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Splitting Reality

In the previous chapter, we have noticed a couple of things (hopefully) that are very instructive. The thing that repeatedly strikes me as odd is that MR. IL - and many others of his ilk have done also - said this:

...your defensive reactions tell me that I've hit a nerve - at the core the emotional wound - is based on the fear that I've seen what you have hidden from yourself and are afraid to have reveal; i.e., that you missed the mark here, that you are not perfect ...

and then...

...from all I've read, including her "Ancient Science" book,[The Secret History of The World] she doesn't have a clue as to how to transcend the Matrix (imo), and because of that is in a state of fear that requires her to defensively "act against".

This comes up repeatedly from those individuals who then find it necessary to invade our space or take it upon themselves to inform us, as IL has done, exactly what OUR problem is: fear. We are "diagnosed" as full of "fear ... that you missed the mark" or "fear ... because she doesn't have a clue as to how to transcend..." and so on. Now, read again what the C's have said about the upcoming events:

You see, if one desires to create a new race, what better way than to mass hybridize, then mass reincarnate. Especially when the host species is so forever ignorant, controlled, and anthropocentric. What a lovely environment for total destruction and conquest and replacement... see? - Interesting, as despite all efforts by 4th through 6th density STO, this "veil remains unbroken."

But of course, Mr. IL is assured that what HE knows about "transcending the Matrix" is most definitely going to work because it is not "based on fear."

Now, in analyzing history for those who may actually know the "secret of ascension" - as I did in The Secret History of The World book - and to come to some idea of what this secret might be, we came to the conclusion, by following the many threads throughout space and time, that the process was that of the alchemical transformation, the achieving of the Philosopher's Stone, the Discovery of the Holy Grail. We notice that Mr. IL was not the least bit impressed with this material because, of course, in the present day, there are all the New Age teachers and philosophies and programs that negate not only the ancient clues of the shamans and alchemists, but provide "new ways and means of ascension" that are little different in essence from the monotheistic religions that have held sway over our reality for the past several thousands of years. And Mr. IL is unable to open his eyes and look around him and see the conditions of the world, and connect the dots to understand how those conditions came to be, or to "see the unseen" in terms of realizing that what is being promoted as the "New Age - Human Potential" philosophies are precisely the same thing - Self Calming, Patching the holes so you don't have to SEE what IS, and most especially, turning away from all of it - to where? Why, within, of course! Turning within is the answer! Mr. IL has written:"I'd recommend she query the C's clearly and in great detail about the process for attaining a hyperdimensional state of being..." Apparently he hasn't noticed that I have done precisely that, and the chief answer is the following:

Q: (L) Well, how in the heck am I supposed to get there if I can't "get it?"
A: Who says you have to "get it" before you get there?
Q: (L) Well, that leads back to: what is the wave going to do to expand this awareness? Because, if the wave is what "gets you there," what makes this so?
A: No. It is like this: After you have completed all your lessons in "third grade," where do you go?
Q: (L) So, it is a question of...
A: Answer, please.
Q: (L) You go to fourth grade.
A: Okay, now, do you have to already be in 4th grade in order to be allowed to go there? Answer.
Q: (L) No. But you have to know all the 3rd density things...
A: Yes. More apropos: you have to have learned all of the lessons.
Q: (L) What kind of lessons are we talking about here?
A: Karmic and simple understandings.
Q: (L) What are the key elements of these understandings, and are they fairly universal?
A: They are universal.
Q: (L) What are they?
A: We cannot tell you that.
Q: (L) Do they have to do with discovering the MEANINGS of the symbology of 3rd density existence, seeing behind the veil... and reacting to things according to choice? Giving each thing or person or event its due?
A: Okay. But you cannot force the issue. When you have learned, you have learned!

And please note that my last question was based upon a very particular set of ideas - those of Ibn al-'Arabi, Castaneda in part, Ouspensky and Gurdjieff in part. And I should point out that the C's have been on hand to guide me through these many lessons, including those described in The Wave Series and the Adventure Series. All of these processes have been assisted by the C's, commented on by the C's, so that we have had an ongoing feedback loop of our progress in that sense; but in the greater sense, we have had the evidence of our experiences! And we can assure the reader that there is, most definitely, a "Staircase" of ascension, or a "Ladder of Ascension," or a "Tree of Life" of ascension, and progress along this Path has been, since ages past, observed, noted, recorded, and explained in great detail, though these works are little understood by purveyors and followers of the current "modes of ascension."

Since Mr. IL has suggested we "ask the C's," let me share with you a clip from a session a few weeks ago. An individual who used to participate in our work regularly, but who had business and other interests which took him away for over four years, came to visit and sit in on the session. He wanted to participate actively, as he had done in the past, but the C's said:

A: Give rest to T**. He is detuned due to long absence. Ill fitting energy resonance. T** needs to regroove.
Q: (J) We haven't been keeping up because we've been focused on other things. We've been away for four years. (T) Gotta survive here too.
A: He is holding steady. Keep signaling. Sacred cows.
Q: (L) Sacred cows to the group is like when we hang on to certain ideas that we ought to let go of and we're hanging on to assumptions and ideas...(J) They're holding you back...(L) Right. We have a motto: "No Sacred Cows, NO BULL." Are you saying T** has sacred cows?
A: Somewhat.
Q: (T) Well doesn't everybody? (L) We don't. Not anymore. We learned how to get rid of them, very painfully. It hurts. (T) I always considered myself a sacred cow buster.
A: T** needs to get in the groove.
Q: (L) How does T** regroove? (T) Yes, how do I regroove?
A: First by spending time in learning to the same level as others in resonance.
Q: (L) Why is T** out of resonance?
A: Too long absence and cares of life.
Q: (T) Too much 3rd density?
A: Yes. (T) What do we do about it?
A: Interaction is highly desirable. Even if only he is in contact via email. Grooving is long process. Q: (T) Well if it's a long process what is required to start it?
A: Not loss, failure to keep with pace of rapid advancement of process of network.
Q: (T) How do I get in the groove?
A: Networking works. Attention is a bi-directional signal. It works best in an exchange.
Q: (T) Can it be the energy itself has changed? Or that each person brings different energy?
A: Resonance that is pure is a property of co-linearity. It can resonate thereby to a stronger signal of similar purity.
Q: (A) Co-linearity essentially means going in the same direction. (J) You guys are co-linear right now, you have been since you've connected, you've always been co-linear. So that's how it's grooved to your resonance to each other. (L) Well the one thing that I think happened or is happening with the group because of the interaction is that everybody is becoming more or less co-linear. It's increasing exponentially. The group is actually mind-linking and often dreaming the same dreams. It's amazing. I don't even know how to describe it. It's not like everybody is the same because everybody has their own particular perspective. But it's like everybody is focused on truth, and they all contribute to it. It's like a whole bunch of different people in a circle looking at something, and they're all describing their particular perspective of it... (T) Like describing an elephant. (L)...and the whole elephant is growing out of it. (J) In other words it's building upon everyone's concentration and their particular focus. It's like everyone's bringing and contributing focus to the table and it's all building from that. (L) Yeah, that's the only way I can describe it because everybody has individual perceptions, but what we're learning is something in the middle that's growing out of everybody's contribution. And then of course this person over here, by contributing their view, that person over there is able to have access to it, to know it. To share it. What seems to be true is that the very act of that exchange links the group together in resonance...(T) That makes sense. I've always felt that by having the material out on the net, the more people read it the more they become attuned to it. Those who fight it don't get anywhere. Those who don't fight it - those who don't resist dealing with going through the fear to come out on the other side in full awareness - make enormous progress.
A: T** has much of value to contribute as well as much to gain.
Q: (T) Okay, what are my sacred cows somewhat?
A: Your opinions. Many issues that might be opened to greater awareness by the act of networking with many perspectives. It is important to not close any doors. Doors are closed by not working with the challenges to opinions of equal "strangeness."
Q: (T) So are there any particular opinions that you can begin with that can point out that I can work on? (L) Oh T** you know you're not supposed to ask that, you know better! (laughter)
A: He is trying to fool Mother Cassiopaea. Not today!
Q: (T) Nice try, no cigar (laughter).
A: No short cuts! Networking works!!!
Q: (T) Can you give me just a few more clues?
A: First you must choose your goals. Then you network with others with similar goals to achieve them. What do you want? Graduation or repeating the grade?
Q: (T) Oh well graduation is always the best. (L) Well you know what Gurdjieff said - 'No one can escape alone. You have to have a group and you have to have a plan, and you have to work.' Nobody can do it alone and you have to do it with the help of somebody's who done it before. It's a very important thing he said about that. He said first you have to understand you're in prison and then you have to learn about the prison and you have to learn about how to get out, and you can only learn about that from somebody who's already gotten out. And you can't do it alone because it takes a whole team. (T) To get out? (L) Yeah, that's what he said, and it's so true. Because the minute you start wiggling around in the matrix, it comes down on your head. (T) Well the matrix is programmed to keep us here. And keep us stupid. I have a question. What happened to Ark and Laura's computer system this weekend?
A: Mainly it is a psychic signal of impending quantum shift.
Q: (T) Uh, can you expand on that a little bit?
A: Fluidity of reality affects such "hardware" which is sensitive to such flux. Chaos is part of the conditions of the creation of a new reality.
Q: (T) There's a lot of reality out there to break down... It's in the process of breaking down. What is the quantum change that's coming? Quantum shift.
A: This depends on the observer.
Q: (T) Any advice, thoughts, ideas, directions? Beside "discover."
A: Seek ye first the desire of the heart and all else falls into place.

I hope you noticed that there were several important clues in the above exchange. Let me put them together here: "Networking works. Attention is a bi-directional signal. It works best in an exchange. Resonance that is pure is a property of co-linearity. It can resonate thereby to a stronger signal of similar purity. First you must choose your goals. Then you network with others with similar goals to achieve them. What do you want? Graduation or repeating the grade? Chaos is part of the conditions or the creation of a new reality."

And here we come to the clincher: What is the quantum change that's coming?

"This depends on the observer."

I hope that the reader has read the articles "To Be or Not to Be," because there are important principles there that are crucial to this issue of the "observer."

Now, let us look VERY carefully at how Mr. IL has described what he calls the "hyperdimensional place of safety":

A hyperdimensional state of being is one in which there is unconditional acceptance of all that is. This is a place within which one does not need to climb a mountain to escape the catastrophes. This is a place within which one does not attract negativity into ones life via the Law of Attraction. This is a place within which one does not have unresolved unworthiness issues or so very few that they do not act as portals for the controllers to use to discombobulate divert and de-energize those trying to transcend the Matrix and is in itself a place wherein which one transcends the Matrix. Attaining this safe place [within] serves our destiny and from this safe place we have no need to act against another

What strikes me as completely schizophrenic is the contrast between the first sentence and the last one:

"A hyperdimensional state of being is one in which there is unconditional acceptance of all that is. Attaining this safe place [within] serves our destiny and from this safe place we have no need to act against another."

If a person is unconditionally accepting all that is, why do they need to attain a "place of safety within?" What are they hiding from?

They are hiding from the truth. They are hiding from Response-ability. They are seeking to assimilate all to one singular idea. What we are witnessing in the above is the astonishing effort to transmute the negative half of existence - into a positive outline. Such "acceptance" contradicts "attaining this safe place." This completely avoids the work of third density - complete acceptance of all that is as the school, that it is as it should be, and then learning to "read the symbols" and give each thing its due. In other words, unconditional acceptance means not trying to change anything or anyone, but rather choosing to act for one's own destiny based on one's own immutable being, thus strengthening one's polarity and divesting oneself of the "mixing" that is the nature of what is - and doing it without any idea that what one does not choose is "wrong," but that it is simply not "resonant" with the self. In the above description of a "hyperdimensional state of being," we see a perfect example of how "turning within," and "attaining this safe place within" is the denial mechanism of 3rd density psychology whereby Stockholm Syndrome takes hold and creates the belief that "good" things, developmental things, positively proceed from acceptance of what is negative, and bringing an end to resistance. What Mr. IL has shown us is that the STS program of conquest and ultimate Soul-capture has been achieved in him.  Mr. IL shows us that the "New Age COINTELPRO" has maneuvered his thoroughly beleaguered psyche into actively choosing the hypothesis with which they've implicitly enveloped him: love of self.

Remember what the C's have said? Attention is a bi-directional signal. Ra has told us that Love is "focusing of awareness/attention onto something." At the deepest level this is the most fundamental definition of it. This focus can then be directed at many things in many ways. "How" this is done and "what is being focused on" determines ones "path". The above writer does not see that "focusing within" constitutes NON-acceptance of the world as it is, and a judgment that creation is to be eschewed in favor of the "sleep of self-contractile" negation that what is "out there" has any reality at all.

Unfortunately, the 3rd density, bodycentric mentality does not comprehend this little item in its deep essence. The linear mind has interpreted this to mean "if you focus awareness/attention on negative things" that this will bring them into your life.

The bodacious humdinger item that is entirely missed is this: the fundamental division of focus is between Truth and Lies, between Objectivity and Subjectivity.

And that leads to the bodacious, humdinger PROBLEM and how humanity has been so cunningly entrapped: Unconditional Acceptance of All That Is means that one must Unconditionally Accept that God has Two Faces, and that one must CHOOSE which Face to behold - that of Truth, or that of Lies. And this choice is demonstrated by ASSUMING THE TRAITS. To achieve the face of TRUTH, one must SEE truth, and assimilate Truth, and Choose Truth, and demonstrate that choice by eschewing lies at the most fundamental level.

And here we find the hook upon which Mr. IL and others of his ilk have been caught: the persistent intellectual pride which clings desperately to the belief - against all evidence to the contrary - that evil just simply does not exist, and that the way to make it cease to exist is to turn within and hide from the truth. Any suggestion that evil is ontologically real - that they might be being deceived - causes such people to fearfully clutch their interpretation even more covetously, to guard this interpretation jealously from any who might have a revealing word.  And of course, the schizophrenic part is that some aspect of the self of such individuals KNOWS the truth, but has been completely suppressed, and must STAY suppressed. But it can't stay that way if annoying people like Ark and Laura and those awful Cassiopaeans keep pointing out the fact that it is NATURAL for good and evil to exist, and that the reason for this is because that is how Creation works at ALL levels. It is the STUFF of Creation, on/off, yin-yang, good-evil, STO-STS, choice, and on and on. We must be suppressed at all costs because we declare that, YES, TRUTH is the highest ideal because it is only truth that leads to the Ever Expanding Love of God. And the ideal of Truth can only be achieved by accepting what IS: Good and Evil. That is the first step. Identify your Ideal. And then PURSUE it. And you can only pursue it by KNOWING that LIES also exist and taking great care to strengthen your energy in Truth so as to achieve the next level of Creation.

As we are going to see shortly, such people as Mr. IL are brainwashed with the cunningly deceptive New Age Age philosophy that they must "turn within" for the truth. They are convinced that their "subjective truth" is uniquely their own and that anyone with another interpretation ipso facto has an ax to grind. We notice that Ark's attempts to shock Mr. IL by repeating the OBJECTIVE FACT that he - and his friends - are proclaiming "unconditional acceptance," but are effectively not practicing it - were completely lost on him, and interpreted by him that Ark was "afraid." And we notice him announcing from his lofty intellectual peak of rationalization that Ark's "fear" was opening him to "attacks," never mind that the attackers are always and ever those same people who declare "Unconditional Acceptance" to be "the way." They never seem to be able to get out of themselves to see their own schizophrenia.

And that is, again, the key: they cannot get out of themselves.


Because they are afraid. And they cannot admit their fear because it would not be "unconditionally accepting all that is" by their definition. And so to escape from that fear of what IS, to be able to "unconditionally accept it," they MUST turn within, they must "attain this safe place within," where they can hide. And it is this self-protective recoil upon which the STS manipulators rely.  It is these psychological properties of 3rd density consciousness which serve to convert scenarios of Evil into full volitional acceptance. Mr. IL and his friends "accept" and DEFEND, in full Will, like a snapping terrier protecting its bone against all comers, the STS program of conquest and ultimate Soul-capture. And and that is too bad, because by all I can determine, Mr. IL is a man of gentle instinct and kind and benevolent disposition.

And so, moving onto the important point: that "attention is bi-directional," and issue of: What is the quantum change that's coming? The C's answered: "This depends on the observer."

We observe that Mr. IL and his friends, by promoting the "turning inward" to the "inner place of safety," are setting up a powerful signal of contractile subjectivity. By denying that creation has any reality other than whaty THEY give it, they are establishing a feedback loop with subjectivity, STS. This means that, at the point of Macrocosmic Quantum Shift, the arrival of the wave, this state of subjectivity will be the "observation" that determines the outcome of their own personal Quantum Change: they will most certainly find themselves in the STS 4 D reality. And it seems that Mr. IL knows this in some way because he said: "It is we, not earth, that will face the 4d STS after the transition." Apparently he doesn't realize that there are several options here. Those who unconditionally accept the world as the school that it is, and get down to the work of discerning the STO choices, thus "separating the cream from the milk," will find themselves in an STO reality where STS is simply not present. There will be no "facing of STS" in 4th density by those who graduate to an STO realm. But apparently, at some level, Mr. IL knows that HE will be facing 4 D STS, and in an effort to be prepared to survive, is now practicing STS survival skills - and again, in this remark, we perceive his terror.

Repeatedly Mr. IL perceives observing and stating the Truth as being "emotionally wounded," or being "in a state of fear," or that it is saying that "they" have power over us and "please let me have my power back". And then the clincher comes:

We must go beyond this *powerless* state of consciousness to get to the consciousness of a hyperdimensional state of being; we must acknowledge our own unlimited power instead of giving it away. And, in that acknowledgment, we'll find that we do not have to "act against". And, I say this in full acknowledgment of the trials and attacks both Laura and you have had. I recognize that right now we have completely different views.

What's this business of "power?" And "OUR power?"

With a sinking feeling we realize the Truth: Mr. IL sincerely believes that to love self is to love all. And with some sadness - because we realize that he doesn't even grok it - Mr. IL and his friends have become teachers that teach love of self. They are propagating the doctrine intended, from long ages past, to bring to fruiting a harvest of 4th density negative or self-serving beings.

We see in Mr. IL a sad demonstration of the servant in the Parable of the Talents who hid his talent in Fear rather than face the uncertainty of going out into the market and taking risks.

Indeed, those who wake up and give attention to TRUTH experience Fear. But Courage is the quality of facing Fear and moving through it into Light. It is the quality that allows one to achieve the Quest, the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone. It is the quality of the Knight. Let's look again at what Clarissa Pinkola Estes has said about "fear."

"[Fear is a] wake-up call [that says]: Pay attention! Something has gone radically amiss in the outer world. ....[Fear] serves as a warning to all of us -- if you don't pay attention, something will be stolen from you!  The dreamer needs to be initiated so that whatever has been robbing her can be recognized, apprehended, and dealt with.

"In the Bluebeard story we see how a woman who falls under the spell of the predator rouses herself and escapes him, wiser for the experience.  The story is about transformation through knowledge, insight, voice, decisive action.  We must unlock the secrets and use our abilities to be able to stand what we see.  [As opposed to "attaining that place of safety within" or "hiding from truth"] And then, we must use our voice and our wits to do what needs to be done about what we see.  When instincts are strong, we intuitively recognize the innate predator by scent, sight, and hearing... we anticipate its presence, hear it approaching, and take steps to turn it away.  [In other words, acting FOR our destiny.] In the instinct-injured the predator is upon them before they register its presence.  We have been taught to be nice, to behave, to be blind, and to be misused.

And in the case of Mr. IL, we find this to be all too sadly true. We also see his projection of this injury onto both me and Ark when he says: "your defensive reactions tell me ... that at the core the emotional wound ... is based on fear." And "Laura ... doesn't have a clue ... and because of that is in a state of fear that requires her to defensively act against. We cannot transcend what we fight against." He completely missed the context of the discussion in which the C's said that REFUSING and REJECTING domination by STS should not be perceived as "acting against another," but as "acting FOR one's own destiny." And when I mentioned that such individuals fight tooth and claw to force one back under their control once one has begun to move toward true freedom, the C's simply commented that this was 4 D STS attack THROUGH that individual. As the apostle Paul wrote:

Put on God's whole armor, that you may be able successfully to stand up against all the strategies and the deceits of the devil. For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood, but against the despotisms, against the powers, against the master spirits who are the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly sphere. Therefore put on God's complete armor, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day of danger, and having done all that the crisis demands, to stand firmly in your place. Stand therefore, hold your ground, having tightened the belt of truth around your loins and having put on the breatplate of integrity and of moral recitude and right standing with God. [Ephesians 6:11-14]

Mr. IL is "instinct injured," and he projects that onto others because, of course, when one has "turned inward" to the "hyperdimensional place of safety," when one does not fully realize that it is not against other humans that we are acting, but that we are resisting the strategies and deceits and powers of 4th density STS that act through them, there is no other way to interpret reality except that everyting "out there" must be a reflection of what is "inside." And, if one turns inside, they are assured that all that bad nasty stuff that is "out there" will most certainly go away.

"The young and the injured are uninitiated. Neither knows much about the dark predator and are, therefore, credulous.  But, fortunately, when the predator is on the move, it leaves behind unmistakable tracks in dreams.  These tracks eventually lead to its discovery, capture and containment.

"Wild Ways teaches people when not to act 'nice' about protecting their souls. The instinctive nature knows that being 'sweet' in these instances only makes the predator smile. When the soul is being threatened, it is not only acceptable to draw the line and mean it, it is required." [Pinkola Estes, June 1997; Ballantine Books ISBN: 0345409876]

Now, before we wind our way through the labyrinth into the core being of individuals who souls have been captured, and who are out there, acting as "teachers," working diligently to bring forth a rich 4 D STS harvest, let's look at something very curious about all of this. Yesterday, while looking for some information to answer the question of a correspondent, Ark stumbled across an oddity on the Wingmakers Forum. Someone posted the following:

posted October 10, 2002 08:54 AM

Laura here:
From 09-23-00
Q: We have a question about the Wingmaker's information that we pretty much went through and analyzed at an earlier time, but never really brought to the table here. Is the Wingmaker's thing a complete hoax as has been suggested by some analysts?
A: No.
Q: Is the Wingmaker's presentation a source of good clues if one can figure out how to decipher it?
A: Yes.
Q: Are the clues in the poetry, the pages of philosophy or the art?
A: All.
Q: Is the story about the Wingmaker's information true?
A: Some.
Q: Is the Wingmaker's material "left" from the future into the past for someone to find in the present?
A: Close.

You can find there interesting opinions on the issue. And some familiar names of the people who used to post here on our forum as well.

Well, that was curious enough, considering the fact that when I posted the excerpt from the session where we asked about the Wingmakers, I did not add any commentary which would have clarified the subject. The reader will notice that the C's said it was not a "complete hoax," which was then amplified by saying that there was only "some" of it that was true. "Some" - when the C's use the term - is a polite way of saying "very little." And this was what we had determined ourselves by analysis, which was discussed at the session, but which was lengthy and was not transcribed. This is one of the problems with people reading these sessions without knowing the background, or what the context of the questions is. When I asked the question about whether or not the Wingmaker's material was a source of good clues, the INTENT in the question, as we had been discussing, was that it was designed to lead AWAY from the truth, and that we could discern possible truths by looking at the OPPOSITE ideas presented!

Nevertheless, I posted the excerpt, assuming that familiar readers would be able to chew on it and grok what the C's were saying in their terse responses.

In any event, the response to the above posting on the Wingmakers discussion forum was even more curious. Someone named Frank posted:

Within the deep recesses of the closed and moderated cassiopean discussion forum, WM has taken a very heavy beating.

And the response was:

Interesting... What do you mean Frank? Sometimes I do not catch theses idioms. Can you disclose the subject a little bit please? Namaste Peter

And "Frank" answered:

Piotr Sorry, I have no other details. A casual acquaintance told me this two months or so ago. It could all be a lie (as usual [big grin] )

As it happens, this was the time frame that we are going to talk about: late spring, early summer of this year. The brief background is this: We had several new members, all of whom declared that they were not lugging around any Sacred Cow beliefs or opinions, and that they wanted to engage in the Quantum Future School method of "networking" as taught by us, based on our own initiation via the same process with the C's, and the group experiments over the past couple of years with this process of "mind-linked awareness" and co-linearity.

As it happened, one of the individuals who joined obviously had a hidden agenda and was carrying around a very Sacred Cow which amounted to the inability to let go of the intellectual pride hook. Dangling from her "hook" was the hidden intention of "setting us straight" because we were obviously not "getting it." We didn't know this at the time, but as it happened, she joined at the same time that a couple of other people had joined, and the thing that they all had in common was deep involvement with the Greer "Disclosure Project," Anna Hayes and the "Guardian Alliance," and Wingmakers.

Almost immediately, this individual began to "work in" her agenda. What became clear rather soon was that, even though familiarity with the C's material is a prerequisite for joining the School, she either had not read it as she claimed, or had not understood it. She was certainly educated and articulate, so I didn't think that she had problems in understanding. And so, the only conclusion was that she had read it, didn't agree with it - or only agreed with parts of it - and had decided to join the group to "save us" from ourselves, or some such thing. In short, she had an ulterior motive, and that motive was to promote the material of a New Age source that clearly and evidentially has the sincere belief that to love self is to love all.

As might be expected, the members of the group attempted to explain to her the problems with the material she was promoting, and why. But here, it became evident that there was simply no communication bridge at all. She could not be unplugged. GG had been in the Matrix too long. As our QFS teacher wrote above: "This type of manipulation shapes the way people perceive the world. It is very powerful. After a certain threshold is reached, the manipulatively distorted worldview becomes self-sustaining. - This is how the system is sustained, I think. Since everyone is ill with the same mental disease, it becomes "normal" to have the disease. And since there is no reference point of how it is without the disease, hardly anyone tries or even realizes that it is possible to heal it. "

One of the more bizarre things that we have witnessed over and over again is the fact that people will join our school, or one of our discussion groups with such an agenda of one sort or another, and then, when we do not submit to their "authority," when the group decides to examine and analyze what they are trying to promote in order to come to some idea of how much objective truth may actually be present, the individual who is promoting an agenda then declares that we are "closed minded" - or that the group is "brainwashed." And over and over again this comes up for the simple reason that we may not wish to accept their manipulations or because we challenge their ideas and wish to subject it to deep study and examination. In other words, acting FOR our destiny of seeking Truth is perceived - as Mr. IL above perceived it - as "acting against" them. And the old disinfo saw that "what you resist, you attract" is hauled out as proof that we are really gonna suffer now because we have resisted their violation of our Free Will to CHOOSE what we accept or not! And we are certainly going to examine it carefully before we accept or reject it! This then results in their attacks, a sort of "self-fulfilling prophecy."

Well, in the case of the Wingmakers, Anna Hayes material, and the work of Steven Greer, we had already taken it apart and put it back together to see how it operated and on what basis. Some of it has even been discussed on the site.

So, this new member with an agenda launched her "turning within" and "you create your own reality by what you give attention, so hide from truth" agenda. And once she had done so, the other "planted agents" (whether conscious or not) in the group, that had been waiting for the "signal" to go into action, all went into overdrive. It was from this platform that LS launched HER agenda. From here on, you will be reading the actual posts to the group and you will see how the exchange develops, and finally, how Wingmakers and other similar COINTELPRO maneuvers "took a beating" in the "closed and moderated C's group."


I know I'll probably get slammed/flamed/skewered for this, but I also did  the unmentionable and attended a lecture given by Phil Gruber, Anna Hayes'  ex-husband -- last Friday night. I was curious (and had many questions). Since then, I've received several e-mail from people I've met in  the UFO community here (who have read the Voyager books) who wrote and said  "watch out, you have no idea what's happened to Phil...

JQ: Hi GG, your perception of the nature and workings of this list seems to be  distorted. From experience, slamming, flaming or skewering is not tolerated  by anyone on this list. The reaction that you received from members of the  group was due ONLY to your insistence on discussing the merits of  information that had been concluded to be more disinfo than anything else. Theories about the nature of 3D reality are the topic of discussion on the  list, with a view to coming to a conclusion about them. Once a conclusion  has been reached, unless some new info comes to light, they are not later  dragged up again to be re-dissected.

The fact that you attended a lecture by  Anna Hayes' husband is, I suspect,  welcomed by other list members. In fact this type of information gathering  is what is actively promoted here. The only qualification to that would be  that the potential value to be obtained from attending such a lecture would  depend on the mindset with which you approach the material offered by the  speaker. If for example you go with the sole intention of having your  existing beliefs bolstered, then the potential for gleaning new knowledge or  a deeper understanding would be limited. Naturally, since the objective of  the discussions on the list is to get to the bottom of things, an objective  attitude in such a case is always preferred.

This prompted a post from another member who had joined some time earlier and who had become silent after a direct encounter with the way the group works on speaking and interacting with one another only in truth.

From KAH:

Hi, folks. It has been a while since I last posted, so I thought I'd better click out a few words of hello, check in and maybe offer a few thoughts.

Firstly, I wish to offer my condolences and support to our group members who have recently lost loved ones or who are dealing with severe illness. My heart goes out to you all. Sincerely. Keep your chins up and stay strong. Absorb the lessons of it all and keep in mind that time eventually heals all things. You're in my thoughts.

Secondly, although I know it's not necessary, I think I would like to share with you all why I just sort of dropped out of the scene this past month after my initial "new member" introduction and my first few posts - for those of you that actually noticed that I dropped out, that is! :-) This, in order that perhaps we might learn just a little bit more about emotional triggers and subtle forms of attack - or at least events that some of us might perceive as attacks - "perceive" perhaps being the key word here. I've been debating with myself for the last several weeks whether I should actually venture out with this or not, but I finally decided I'd better do or it would just sit there, nagging at the back of my mind, until I finally did post my thoughts on this. Plus, L** wondering about members who seemed to have dropped out or disappeared provided an additional impetus for me, so - here goes.

Now, I just want to say before I get into this that I intend are being as brutally honest as I possibly can be as I write this - both with you all and with myself. At least I am going to try. Unfortunately, I'm usually more successful at doing this with others than I am when attempting to do it with myself, but we'll see what happens as I go along.

At any rate, to begin. A short time ago, I joined this list, made an intro and wrote a couple of posts. One of the last posts I made related to a thread having to do with a Russian website that had a couple of post-flood scenarios on it. The exchange in this thread was mainly between myself and Ark, with B** making an occasional "appearance", and most of the exchange was an attempt by us to get to the heart of what I eventually perceived as a misunderstanding. In the end, the source of the misunderstanding was discovered, but the whole thing had left a really bad taste in my mouth. It was shortly after that when I considered unsubscribing from the group altogether, but I ultimately decided to just pull back for a while and see how things went. I've never been one to give up easily and despite having had my feelings hurt and my ego practically shattered beyond repair (which is good, of course, although painful.), I decided to stick it out, even if it was only as a "lurker".

Now, why was this? Why had I considering leaving? Well, mainly because of something you wrote, Ark, plus, the general tone of the exchange, which was honest, but seemed to be becoming a battle of the wills. The words you wrote: "You could do many things yourself, if you were REALLY interested in the truth." Still ring in my ears and still sting like the dickens when I recall them.

Now, you may not have considered saying something like that as being offensive, and there's probably quite a few others who might not either, but unfortunately, I did. Those words pushed a huge, red, blinking, glaring emotional button of mine - and pushed it and pushed it and pushed it again - every time I recalled them. Firstly because it made me feel as though questions were just barely tolerated and secondly, because it made me feel as though you thought I was only "pretending" that I was a seeker of truth and knowledge - that I was a phony, a fake, a charlatan - when I have actually been asking all of those big "why" questions ever since my mother died when I was 12 - finding some of the answers on my own, but not nearly enough of them to satisfy me.

Combine all of that with the fact that you had just prior to our exchange written to me offlist to request that I not make references to digestive processes after writing something about ExLax and again to ask me to "trim" my emails to the list - BOTH of which I interpreted as reprimands and as being TOLD WHAT TO DO - well, I nearly exploded emotionally, to put it mildly. Those reprimands, if taken alone, I could handle - even though being told what to do is another emotional trigger of mine - but combined with the exchange we had regarding the Russian site, that nearly put me off the work being done here completely. I thought to myself, "Physicist or no physicist, who IS this guy to tell ME that I don't REALLY seek truth and knowledge?? Who is HE to tell me what to do??"

I FELT as though I had been attacked by you Ark, and attacked for no good reason.

Now, Ark, I hope you're not boiling now. [Laura's note: Ark was chuckling with delight as he read this because it is always a joy to see someone wake-up!] I said I was going to be honest, and I meant it, but I'm not finished. This is all what I THOUGHT. Once I calmed down and got some distance from things a little, I felt a lot differently, and I began to ask myself questions. I began to ask myself why was it that I reacted the way I did? And, was I justified in reacting the way I did?

The answers? I reacted the way I did, even though I am now sure that you meant me nothing ill and had only my best interests in mind, firstly, because of my own personal emotional buttons/triggers. I am very sensitive and very emotional - and as a newbie, I was even more so then since I wanted to be "one of the gang", wanted to be accepted. It wreaks havoc on the old ego when right off the bat, you FEEL like you most definitely have NOT been accepted as part of the group. Those emotional buttons are obviously, something I need to work on getting rid of, or at least, minimizing the effects of, because it is through these buttons that 4DSTS works through us.

I think that I may, indeed, have been attacked, but not by you, Ark.

I am also extremely stubborn and strong-willed (I hate to ask people for help) and one of the worst things someone can do to me is tell me what to do. If it's a small thing, I usually fly off the handle. If it's something more significant and I can see that there's a good reason for it, I don't fly off into a fit - not any more, at least. I've improved in that area now, although it's still a struggle. Ego, again.

So, what's the point of all of this chatter? The point is that we all need to be aware that we are all different and all have different emotional triggers and pushing these triggers can be a form of attack. These attacks, IMHO, can and probably are used to keep potentially valuable contributors from this group. I believe that the so-called "old timers" might need to keep this in particular in mind when newbies come on the scene because we (the newbies) are going to be even more sensitive in the beginning than might otherwise be the case. If this is not taken into consideration, then the group could risk losing people who could become valuable members. I'm not saying that I might be one of those - probably not, since I do not have the time or knowledge that others here do to contribute in the way that I would really like to - but other newbies may be. The nature of this group is so unique due to it's brutal honesty. Egos are most definitely not massaged here, and that can be a bucket of ice water in the face of a newbie if confronted with it on the first day or two. I think that when newbies come on the scene, folks might be a little more sensitive to this initially until the newbies adjust.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on all of that. I hope that it is taken in the spirit it is meant to be taken in - the spirit of learning and discovery. I also hope that at least a small portion of it made some sense. I've had three little "distractions" (all under the age of 8) running in and out of my office as wrote this - all wanting me for one thing and another - so I hope this post is at least partially understandable.

After some discussion, we all agreed that "Newbies" ought not to be tossed into the crucible so abruptly and now this member - who really showed what she was made of in facing her own "stuff" here - has progressed to the forming of the magnetic center in just a few short months.

Another member responded:

CJ here:

Your post struck a bit of a chord with me and although it related to your exchange with Ark it also speaks to group exchanges and it is in that respect that I would like to make and observation/comment.

I vaguely recall the exchange but did not pay a great deal of attention since it was not an area with which I am familiar.

Your concern was that you were called on an observation. Knowing nothing about the reasons here I will not speculate but get to my point.

I have been considering the opposite problem in relation to myself; that of not being called on an observation and the implications of it. I suspect you position is the better one to be in. Granted it may have been a little early and seemed to your mind to be harsh, at least what you had to say was of sufficient substance to cause another to think and respond. To my mind the response also showed a respect for your ability to discuss the opposing viewpoints with objectivity. That you chose to remain testifies to that.

How differently we see things, depending on our side of the fence. We are on opposite ends here and viewing these exchanges through the microcosm of our own ego. They are not taken nearly so seriously by others, but the predator mind tends to twist them until they eat us up and if they had their way we would never post again and we would all be the loser.

By the way, I would like to say how much I respect the courage it must have taken to make this post.

I responded to CJ as follows:

Laura here: Did you make an observation that you felt should have been "spotted" and wasn't? I think that happens a lot due to the volume of posts. But also, I think that it can also happen because the reader may think: "well, I don't think that's kosher, but I think that so-and-so is going in the direction of figuring it out and maybe if I say nothing, he or she will get there all on their own." In short, it might be like watching a baby take it's first steps and really having to restrain from helping.

At other times, it may be similar, only you see that the baby is gonna get hurt and you had better intervene - even if only to distract attention away from the dangerous direction.

CJ: To my mind the response also showed a respect for your ability to discuss the opposing viewpoints with objectivity. That you chose to remain testifies to that.

Absolutely! And getting to the point where we can do that is a major goal. Just like Ken's discussion of Patterson and Gurdjieff - we can't be "identified" with ideas under discussion and we can't be hypersensitive about honest exchange of thoughts and ideas. And it seems that the only time this happens is when we are "identified."

The most classic example of recent times is VB's rant that we are a "cult" because we ejected him. He never, EVER understood that it wasn't because we are not willing to discuss anything, but because HE wasn't willing to discuss. His position was: "well, my ideas are right and that is all there is to it, and any discussion of my ideas will be considered "attack" and if you attack me by wanting to discuss my ideas, then I will attack back by games and manipulation."

There was more to this, of course, including the emerging discoveries of his lies and manipulations in other areas, but basically, at the precise point of his ejection, it was because of his emotional agenda revealed in his farewell "spam" post.

And it's really funny how, even after the group has discussed something and investigated something up one side and down another, that any conclusion that it isn't worth paying any further attention to is always attributed to "Ark and Laura's mind control."

The entire group can discuss enochian magic and decide it's nonsense - but that becomes "evidence" of "thought control."

So, again and again, we see folks who come into the group with an "agenda," and they are completely "identified" with that agenda (another example is JH and his "Catchers of Heaven" and Murshid Sam deal.) And the instant anyone wants to just simply discuss it, it is perceived as an attack.

These are buttons - sacred cows.

How many of you remember the guy - the professor of philosophy - what WAS his name - who wrote posts that were 100 pages long that nobody could read or understand - and when I pointed out that he was wasting everybody's time trying to impress us all with his erudition, he got huffy and went off to the M list and said he "quit" because we "talked too much!"

That was PRICELESS! That was the famous "shooting the sacred cows/Annie Oakley post."

Well, I digress. Yes, I think that being honest and direct is more respectful than babying somebody. But I also agree with Kris that sometimes we DO need to baby newbies just a bit - and even each other on some issues.

And then KAH and I had the following exchange:

Hi KAH, Thanks for your tremendous input on this subject. I would also like to make a couple of observations.

First thing that comes to mind is that you received a "shock." That shock actually, based on your description of the subsequent events, acted on you in such a way as to wake you up. My question is: would you have been so shocked if the responses you received had not been so honest?

KAH: Nope! Absolutely not!

Laura: And if you had not been shocked, would you have then performed a self-examination that resulted in coming to some realizations about yourself and program triggers etc?

KAH: Again, absolutely not, and I wish to make it very clear that I am extremely pleased - NOW - that I had the opportunity to learn that lesson. However, I do have to say that it has taken a good deal of persistence and will and struggle for me to get over those feelings of being attacked. I think that there may be some folks out there who, possibly coming in as new members, might not be able to take such "tough talk" initially and might leave. Some might then say, "Well, if they can't take the heat, then they should get out of the kitchen.". But, what if one of these new folks could have added some new exotic spice to the dish we were preparing in the kitchen that would have made it into something mouthwateringly delicious - a gastronomic miracle! - but they left because it was too hot and stuffy in the kitchen? Then what? Who would be missing out then? Not just the newbie, I would venture to say.

My point is, Laura, that I think we can ALL learn a lesson with this - not just myself. Perhaps those who have been with the group for a long time could be just a teeny tiny bit more patient with those of us who are new, and just a wee bit more sensitive to the fact that we are just getting started with the business of dealing with emotional triggers, programs, putting sacred cows out to pasture, etc. You, Ark, B** and others are all "old pros" at this business, so to speak (even though the process is ongoing and never-ending, you are still a good deal farther along in some ways that we are.), but we new folks are not. We're just getting started and it's a long, hard journey and particularly tough just in the beginning - as you well know. I'm not saying that honesty should be cast aside - heaven forbid! - but what I AM saying is that perhaps one can be honest just a little bit more gently at first with those who are new and still trying to get to know the group and make a place for themselves with you all. Does any of that make any sense?

Laura: I think that your point about having the bucket of ice water in the first day or two is valid. But I guess you have also noted that the same issues come up again and again - in different contexts -

KAH: Yes, these issue do seem to come up periodically, and probably will continue to do so for some time yet - as long as new members arrive and as long as we are all still stuck in 3D and in STS orientation. We've got a long road ahead of us, but it's my understanding that we're all here to help each other get further along down that road.

Laura: Very often, because of the nature of the group that you have so aptly described, the experience of "newbies" is similar to the old fable of the Tea and the Zen master: The fable describes a learned man who visited a Zen master. The Zen master began explaining his philosophy, but the learned man kept interrupting, saying, "Oh yes, we have that too. Ah, I've seen that before." Finally, the Zen master stopped talking and poured his visitor a cup of tea. Once the cup was full, though, he kept pouring until the tea overflowed onto the table. "Stop!" exclaimed the visitor. "No more can go into the cup!" "Yes," replied the master. "If you do not first empty your cup, how can you accept my gift of tea?"

KAH: Laura. Believe me, I know I need to empty my cup and I am working on it, but as I said, I'm only just getting started. You and others have already emptied your cups and filled them up again many times. Please try and be a little patient with those of us who are still learning how to sip.

Now, during the same period of time, there was another event going on, which was a spin-off of the posting of several long extracts of the Anna Hayes material by GG, and the polite information to her from several members of the group that this had already been discussed at some length, and to avoid having to go over old ground repeatedly, she might wish to search the archives, read what had already been discussed, and then if there was anything new to add, to bring it up. What happened then was quite amazing. Looking back at it, it is hard to think that it was not a pre-planned agenda of the several people who more or less tried to turn the group into a slugfest in defense of the "truth" of the Anna Hayes material. They were simply not interested in any research, in any objective evaluation, or any comparisons or other views. And several of them were people who had been in the group for some time, obviously pretending to be interested in a different view, and only now, with the presence of GG, they revealed their hypocrisy. So, here is what GG posted in response to the group's rejection of the Anna Hayes material as a topic of discussion.

GG here:

My recent experience on this list reminded me of an experience I had at "ULT" (United Lodge of Theosophists) twenty two years ago. As a newbie there, I inadvertently broke a rule and it upset the members for months (some members *never* forgave me).

Theosophy is split in New York. There's the Theosophical Society on E. 53rd Street and the United Lodge of Theosophists is on E. 72nd. I started attending lectures at the 72nd street address when I moved to New York and lived at a women's residence two blocks away. The ULT members study the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled with the help of material written by William Q. Judge (the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled are both very dense). Unlike the other Theosophical Society that holds psychic fairs and classes on a range of occult sciences, ULT does not approve of any occult practices (astrology, numerology, etc.) even though one of their 'objects' says they study the psychical powers latent in man. I still have a copy of their magazine called "The Theosophical Movement," published October, 1980. There's a slogan on the cover that says, "There is no religion higher than truth." The inside the front cover of each issue always listed the objects: 1. to form a nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color. 2. the study of ancient and modern religions, philosophies and sciences and the demonstration of the importance of such study 3. the investigation of the unexplained laws of Nature and the psychical powers latent in man.

Because I lived so close and because I had a mindless day job, I began to attend lectures and study groups three evenings a week and all day on Sunday. The people seemed nice and the information was interesting. After a few months, I was invited to say something in their main hall. No one told me that paper or props (such as a chart) was not permitted in a presentation. I can't remember what I put together but I prepared a small chart that contained some sort of analysis of something Blavatsky had said. No one stopped me during my presentation but several members pulled me aside later and told me I had 'broken the rules.' I remember there was an older couple named the Fursts who frowned at me from that day forward.

In the weeks following the "incident," I can remember running into a ULT member named Reed Carson at an astrology shop on Lexington Avenue. The shop was run by a man I later learned was a total psychopath (Zoltan Mason). Reed was a favorite member at the lodge and I could not believe we crossed paths at Zoltan Mason's shop. Reed was a computer programmer and always had profound things to say about William Q. Judge or Blavatsky. When he spotted me in Zoltan's shop, he walked over to me and said, "you're quite the iconoclast" with a weird look on his face. I was speechless still feeling beat up over the "incident." In retrospect, I was sorry I did not mention how surprised I was to run into him in an astrology shop. I was very young and I was a whimp.

Twenty years have passed and the challenges I encountered in the male-dominated computer business in New York tested my metal far beyond anything I ever imagined (in contrast, the "incident" at ULT and the "incident" on this list -- were nothing more than tame little disagreements in a first grade classroom).

In the past week, the Voyagers books went back on my shelf and now I'm reading Jane Robert's "The Unknown Reality" Volume I & II. "Seth" is on the Voyager Intruder/Distortion list but I decided to read the books anyway. There's a member of the New York Disclosure Project chapter (that I belong to) who's read all of the Seth books and it's been interesting to compare ideas (he's also read the Wave articles). BTW: Theosophy taught "All is Life" that seems to be equivalent to "The Law of One." Even though Theosophy has been called corrupt, there seems to be valuable information in the material.

I know I'll probably get slammed/flamed/skewered for this, but I also did the unmentionable and attended a lecture given by Phil Gruber, Anna Hayes' ex-husband -- last Friday night. I was curious (and had many questions). Since then, I've received several e-mail from people I've met in the UFO community here (who have read the Voyager books) who wrote and said "watch out, you have no idea what's happened to Phil. His material is distorted." On Friday night, Phil mentioned he's been through hell but did not give details (I can see the 'new' New Age is full of landmines). About 90% of Phil's presentation was straight out of Anna's books. Several of the 'extras' he added were impressive. What I took away from the lecture was a reminder that "the universe supports whatever we believe." I was reminded of the idea that 'thoughts are things' (taught in Theosophy). The idea that we create our own reality is a theme in the the two Seth books entitled "Unknown Reality" (I don't know whether this is a theme in all of Jane Robert's other books).

BTW: The only reason I'm able to mention Phil/Seth or Theosophy's "thoughts are things" here is due to Sam and Laura's recent posts on Louise Hay who teaches that negative, limiting beliefs can impact a person's physical health.

I had already started the Seth books before I attended Phil's lecture and there were interesting correspondences. There's evidence of how much our thoughts impact our reality -- all around us. Late last night, I watched the Ananda Lewis show that's aired in NYC at 9:00 a.m. and re-run very late. She had a high school guidance counselor on her show who had a track record of encouraging every student to aim for their dream of going to college. There was another guidance counselor in the audience who stood up and told anecdotal stories about how guidance counselors she worked with -- had advised students that they weren't "college material." She said that fortunately, many students ignored that advice and applied anyway. There are obstacles and then there are our thoughts. Obstacles (usually perceived as evil -- I thought mine were -- although less and less -- now I think of people obstacles as 'limited') are probably 4D STS "Lizzards" utilizing people as conduits (the guidance counselors!!). I think we're supposed to get beyond the dualities in this dimension (good/evil, dark/light, day/night, etc. -- it's a theme everywhere you look - with many traps that negate "The Law of One").

Dualities seem to exist to wake us up and they're very, very important (maybe the more bizarre the shock, the better; maybe the subtle shocks don't wake us up; the brutal shocks are like loud alarm clocks -- although personally, I think I'd prefer a gentle nudge from a trusted colleague, I'm not in favor of brutal shocks and I still search for nice people). After all the 'he said/she said', one of the keys seems to be our thoughts (they shape our reality). The high school student who "believed" he/she was "not college material" probably did not apply.

If we believe we will be eaten, we probably will.

Ark responded to GG:

GG here (I'm still on the list).

Ark: Hi, GG. I do not know why you start with this. All the list members are still on the list. What is so particular about YOU being on the list?

GG: My recent experience on this list reminded me of an experience I had at "ULT" (United Lodge of Theosophists) twenty two years ago. As a newbie there, I inadvertently broke a rule and it upset the members for months (some members *never* forgave me).

You did not break any rules yet. You were simply trying to bring the "teachings of Anna Hayes" here, but this subject has been discussed in the past, you can find it in the archives, and also this is not Anna Hayes list. By now you have probably come to this realization ....

GG:Theosophy is split in New York. There's the Theosophical Society on E. 53rd Street and the United Lodge of Theosophists is on E. 72nd.

As for theosophy, notice the comment in wave13e3:

"Here, Hedsel's teacher is suggested to be referring to A. P. Sinnet and his connection to Theosophy and certain "revelations" that were made in 1932 via the Brotherhood of Luxor, but I think that this was a deliberate mis-direction. Gurdjieff was talking about mankind being "food for the Moon" before 1914. Here we find the probable cause for some of the distortion of information in the Way of the Fool. Blavatsky claimed to have "inside information," but it seems likely that what she was given was intentionally mixed with half-truths and some lies."


"As it happens, Rene Schwaller de Lubicz hung out with the Theosophy crowd for a couple of years and most of his ideas can be found to be rooted in this "occult uniformitarinism."


"All these movements: the modern Rosy-Cross, Golden Dawn, the German Vril Society (which will bring us to the Thule Group where we shall find Haushofer, Hess and Hitler) were more or less closely associated with the powerful and well organized Theosophical Society. Theosophy added to neo- pagan magic an oriental setting and a Hindu terminology. Or, rather, it provided a link between a certain oriental Satanism and the West."


"He realized the dangers lurking behind theosophy and the neo-pagan Initiatory groups that were more or less connected with Mme Blavatsky and her sect. "

GG: I know I'll probably get slammed/flamed/skewered for this, but I also did the unmentionable and attended a lecture given by Phil Gruber, Anna Hayes' ex-husband -- last Friday night.

Ark: You see, the point is that we do not care much about WHO is giving "lectures". But we care for what is being lectured and where are the FACTS. Anybody can lecture, and it can even "sound good" and "resonate" - but if it is all nonsense and/or disinformation - why should we care? If someone lectures on something but disregards facts, if somewhat proliferates nonsense - why should we care? Facts, data - that is what we care about. Critical analysis - that is what we care about. But we do not care about Phil Gruber or Anna Hayes - unless they are are really big caliber disinformation artists. Bur are they? Perhaps you can bring facts that will help us find out?

You write"

"What I took away from the lecture was a reminder that "the universe supports whatever we believe."

Well, that IS nonsense. So, it seems, Phil Gruber and Anna Hayes are indeed big caliber disinformation artists.

GG: BTW: The only reason I'm able to mention Phil/Seth or Theosophy's "thoughts are things" here is due to Sam and Laura's recent posts on Louise Hay who teaches that negative, limiting beliefs can impact a person's physical health.

Ark: You see, the devil is in the details. One thing is to say "the universe supports whatever we believe," and a completely different thing is to say "that negative, limiting beliefs can impact a person's physical health."

That MY thoughts affect MY health is totally natural. But that "universe" cares what I believe in - that is nonsense and disinformation, that contradicts facts and data.

The devil is in the details. If you are not paying attention to details - you are food for the moon!

GG: If we believe we will be eaten, we probably will.

Here you are repeating the same theme. YOU will probably be eaten if you do not pay attention to little details that make all the difference. Like the difference between 4 and 5. . But why do you use "we" in the above? If I believe 2+2=5 - will it ever add to 5? I don't think so. But it will add to 4. Little "details" that make all the difference.

Needless to say, GG's sarcasm and insults were not even mentioned by Ark. However, they were certainly noted by the rest of the group. But, rather then focus on those things, most members took the proper approach of external considering:

DH here:

GG ends her note with: If we believe we will be eaten, we probably will.

That seems to be the core of the 'you create your own reality' philosophy. This is another sacred cow which has been put out to pasture and there's lots of good discussion concerning this topic in the archives. It seems we do need to make some kind of list of major ideas and people we've already investigated and discussed and have it available for newcomers. If anything on the list is truly sacred to them they can read the discussions first and then see if they want to stay on the list. To rehash all the discussions will divert us from ever moving forward. DH

As is often the case, for those who do not yet have sufficient strength, such posts as GG's act to produce distress and confusion, and it was easy to see that several of our struggling members were falling into internal quicksand. I wrote to one of them:

Hi Z, Laura here:

I would like to just suggest that "generalization" is a trap. It is a generalization to think that learning to be objective is to become an "unfeeling automaton." It is a similar trap to the one GG made in saying:

"The only reason I'm able to mention Phil/Seth or Theosophy's "thoughts are things" here is due to Sam and Laura's recent posts on Louise Hay who teaches that negative, limiting beliefs can impact a person's physical health."

While it is indeed true that our beliefs affect our reality, the process by which this occurs and the way into and out of the trap is not so simplistic. And here, again, Mouravieff is right when he tells us:

"At the same time, some of them demand "simplicity" from esoteric teachings on the generally accepted principle that Truth itself must be simple. They conclude from this that access to Truth ought to likewise be simple. Then they assert that the methods to access Truth must be easily assimilable.

"This argument would be perfectly correct if human beings and the problems they face were simple and just. However, that is not the case. There is a long road to travel from our state of distorted inner disorder to any "original simplicity."

"In practice, the doctrine of "simplicity" - if regarded as an axiom - turns the student aside from the strait gate and the narrow way that leads to Life. Impelled by this counter-truth, he believes he stands before this door, when he is in reality - although undoubtedly in perfectly good faith - walking the wide path that leads to perdition, ad majorem Diaboli gloriam, of course.

"The Doctrine of Simplicity, correct in itself, but wrongly interpreted, becomes a snare for hearts and minds that are already too corrupt; a danger which should be recognized and avoided."

For example: to say that your beliefs or my beliefs make us ill and that all we have to do is think nice thoughts or "change our beliefs" to get well amounts to loading guilt. Because, of course, if we spend years thinking positive thoughts or using affirmations, or doing workshops or whatever, and nothing changes, then we will naturally come to the conclusion that something is wrong with US, that we simply do not have the wherewithal to think positively enough to change our reality. This leads to a couple of other problems. The first is that, by consciously changing our thinking with the conscious INTENT that we are doing it in order to change our beliefs to change some state in which we find ourselves (or by attending workshops or saying affirmations or whatever), amounts to the ipso facto clear statement that something IS "broken" or wrong. This is the belief upon which all fixing, or turning within to find a "place of safety" is based. The "belief" that something is "broken" is behind the attempt to change something, to deliberately believe otherwise.

The second problem is: this diverts us from understanding that God doesn't create junk and that the REAL "I" is ALWAYS perfect and that our only difficulty is the fact that this world of 3rd density is based on lies and liars and the only reason we have been programmed to believe that there is something wrong with us - which has led to our difficulties - is because of this condition of the reality and the structures that it engenders.

This then leads to another realization: much of what we believe about the world is formed in us before we are even at a verbal stage of development. The care the infant receives in the earliest days, weeks, months, create neural circuits that are foundational to everything else that ever happens in the person's life. These become, effectively, the fundamental "belief" programs in us. It is a pretty much "stimulus/response" mode of programming, and when it is installed at times of imprint vulnerability, very long and patient work may be required to wade through these programs.

But the chief thing that we know by gaining knowledge about these things and about the nature of the 3 D world is this: Our real "I" is perfect. It always was. It is the reality that twists and distorts it. Our job is to undo the twists and distortions that have been programmed into our bodies - our personalities - by the Matrix/3D world so as to get to the REAL "I" which is perfect and innocent and divine.

It would be nice if we could just say: "the universe supports whatever we believe" and derive a simplistic solution about it. But we can't.

Indeed, the universe does support whatever we BELIEVE - but as always, the devil is in the details.

The belief center of the mind does, indeed, react to what we think. And when GG states: "I think we're supposed to get beyond the dualities in this dimension (good/evil, dark/light, day/night, etc. -- it's a theme everywhere you look - with many traps that negate "The Law of One"." she has clearly stated her belief - that something is broken. This suggests that the key element we have talked about over and over again either has not been assimilated, or has not been stated clearly enough. We are not suggesting here that anything about the universe is "broken" or needs to be fixed. What we are saying is that what IS is that there are TWO options and - at this level- and that in order to move to the next level we are required to choose. Those two options are what make creation possible.

The STS option promotes the "let's get beyond dualities" theme because it serves the agenda of incorporating ALL to itself regardless of Free Will.

The STO option says: "I'm o.k. and you're o.k. even if you are STS. I just don't choose your option."

The "Law of One" is trotted out as evidence with no complete realization that the devil is in the details there as well.

Most "occult" teachings and literature that have been delivered by various sources since people began to decide that the "old time religion" wasn't quite what it was cracked up to be, have missed the most essential point about the levels of density. They have tended to assume that it's either physical or ethereal. They have assumed that the "battle" is between matter and spirit and that matter has to be "spiritualized" to end the "duality."

Again, this is simplistic thinking with a twist. As Illion pointed out:

Real understanding in spiritual matters is the result of much bitter fighting, of suffering, spiritual agony and soul passion. Life itself would have no meaning if there was no fighting on all planes, if all was smooth and monotonous. Everything fights in nature. Constant struggle on all planes to which it has access is the birthright of the creature. Woe to him who wants to put himself on a level with the Creator and escape fighting!

And yet, this is precisely the "sin of hubris" that is being promoted in the idea "I think we're supposed to get beyond the dualities in this dimension..." It is also a rejection of creation as the school it is which requires us to learn the lessons, which are to CHOOSE one option or the other. Illion again says:

I realized how dreadfully clever and adaptable the Evil One is, and in how many different and cleverly disguised ways he carries on his soul-snatching activities. There is the appeal of wealth and power and the snare of excessive care for the needs of the body. Many people sell their souls to get them. Then there is the appeal of spiritual distinctions and paradises. ... And for people who cannot be caught by either of the two, there are subtle philosophical systems. Decidedly the devil's shop is a well-stocked on; he caters for all possible tastes, and his snares are everywhere. [...]

The Devil is in the details.

BT then wrote:

I have to make a comment here to draw emphasis to something that Laura has illustrated with her full response. This is an excellent example of what we are dealing with here. It is also an excellent example of my contention that when any of us feel we are being attacked on a personal basis, that is not what is transpiring.

There is a mindset that appears to be necessary for what is happening within the group. We have some taglines to identify it..."who sez"..."heating the crucible" ..."putting sacred cows out to pasture" and for those who have participated awhile, these little reminders or taglines are often sufficient to accomplish the inner redirect necessary to work past programs, manipulation and STS illusion. To the newcomer, these taglines have yet to gain sufficient meaning to start that inner redirect process.

I would only say to look at any and all of these taglines or reminders very closely and you will see across the board, that NONE of them have anything to do with fostering personal attack or exclusion. They have come into use and existence here because even though time may not be the linear process we view it as, most of us feel that there is a huge amount still to be done and we are attempting to utilize every "moment of now" to accomplish the growth and lessons at hand.

When we exhibit this approach, we are not denying you as much time or circumnavigation as you require to walk your path, merely presenting possible paths that may cut more clearly through to your destination. You may utilize them or not, that is your decision and we are comfortable with that....but we are not attacking individuals, we ARE illuminating constantly for each other, the approaches that we have individually and collectively learned reek of manipulation and programing.

We do raise a ruckus rather quickly when we observe certain approaches, but even that is not directed at an individual, rather directed at the approach. You will notice that when I make comments. I frequently preface them with perhaps or could this be, or what if, or any one of a dozen opening remarks that all open my comment for discussion and conjecture rather than create an initial wall of belief that must be either recognized, walked around or torn down.

I don't do this because I am some intellectual giant and know something that everyone else here does not know, I do this because I am walking this path too. I do this because I want discussion and conjecture - I don't want finite knowledge, I want to open myself to the infinite.

Many of the newer members will not have heard my comment that when I respond to a thread, most of the time I am doing it for me. I am doing it to re-member my essence. I am doing it to widen my horizons and vistas, I am doing it to give my particular point on my path a temporary concreteness that can be weighed, measured and evaluated, so that I may move on in my re-member-ing of that essence and expand it towards infinity.

The really neat part of all of this is that it appears that as I move further along my path, others move further along theirs and equally important, as they move along theirs, mine becomes that much more defined and full featured. It is not something I think I could do by myself....

I repeat, there are no personal attacks here............B**

I decided that some more input about the "other way" that has been buried under the New Age COINTELPRO game needed to be brought forward. The group members needed to have articulated for them the tests and challenges they would have to face, and even though I had already written at some length about my own initiation and progress on the Staircase of ascent, I thought that Mouravieff had described it in broader terms. And so I posted the following:

As I am reading through Mouravieff, he repeatedly states that there is no possibility of finding the Way unless and until the individual has experienced complete "bankruptcy."

His analogy is that this is like a death. And that this death is necessary for rebirth.

He describes the steps as follows:

First Stage: Exterior life characterized by anarchy of the three centers of the Personality.

Exact and precise discernment between "A" and "B" influences creates the embryo of the magnetic center. Under the influence of the "B" influences, the seeker is drawn towards the First Threshold.

In other words, the becoming aware and distinguishing between STS and STO is the initial process. This is the point at which the Control System seeks to obfuscate the individual by the production and promotion of all of the "we have to get over dualities" propaganda and the attempts to use truth as a barrier. It is indeed true that at 7th density there is no duality, no polarity, but to attempt to apply that to this density is fatal to the seeker. He will then be continuously degaussed in the interplay of forces.

Second Stage:

Having reached this point, man has entered a path. He is placed face to face with Life: his own life, with its own soluble and insoluble problems.

This is the first esoteric test. This test consists of a general reassessment of values. The results obtained depend upon the objectivity and courage brought to the task. One must exert a conscious effort upon oneself so as not to "dodge the issue" or lie to oneself during this reevaluation. One must consider and analyze those about one, face facts and attribute their intrinsic value to them without compromise or pity for oneself or others.

This is the process of "naming." Mouravieff has said that this must be done silently, but I think that we have found that it works very well doing it in a network. The networking factor seems to speed up the process because this creates an environment in which lying to the self is more difficult.

Of course, the STS Matrix would dearly love to eliminate this process. They want us to generalize and think that by evaluation and assessment we are "judging," and that this "judging" is a sin. They don't mention the devilish detail that "judgment" means to pass a sentence that must be carried out - i.e. "acting against."

In reality, this process consists of just "naming" and deciding what is what.

And then, the choice must be made. And this choice is not to "act against."

Mouravieff says:

It would be better to withdraw before crossing the First Threshold than, having cut oneself off from the region of bourgeois happiness, to wish to regain it later. The Way is a one-way street. After the Threshold there is only one option: either to progress on the Way or to fall.

From now on, any return to the original state will be forbidden. If the magnetic center is pure and sufficiently firm, a man of influence"C" appears: the first Threshold will be crossed under his direction.

Third Stage:

The first threshold crossed, a link in the chain of esoteric influence will have been forged. Becoming a traveler, the seeker is "saved in hope."

Yet, he will still remain as before. All the conscious efforts he has made have allowed him to cross the Threshold. This is an enormous step forward. But the sincere desire to get out of exterior life, which inspired the crossing, is not in itself enough to free him from all "A" influences.

On the other side of the Threshold, mesoteric work will unfold before someone who has reached the note Si. He must be solidly established in this state, and facing forward, as "Whoever puts his hand to the plough, and looks back, is not fit for the kingdom of God."

The task at this stage is, for every seeker to go back carefully through the film of his life, so as to reach a double result: 1) To distinguish objectively, as far as possible for him at this phase of his evolution, between permanent, eternal elements and temporary, karmic elements. 2) To stimulate within himself, with the help of this analysis, a strong desire to cross the Second Threshold. The strength of this desire, and the firmness of his decision, are the only measures of success.

Before the first Threshold, man must be aware of his attitude towards exterior life in general. This threshold crossed, he must take as objective not this external life, with all its illusions, but instead, the film of his own life.

Fourth, fifth and sixth stages:

These form the "Path of Access" to the Way. This phase presents itself as a Staircase that man has to climb.

This esoteric staircase has a peculiarity which we must keep in our minds. It is not possible for us to stay on a particular step indefinitely. After a specified delay, sufficient time for him to fulfill the task required from him by the note in force, the step will give way.

During the evolution, the seeker climbing the staircase step after step, will have the following tasks:

1) To make the Personality grow to its fullest possible extent
2) To develop it
3) To balance the three lower centers by replacing the mechanical ties between them with conscious ties from each center to the magnetic center to which the lower centers will then be subordinated.

By accomplishing these tasks, he will become man # 4. The eliminated artificial morality of false "A" influences will be replaced inside him by the action of his conscience, the embryonic expression of the consciousness of the real "I." The latter's radiance will penetrate, bit by bit, through the magnetic center to the whole Personality of the seeker. Man # 4 remains in several ways an exterior man; and he is still mortal. But he is ready to cross the Second Threshold, beyond which, safely sheltered from the "A" influences and from the Law of Accident, the Way begins in its true sense. Once having reached this degree, the seeker becomes a man of influence "C"

One must never lose sight of the fact that everything man does, he does imperfectly. Theoretically, man 4, by the time the note Fa is resounding fully, should already be absolute master of himself. The growth and the development of his Personality should have been pushed to their utmost limits. If this were really the case, the absorption of the lower emotional center by the magnetic center would have occurred in profound joy. But this only happens rarely. This is because man, everywhere and always late, does not fully succeed in accomplishing his task at each step of the Staircase.

As the time allowed for him to finish his work on each step is limited, he is obliged to pass to the next step while still dragging behind him a part, sometimes a large part, of his karmic debt.

This is allowed, but only on condition that his purification is completed at the next stage.

Seventh Stage:

Having reached the First Threshold, the seeker has been placed facing "life." Having reached the Second Threshold, he is placed face to face with himself. In other words, he will see his Personality in its ensemble and in every detail. In the same way, he will perceive all the results of his Karma, as well as all the distortions they have provoked in his being, in particular, the distortion that comes from hypocrisy towards oneself, and from the lies we tell ourselves. These are the most difficult elements to constate. Consequently they are the most difficult to neutralize. This is the second great test.

For the first time in his life, he will see himself objectively, as he is, with no make-up, without the least justification or compromise, and with no possibility of evasion. For the just, this ordeal is full of ineffable joy. To him, it will be like the light of dawn. For the unjust - and this is the general case - this vision of oneself seems terrifying.

Perfect equilibrium of the Personality cannot be attained except by complete neutralization of all karmic consequences. Someone who aspires to liberation, although of good faith, cannot appreciate the nature and importance of this.

Faced with the Second Threshold, everything that has been learned mechanically loses its force; all the buffers, all the auto-tranquillizers, must be broken and thrown away. All the debts must be paid in the proper coin.

[And this is suffering that is so intense it is like dying.]

At the same time, the faithful has to rid himself of those illusory and imaginary duties which sometimes acquire a hypnotic force, and to which a human being attaches real value.

This confrontation with oneself generally takes a dramatic course because of the karmic debt which each one of us carries. But this is inevitable.

[And it can include divorce and other changes in one's life that are truly life shaking.]

Man must now take stock of all his mental possessions, since until this time the greatest part of these possessions were outside his field of observation, somewhere in the archives of his subconsciousness. He will be surprised when constating the contents of that subconsciousness, just what he may discover in there; traces of heroic acts, and perhaps of the most ignoble crimes as well. [This is the truth of the commonly touted New Age idea of "integration."]

If he runs away from this monster - in which he must recognize himself - this will be the fall, full of the worst dangers. His attitude must be one of ATTACK. Then the personality monster will give way. At that moment, man will become master of himself.

This moment is decisive. From now on, strengthened by the victory won, the man's task will be to transfigure his Personality. He should convey to it an image of Radiant Beauty. In the language of the Tradition, we can say that at this time the Betrothed is adorned with her bridal gown.

This done, the Betrothed will be ready to meet the Bridegroom.

With the crossing of the Second Threshold, the developed and harmonized personality will be born. This is the second Birth, analogous to physical birth from every point of view. Having crossed the Second Threshold, the Personality unites itself with the real "I." Man then becomes man # 5. After the Second Threshold, the True Way begins.

This consists of three sections. The interior man enters the higher level of esoteric teaching. He is now obliged to start teaching others. It is while teaching others that he acquires new faculties corresponding to particular elements of his Individuality. In the terminology of St. Paul, these are the gifts of the Holy Spirit. At this stage man becomes a master seen from below, but seen from above he has the title of assistant. The first new basic faculty - common to ALL individualities, and developed all along the stages of this level - is an aptitude for spontaneously distinguishing the true from the false. This aptitude will be the distinguishing sign of the New Man in the Cycle of the Holy Spirit.... the path to Ascension.