an L, is there any significance to that?...well, I'm sure there is significance...
A: Crook shape signifies movement into higher dimension.
Q: (V) Is repetitive saying, which I guess is like a mantra which is a no-no here, of the Sanskrit word as effective as repetitive use of the symbol, does it go either way?
A: No. Important part is the geometry.
Q: (V) So the use of the symbol is putting a geometric equation into the person's body...
A: Think of it as soldering in a new circuit.
Q: (V) New circuit as in DNA?
A: More like transducer of higher consciousness. If DNA changes result it depends on the application. [A: Suffering activates neuro-chemicals which turn on DNA receptors.]
Q: (V) The next question: Is it possible in a meaningful way to send healing energy, Reiki, directly to the subconscious through the ether tube connector symbol?
A: Yes. This has also been discussed. Application increases circuit imprint.
Q: (V) Are there symbols that can be used to dispel or expel negative energy?
A: Do you think that a symbol can control your consciousness, or the consciousness of another? Q: (V) I guess I've been thinking it's a tool just as this is a tool (holds up symbol displayed earlier). I gather this is my thinking...No I don't think a symbol can control consciousness...when it's put that way. But I want to say that I think they can be used as tools also. Not to be right or anything but this my thinking at this time.
A: What quality of an individual would have to be present to set the effect of a symbol against consciousness?
Q: (V) A lack of negativity? (L) I don't think that's the point. You already have negativity right? So you're going to use a symbol to make it go away - assuming it was sent to you. So what do you have to have to make the symbol work? (V) A conscious effort? (L) Faith. You have to believe in the symbol. And if you believe in the symbol then you are putting the power in something outside of you, you don't believe that you have the ability to stand against the negative consciousness. On the other hand, if the consciousness of negativity is your own and you believe a symbol can stand against your own negativity you haven't inquired into where the negative comes from. (A) You see a tool is something which you must know exactly how it operates because otherwise it's not a tool, otherwise you are the tool. So you must exactly know and have precise knowledge of the tool if it is to be a tool. So a tool is a projection - an extension - of what is in you.
A: Otherwise you are the tool of the tool.
Q: (Discussion between Laura and Vi*** with regard to the Karuna Reiki system of healing that led to the following question) (V) From what density do the Karuna symbols come from? Are they STS or STO?
A: 3rd money growing density. Most of the symbols can be found in other literature in whole or in part.
Q: (V) Is there a symbol that will work on viruses? I know ...okay I'm back to the same question of consciousness.
A: Viruses make inroads only when there exists gaps in consciousness. A full field of awareness closes the gaps. Heal the soul by means of increased knowledge which leads to DNA modification which closes gaps...To do it otherwise amounts to self violation of lesson profiles elected by the self.
Q: (A) What about the healers, all these healers they go around the world and they heal, all the while their effects are temporary. Will they heal only those people who come and ask? And usually when they come and ask, they are asking in a specific way for them to be healed. I mean I don't know what is so specific but, the question is, of course, they don't close the consciousness gap. Or do they? How do they heal? I mean, they can kill even viruses some way. How do they do that?
A: If the healing is true, it occurs at multiple levels. It is an interaction of prior choice potential.
Q: (V) So it is going to work because it is time, or it is your destiny. So it's going to work. I guess. (B) If it works, it must mean that the individual has chosen to allow it to work at that particular time and the healer is more of a facilitator of the personal choice - at a higher level - of an individual.
A: Yes.
Q: (A) A kind of transaction between the two. (L) It's like the switch, it was ready to happen, and the "healing activity" just flipped the switch. It was ready (B) Healing comes from inside whether it was psychic or physical, we may rely on other triggers. (L) Yeah we may use all kinds of symbols in our world the way we use words to convey our ideas. We can use interactions between human beings to convey our readiness and willingness to move into a new way of being. (A) The healers maybe don't know what they do,it's just the right thing, they're there at the moment, they are there, the person is there. (V) As long as they are not doing it from their ego. (L) Right. I think it is as much a matter of there is a person who needs it and there's the person who instinctively knows what to do and how to do it and they do because they can do it. They're the person of the moment and it is there in front of them and I mean, it's like walking down the street and there's a piece of paper, do you walk by it or pick it up? (A) But there may be something more. I'm thinking about this Bulgarian guy D***. He apparently has some psychic abilities and he went into research. So now he was telling me about these bad guys who are using this for mind control and such things. But he wrote one thing that was kind of unexpected from him. He said that even the government mind control people can't do anything unless the given person is willing to be controlled. (L) Umhmm, at a deep level. The person must of their own free will choose to increase their knowledge, which then increases their awareness, which then increases their abilities of STO to communicate with and interact with other similar people. People use their free will to choose to be duped and manipulated. When they choose to refuse to seek knowledge they have already chosen. When they choose belief over seeking and being open they have already chosen.
A: In all cases freewill is paramount even if it is not apparent at this level.
Q: (V) Is there a difference or a likeness between creative visualization and imagination?
A: Not much.
Q: (V) Okay. Alright then, I was going through some of the transcripts and reading, and I found the statement in there that said "consciousness is the half-life of energy" and I thought this was just so interesting. What is the time span or frame of reference where its energy degenerates, morphs, whatever the word is, into consciousness?
A: You are assuming that physical understanding applies. In this case the better question would be: What is energy?
Q: (L) What is energy (asking Ark)? (A) Don't know. (L) What do you mean, don't know? (A) Nobody knows. (L) Oh! I see what they're saying, because energy can't be compared to a physical process such as the half-life of an atomic element or something. (V) Alright, and also maybe this is my assumption as I am relating energy to thought processes.
A: How do you know that "thinking" is energy? How about "utilization?" Take an example: Light is an energy expression of gravity. Utilization of gravity "generates" light.
Q: (A) The point is that we can't define concepts. We can show simply how they work in certain, how you say...(B) Framework. (A) Okay framework, by relating them to other concepts and by pointing this is the correct use of this word and this is incorrect use of this word. And this is not mathematics. In mathematics everything is defined in terms of primitive concepts. Here we don't know what are the primitive concepts. So we say now here is light and it's an expression of energy. Now what is so particular about light? Now you can think about what you learn from physics. From physics you know that light has no mass, it is pure quantum of energy. What it means we really don't know. We know that when light is absorbed it has a physical effect, but in the meantime where does it go? It is not mass, it's something that can hit you like energy, but not a piece of a solid something, it is pure energy. And then we know something from the Theory of Relativity, that when light travels a distance from one point to another point in the 4th dimensional Einstein space, the distance measured in this 4th dimension is zero. Light, if you sit on a ray of light you are instantaneously everywhere. Time does not flow for light which travels. That's energy. For a mass, time flows. Mass understands what is time. For light everything is instantaneous. So we learn a little bit of what energy is even if we can't seem to define it, right?
A: And, as you already guess, consciousness "precedes" light as an energy expression. So the question is: How do your quantifications apply?
Q: (A) I have a test question for Cassiopaeans. Of the following two possibilities: a) In certain circumstances energy can create consciousness. b) In certain circumstances consciousness can create energy.
A: B. Consciousness can create energy.
Q: (V) And isn't light also information?
A: Light is utilization.
Q: (V) Okay, light is utilization. Maybe I would understand it better if it said "the utilization of light."
A: What would you utilize light for?
Q: (V) Well, to raise consciousness. To raise awareness.
A: How would light raise consciousness?
Q: (V) If light is energy, I mean, if light is information...(A) Light is not information. It's not what you learn in physics. You can use light to send information. (V) Why does it have to be about physics? (L) What else can it be about? This is what they've said before: They've said that light is utilization of knowledge. That light is an energy expression of gravity and they've also said that light is also an expression of the utilization of knowledge. So we come to the idea that knowledge is gravity in a certain sense. In other words knowledge consists of all things that could or could not be in all contexts, in all realms, in all dimensions, in all universes, that the sum total of everything is like this non-existent, non-dimensional point of everything that could ever exist, it's almost like this zero point from which all potential could erupt given the proper circumstances. We're getting into something where there's not many words to describe it. There's a huge limitation that if you don't know math your words can only take you so far because as precise as you can get with your words you can't get as precise as you can get with numbers. Numbers say things that words cannot, and they say it in a way that communicates directly to some part of the mind that bypasses this word processing organ. Well I don't want to say bypasses, I mean it goes to a place that's higher than a word processing organ, so to speak. Another interesting thing is all the knowledge that we can gather is like gravity, and collecting gravity is like becoming heavier. But then when you utilize it - when you DO - when you broadcast what you SEE - you share it and there is a burst of light and this is the utilization. In other words utilizing your knowledge is doing something with it. And that goes back to that thing that Gurdjieff said that for those in the higher esoteric circles, at that level their understanding is immediately expressed as action. Understanding and action are like two sides of the same coin. And then of course there's other levels where they have understanding but they have no action. We've all seen that in the gurus who sit around and contemplate their navels saying they understand everything but they're not doing anything. They just sit there contemplating their navel. Until one can do and act based on their understanding it is not utilized and they then have not produced light unto the world. A simple example is - We can sit here and collect 700 pages of gravity of information, or knowledge and until we utilize it, until we do something with it, until we share it, it's not light... we've just collected it and it's gravity. But the minute we start writing it, the minute we start processing it through us into our reality in some way, we write web pages or we do some activity or we do as the C's say, "You will do what you will do" and that's entirely a function of your understanding. (V) Of light as utilization. (A) Light when it stops it becomes matter, maybe there is on another level, like a consciousness when it hits something it becomes light. (V) What is it hitting? (A) For instance a consciousness is hitting another consciousness, so you see there is a reaction and as a result of this reaction light is created which carries somehow the information, the knowledge of the interaction. (L) So we end up almost coming around in a circle. (V) So what you're saying then is light is not the first. (A) No we know already that consciousness creates light. We've got this answer, consciousness is more primitive. There are these levels of matter/reality I would say, okay? (V) Okay. I had it backwards in my head. I thought light was more primitive than consciousness. (A) Light is very close to matter, you stop light and you get matter. (L) Matter is nothing but congealed light. Another thing they said is light is an energy expression of gravity. It's an energy expression, that would be saying, maybe I'm wrong, that gravity is energy unexpressed. And when it expresses it's light and when it expresses here and then it expresses there we have these two lights and each one of these is a manifestation of a different unit of consciousness. And consciousness must also be a sort of unexpressed energy prior to light. When it becomes expressed it is consciousness and then the next level of the expression is when one consciousness energy and another consciousness energy interacts with each other and then light is produced. Possibly. (A) Another possibility is that consciousness is the organizing principle. Light is something that is already organized. (L) What if consciousness is an unstable gravity wave? (A) We don't know what that is, we don't even know what are gravity waves. (L) Basically we're probing into realms that have been probed and probed and probed. (A) Oh, we'll find out. (B) The sad thing about it is this whole process is cluttered with so much misdirection and semantics. (L) Yeah, and the battle factor. Speaking of battles: I want to know just really what is in Frank's mind, what are his motives for being so vicious toward us? (V) What does he have to gain from all of this?
A: He is a tool of 4d STS. He has chosen.
Q: (V) He has chosen? Okay, if somebody goes to the store and they choose to get rye bread instead of white bread, he chose it like that, or did he choose it like...
A: He came to this incarnation with a plan remembered as he awoke.
Q: (L) It was already a pre-made choice? (B) The choice was made on a different level and he's just now making that choice manifest. (V) Is this Karmic?
A: Choice. Some love light, and some love darkness.
Q: (L) When did he wake up and have this realization, was he lying and deceiving all of us all along from the beginning?
A: He was half awake. But like many he was confused.
Q: (L) Confused in what way?
A: He did not fully understand the symbols of your world.
Q: (L) So at what point did he finally understand that he was different from us and we would never be on the same track?
A: He was awake as early as late 1998 or early 1999.
Q: (V) Did Ark's arrival spurn on this awakening?
A: Partly.
Q: (V) I'm also curious, since we're talking about what he is thinking, does he have regrets? Is he regretting what's happened, what he's done?
A: He is only capable of regretting that he did not get what he wanted.
Q: (V) Okay, so he is a tool of 4th density STS...what is the payoff for Frank, what does he think the payoff is?
A: He is lost in the illusion of his own importance. He believes that others agree with his assessment.
Q: (V) You know it doesn't seem like a real worthy payoff to me. I guess that's what separates the wheat from chaff. For self-aggrandizement to be more important than growing and learning, it seems like a cheap payoff. (A) Is it not so that 90% of the population thinks that way? (V) I know but I don't get it, it's so shallow. What is the gift in that! (A) What he thinks 'these stupid people they think they grow, they have their illusions they think of Oz, instead of going after something real like money or being famous. They want to learn. They think there is nothing like truth, all is light. The better your light the higher you would go. They don't understand it, they will fail.' That is what he thinks, that we are failures. And he thinks 'I was also following this path of failures and I almost failed myself, it is good that I disassociated with them'. (L) That's probably what he is thinking. (A) He feels contempt for us because all we do is just work. We think that there is a prize, and if you want to win you have to fight. (L) Yes. He and his kind all preach the gospel of how easy it is supposed to be if you just give in to "all is one" and stop resisting. They don't even realize the trap that has been set for them. (V) Its sad, and I don't mean sad like "oh poor Frank," I mean it's sad, it's pathetic! (L) Yeah because they always think - in a certain sense it's funny - they think they are going to unify the world and go back into this cosmic sleep. They've got to control everything, absorb everything back into this cosmic sleep...(V) Why do they want to do that? (L) Because they're afraid of creation. Creation is uncertain. Creation is free. Creation is not secure. It implies being open; it implies being fearless. It implies doing, and struggle and movement and acting against gravity and generating light. (V) Do they actually think these things between their left and right brain? (L) No they are not aware of it. They rationalize it with high sounding ideas and ideals, they call it Christianity or they call it the Ophanic calls to the Watchtowers or whatever New Age illusions and beliefs, and its mask is several levels deep. It's as hard for us, I think, to understand their point of view as it is for them to understand ours. They think we are fools, I'm sure. (V) I'm having a hard time conceiving that they're sitting in their little coven group or whatever the heck it is and saying, 'Look how stupid they are, look how ignorant they are, they are fools.' If they are really doing that then they are the ones, I mean that's projection, they are projecting what is true only about themselves. (L) Right, but they are doing that. You should read some of the public postings that they have made talking about us. It is such filth. Actually, in an interesting way, this is what clued us in because when we tossed VB because we found out he was lying, we found out he was manipulating. He wanted to come into our group and teach our group how to do these satanic rituals. I had sent him all the information about what the C's had said about rituals and he kept trying to twist it and interpret it so that it would be okay and he just wasn't getting it. And the thing was, at that particular point in time there was just a whole bunch of weird stuff going on and we just let him know that we can't be associated with this. (V) Putting the C's aside, it goes against everything that you believe in personally. (L) Everything we have worked for. Oh but according to VB and his gang, the real problem was me. According to him, I just didn't understand the C's, the C's were really teaching me how to do these rituals, only I was incapable of grokking it. (V) Oh BS! (L) But this is what he was saying to me. I didn't really understand how to interpret the C's and if I allowed him to be my teacher then I would understand what the C's were really saying! (V) And if you were stupid, ignorant, and a fool you would've believed him. (B) I think there is a huge, huge tendency to overlook the fact that both sides, STS and STO, are necessary in the scheme of creation, that both are equal, it's not a matter of one being right or one being wrong it's a matter of which one do you choose, period. (L) Right. (B) Creation can't be just inhales, there has to be exhales. On a different level there may be completely different choices that have to be made, but at this level that seems to be the choice period. (V) Are there other realms where these people such as VB, Frank are making different choices? (L) In other words is there another reality where they're being the good guys, where they're joining in and helping. (V) Right. An alternate reality.
A: Frank and Vincent are the other reality!
Q: (V) Everything happens all at once, huh? (L) That's bizarre. (V) They are the other reality in like the antithesis of Laura's work?
A: More or less, yes.
Q: (L) Is this conflict so to speak that we are engaging in with this Frank/VB is this one reality that is also represented in another reality as this conflict between say the Jews and Arabs at the present moment?
A: Very close, it is reflected in many ways at present.
Q: (L) Well I just want you to know our side isn't doing too well. (V) Why do you say that? (L) Well, if these conflicts are reflected in many levels and many ways all over the planet just the general overview of the planet, the so-called good guys aren't really doing to well right now. (B) Yeah, this is their home turf and this is the common language...
A: Help is on the way.
Q: (V) What no exclamation point! (laughter) Okay so we get a period now, and then in one month we get one exclamation point, and the next month we get two, three, and then we know it's really close. I'm such a quantifier. (laughing) Wishful thinking huh? (B) If this is the given status of this environment and this density level, this lesson, anybody that breaks free from that is a plus, because there is undoubtedly a counterbalancing thing. (V) Right. Take your kudos where you can get them.
A: And it will balance in the end.
Q: (L) Well that will be nice. (V) Is this balance necessary for our transition to 4th density?
A: Balance is the result.
Q: (V) Balance is the result of transitioning to 4th density, is that what you're saying?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) If 90% is negative and 10% is positive...
A: But all will not transition.
Q: (V) Balance would mean 50-50... (B) No because we're not the only ball game in creation. This is not the sum total of creation, this is one aspect of it, there can be other aspects where it's as heavily weighted the other direction. (L) I think another factor is that when people network they share their insights and they share their growth and it becomes more than the sum of its parts. You know when they really open up to their network, that what one learns - if they share it with others - it becomes that other's learning in at least some sort of way. This way, people can learn a lot of things by the experiences of their group if they are connected to that group. So, a group of people who are individually each incapable of making it to 4th density on their own - by virtue of the fact that they have this shared symbiotic group they kind of go together. On the other hand, the STS alignment, since they don't do anything in terms of groups or significant inner sharing, don't have that advantage. It takes more energy for each one to individually advance since, in their chain of command, they are all being constantly drained. So, the advantage seems to be on the side of an STO group. The added together energy of a larger group of people who are may be less ready STO-wise will graduate anyway, as opposed to the very small group of those who are ready STS-wise. Most of the STS gang will have to just go back and do 3D over again. (A) You must understand that the very concept of balance depends on what exactly has to be balanced. When you have a balance and you have a lot of wheat or something and a piece of gold here they balance each other even if the quantities are completely different. (V) Maybe STO candidates carry a larger...(L) Charge. (V) Yeah. (L) Something like that, because they share. (V) So there could be 90% of STS and at 10% STO candidates as they gain knowledge gain more weight. (L) Could be.
A: Very close. But don't get stuck on numbers in that sense. Help is on the way!
Q: (V) For what?
A: All of you.
Q: (B) Why do I get the impression that's a very generic help as opposed to an individual help that we might confuse it with. Is it a very generic form of help as opposed to a specific individual form of help?
A: Wait and see!

In the past few months, as our Quantum Future School has been growing and as many of our members have been making significant progress in terms of not only SEEing, but in terms of fusion of the magnetic center that is the essential link between the 3rd density self and the 4th density self, it seems that the "general law," or the Matrix has been quite busy. As this phenomenon proceeds, several members of the school have graduated to the task of teachers and have begun to generate light from the soul fire of this link to higher creativity.

Those of you who have read the signs page, or who were hanging out on casschat,  know about the Jenifer/Carl saga. Meanwhile, we have received correspondence from readers who are getting quite  vehement that WE are not getting it. Not only are we not getting it, a series of individuals have decided that it is their job to "teach us" what THEY believe. We have repeatedly told such people that if they wish to present their views, please create their own website and do so. We most certainly will not interfere. In the following letter, we will see that a friend of Carl and Jenifer has written and basically has blamed US because THEY don't agree with what we are saying or doing. Not only that, but we are most definitely NOT allowed to have our views on our own site, nor express our views in our egroups, or reject the presence of those individuals we perceive as disruptive. Notice how the individual has declared that all of the "attacks" against us are because we are "attracting negativity into our lives via the Law of Attraction. Never mind that HE and his friends are the NEGATIVITY that we are rejecting! And notice how our rejection of their views is described as ACTING against! Never mind that we didn't go over to their group, or their website and say two words to them. They are the ones reading OUR site, and criticizing. Who is acting against whom??? Go figure!

IL wrote :

Laura I truely admire your work. However I think you have forgotten two things the Cs have said. First that a place of safety resides in a hyperdimensional state of being. Imo this does not solely apply to physical catastrophes even though this was the context in which this was presented. Second you have forgotten the first part of the statement choose not to act against another but to act for ones destiny namely choose not to act against another.

A hyperdimensional state of being is one in which there is unconditional acceptance of all that is. This is a place within which one does not need to climb a mountain to escape the catastrophes. This is a place within which one does not attract negativity into ones life via the Law of Attraction. This is a place within which one does not have unresolved unworthiness issues or so very few that they do not act as portals for the controllers to use to dicombobulate divert and de-energize those trying to transcend the Matrix and is in itself a place wherein which one transcends the Matrix. Attaining this safe place serves our destiny and from this safe place we have no need to act against another. imo 

With much love and admiration

To which Ark replied:   

I L wrote: Laura I truely admire your work. However I think you have forgotten two things the Cs have said. First that a place of safety resides in a hyperdimensional state of being. We are not in hyperdimensional state of being. When you drive your car your safety depends on what you see HERE and what you do NOW. You know it. And you say such strange things ... Imo this does not solely apply to physical catastrophes even though this was the context in which this was presented.

ArK: Probably you do not understand that everything needs to be taken in a context.

IL: Second you have forgotten the first part of the statement choose not to act against another but to act for ones destiny namely choose not to act against another.

Ark: The fate of the planet Earth is OUR destiny. Don't you know it? That is what the game is about.

IL: A hyperdimensional state of being is one in which there is unconditional acceptance of all that is.

Ark You are contradicting yourself. Why don't you unconditionally accept what Laura is doing?????????????????

IL: This is a place within which one does not need to climb a mountain to escape the catastrophes. This is a place within which one does not attract negativity into ones life via the Law of Attraction.

Ark: You are contradicting yourself. Why don't you uncoditionally accept what Laura is doing?????????????????

IL: This is a place within which one does not have unresolved unworthiness issues or so very few that they do not act as portals for the controllers to use to dicombobulate divert and de-energize those trying to transcend the Matrix and is in itself a place wherein which one transcends the Matrix.

Ark: You are contradicting yourself. Why don't you uncoditionally accept what Laura is doing?????????????????

IL: Attaining this safe place serves our destiny and from this safe place we have no need to act against another.

Ark: You are contradicting yourself. Why don't you uncoditionally accept what Laura is doing?????????????????

IL: imo  With much love and admiration

Ark:   You are contradicting yourself. Why don't you uncoditionally accept what Laura is doing?????????????????

Best wishes,


As clear as Ark was being, hammering his point home, Mr. IL didn't get it.

IL: Ark, I suggest that "one's destiny" is in learning the lessons that contribute to soul growth, not to saving earth. It is we, not earth, that will face the 4d STS after the transition. We are to work towards our own ascension, even if this 3d earth does not ascend.

As to the rest of your comments, your defensive reactions tell me that I've hit a nerve ("pushed a button"), and that at the core the emotional wound attached to this button is based on the fear that I've seen what you have hidden from yourself and are afraid to have reveal; i.e., that you missed the mark here, that you are not perfect. Well, none of us are, Ark.

I'm am not rejecting Laura or her fine work nor working "against" her,as you so defensively suggest. But, I have to tell you that from all I've read, including her "Ascension" book, she doesn't have a clue as to how to transcend the Matrix (imo), and because of that is in a state of fear that requires her to defensively "act against". We cannot transcend what we fight against; that just emotionally ties us (mires us), in the drama (i.e., "what you resists, persists" for you). And, if she hopes to transcend the Matrix herself and to help her readers to do so, I'd recommend she query the C's clearly and in great detail about the process for attaining a hyperdimensional state of being.....AND ask them if protesting/resisting/writing letters to congress is what they recommend. I'd be surprised if it is.

Laura here: As it happens, everything we do, we do because we were taught by the C's. Allow me to interject this bit from March of 1995 that deals directly and succinctly with this issue:

Q: (L) One session I asked about some things that happened to me in the past and I was told that what saved my buns from the fire was divine intervention.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Can you tell us about divine intervention?
A: Multi faceted.
Q: (L) Was this divine intervention enacted to protect me from direful consequences that would have prevented me from doing whatever work is forming up for me in the future?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Does it not seem that being under attack as we are now might further prevent me, as well as my compatriots from doing our work?
A: Of course.
Q: (L) Well, does it not then behoove this same divine intervention enacted at these other times to act at this time, or is the threat less?
A: Divine intervention cannot be arranged by 3rd level beings.
Q: (L) What level beings arrange divine intervention?
A: 4th through 7th.
Q: (T) So, we are just shy of a level to do that! We can do some quasi divine intervention!
A: You cannot do this divine intervention. You can do 3rd level intervention.
Q: (Laura, Jan) What is third level intervention? [Pause]
A: Discover.
Q: (L) give us a hint!
A: You should know! You do 3rd intervention all the "time."
Q: (L) Do you mean spirit release and cleansing?
A: And other.
Q: (L) Okay, you say that I do 3rd level intervention all the time. Now, obviously this is partly the release work.
A: So is writing letters and yelling at people over the phone!

Now notice how Mr. IL tries to cover his schizophrenia by saying that active response-ability in the real world just MIGHT be helpful on occasion...

Not to say that protest, like the civil rights movement, etc., is not a consciousness-raising activity but is it saying that "they" have power over us and "please let me have my power back".

I hope all the Jews and Blacks in the world notice that they probably should have just meditated on attaining a hyperdimensional consciousness rather than marching for Civil Rights? In fact, Mr. IL has good advice for all of the disenfranchised people in the world:

We must go beyond this *powerless* state of consciousness to get to the consciousness of a hyperdimensional state of being; we must acknowledge our own unlimited power instead of giving it away. And, in that acknowledgment, we'll find that we do not have to "act against". And, I say this in full acknowledgment of the trials and attacks both Laura and you have had. I recognize that right now we have completely different views.

Now, allow me to say here - paraphrasing Pajak, that the method of peaceful resistance is a morally correct self-defence method which results from the practical applications of the Principle of Counterpolarity. This method is extremely effective in all situations when someone is attacked verbally, or via any subversive campaign, and when the attackers are telepathically or hypnotically programmed collaborators of 4 D STS.

If the attacked person adheres to STO, the method described here provides an excellent means of defence, which is peaceful and fully expresses the C's remark that a person ought to act in favor of their destiny.

In cases of such attacks, the Principle of Counterpolarity recommends to do as follows:

(a) allow our attackers to generate as much negative feelings as they wish, and to spread as many lies as they wish;
(b) keep a close watch on ourselve as the feelings arise, and do not allow any of it to be wasted; if you respond at all, do as Ark did, find the one key point and just simply repeat it, thereby conserving energy. One way to do this is to remind ourselves that the attackers are asleep and are unaware of how cunningly 4 D STS manipulate their feelings and actions. It is also, as the C's have said, important to remind ourselves that the real source of the attack is the 4 DSTS beings - not the muppets/collaborators that are used attack us. Thus, we never have to be angry at them.
(c) concentrate on solutions to the problems that are caused by our attackers, not on the attackers that cause these problems; it is important to logically and cooly determine how these consequences affect us, and also how they affect all other people around us. For example, people who join our groups with the intent of promoting their view and tearing down our work are wasting the time of all of those people who are able to see the STS manipulation and wish to spend their time dealing with other issues, and not trying to endless explain things to individuals who are, undoubtedly, STS by choice, or Organic Portals.
(d) impartially and without any negative feelings: tell/inform everyone around us, and/or publish the full information regarding the attacks, who is doing it, exactly what they are doing, what consequences these attacks are going to bring for us, and what consequences they are going to bring to all other people around us.

This method of peaceful resistance - acting for one's own destiny - works. It produces a knowledge/awareness block that transforms any emotions of the person being attacked into something very much like a para-physical force. It is a utilization of the Principle of Counterpolarity.

In attack situations, the attackers generally have to already be in a state of negative emotion in regard to us in order to attack us. You could say that these negative feelings are like "electrical charges" or psychic lightning that they are directing at us.

If in response to the negative feelings that they have toward us that stimulates them to invade our space and violate our free will, we also generate negative feelings, our own feelings may cause us to want to retaliate toward that person, but that is exactly what they want us to do. They want to engage us in a direct exchange, a one on one "feeding." If we engage with them directly, trying to withstand the attack alone, we thus we accept the attack on ourselves. One must never forget that they are the portals of 4 D STS - ANYONE who violates another's Free Will - and you simply cannot engage with them directly.

However, if we do not respond, but instead transform the emotional energy that rises in us into positive action, sharing the information, transforming it into a learning experience, this creates the knowledge-awareness block of many people who are aware because of the sharing, and whose awareness DOES have the force to repel 4 D STS.

So, if we tell everyone around us the entire truth about the attack, and about the consequences this attack is going to bring to us and to others, our environment forms a kind of closed circuit which generates feelings that block and/or oppose the charge directed at us from 4 D STS, through the agency of the attackers.

Therefore it is our environment which BECOMES HYPERDIMENSIONAL.

And this is, of course, the underlying principle of acting FOR one's destiny. It is the principle upon which the material is published on the signs page. With a sufficient amount of awareness, with polite, but firm and steadfast resistance, the results manifest themselves in ways that simply cannot be explained.

The problem always is that it is difficult to break our habits of response. We have a natural tendency to respond with the same feelings as those directed at us which are, again, quite negative even if the "agents" convince themselve that they are showing love. We will soon see exactly what kind of love it is that considers it not only right, but advantageous to violate the free will and rights of others.

Of course, while implementing this method, we need to remember that the final outcome is dependent upon:

(a) how cooly and how well we are able to direct the aroused emotion in us (i.e. the better our control, the stronger the response from the environment)
(b) how many people we are able to communicate the details of the attack to,
(c) how well we managed to SEE the unseen and to logically present the true implication that a given attack has for us and for other people,
(d) The presence of other STO individuals who are also aware and alert and contributing their awareness to the pool.

Another of the teachers had the following comments to make:

I've gone over this post and I want to comment on some of the things that IL said.

IL: A hyperdimensional state of being is one in which there is unconditional acceptance of all that is. This is a place within which one does not need to climb a mountain to escape the catastrophes. This is a place within which one does not attract negativity into ones life via the Law of Attraction. This is a place within which one does not have unresolved unworthiness issues or so very few that they do not act as portals for the controllers to use to discombobulate divert and de-energize those trying to transcend the Matrix and is in itself a place wherein which one transcends the Matrix.

TP: This sounds too much like the savior syndrome. We don't have to do anything on the physical plane, just attain some sort of spiritual enlightenment and everything will be fine. He says we should have unconditional acceptance of all that is. This is a very subtle half truth, it implies that we should accept and do nothing. If I were an STS conqueror it sure would make my job easier if everyone just accepted their defeat and did nothing.

IL: Attaining this safe place serves our destiny and from this safe place we have no need to act against another.

TP: If I were an STS conqueror it sure would make my job a lot easier if no one chose to act against me.

IL: Quite frankly, Ark is a big put-off. I understand he's trying to protect you, but he's way overboard in his defensiveness.

TP: I think Ark takes a no nonsense direct approach that the STS mindset doesn't like because it makes their job more difficult. I don't think you ever see STS taking a direct approach.

IL: We cannot transcend what we fight against; that just emotionally ties us (mires us), in the drama (i.e., "what you resists, persists" for you).

TP: If I were an STS conqueror it sure would make my job easier if no one chose to put up a fight, after all it's only logical: resistance is futile.

IL: ask them if protesting/resisting/writing letters to congress is what they recommend. I'd be surprised if it is. Not to say that protest, like the civil rights movement, etc., is not a consciousness-raising activity but is it saying that "they" have power over us and "please let me have my power back".

Me: It's that gray area where on the one hand it seems there is nothing that can be done to stop them and indeed they are entitled to their game, but on the other hand does that mean we shouldn't try?

The problem seems to be that there is a serious lack of understanding of the true nature of Free Will, as well as the most fundamental nature of STS - that is, to use others to  serve self. As we have been pointing out here on our site, the reason for this is what we are calling Cosmic COINTELPRO. This lack of understanding is due to millennia of propaganda. That is why, as we have learned, no progress can be made until an individual has reached that point of bankruptcy in terms of what he accepts as real or true in this reality. As a couple of the Quantum School Teachers wrote,

AXJ & HS: People are unconsciously led to believe a distorted view of the world, and they are not noticing that such a manipulation is happening. The reason why this is unnoticed is because, if this manipulation is noticed, it is no longer as effective as before. Unnoticed manipulations are for example the *basic unquestioned premises*, which "everyone knows" and which go unquestioned. For example a basic premise is that "unconditional love" has been touted so much with the "conventional understanding" that it means to give love in the sense of "turn the other cheek," or "give until it hurts," "love them no matter what they do," and also in the sense of an "outpouring of energy," that what seems to be so is that this is a clever deception designed to obtain energy in the STS manner: giving love with the intent that it will change something, i.e. STS.

The problem (as always) is with the understanding of the term love. People interpret it as a command, an obligation to give all regardless. It is the concept of love without knowledge that ensnares people into a manipulative feeding dynamic. However if we understand that to love is to know and vice versa, then unconditional love becomes unconditional knowledge also, knowledge without conditions is objective knowledge, which will allow us to see the manipulation inherent in the idea of "turn the other cheek".

This type of manipulation shapes the way people perceive the world. It is very powerful. After a certain threshold is reached, the manipulatively distorted worldview becomes self-sustaining. That is, people start to impose this 'way of thinking' upon each other, and most importantly upon their children. This is how the system is sustained, I think.

Since everyone is ill with the same mental disease, it becomes "normal" to have the disease. And since there is no reference point of how it is without the disease, hardly anyone tries or even realises that it is possible to heal it.

Most people have been conditioned to think that STS means something that is  "in your face negative."  They think that identifying STS is easy - it's  Lizzies, or its bad men who are trying to do bad things that are obvious.  They  think it is overt violation of free will where a person can clearly see that  their will is being violated.  STS is "murderers," or "robbers," or "liars" who  deliberately lie to get something for themselves or to harm another.  STS is  always connected to "fighting," or "conflict" of some kind.  STS is always a  "battle" that is "out there in the open" in some way.  And therefore, fighting,  conflict, battling in any respect is seen as STS. 

Now, in one session the C's said that you do not fight fire with fire;  the suggestion was made to disconnect, to not have "negative emotions," that  one should not "send them back" their own energy amplified. The point that is missed by many is that STS activity consists of "assimilating" others to itself. It doesn't matter whether it is overtly dominating and obvious, or whether it is sweet and seductive, and seemingly loving. And this suggests to us that sending love to someone who hasn't asked for it quite literally is STS.

In a later session, the issue of pity was brought up - that the biggest hook of  STS was to get one to pity them.  The C's then said that we must "act for our  destiny" which was quite different IN INTENT from acting against others.

I pointed out that my experience had been that when you do this, they often  perceive it as "acting against them" because, in fact, you are refusing their  domination, their control, their lies, their games.  The end result is, of  course, that you have to repeatedly DEFEND your stand against their repeated  attempts to regain control of you, and this certainly, on the outside, looks  like "fighting."

The difference is, of course, in INTENT. 

The group had a really graphic lesson in this process in the saga that is partly recounted in the Adventures Series.  In this experience we were exposed to the tactic of someone who used lies and distortions and great "helpfulness" to attempt to gradually "move in and  take over."

Waking up to this via the various clues, the decision was made to simply  disengage.  And everyone saw what a battle it was to do this.  And of course, the battle was not our choice.  We believed that if we just  "ignored it," it would go away.  If we just "turn the other cheek," it will go  away.  If we just "love the guy," or "send good thoughts and surround ourselves  with light," it will just go away.  And what we saw was this:  when you do that, you are dead in the water. 

Because, all the while people will say: "oh, don't worry about what so and so  says or does, your friends won't believe it - that's how you can learn who your  friends are" - they will then turn around and say out of the other side of their  mouth: "where there's smoke, there's fire!"  and: "So and so said this about  somebody, and that somebody never refuted it, so it must be true."

These cliches of our world show us how schizophrenic our thinking really is.

What occurs to me as I think about all of it is several points:

To send "love and light" to any entity that has not asked for it, is a  violation of free will BECAUSE to send love and light to any entity in the expectation that it will change  them amounts to deception and manipulation on the part of the sender.  It is  thus transformed into an STS intent and this literally amounts to "fighting  fire with fire."

This confusion of levels, the disinfo that we can somehow become God by  acting as if we were already God, is certainly a powerful poison. It is  solidly YCYOR. It promotes defeatism ("there is nothing we can do") under  the guise of "we have done all we can - after all, we have created this reality! and what we need to do now is accept what is out there completely and just work on ourselves." ourselves.

This "not doing anything" argument also fits neatly with Strieber's recent declaration that people must protect freedom in their hearts while living as slaves.  Strieber accepts it in advance. The only problem is: this is a contradiction of the "I am God/YCYOR" line.

The following excerpt, from The Wave, discusses the nature of STS and how subtle it can be. The upcoming quotes from Ra are from The Ra Material by Elkins, Rueckert and  McCarty. I have removed some of the convoluted multiple words and replaced them  with single words that represent conventional usage, keeping (I believe) the  meaning intact. I have also combined the question that was being asked with the  answer so as to simplify the excerpts for the present purpose. Those who have  not read the Ra books are urged to do so as they are an invaluable source - one  of the few available on the planet - for information about the true nature of  our reality.

One of the points of the Ra Material that is identical to what the C's have said was the statement that the  motivation of the "aliens" who abduct and probe and examine humans, and, for  the most part, are those sighted by many people the world over, is to conquer  the Earth and enslave its people. Ra said that the aliens sought out,  specifically, people who were influential in some way so as to subvert them for  their own use; this use being to enslave even more people.

Ra: [The purpose of the Orion STS] is conquest... their objective is to locate  certain [individuals] which vibrate in resonance with their own [frequencies],  then to [use these contactees to] enslave the [masses].

The obvious inference is, of course, that our political leaders, the heads of  state, industry, finance, and so forth are likely targets for this contact.  What Ra did not say, but which I also inferred from the above, was that many,  if not most, of the "experiencers" and "contactees" who have come forward with  their versions of the alien reality are being cleverly used as "Pied Pipers" to  lead humanity into enslavement. Just exactly how this is done was described:

Ra: ...[The Orion STS who come to this planet for mind control purposes] follow  the Law of One observing free will. Contact is made with those who call. Those  then ...act disseminate the attitudes and philosophy of ...Service to  Self. These become the elite. Through these, the attempt begins to create a  condition whereby the remainder of the planetary entities are enslaved by their  free will.

This last remark by Ra is crucial. We have followed a logical progression in an attempt to demonstrate that the present New Age- Human Potential movement is a product of COINTELPRO. The next logical step to take in considering this possibility, is to stop, look, listen, and think with a hammer about every idea that is accepted as true or whether or not it promotes Free Will, or might be the easy downhill slide into full blown STS.

It is important to point out that what Ra is saying here is that the Orion STS are the ones most  generally contacted by those who attempt to channel - he says "contact is made  with those who call" - and that teachings are being promulgated that seem to be  of "love and light" and a positive nature so that people will willingly follow  them, not realizing that, at some point, a trap will snap shut on them because  they have not, as the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins describes,  "filled their lamps with oil (knowledge)." These "contactees" then publish  books, conduct seminars, promote the alien agenda, and just generally become  popular and garner huge followings of devotees. As Ra said: people are enslaved  by their Free Will! They choose it! And you don't think they would choose it if  they knew that was what they were choosing, do you?!

Of course, Don Elkins wanted to know WHO these people were, (including the  obvious category of social and political leaders) but neither Ra nor the  Cassiopaeans will tell. This is one where we have to make choices, it seems. Ra: ...To name those involved to infringe Free Will. ...We request your  contemplation of the fruits of the actions ...In this way you may discern for  yourself this information.

Ra: The contacts which the [Orion STS] group finds most helpful to their cause are those contacts made with entities whose orientation is towards Service to Self. ...Through telepathy the philosophy of ... Service to Self  is promulgated. In advanced groups there are rituals and exercises given and these have been  written down just as the Service to Others oriented entities have written down the promulgated  philosophy of their teachers.

Don had the idea that this must refer specifically to practitioners of Magick, and Ra affirmed that this was a part - but ONLY part - of this mode. Ra suggested that there was a lot more to it and that the observer must use his/her own  judgment. This is a point that the C's have made repeatedly: that this is the chief thing we are being challenged to learn here in the school of 3rd density - the difference between STS and STO - so that we can CHOOSE - and then work on strengthening that choice by our ACTIONS.

Ra did give additional clues as to the specific processes involved:

Ra: The philosophy [of Service to Self] concerns ... Manipulating others that they may [serve another through manipulation or trickery, i.e. enslavement] thus through this experience becoming able to appreciate Service to  Self. These entities would become oriented towards Service to Self and in turn manipulate yet  others so that they in turn might experience the service towards the other self [via enslavement].

What Ra seems to be saying is that by this is that by engaging an individual, through manipulation or deception, to "follow" or "serve" a "master," whether it be Jesus, Buddha, Lord Sananda, or being saved via a copyright ed and patented "technology," the person is being conditioned to accept the Service to Self pathway and to think that it is Service to Others! It becomes like a hierarchy where one is encouraged to deeply desire advancement in the levels so that they, too, can someday achieve the proffered carrot of "salvation" which they can then offer to others "below" them. This is reflected in the beliefs of many Christians that they will be among the  "chosen" who will "stand at the right hand of God" and "judge the quick and the dead" along with  their "elder brother, Christ." The same sort of thing is going on in the New Age and other religions. There is a  saying "The oppressed become the oppressors," that applies here and it is a rather transparent psychological ploy.

As we go along, we will be presenting comments of different teachers in our school, since we have all participated in this process of analysis. Different teachers will be identificed simply by initials.

 BD writes:

I got another possible interpretation from these Ra excerpts: Messages are broadcast by STS. Those people who are inclined towards STS receive through these broadcasts, not a compulsion to serve another, but the knowledge of how to psychologically manipulate other people (just as they are being manipulated). I think that through this knowledge they willingly place themselves within the feeding/manipulating STS heirarchy, with the lure being the "power over another" one gains through STS, and maybe this gives the definitive shift in their orientation.

Here is one reason I say this. I have a friend, and for a while he was my best friend. Over the past year or so, however, he's gone through some pretty major changes. He has become dishonest and secretive, and often I feel uncomfortable around him. After a talk with him one day, I came to a suspicion of why he might be changing:

On this particular day our talk got on the subject of "the work". I was happy to discover that he was interested, and after a while I suggested that we brainstorm to think of an excercise that we could both do together. He suggested that we each adopt different personas - he said the purpose of this excercise was to guage how people respond to these personas, so that we can get people to respond the way we want them to. I was kind of bothered by this suggestion, and I couldn't see how it related to "the work" as I understood it. Later, I recognized that he has been doing this "work" on his own for a while. He is still my friend and I like him, but we have grown apart quite a bit.

I would think that mostly people who are inclined towards STO would be receiving the messages to "serve another". If they lack knowledge/understanding, they can mistakenly believe that this is a movement toward being STO. I don't think that this compulsion to serve another would have sufficient attraction for an STS-inclined person, since they have no interest in actually *being* STO, but in merely projecting the external image of being STO.

Upon initial inspection, one might have the idea that the serving of others that is being called forth in the STS manipulation is little different from serving others in the STO paradigm; but there is a key difference - MANIPULATION. Manipulation implies that the service is induced or coerced by deceptive tactics; that the individual is serving something or someone that is a lie or an illusion. This "serving of a lie or an illusion" is the  dynamic that locks the person's energy flow into the implosive, contractile mode of a draining of  energy rather than an exchange where something real i.e. truth or reciprocity, is being exchanged  for the service.

A very simple way to explain it would be that it is like an "investment scam" where many people are tricked to give their money to a con artist who has convinced them that he is a representative for a legitimate investing  firm or plan. They give their life savings, the con artist puts it in his pocket, and then moves on  to the next sucker. The thing that occurs with the STS mode of "investment scams" is that they take  place over a person' s entire life and it is generally only after many lifetimes or at least, at the end of any given life, that the person being scammed realizes that they have been "taken for a ride." They die with their soul energy depleted, entrapped by the STS faction, unable to progress in any significant way. The old saying: "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is" applies here. Salvation as is taught by Christianity; the Alien Rapture theory where aliens are going to "airlift" their true believers off the planet during coming cataclysms; ascension by application of simplistic "rituals" or "initiatory meditative exercises" that can be done if you just attend t he seminar, buy the book, (a bargain at $29.95!), or wander around in muddy mazes with a blindfold on, all fall into this category. Caveat Emptor!

But, in the case of the Orion STS, we have a special problem. They have capabilities of control and deception that we cannot even imagine! Ra tells us:

...You must plumb the depths of fourth-density negative understanding. This is difficult for you. Once having reached third-density space/time continuum through your so-called windows, [the Orion STS] may plunder as they will, the results completely a function of the polarity of the, shall we say, witness/subject/victim. That is due to the sincere belief of 4th density STS that to love self is to love all. Each other-self which is thus either taught or enslaved thus has a teacher which teaches love of self. Exposed to this teaching, it is intended there be brought to fruition an harvest of 4th density negative or self-serving beings.

Let me repeat that because the reader is going to see some real, live examples of it coming up here:

You must plumb the depths of fourth-density negative understanding: the sincere belief of 4th density STS that to love self is to love all. Each other-self which is thus either taught or enslaved thus has a teacher which teaches love of self. Exposed to this teaching, it is intended there be brought to fruition an harvest of 4th density negative or self-serving beings.

As if it weren't enough that they can deceive us via time and space manipulation, they can also mislead us through the teachings that come to us from the "astral planes!"

Ra: ...The Orion STS have aided many negatively oriented entities ...and there are many upon your so-called inner planes which are negatively oriented and thus available as inner teachers or guides and so-called possessors of certain souls.

Then there is the problem of people channelling without "tuning." An individual of completely pure intent and STO nature can produce material that is deceptive disinformation due to their lack of ability to discern which is a result of lack of knowledge.

Ra: ...It is entirely possible for untuned channels to receive both positive and negative communications.

Another problem in being able to figure out the machinations of beings with space/time manipulation capabilities is that of proof. Over and over again we read about miracles and apparitions which are taken as "proof" of some sort of divine contact. People don't seem to get the very simple fact that if you believe because you have proof, you are not CHOOSING from Free Will! You are believing because you have no choice NOT to believe. What sort of energy could be behind such a thing despite the lovely appearances, the miraculous healings, the celestial harmonies, or deeply emotional responses of the witnesses? I would like to bring to your attention a quote  from the article on this site, Aliens, Demons and Vampires, where a woman possessed by a demonic  entitity documented by extensive research, is quoted during an interview with a journalist as  saying:

"One night the Lady took me back in time. We were in a foreign country and the people wore old- fashioned clothes. The Lady took on the appearance of a beautiful woman in a blue robe. She performed miracles for them..."

Ann Haywood, the human "host" of the above described entity (many aspects of this case are startlingly similar to the Betty Andreasson Luca case), apparently was "punished" for this revelation to the media.

Suddenly Ann's face turned ashen and she asked to be excused. Her scream of pain was heard from the bathroom where she had taken refuge. When Ann came out, she was sniffling and holding her abdomen. The Lady had savagely attacked her for revealing that down through history, creatures like the Lady have taken the form of saints. They then use the gullibility of humankind to misguide and misinform people so that they believe they are seeing  miracles performed. Ann begged the newsman to delete that portion of the interview." (Osborn, 1982)

Hmmmm? We are beginning to get a picture of a contrived reality that is positively Machiavellian in its manipulations and deceptions. Ra says about it:

Many of your so-called contacts among your people have been confused and self-destructive because the channels were oriented towards Service to Others but, in the desire for proof, were open to the lying information of the Orion STS who then were able to neutralize the effectiveness of the channel.

I was recently reading a book that is devoted to miracles down through the  ages, most particularly apparitions of the Virgin including the "miracle at  Fatima," and so on. The one thing I noted over and over again was the "bidding  process." Such entities will ask for something to be done - prayers, build a  church, repentance, or whatever - and the witnesses, being overcome by the  miraculous nature of the appearance, immediately set about complying with these  wishes. In some cases, there is a "deal" whereby the entity (usually the Virgin  and assorted saints or members of the "Holy Family"), offers some sort of  compensation for the required observances. In one case it was victory in  battle, in another it was a good harvest or rain or whatever.

What so many people don't realize is that to respond to a command of any kind,  the "bidding," whether it is to pray or build a church or paint a sign on your  shield or even to erect a monument by piling three stones on the side of the  road, one has accepted psychic domination! One has tacitly agreed to "serve" the one who has made the request or issued the command. A psychic bond is immediately  established, and the "dance begins." The tricky part comes in when the requests  or "commands" are either couched in terms that make them seem useful or good,  or they come by way of pity or manipulation.

As we have noted elsewhere, from the day we began putting our material on the net - there for people to read or not as they choose - a steady stream of "agents" have passed through our experience. As Boris Mouravieff has pointed out, whenever an individual undertakes esoteric work of this kind, they have to be strong because they are, effectively, taking on their own shoulders the brunt of the burdern of attacks that would fall on others.

What is often disconcerting to those who are waking up and SEEing, is the fact that so many people are so sincere, and seem to be so well-meaning in their offers of help, advice, information, constructive criticism, or even just sharing their experiences. But, one must never forget what Ra said, which cannot be repeated often enough, that such people, by the multi-millennial program of disinformation about what love really is, operate with:

...the sincere belief that to love self is to love all. Each other-self which is thus either taught or enslaved thus has a teacher which teaches love of self. Exposed to this teaching, it is intended there be brought to fruition an harvest of 4th density negative or self-serving beings.

And so, what follows on the next few pages is a series of exchanges where the reader will be introduced to the true nature of how STS operates in the sincere belief that it is STO. The nature of this splitting reality is only gradually exposed, and if you read until the end of this short series, you will have invaluable tools with which to detect this sort of activity in those around you - assuming that is your choice.