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Let's get back on track here and return to the sequence of posts to the list: 

From JQ:

Hi MJ,
your perception of the nature and workings of this list seems to be distorted. From experience, slamming, flameing or skewering is not tolerated by anyone on this list. The reaction that you received from members of the group was due ONLY to your insistence on discussing the merits of information that had been concluded to be more disinfo than anything else. Theories about the nature of 3D reality are the topic of discussion on the list, with a view to coming to a conclusion about them. Once a conclusion has been reached, unless some new info comes to light, they are not later dragged up again to be re-dissected.

The fact that you attended a lecture by Anna Hayes' husband is, I suspect, welcomed by other list members, in fact this type of information gathering is what is actively promoted here. The only qualification to that would be that the potential value to be obtained from attending such a lecture would depend on the mindset with which you approach the material offered by the speaker. If for example you go with the sole intention of having your existing beliefs bolstered, then the potential for gleaning new knowledge or a deeper understanding would be limited. Naturally, since the objective of the discussions on the list is to get to the bottom of things, an objective attitude in such a case is always preferred. Which it seems that you maintained when you were there. Glad to have your input.

From SM:

I read MJ's post and thought, "I've just been called a first grader."

Am I offended? No, but I don't find it very appealing. I don't think we are dealing with "breaking rules" here. It is more about respect for the group's aim.

Now, before I read G and participated in this group I did not quite understand what an aim meant. As a matter of fact, I am still thinking about what it means, and it is a rather serious thing. It is not a goal, that one may miss, and just brush it off, and think better luck next time.

Although one will stumble in pursuit of that aim, but the aim remains and one deliberately sets out to realign oneself to continue that pursuit. As a group member I believe it is my responsibility to support the group's aim to the best of my ability. That is what I have chosen to do, and it fits in with my own aim.

When I first joined, I still didn't quite get it, but after a bit of observation and participation it did sink in, (or so I think) and there where many here who helped in the process.

After spending time with the group I have seen several who never bothered or did not want to contribute to an already established aim and support that aim. In fact, they seem more interested in their own agenda with little respect for those who are already here and what had already been built. These people always seem to follow the same pattern and even repeat some of the same terms and phrases. They did not like the terms and phrases we have defined and agreed upon, which we use as a platform that we continue to refine and expand.

I certaintly can understand when someone is new, and they don't quite understand what it is we are trying to do, and I have witnessed almost infinite patience with others here. But sometimes someone comes along who is not interested in this process, and thinking with a hammer.

From CJ:

I have been reading these threads and trying to understand what happened. Most of it went right over my head except for the understanding that there was something in MJ's post that triggered it. I finally began to get it this morning and SM's post made it all gel. Geez, I am really slow. So though it has been a diversion it has certainly been a lesson for me to see it unfold. Thank you.

From:  JQ:

CJ: wrote: It seems to me that there are major transitions trying to unfold in  many of us here and  suddenly there is this diversion of energies. I am not in the camp  that it is purposeful on any  one's part but perhaps some of us have been used to divert energy  from the dynamic that was  taking place with Mouravieff's material.  I do not doubt that there  is also a lesson in all of it for  me and others but it is almost making me mad to see the excitement  I had with this material  become so diluted with what seems to me to be obvious matrix  tinkering.   But then I am new at identifying these things and I may have it all  wrong.  

 Laura wrote: No CJ, you are "seeing."

JQ here: Definitely, it has happened before and will again.

We could think of  such people as sleepers; they join the list, post an introductory post which  sounds just great and then they lurk for a while. Then, at the  appointed time, when "the manipulators" decide that a bit of discord  needs to be sown on the list, they "plug them in" so to speak, and  disruption is the result.

The real killer in it all is that the  sleeper is not even aware that it is happening and defends their  actions as if they were their own.

Now, just in case anyone thinks  I'm up on a high horse here, I realise that this is a process that we  are all victims of as denziens of 3D. We all constantly defend  viewpoints and opinions that we believe to be our own when in reality  they were "forced" upon us. However the difference is that, most  people are just passively running the programmes of the predators  mind, in contrast, those that are prompted to force this view on  others, either on list or in any public forum, have been "switched  on", which might belie a weaker resistance to STS or even a leaning  towards that orientation, and are true "vectors of attack" serving  the predators agenda.

At this point, exactly what JQ described, happened:

 From Sue Lu:

Laura wrote:   None of this was an attack on MJ directly or indirectly.   However, at this point, in the interests of learning - and I do not  for a  moment think that MJ is interested in my views here, so this  is not for  her.  Her cup is already full.   <SNIP>

Sue Lu here:

Heh heh... HI! From one of the lurkers who rarely posts, but is a  faithful member nonetheless! :-)

There is so much here that starting is a bit difficult (one of the  troubles with remaining silent so often, I suppose), but Laura you  asked for feedback, and so I'm offering some. Take or leave as you  see fit, naturally.

While I may agree with you, personally, that MJ likely has a  full cup and has difficulty finding interest in anything you have to  say due to that status, this statement by you is what I call  a "conduit". Much as the C's use the term, in fact.

"Know conduits of same" is one of the C's instructions when talking  of attacks, and this statement of yours, Laura, I see as an opener -  a conduit of attack. A way in... to you.

Notice that you put it there, and I suspect it was done so in defense  because "you are right to state your claim on what you know and not  take any nonsense", but that would have to be your call. Again imo,  THIS is how we "create our own reality" without realizing it.

[Moderator: this suspicion is incorrect, and its incorrecteness  reflects in the rest of the post. It was not a "defense" step. It was a  "duty" of the list moderator. It was from "responsibility." We are here, Ark and Laura, and we have responsibility to those who come to us. Yes, we have responsibility to "teach". Some people do not like it, they think they have the "right" to use this list according to their likes. Well, this is not the case. Also we intervene in rather rare cases, nevertheless, once in a while, we do it. And it is not in "defense". It is from "responsibility". There are many open discussion lists where there is no "goal." This is list is different. There is a goal: to learn and to progress. We, Laura and I, are learning too, and thanks for that to all list members. But when we see that the process of learning is being disrupted - we take the minimal necessary steps to fix it. In doing this we can make a mistake - that's for sure. But you missed this  persepective altogether.]

 Again, while what you say of her may be true, the reality of its  truth is for her decide, not you. You cannot be an authority on her  and expect no one or thing in the universe to attempt to be your  authority in return - you've invited an attack here.

[Moderator: Again, this is not about being authority. This is about being responsible for this list and for the way energies on this list are being diverted. Some people are coming here to work and to learn and to contribute and to progress. But when someone comes here with a "full cup", and it is for list owners to decide whether this is the case or not, then some kind of action is needed - out of responsibility for other members who are here to work."]

You positioned yourself as "the one in the know" about HER stuff -  that is an energy suck and give. Whatever she has presented, that has  sparked that comment from you, somehow TOOK energy from you, and  you're staking your claim on your energies in response (defending  against the unseen attack)... in an imbalanced manner, imo.

You invite others to become your authority when you clamp the lid on  the story of their issues and choose to think of yourself as an  authority on them. In my opinion, and not meant in any way as an  attack.

I can say of another that it SEEMS they are doing this or that, and  it SEEMS that they have this or that issue... but these perceptions  are for MY edification, actually, and I can pretty much drop "them"  once I realize this. THEY are not my problem. They have appeared,  perfectly timed, to show me MY issue - by mirroring it for me in such  a way as to push my button.

(And if no button is pushed, evidenced by no need to make claims on  who they are as though I'm their authority, or react with any  other "pushing" response... then I am not being mirrored by them in  any way and all is well - water off a duck.)

If we can wake up to the flow in us that causes us to strike out  at "other" in that moment, and redirect it - again in that moment -  to Self, an opportunity to clear another conduit of attack is  suddenly presented to us.

The truth of the issue's existence in us lies in what we FELT whether  we voiced it or not, actually. If I have an INTERNAL response  (judgement being one of the most common) to what someone else says, I  have something to learn in the situation. If I choose to think that  what I'm learning is to set boundaries and push that person away for  any reason, I've missed the lesson.

They will fall away without a struggle when I've truly cleared what  they're mirroring for me. "The illusion exists for us for as long as  we need it to" (paraphrase of the C's), not the other way around. It  matters not at all what another wants with us, if we have no linchpin  in us that keeps them clinging to us, they will fall away and we will  move on without hinderance. That's how this realm works. But we  really need to know ourselves in order to make use of this powerful  truth of this density.

That unseen energy that we didn't want to identify as a personal  problem, preferring instead to be right about "them" and point  fingers... was our clue that this was all about "me, me, me".  If we  DO choose to lash out (defined as any effort on our part to control  who they are, including labels of judgement), we've invited that self- lesson into our experience at a slightly more painful degree (it just  gained momentum, or energy, through our denial).

And it will likely occur in manifest form this time, meaning in the  guise of an interaction with this realm that has more "weight" and  therefore can produce more pain, instead of just in energetic form  within ourselves.

We HAD the opportunity to clear it before it made serious waves in  our lives, but we didn't see it, missed it, or chose to deny it. So  now it gains force and "strikes us" in a more painful way. The longer  an issue goes unnoticed, with opportunity after opportunity to face  it occuring in our daily lives, the more painful our circumstances  will get in this particular regard.

All offered in my opinion, from my particular point of view, which I  realize is slightly different than most on this list and why I rarely  post. It is offered in love and with gratitude for all you've  provided me over the last couple years, Laura. If you find nothing of  value in it, so be it. On the other hand, if you or others find cause  to take me to task for it or respond with that ice bucket, I'm game,  btw :-) Have at it! LOL! ~Sue Lu

  From Sue Lu:

CJ wrote: It seems to me that there are major transitions trying to unfold in  many of us here and  suddenly there is this diversion of energies. I am not in the camp  that it is purposeful on any  one's part but perhaps some of us have been used to divert energy  from the dynamic that was  taking place with Mouravieff's material.  I do not doubt that there  is also a lesson in all of it for  me and others but it is almost making me mad to see the excitement  I had with this material  become so diluted with what seems to me to be obvious matrix  tinkering.   But then I am new at identifying these things and I may have it all  wrong.  

Hiya CJ, Sue Lu here...

Boy, two posts in one day, whodathunk?

In my view, energies were set in motion to which the matrix has  responded, and so this is not "diversion" from an outside force so  much as a necessary meandering likely DUE to the Mouravieff material,  as it mixes with the total sum of energies in this group.

In my view we are the creators of our experiences, though often  unconsciously... as opposed to being victims of something outside our  creative abilities. This is not in line with many thinkers and  writers, I realize, but I have yet to see a single situation of pain  or strife occur that did not have it's "starter fluid" in the  individual(s) to which the event occurred.

Many get offended at this view, calling it "blaming the victim", but  my point is that there are no victims. There are only hidden energies  in the form of emotions that limit and false beliefs from which we  create our context for lessons. Being in this density where the  heavier frequencies dominate, our hidden stuff has more power to  create, at this level.

I'll add here that this is coming from someone who has been raped,  beaten to within inches of her life, mugged at knifepoint, verbally,  mentally, emotionally, sexually and physically abused in this  lifetime - I mention all that to press the point that I DO know what  it's like living on this orb and have experienced many "victimizing"  situations. I don't say any of this casually or without experience.

The healing and real light came for me when I recognized that these  events were FOR MY DESTINY and self-created in some tangible ways,  not forced upon me by some unknown or even known assailant. The work  was for me to learn to see the unseen in myself, and how it acted as  the creating force in my life events.

This realm is designed to "solidify" our heaviest energies, in fact  (the matrix, once again). So until we really know ourselves and clear  our hidden factors, our experiences are created by ourselves without  our conscious understanding, through these hidden conduits. We  literally "call to ourselves" the events that explicate what's lying  hidden within us.

Back to what may be happening here. In my experience, whenever a new  concept is introduced to functioning, thinking and intent-on-growth  individuals, it acts as a catalyst. So that a "real time  opportunity", to put into practice the very concept just introduced,  is suddenly encountered.

Our detractors in self are mostly emotion-based, feeding limited  thinking, imo. When a "higher mind" concept comes our way, the first  thing it will do is jostle and break loose some of the denser  energies in our energetic selves, often emotional in nature. We  experience it as discomfort, conflict in our interactions, physical  accidents and pain. Some with enough awareness will experience it as  evidence of fear, however mild or strong, and with that recognition,  get to work resolving it to the light of understanding and release.

Thinking it's something "else" that's "outside us", a predatory force  of some kind NOT of our making, leaves us with little to do but  defend. Not very empowering, nor accurate, in my view.

Granted there may well BE an individual or group (like 4D STS, for  instance) who siezes the opportunity to jump in and make our life  hell... but my point is that we invited them through our hidden  parts. The existence of the discord, static or conflict is an  opportunity for learning. When looked at that way, not pushed away as  annoying, offensive or unwanted, we open ourselves to new creative  solutions that can move us further along on the path.

All in my opinion, naturally, with no intent to force it on anyone.  Just some stuff to consider.

 From Sue Lu:

Laura wrote:   None of this was an attack on MJ directly or indirectly.   However, at this point, in the interests of learning - and I do  not  for a  moment think that MJ is interested in my views here, so this   is not for  her.  Her cup is already full.  

<SNIP>   Sue Lu here:   Heh heh... HI! From one of the lurkers who rarely posts, but is a  faithful member nonetheless! :-)   <snip>

[Moderator: Again, this is not about being authority. This is about being responsible for this list and for the way energies on this  list are being diverted. Some people are coming here to work and to  learn and to contribute and to progress. But when someone comes here with  a "full cup", and it is for list owners to decide whether this is the case or  not, then some kind of action is needed - out of responsibility for other  members who are here to work."]    <SNIP>

My apologies. Apparently I've overstepped my bounds in this post and  that wasn't my intention, but it appears it was the result.

[Moderator: Not really. You just did not take into account certain parameters that group "organizers" must have take into account - if they are serious about the project. And we ARE serious.]

In re-reading my post, I can see that there are many other better  ways to word what I was trying to say, and it appears my choice of  words acted as red flags.

[Moderator: Again, you are still missing the point, it was not your choice of words. It was lack of knowledge and lack of experience. You have your knowledge and your experience, so what you said could pretty well apply to yourself. But you did not have knowledge and experience that WE have, and you have not the "duty" of creating, organizing and taking care of this particular group.]

My perceptions are my own, I admit freely, but are not meant as  judgements of any kind. Nor do I personally see them so  oppositionally, as it seems the moderator has. There is a meeting  point, in my sense of things, but I have failed to reveal it,  unfortunately.

[Moderator: I am not seeing it oppositionally. I am seeng it as an example of reasoning based on insufficient data (though these data were available to you), yet they were not evident, and that is due to a different role, and also, partly, due to the fact that, as you wrote, you are mostly a "lurker", which means that your interests are mostly somehere else.]

The fault is entirely my own, due to my inability to  unify two functioning, effective applications of the C's material  harmoniously.

The process I use in my own life to free myself of my own blindspots  and resulting pain (derived through various sources but crystalized  through the C's material and Laura's incredible body of work) have  worked well for me. I merely shared the hard line I take with myself,  using Laura's statement as the example.

Again, my apologies. I did say take or leave as you see fit, and I  meant that. Sincerely, Sue Lu

From FJ:

Sue Lu,

I have a little arbirary rule or attitude that I constantly apply: 90% of what happens to me is contributed by my hidden stuff. The other 10%----is soemthing unfathomable.

Your post was good for the 90%; but it may not apply that easily to the 10%.

From FJ: (In response to the post on Lying)

Given this elaboration, I agree. On a personal level (my hot button), attack CAN have the sense of righteuous indignation, which I consider an type "A" influence. Of course, "NO" has to be backed by one's full beingness. And NO works for the 90% of type A we do to ourselves and the 10% type "A" that is "unfathomable".

If we have the attitude of attack toward the 90% of "A" that is our own creation, we may generate an atmosphere of internal aggression to ourselves, which is not, in my experience, very healthy. This harks back to the issue of working and waiting vs. pushing.

In one of the M. passages there was the allusion to the fact that pushing too hard when not ready can bring on madness.

Anyway, I sense we are having a word battle here while the intent of our words are in harmony.

Or maybe not.

From Sue Lu:

Hiya FJ,

Thanks for your response. I remain in learning mode, as always, yet  it's been my experience, and confirmed through recapitulation of  these past 40 years, that 100% of what happens to me is sourced  within me. I am the perfect center, the micro of the macro. Any other  view dissipates the power center and creates separation, dissention  and illusion.

"Nothing exists without consciousness to perceive it" is, to my mind,  a precise way of saying that everything I perceive, I perceive  because I perceive it... if it's not in me, I won't see it "out  there". And from that recognition I turn inward to see just why it is  that I see/experience the things I do. Sure enough, the source is in  me.

The illusory realm I chose to focus my consciousness within for this  duration is merely that: an illusion populated with the actors I  chose to play the roles I needed for my lessons. Lessons I chose to  experience while here. I'm the script writer, the producer, the  director and really, the only actor... projecting parts of me into  other forms outside of me when I cannot clearly see the force of this  or that lying hidden within me.

It may well be that I have a blind spot here, and I'm working  diligently to discover it through meditation as well as more  recapitualting, using these last few days of my present as a  launching pad. :-)

It is my understanding, at this point, that all that exists in form  is illusory, for the purposes of edification. And I am the source of  my illusory experiences. All of them. If "As Above, So Below" works  at all, to my mind there cannot be the discrepancy of anything  outside the realm of my own creation.

With that said, I'm open to seeing things differently, though I admit  a difficulty because this view came with diligence on a growth path  that has caused me to let go of absolutely everything in order to  hold the world in my creative hands. :-)

And at the same time that I say all of that, I know I'm not done by  any means, and I still have much work to do, and that is where the  room in my cup lies. And I have identified it as "room for growth",  at least.

*willingly offers up her sacred cows* Sue Lu

S in GB wrote:

JQ wrote: CJ seems to be pointing out a phenomena that occurs periodically in this group and has been discussed as something significant to be observed when it occurs, and which can be "a drag".

Sue Lu wrote: << In my view we are the creators of our experiences, though often unconsciously... as opposed to being victims of something outside our creative abilities >>

Sue Lu seems to be pointing out the personal lessons side of things which, of course is valid info but as we know, this is only one half of the equation.

Unless there is equal value given to external realities, then there is danger of falling into the cyor. stance and IMO in this situation it's definitely not a case of laura needing to do some more work on "her stuff".

The matrix influences are very much "out there" although of course our inner weaknesses do attract somewhat in a reciprocal way it's blows. However much inner work we do we cannot totally escape their influences until we're alot further along the way (like 4d?)

It seems the more we align ourselves correctly, the more kick back is to be expected and only by standing up to these challenges in some kind of active engagement, can we hope to "transcend" them. This kick back can be seen as becoming more glaringly obvious, or more subtle, but it's kick back.

As for our attracting these kicks by our state of development, there is truth in this, but even if their nature changes, these "attacks" do not just go away. It' s a big world out there, and alot of our (human) problems are due to the fact that we have not been able to make these very important distinctions in energy alignment (sto/sts) and how it operates.

The more we truly know, the more we will be challenged and the more others express their "lack" of knowledge in a certain area (in a challenging way) on a list such as this, the more it is necessary to challenge their ideas.

In such a case, the one doing the challenging would not be in fear of being wounded/harmed by others/events as their awareness has grown beyond this stage. As Laura described in the transcript just posted :

Q: (L) Well, what precipitated that activity?
A: Ions charged by awareness opening in window of EM envelope, used to precipitate physical trauma in immediate surroundings. "Used to" refers to past tense.
Q: (L) Okay, so in the past, this kind of opening of a window in the EM envelope...
A: You have elevated.

<< As Illion pointed out: Real understanding in spiritual matters is the result of much bitter fighting, of suffering, spiritual agony and soul passion. Life itself would have no meaning if there was no fighting on all planes, if all was smooth and monotonous. Everything fights in nature. Constant struggle on all planes to which it has access is the birthright of the creature. Woe to him who wants to put himself on a level with the Creator and escape fighting! >>

IMHO, this also refers to struggle which necessitates "fighting" of a kind with others, but this fighting is with ideas.

Laura and Ark, again IMHO, are not ordinary people. They have advanced a lot further along the path than probably all of us here. Anyone who accesses their material and begins to get an idea of what they are really doing can see that it is a battle out there, and this battle revolves around definitions of ideas and concepts.

Inevitably this phenomena is going to occur here in this group as words are the medium through which a greater understanding of truth is attempting to be described. For those who have become familiar with the flow of consciousness on this list they can see that this is a very organic process happening here and there is a certain amount of humility in the realization that as already stated, L and A are in many ways, a lot further along this path.

For those (Sue Lu) who have not deeply recognized this fact, it can be assumed that just jumping in without a large background of awareness as to just what sort of depth material has already been explored will put oneself on some kind of equal footing with them and others and a "we're all buddies" kind of attitude can rule their interaction on the list.

Trouble is, this is playing the old game of if we' re just nice to each other somehow we'll all mesh in one homogeneous understanding of everything.

It doesn't seem to work that way. We are all at different levels of awareness and have all been programmed in various ways. It is this programming where the fight must take place, both within and without, using words in an attempt to keep re-defining and making more concrete what are often very particular and subtle definitions of ideas that underpin this quest for sto truth

If someone feels "under attack", this is most certainly not the case here. It is the ideas/attitudes that is coming through them that are under attack. Or rather they are being "resisted" and rightly so, as this is the only way we can cut through the forest and carve out the fine details of the path being sought.

It seems that Laura has been through the alchemical process described and her work and that of those who choose to follow a similar path, is therefore an endeavour to further clarify and affirm one's alignment with that which has been discovered through much struggle, to be truth.

Having "overcome" the challenges of one's own programmed personality, one can appear as a beacon to others or a thorn in their side if they cannot yet see the difference as to where they are at the moment in terms of evolution and where this other person is.

If they can see their own position relative to another, IMHO, great progess can be made in a short time by honest evaluation of oneself. However, as all are at different stages, and all can be conduits of attack, it is very helpful to remember B**'s words that no-one here is personally attacked, it is their ideas that must be reflected and if need be actively resisted in order for us all to gain greater clarity and strengthen our understanding of what really has any value or not.

This is not a game, sto don't play chess.

From Ark:

S in UK wrote: L and A are in many ways, alot further along this path.

Whether it is so or not - we can't know. The proof of the pudding is  in the eating.

But what we do know is that there are not so many "marriages of science and mysticism" that are out there available to serve those who seek such a service on their own path.

So, what we do is: we decided to serve, to give what we have, to share and to work so as to take our service to a higher and higher  level.

Being a marriage of science and mysticism Cassiopaea is rather unique. It combines open mind with scientific criticism, it  combines, or tries to combine, physics and mathematics, and  space science with love and with human compassion. It tries to develop esoteric ideas of the past with modern knowledge and with modern experiences of alien abductions and glimpses of the matrix system.

Whether we succeed or not - is an open question. But one thing is sure: we will not succeed alone, without help, without support, without networking, without working together. It is a group effort, and if we succeed - many will succeed.

HM here:

Ark and Laura are what makes this list work. I've seen so many groups, not only Internet based but in "real Life" go bad because inevitably some bozo wants to take over the group in his or her image. While it is possible to say this is censorship, depending on your perspective, it does show the committment to the ideas of STO.

From my perspective, when someone wants to do the "good work" there's always somebody or group that wants to destroy it by in general attacking the messenger personally. This is the number one clue to their perspective. Just as similar, we hear the "why are you attacking me? All I did was make a statement."

No detailed analysis is possible if the list members are constantly bickering among themselves over fluff. The matrix knows that and as Laura has said "Mouravieff is right: they get more and more subtle."

What's so crazy is that a person could not be aware of the program, but runs it anyway. The effort needed is 24/7 and most of us don't have the "time." I suppose that if I don't do it now, I'll have all the time in the world...

From CL:

I think the time has come for me to sign off from the group now and so I want to take this opportunity to wishing you all the best for the future:

Much happiness and success to you!

Quite a few of you may not recognise my name. I must admit that over the last couple of months I have only been lurking and not contributing, and one of my intentions when joining was to stay only as long as I was contributing.

For 2 or 3 months now I have been thinking that it was time for me to concentrate my energies on subjects nearer to what I see to be my path. Of course the discussions here are so regualarly interesting and of such quality ( and the group members such pleasant cyber companions) that I have several times delayed sending this email.

Those of you here when I joined you may remember that I said that I was commited to a buddhist path of practice and this is still the case. From my side there has been nothing that we talk about here that has negated anything that I have come to know through Buddhism. Sometimes I have thought that a subject might be futher illumined by a Buddhist perspective other times the discussions have cast a brighter light on points within Buddhism and viewed from a differing angle made them clearer. Other times of course there are subjects with which Buddhism is not concerned - whatever the case it has all been very interesting.

Now it seems to me that the the direction of the group is moving away from my core interests. I don't want you to think that I view this in a negative light. This is not the case. Equaly it might be said that I understand myself to be moving in a different, though hopefully not too divergent direction. The recent focus on Gurdjieff - Fourth Way related material and Esoteric Xianity, though interesting does not resonate with me at all. I have of course come across Gurdjieff before and on none of the previous occaisions either have I been able to relate to it in the personal way that I read many of you here doing. The material does not seem to be able to reflect my lifes experiences in the same deep way. This goes for other (STO leaning) Western esoteric teachings as per the Zealator or Steiners Anthroposphy - I respect their position, their pretty evident good faith, but it does not strike a light for me. There is no `Aha!' moment.

I have to acknowledge the fact that this is quite different to my experience of Buddhist teachings and practice.

I can't leave without giving thanks for the eye-opener of the whole Maynerd Most saga (I joined just after he sent his initial spam) and following on from that the uncomfortable discovery of the presence of psychopaths - the people of the lie - to be much more common among us than I had realised. Not only their unmasking however but also the opportunity to be present during L&A's amazingly brave and resolute defence against their predations. There is a phrase that has been used, something like `give the lie the truth it asks for' that for me encapsulates this series of sometimes almost unbelievable interactions. (Particulaly gob-smacking when VBs C-V, his whole life story, turned out to be a tissue of lies!) Though I shamefacedly acknowledge that I sat looking in from the safe periphery while the group unmasked that eeny-weeny tyrant, even from there it was an amazing lesson.

I intend now to concentrate on what I see as my true direction. I recently spoke to the abbot of a Buddhist monastery to see if it would be possible to join the community as a Buddhist monk. He has given his permision. It will take another 12 months to arrange my life in such a way that I can take the step into monasticism. This - barring cold feet, falling head-over-heels in love, and/or similar serious accident :) is what I am now working towards.

Very best wishes to you all.

From Laura:

 Hi All,  We frequently notice visitors to our site who come from other message boards  and, naturally, being curious as to why they are visiting any particular page,  we often go to have a look. 

This has made us aware of many friends, and has also resulted in our page  listing the links to the Cass site with reciprocal links from us at:

Of course, sometimes this process brings surprises.  As it did last night.

On another message board, the following was posted:

Topic:      'The Terror of the Situation' (1 of 10),
Read 50 times Conf: Channelings/Articles
From: ****
Date: Sunday, June 16, 2002 06:15 PM

I just read a very interesting article about changes our society seems to be  making these days. The author of this attributes the changes to humanity become  more robot-like, but also states that we seem to be changing into a more  "animalistic" state-of-mind.

I do agree with some of what he's saying since I've noticed how much nastier  people have gotten in general. Sue Lu also did a great post on this a ways  back, about how people seem to be much worse than a few years ago. I'm sure  others on these boards have noticed this too. Anyhow, the one thing the author  of this article leaves out is Ascension Symptoms and what we're presently going  through. I do think much of this negative stuff we're going through is kind of  a "purging" process regardless of who you are. This is an interesting topic,  and seems to pop up from time to time. I hope you enjoy the article, it really  does make you think.

 If you go to the link below (sorry I couldn't cut and paste this), it's the C's  website, click on the left hand side where it says " New articles: Aurora  Journal" and you'll see "The Terror of the Situation".

 Some of you may recognize our former member, **** who was removed from the group for a variety of reasons including offlist contact with some of the ladies in an attempt to "hit on them." Those who did not accept his "overtures" were then treated to rather nasty personal attacks.

Those of you who have read KS's article, posted on the Aurora Journal pages,  will all be familiar with what he is talking about since it is essentially what  we talk about here on the list quite often. 

It will probably also be thought that what K** wrote merely reflects the  "waking up and seeing the Matrix."  That process was aptly represented in the  movie with Neo's classic reaction of losing his cookies.  Not a pretty picture,  but fairly accurate, I would say.

I am saying this because the point is, I wouldn't have posted the article if I  hadn't thought it was of value regarding the processes we deal with here on the  list everyday.

So, that brings us to the point:  There were several responses to this article  on said message board one of which went as follows:

Topic:      'The Terror of the Situation' (2 of 10),
Read 44 times
Date: Sunday, June 16, 2002 07:12 PM

I clicked on the link. But I have to admit, I didn't search for the stated article. Because the headline said it all for me... "Open your I and see" -Powwow

Topic:      'The Terror of the Situation' (5 of 10),
From: *****
Date: Monday, June 17, 2002 02:28 AM

Hmmmmm... I wonder where he lives? I've been noticing, for quite sometime now,  here in LaLa Land, and in certain friends, some of these behaviors. Yet I have  yet to run into ANY women, appreciating being disrespected, or liking and  accepting to being treated like an object.

Also, I don't think fighting serves a purpose, except to give those STS,  exactly what they're wanting... Namely, chaotic negatively polarized, fear  energy, and our power... In fact, just his posting such a long winded expose,  as he did, only serves to keep the very "control mechanisms", both internally  for himself and the collective, tightly in place, and fully recouped with even  more energy, allowing it to continue its terror.

In Service to Spirit and Others, as always, from only the highest manifest good  for All in Love and Light. Ke' e Aloha Nui Loa, In La' Kech, Namaste, :-D,  Gentleheart!

Topic:      'The Terror of the Situation' (6 of 10),
From: *****
Date: Monday, June 17, 2002 03:42 AM

I read a large portion of it this morning. I vaguely remember reading this same concept about automatons in a gym, before. I can't grasp where or it when it was I read this. He says something about asking if a downward shift has recently occurred. He seems to think that because he sees this, that it's the "world" that has changed. But I would think that he's probably now seeing what always has been. He's risen out of it enough to see it, but he's not clear on why he sees it. The new "knowledge" is frightening him. But there's nothing that need be frightening about finally "seeing". I think if we just take care of ourselves, and treat others in accordance to how we see, then we'll positively affect them by our example. They'll gradually respond in kind, and then they'll "see" too. Once you start "seeing" the larger picture, you can't be manipulated by it anymore. You don't even have to "fight" it. It's the "deception" that has the power. But once the deception is seen through, its rendered impotent, and need not even be fought. All you need to do at that point, is to dismiss it.

Topic:      'The Terror of the Situation'
From: ****
Date: Monday, June 17, 2002 03:55 AM


Transcend, transcend, transcend. Then learn some more, then repeat.

Universe relationship through gratitude, with observance of Source in all  things, and a Nurturance of life! In Service to Spirit and Others, as always,  Gentleheart.

My Mayan Kin/Name is Cib. I Am a Yellow Magnetic Warrior. I Unify in order to  Question. Attracting Fearlessness. I seal the Output of Intelligence. With the  Magnetic tone of Purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled, :-)!

 Which leads me to the question addressed to our new member:  If the above is  what you really think, then why did you join the Cassiopaea discussion group?

From KS:

Hi Laura, K** here

Looks like I brought some of the nuts out of the fruitcake with the  article 'Terror of the Situation. Thanks for posting 'Speaking of  which'.

The above response is what I'd like to comment on. First, in my  opinion he accuratly accesses my difficuly in differentiating  between my changing in relation to the world or the world changing in relation to me. This is relativity. I need a third frame of  reference and that will be the facts I get.

The second part of the post is what I'd like to comment on. It says:

> I think if we just take care of ourselves, and treat others in accordance to how we see, then we'll positively affect them by our example. They'll gradually respond in kind, and then they'll "see" too.

I'm not certain what the poster means by "just take care of  ourselves. and treat others in accordance to how we see", then we'll  positively affect them by our  example. I take this to mean just see  but don't judge. To judge is to try to fix. asnd to fix is an STS  concept to bend the world to their Will. I accept that.

Then the poster says:

Once you start "seeing" the larger picture, you can't be manipulated by it anymore. You don't even have to "fight" it. It's the "deception" that has the power. But once the deception is seen through, its rendered impotent, and need not even be fought. All you need to do at that point, is to dismiss it

This is where my point of contention is. People have to get real.  He's not being real here. It's not so simple to see and be free. Crap! We must always fight to see. How can one see it if one dosen't  fight to see it. I see it because of my past efforts to see it. It  only appeared to be accidental when it 'happened' (assuming it wasn't  my wishful thinking seeing what it wants to see).

After seeing it we must continue the fight(making inner efforts) to keep seeing it. Its easy to say deception is rendered impotent by  seeing it. But deception FIGHTS BACK in 10 thousand different ways.  The fight is always 'On'. This poster wants it to be easy---see and  be free--Crap! The truth will set you free but we must always fight  our inner demons to see the truth and keep seeing it.

People talk of beauty and ascention---all well and good. But if we  are at the bottom of a river with a ball and chain around our ankle  and we wish to ascend to the top---we have to cut the chain first.

In my opinion, its very important to develope one's awareness to SEE the subtle nuances of the matrix. One must constantly be attentive within onself and what's going on outside ourselves and the relationship between them. To fail to see this relationship will vector one to think that one is seperate from what one see's which can lead to a superior attitude halting one's development. There are parts of us inexorably linked to the matrix and other parts that are more seperate from it. Lying to ourselves, in my opinion is what maintains and strenghtens this linkage.

The fear generated from seeing these nuances can be used as a source of energy to MAKE EFFORTS to be more aware. There is no reason to fear fear, because we can use that fear as a means to be free of that very thing that we are afraid of.

From Laura:

Indeed. That is the process of "collecting the "B" influences." This act of tuning our antennae to see it is the building of the magnetic center because what we are learning to see is the objective reality - not the Matrix illusion.

But, as we have seen, the very idea of doing this is too scary to some people. The individual who commented on the other discussion board:

"From: *****
Date: Sunday, June 16, 2002 07:12 PM

I clicked on the link. But I have to admit, I didn't search for the stated article. Because the headline said it all for me... "Open your I and see" -Powwow"

...demonstrated this fear graphically. The very phrase "Open your I and seek..." was a turn off to that person because the "A" influences had such a hold that the Predator's mind was in total control. You wrote:

> One must constantly be attentive within onself and what's going on outside ourselves and the relationship between them. To fail to see this relationship will vector one to think that one is seperate from what one see's which can lead to a superior attitude halting one's development. There are parts of us inexorably linked to the matrix and other parts that are more seperate from it. Lying to ourselves, in my opinion is what maintains and strenghtens this linkage. Indeed. The fear generated from seeing these nuances can be used as a source of energy to MAKE EFFORTS to be more aware. There is no reason to fear fear, because we can use that fear as a means to be free of that very thing that we are afraid of.

Absolutely. There is a book out called "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker in which he writes:

I've presented these facts ... for a reason: to increase the likelihood that you will believe it is at least possible that you or someone you care for will be a victim at some time. That belief is a key element in recognizing when you are in the presence of danger. That belief balances denial, the powerful and cunning enemy of successful predictions.

Even having learned these facts of life and death, some readers will still compartmentalize the hazards in order to exclude themselves. Denial has an interesting and insidious side effect. For all the peace of mind deniers think they get by saying it isn't so, the fall they take when victimized is far, far greater than that of those who accept the possibility.

Denial is a save-now-pay-later scheme, a contract written entirely in small print, for in the long run, the denying person knows the truth on some level, and it causes a constant low-grade anxiety.

Millions of people suffer that anxiety, and denial keeps them from taking action that could reduce the risks.

If we studied any other creature in nature and found the record of intraspecies violence that human beings have, we would be repulsed by it. We'd view it as a great perversion of natural law - but we wouldn't deny it. As we stand on the tracks, we can only avoid the oncoming train if we are willing to see it and willing to predict that it won't stop. [...]

When we experience real fear, this is a powerful ally that says "do what I tell you to do."

Like every creature, you can know when you are in the presence of danger. Our instincts connect us to the natural world and to our nature. Freed from the bonds of judgment, married only to perception, it carries out prediction.

How often have we said: "You know, there is one other thing, and I don't have any concrete reasons for thinking this... but... I just have this feeling... and I hate to even suggest it...." And right there, you need to pay attention.

We ARE 3rd density beings. We live in a body that is controlled by the Predator's mind and the programs that are installed in us from infancy.

We DO have a perfect soul, but it is NOT this personality that has been created by the predator - twisted and distorted and full of lies and games and illusions and false gods. And the only way we can connect to our true and perfect self is to build a connection, to magnetize it so to say. And that only happens when we live in truth. And we cannot live in truth as long as we lie and support lies and games and illusions.

Gurdjieff said that if we really saw the mechanical state of humanity, we would go mad with horror. So, as the Sufis say, we have to use what we have the right way for the right reasons and if what we are is capable of having the bajeesus scared out of us when we really SEE, then let's have at it, and get on with it.

From BT:

Hi K** and all. I have posted this before, but it has been awhile and there are some new faces around, so I will briefly bring it up again.

A couple of years back as I started to read and become involved with Laura & Ark's site/groups, I would catch a glimmer of manipulation or a program that was being run and for a while, there was this sense of elation that I was in some way penetrating the veil. It was rather short lived, because soon after going through that bout of ego stroking I had a couple of instances where it was obvious the matrix had reared its little head and for some reason, realized that the instance was there primarily for me to gawk at and think I understood the mechanics of manipulation. They were a cover for a deeper manipulation that was hiding behind the screen of discovery.

Well, a couple of realizations later, I was confronted with situations that showed me that the manipulations that were being covered were yet again covers for even deeper and more subtle manipulation.

At this point, I would not even venture to conjecture just how deep the rabbit hole actually goes before it hits bottom. In fact, in a 3d STS lesson environment, there may be no bottom. This ties in with Laura's comments about how people not on the path view people as unsuccessful when they are on the path because that would invalidate their existance. If us/we 3ders are that tenacious, imagine how tenacious and persistant 4ders will be.

From FJ:

BT, Which is why we need failsafe "assumptions" (I don't like that word, anybody have a better word?): -as 3Der's our experience is always distorted -whatever I think I know, it is pathetic on the playing field of vastness -if you aren't feeling fear, you aren't learning -if you aren't learning from others, you are deceiving yourself -if you feel pride in the knowledge, you are engaging in a power game -if love does not follow in the footsteps of knowledge, you are misunderstanding the whole point (in case you are wondering, these come from my personal experience of working with the traps of an esoteric path, not from aphorisms I have been told)


"I would only add that the fear item ought to be equal parts of fear and ecstasy."


I was a little shy there. Well, the following IS an aphorism I was told: "Sunshine and tears simultaneously create a rainbow" Frank J.

From S in UK:

when I first discovered the C's info I received a whammy of an attack by the matrix which lasted over a week. The most shocking event (apart from being physically hit by "something"), was the dictionary on my desk being changed to another book (for several hours - I eventually threw it away and a few days later looked in the trash and it was the same book again) The cover was the same, but EVERY WORD was different...all negative descriptions aimed at me. Although by this point I was well weirded out by the high strangeness of what had been happening, part of me wanted to laugh at what I saw was the ridiculous lengths these "forces" will go to in order to "make their point" (ie that their fears of non-existance drive them to attempt to invalidate our existance in whatever ways they can)

From FJ:

Random thoughts that Laura ignited in me: "what we are is capable of having the bajeesus scared out of us" IF we are capable--my, my this is the crux of the path and the horrible danger of wishful thinking and white washing our experience with "high" interpretations. If we can't SEE our condition as it is, better to never have started on this path of awakening. This is why banckruptcy of the spirit--the dark night of the soul--is so critical and it may last a long time until it slowly transforms into another, more permanent experience of reality. To ty to escape this pain too soon by creating a beautiful vision and then believing that it IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING NOW is the ultimate crime against our humanness. Sometimes, the rednecks and the unawakened and the sleepers are more honest and direct with their lives than the "searchers" and "seekers".

From JH:

Laura: The Integral Lie - this characterizes that person who, from a habit of lying and cheating on every occasion, ends by believing his own lies and thus loses all sense of truth. The roots of illusion within us: the mother of lies to ourselves.

This is just a brief snip from another enormous post. But this section jumped out at me in the Mourivieff book. The group came to the above conclusion about VB et al whilst you and Ark were at "Maths Camp". It was really interesting and in a sense exciting to watch and be part of. It's nice to see someone else has come up with the same conclusion.

From Sue Lu to CJ:

S wrote: The healing and real light came for me when I recognized that  these events were FOR MY DESTINY and self-created in some tangible ways, not forced upon me by some unknown or even known assailant. The  works.

CJ wrote: You make a point that I have wondered about here. There was a time when I sincerely believed that the many dark nights I had survived were pre planed to wake me up. And I would have willingly gone through those years again to make sure I would wake up. Many, like myself, began to awaken as a result of these shocks. But if the matrix is in control, (and I am thinking of this as an outside force) why did I, or any of us for that matter, wake up? Does our predator mind have an opposite that serves to counteract the effects at certain stress points? This seems to make sense with what the C's have said regarding the battle being "through us". If there is not something in the universe that works to oppose sts manipulations, then it seems that the waking up is what has been left to accident. (I know my reasoning is a bit faulty here, but I have learned that if I take the time to think through everything completely, I will never post.)

So it seems to me you are saying that everything is in us. There is a perfect balance that is working toward a pre planed destiny. Would love to have the elaborated upon.

S wrote: Indeed, this may be the crux of the matter, perhaps. As I see it, the  matrix is not "other". We each live with the genetics that validate  and continually enforce the matrix as its existed in its limited  paradigm. It serves us, actually, by "holding us to" our limitations  until we reach a breaking point.

And we do move toward breaking points because of a part of us often  labeled "Spirit" or "Soul"... to my mind, a source of "essential  energy", use the common terms if it works for you... which is our  true "driving force". It is not "of the world". This is our "higher"  aspect, accessed through our within using meditation and open  contemplation. It's the place from which the WILL to survive our  traumas stems, that undying spark that insists we get up and rethink,  review and try again.

The knowledge of how the matrix serves us is in turn the way we alter  its affects on us, and indeed may even change the matrix itself.  Again, we each hold the programming within us that the matrix takes  as its cue to manifest events and experiences in our lives. We're  literally in control... if we can but recognizes how we're doing it.

This is a hologram of education. The matrix is impersonal. The cause  of the DNA alterations may be due to a plot by 4D STS forces, but  they are not our God in any real way. We CHOSE to participate in  their scheme, and carve out a knowledge path that relinquishes their  false control and recenters the power where it truly lies. And we  chose to do this because it's fun! :-)

As I see it, the first programs installed in us once here (which does  not mean the "when" of DNA alteration, but rather the result of such  from the get-go) is "unconscious" emotional programming, due to our  immediate environment in a limited paradigm. From that, we generate,  from within, our own limited beliefs (also often unconscious) that  serve to attempt an equilibrium with these unconscious programs that  motivate and influence us regularly.

The work of waking up, for me, was a process of first identifying  the "sameness" I saw the world over, as far as emotional dramas go.  This sparked the realization that they are repeating programs of  Being. Uncovering these early emotional programs and following them  to the thinking that is married to them actually brought me to a  place of understanding, compassion and gratitude. And lo and behold,  as has been noted, the DNA modifications are essentially archetypal  myths that rule us.

Again, my view, which - stubborn as I may be - I seem to find support  for in the C's material. *chuckle* The greatest myth, the true sacred  cow from my vatnage point, is that there is something actually  controlling us outside our access that we must submit to or defend  against, now or any"time".

But hey... I've been knocked on my butt more times than I care to  recall, and this perspective of mine may get me the same once again.  Whatever. That's what I'm here for. If I don't fully commit, why  bother, you know? :-) ~Sue Lu

From KW:

Thanks Sue Lue,

all, These ideas you presented caused me to begin to think that the Matrix is our construct alone, that the Orions/Lizzies/Grays may have done all they did in the way of alterations and seeding and installation of the predator mind to take advantage of something we already had the prepensity toward.

Remember the following in Wave 3:

Q: (L) About these three forces. You said numerous souls desired physical existence. When the numerous souls did this, how did physical existence come to be?
A: First was apelike.
Q: (L) And then what happened? Did these apelike beings just pop into the air? What did the souls do with these apelike beings? A: Souls altered them by transfer into seeded bodies. Orion Union was first to put human souls in for incubation process thereby producing neanderthal.
Q: (L) Are you saying that genetically altered ape embryos were put back into ape females for gestation?
A: No. Souls only.
Q: (L) They put the souls into the ape-like bodies?
A: Close. The soul's presence in the ape body cause its genetics and DNA to change.
Q: (L) So, human souls entered into living creatures on this planet to experience 3rd density reality and by entering in caused mutation?
A: Yes. Then were altered by Orion Union first. ...
Q: (L) Where did the souls come from that entered into the bodies on the planet earth? Were they in bodies on other planets before they came here?
A: Not this group. Q
: (L) Were they just floating around in the universe somewhere?
A: In union with the One. Have you heard the Super ancient legend of Lucifer, the Fallen Angel?
Q: (L) Who is Lucifer?
A: You. The human race.
Q: (L) Are you saying that the souls of individual humans are parts of a larger soul?
A: Yes. Close. The One. You are members of a fragmented soul unit. All who have fallen must learn "the hard way."
Q: (L) Are you saying that the act of wanting to experience physical reality is the act of falling? What is it about wanting to be physical that is a "fall"?
A: Pleasure for the self.
Q: (L) Did, at any time, the human race live for a long time in an Edenic state, where they were able to be in bodies and still had a spiritual connection?
A: Yes. But not long. No addiction takes long to close the circle.
Q: (L) So, mankind was addicted to pleasuring the self?
A: Became quickly.
Q: (L) How long from the time of the moving of souls into bodies until the "Fall" in Eden occured?
A: Not measurable. Remember Laura, there is no time when this event occurred. Time passage illusion did not exist at that point as well as many other falsehoods.
Q: (L) So you are saying that the Fall in Eden was also the beginning of time?
A: Yes. ...
Q: (L) Wasn't the Lizard takeover an event that occurred at the time of the fall of Eden?
A: Yes.

And in Wave 12a:

Q: Okay. The 'Fall' occurred. It seems like, and some of the archaeological studies indicate, that for many thousands of years, there was a peaceful existence and a nice agrarian society where the goddess or female creative forces were worshipped. At least, this is what a lot of present-day books are proposing...
A: No. These events took place 309000 years ago, as you measure it. This is when the first prototype of what you call "modern man" was created. The controllers had the bodies ready, they just needed the right soul matrix to agree to "jump in.

Then in Wave 13e Laura states:

It is during this [childhood development] phase that the "matrix" forms as a "semantic universe" of verbal structures. Language is conceptual, as we have discussed previously, and is one of the things that distinguishes 3rd density from 2nd density. Our concepts are a sort of "framework of perception" that we learn as we learn words.

As we are learning our language, things such as "hot" and "cold," we are also learning that one thing is "good" or another is "bad." We can either handle things freely because they are "good," or "don't touch" because they are "bad." There is, in this phase, a tremendous drive in a child to "create order." This drive is aimed at grouping, identifying, correlating and naming everything. And, as this is being done, there is a constant check with the parents and others interacting with the child as to whether this is "bad" or "good" or "real" or "not real."

What the child is doing is defining not only himself, but his entire world.

It is at this stage that most of our complex belief systems are formed. Everything that surrounds him is raw material for the child. The Matrix is created by the guiding actions and responses from the other minds around him. The matrix is, in reality, a gigantic conditioning system. And we insert our children into it through our own actions.

KW Here: Maybe I'm just playing 'catch-up' here and some things are finally sinking in. If the Matrix is our construct, and, when in the awakening process all the forces come to bear on us to have us go back to 'sleep', then it really is the 'sleeping' that is exerting that pressure, and the best the controllers can do is activate the agents to alert the 'sleepers' to exert the pressure.

They have other tools in the form of the predato's mind overlay to use to influence us directly but that isn't really a part of the Matrix except to the extent that we buy into the lies and construct the Matrix around those perceptions, if I am understanding myself correctly here.

If that is the case then maybe all the effort to keep us in the sleeping state is for us to keep the Matrix in place. The fear they have about someone awakening is not that they will be seen or lose a food source, but that, as part of a group soul they are milking in mass, that awakening fragment will cause the ripple that destroys our own construct.

They like to conserve energy, so they would naturally want to take advantage of something we tend to do anyway - believe lies and create illusions based upon those lies. The Evil Magician. Hello!!!

From JQ:

Sue Lu wrote: "Nothing exists without consciousness to perceive it" is, to my mind, a precise way of saying that everything I perceive, I perceive because I perceive it... if it's not in me, I won't see it "out there". And from that recognition I turn inward to see just why it is that I see/experience the things I do. Sure enough, the source is in me."

JQ: cant say i agree with this, we can perceive things outside of us that are not "in" us or part of us. unless our ego is so huge that we really believe that everything "out there" is a product of our own mind - talk about a "god complex."

Sue Lu: "The illusory realm I chose to focus my consciousness within for this duration is merely that: an illusion populated with the actors I chose to play the roles I needed for my lessons. Lessons I chose to experience while here. I'm the script writer, the producer, the director and really, the only actor... projecting parts of me into other forms outside of me when I cannot clearly see the force of this or that lying hidden within me."

JQ: In that case, you should also be able to call a halt to the production right? The above sounds very like the STS way of looking at the "all" i.e. that all else forms part of the self therefore is fair game to be taken to the self by force or manipulation if necessary.

While we may have created the matrix or this 3D reality in an absolute sense, i.e. from the POV that we are the Cs and them us, and that at 7D "all are one", that does not serve us at this level, we do not have the resources (read awareness) of 6th or 7th density available to us personally.

From the reality that we find ourselves in and from a perspective of trying to get out of it, it matters not if we created 3D in a broader sense, the truth is we are trapped here, and are severely restricted via the predators mind which is not ours.

Sue Lu says "we are literally in control"

i find that extant 3D reality could not be further from this. Most people are defintely NOT in control. Most are controlled in an absolute sense, to the extent, in fact, that they do not even know it! hows that for TOTAL control!

its one thing to force someone to do something, and have them complain but still do it because have no choice, as opposed to a control system that is so effective that the controlees dont even realise that they have no control. That is, to paraphrase Don Juan, "a pretty stupendous maneuver" from the controllers POV, pretty horrendous from ours.

And as to "changing the matrix"...whats wrong with it? it serves its purpose pretty well, we should be concentrating on gettting out of it not changing it. To quote a member who once posted: "the only thing that we have any right to change, and indeed any hope of changing, is ourselves"

KH wrote:

Now, from me, I want to learn, and gain knowledge and have been trying to do so. I can understand plain language, not embellised language. Some, who are ahead of me on the learning scale have no trouble with that embellished and richly ornate language..and learn easily with it. I do not. I like plain layman's english. I cannot easily understand G or M or the Isb arabi guy..I have to learn at my own pace. And maybe I am one of the most stupid on here, but I am trying. Also, I do not like when I am labeled. I do not feel it is fair to be labeled. If I have an interchange with Ark or Laura or anyone on this list and it opens my eyes..then that is a good thing. I do not want to be labeled because of the exchange or name or anything else. Just some thoughts.

JQ wrote:

Hi KH, again, in my experience this list is not a place where labels or judgements are passed out on anyone, most are having trouble labeling themselves never mind anyone else! ;-)

But on that point, if I may suggest, from the above post, you seem to have got there ahead of most of us. What I am saying in plain english, (which is my favorite type too) is that from your post you seem to have successfully labeled yourself already...but then again, we all do that.. and it's almost always wrong! :-D

Sue Lu answers CJ:

Sue Lu wrote: Again, my view, which - stubborn as I may be - I seem to find support for in the C's material. *chuckle* The greatest myth, the true sacred cow from my vatnage point, is that there is something actually controlling us outside our access that we must submit to or defend against, now or any"time". Is this not a subtle difference when you say "outside our access". Whether within or without it seems we can still have access.

CJ wrote: Is this not a subtle difference when you say "outside our access". Whether within or without it seems we can still have access.

Sowelu here: Certainly, CJ, we have both avenues of access all the time. However, when it's an outer access, it comes in the form of pain or circumstance to show us what we might have held in our consciousness, but didn't, in the form of awareness/knowledge. And it SEEMS to be "not us" or "other" when we access it outwardly, instead of seeing it's of our own making. And this tends to maintain confusion.

Let's say we are each made up of 100% light, for discussion purposes. That 100% can be held as knowledge in our consciousness, or it can be EXpressed, light given outward unconsciously, to any number of events in our lives. We have 100% light, and its up to us what we do with it.

When we truly understand and possess knowledge regarding what lies within us - all of it - we hold our 100% light in our consciousness. But when we have hidden parts of us detracting from our conscious awareness, we are still 100%, we're just scattered in the manifested reality. This is a school, remember, teaching us who we are.

Emotional issues not yet revealed block our ability to hold light (be aware, KNOW) around whatever that issue is, as do false beliefs. So... the light for that issue, that could have resided in our consciousness but doesn't, must exist here, so it gets EXpressed in events that "bring that painful emotional issue home" through the light of experience. (This is somewhat how the matrix holds us to our limitations)

When an event occurs, it IS "light being shed on our darkness", so to say. We may not comprehend what we experience or witness, but it is light being shed, nonetheless. In fact, the very fact that it's occurred in an outer event indicates that we DON'T understand it. Because if we did, we would hold that light of understanding in our consciousness and not need a lesson to manifest so that we could learn it. Whatever we feel but repress, or think, that is false, will be revealed through manifestation in form.

Since we didn't comprehend the energy when it lay quietly within us, it cues the matrix to manifest what we hide in ourselves. We repress, put off, deny, reject, hate... due to fear. Fear is the cue to the matrix. All energy in form is essential energy "trapped" by the dense light of physicality.

We COULD hold that light in our consciousness, again, but because we don't, it is spilled outward in the events of our lives that describe ourselves back to us... until we SEE it. Until we finally understand. Until we finally bring that light home to our consciousness.

Once we do, the events that occurred in our lives to explain ourselves to us fall away, no longer needed to be expressed for our edification, because we truly understand.

So we can access that predator by going within ourselves and truly gaining knowledge of how it is birthed in our lives, or we can access that predator in an event of painful circumstance. Either way, it is us, waiting to be brought to light. That's one of many ways to word this concept. Perhaps not the best, but I gave it a shot. :-)

From Ark:

On June 1 I posted the following to "antigravity" mailing list:

Re: Consciousness as the Basis of Quantum Mechanics

On 1 Jun 2002, at 16:06, Robert Neil Boyd wrote:
An important result which contributed to my theory was the recent experimental evidence which refutes Heisenburg Uncertainty.

Ark here: In my recent talk at the Clifford Algebra conference - see the link at

I stressed the fact that we have been brainwashed into believing that uncertainty principle prevents us from simultaneous measurements of noncommuting observables. I even compared it to the biblical warning to not eat from the tree of knowledge - otherwise terrible things gonna happen. Not only nothing terrible happens, but a door into a new reality and new possibilities opens. That is how quantum fractals were generated.

It is intereseting that, for reasons not yet understood, the transformations of quantum states generated in a natural way during measurements of noncommuting observables as described in and in the forthcoming paper on quantum fractals on the Poincare disk (or hyperbolic plane), belong to the conformal class (specifically: they are particular Moebius tranformations). This was first anticipated by Palle Jorgensen and checked by Pertti Lounesto during the conference in TennTech, Cookeville just few days ago.

Interesting coincidence? Or something more?


Today the following sad message came today, June 25:


Laura wrote:

I just want to add that the feeling I had upon receiving the news of Pertti's death was one of the strangest I have had in a long time.

The thing that strikes me is that, there we were, sitting at the table with him the first night we arrived in Cookeville, and he was telling me this "joke" about monks and eunuchs and electricity. I was having a hard time trying to figure out the "punch line" because it was delivered in so dry a way.

So, there we were, and I was looking at him and trying to "read" what was behind his eyes and it just gave me a funny feeling even then. I was only conscious that I "liked" him, that there was something indefinable there that evoked a "sympathy." Well, now, of course, I wonder if that "funny feeling" that was completely unrelated to anything I could pin down - and it was very vague - was any kind of "realization" that, in just over a month, the guy would be "on the other side?"

What is also strange is the fact that, when discussing and working with another guy on a similar subject some years back, not long after Ark had discussions with him, he too drowned in the Black Sea.

So, the parallel is that discussion and work on certain subjects was followed by drowning in two cases separated by many years. And that gave me a very strange feeling.

DC wrote:

Sad and puzzling to hear, indeed.

Of course I would be curious about this 'something more'. Would it practically be possible to investigate if the frequency of deadly 'accidents' or suicides is higher in a group of mathematicians/physicists working in a certain 'matrix-endangering' domain? There would at least be some practical difficulties: * who would design such a category of mathematicians/physicists? It could be argued that a physicist/mathematician knowledgable on the 'matrix' topic would be a good choice - but at the same time shouldn't be aware of the people who died to prevent unconscious bias in the creation of the groups - this would unfortunately exclude you. * How would you find out the number of accidents the physicists/mathimaticians have experienced in their lives - I don't know if all would want to give this data.

And maybe even if it is possible to design a good study the number of people dying because of the "something more" reasons could in itself be to small to find a significant difference. Would it be possible if the Matrix would have a 'statistically significant' tresshold built in that it doesn't cross to prevent detection? If so would it even be possible to detect the Matrix by way of the usual scientific method?

Am I correct that it could be worthwhile to broathen this type of investigation to include non-scientists? I was thinking along the lines of predicting which kind of people were more a threat to the matrix and investigate their life expectancy, 'accident' frequency or general health (probably they would be healthier in general, but maybe they would get more aggressive cancers?). I know of one person who just seems to attract bad luck (accident after accident, fires, etc. etc.) and is involved with catholicism - but maybe it is better explained by something in her character that attracts/puts her in those situations?

Maybe people who are a danger to the matrix are also more 'aware' and thus less vulnerable to normal accidents because they are more vigilant, but maybe they are also more riskseekers - so on average the frequency of normal accidents with normal people and 'matrix accidents' with 'matrix endangering people' could very well be the same. If there was a difference how would you know that all those other factors were not unvolved, including the ones you didn't/couldn't think of?

Do these kinds of swimming accidents happen often in Crete? I sometimes hear from people dying on their holiday because they were falling with their heads on a rock or were swimming in a strong current. If this type of accident is relatively common would it not be more a sad coincidence?

It would be interesting to know what exactly transpired that last hour in Crete. How many of your acquinted collegues died because of an accident or before their time (if you would know that), more than the number of acquinted collegues the average someone else in another field has (with a comparable number of total acquinted collegues).

Laura wrote:

Well, Ark did a little more investigating about the specific subject areas that were being followed in the two cases - Pertti and the Russian guy who drowned in the Black sea. He knows, of course, the exact areas in which he was collaborating with them and the similarities there. But he wanted to check some of their papers and indications of their other work and how they "converged" on his own work.

Strange thing is: he discovered that both were working on the same things as Armand Wyler - the guy who went mad after a year at Princeton and has never been heard from since.

Ark adds: "It was F.A. Berezin.

"Interesting that the subject matter is the same as in new, hyperbolic, quantum fractals, Lobatchevsky plane, or Poincare disk, or Esher-like "cyclic time" - if you wish, and it is the same as A. Wyler was working on - who got invited to Princeton, and then disappeared in some "insane asylum." Perhaps coincidence. Perhaps a maningful one."

Ark knows a few others he has worked with who died from "sudden heart attacks." In one case, he was upset for several days because he KNEW the guy was in great health... he walked a lot, ate healthy, didn't smoke, drank wine only sparingly and with meals, and had a lot of energy. This one (can't remember his name and Ark has gone to the library so can't ask him) was in Gottingen, I believe.

Well, it's a curious thing.

TP wrote:

Is it really curious? I think we all know what kind of technology is out there, and the people that will use it, to make any death look like an accident or natural causes. I could suggest the Ark not go swimming, but that probably wouldn't stop someone with an evil intent. Knowledge protects, and sometimes friends in the right places might help out.

Laura wrote:

Well, one thing we thought about was the idea of 3D interference, and that seems sort of logistically absurd. That is the factor that we keep facing over and over again in these subjects - the logistics of 3 D manipulation simply seem too complicated and even outrageous to consider.

This is one of the reasons that I very early discarded the whole "alien abductions are just a human experiment" thing. The logistics in terms of time, history, numbers, etc, made that idea simply absurd. The guy who argued that until somebody laid an alien carcase on his doorstep, he would never believe that aliens were "real" actually served to solidify this idea in my mind. I realized that, if it really WAS a 3 D program and operation, the logistics would demand that there would be enough glitches that the project would be exposed.

So, considering all the factors argues more for the 4 D manipulation - even if sometimes it functions through 3 D agents (as we well know and have witnessed and experienced!)

For example: Gurdjieff and his "games" and "risk taking." If he had been fully aware of the real nature of 4 D realities, you would think that he wouldn't have been racing about in a car and trying to grab fruit off trees just to show off... which then led to his accident. He would have known about the level of awareness was necessary to protect oneself from such opportunities for 4 D to "meddle" in the 3 D reality.

The same thing is true of Mouravieff. As I am reading, I see again and again the points where he misses the issue of hyperdimensional realities in their true nature - and this is the gift of the C's - this understanding of the interpenetrating densities of awareness which, when used as a framework for the placing of the elements of the different worlds and notes and "intervals" as described by both the G-man and Mouravieff, provides a most essential understanding that makes all of it begin to make sense - especially when considering the current day spate of "alien interactions."

Sue Lu wrote:

Forgive my ignorance here, but it occurred to me in reading this thread that I don't understand a thought pattern with regard to all of this. I thought I'd ask.

It's been my sense that no death is accidental nor could have been avoided. Naturally I could be way off on that idea, but it's one I've had this whole lifetime. But, barring the total inaccuracy of that idea of mine, what would be our intent/belief/assumption in the pursuit of determining the particulars around a person's death?

It occurs to me that it may be that the inevitability of a person's death is specifically due to all the bits and pieces of direction their lives took from start to finish, so there may be value in "reading their life pattern" from that angle. Is that it though?

Anyone want to help me on this?

SM wrote:

If one has a feeling that one is not fulfilling one's destiny, than despair may set in, even if outwardly the life is good and the accomplishments are many. Not being aware, that one can stop lying to oneself and set the life on track can lead to an early death rather than the more painful yet more fulfilling life of seeking what ever it is that you are supposed to do.

Also to stay alive, particularly dealing with their line of work, a knowledge of 4D interference may have been life saving. Knowledge protects, but perhaps only when coupled with the idea that one has something to live for.

I am not saying that was the case for these men, I don't know. I am speaking from personal example, where I wasn't sure what I was living for, or why. Even though my life was pleasant enough. I just had a feeling that I was supposed to be doing something else. Luckily, nothing life threatening happened. But, would I have fought hard enough to stay alive if it had? I can honestly say I don't know. Now, I have given myself permission to put things right, a huge burden was lifted, followed shortly by sadness by the realization of the enormity of the task. But, at least now I there is more of a purpose and excitement regarding life. The esoteric christianity articles and discussion have been enormously helpful.

BT wrote:

Hi Sue Lu.

For discussion sake, let's take the two concepts above separately.

Human beings, with a basically body-centric awareness, may emphasize or place undue importance on, or a less than a cosmic awareness on, the body and the "life" that materializes through its perceptions.

Add to that consideration what appears to be a completely erroneous concept of time and the implications that linear time force into our speculation and it opens up an entirely new perspective or dimension in death and its acceptance or avoidance or even the degree of "fate" that is ascribed to it.

With that as an increased potential for possibilities as to the why and even the when of death, most of the observations you find discussed on the list have little to do with equating a person's life pattern with the time of their demise. In this instance, the discussion almost totally revolves around the potential and possibility that there is an inter-density interference with our day-to-day existance and that would of course include the termination of same, especially if they sanctify our life to the degree that we sanctify the life of a bug we squash or a flower we pick.

NKT wrote:

Hi Sue Lu,

A lot of stuff gets taught in "metaphysical groups" that really doesn't seem to have a lot of support in observation.

I'm sure life pattern plays a role. For some people who die accidentally it may have been just their time. On the other hand as one who is aware of the possibilities of of time traveling ultra dimensional beings, one should think about and analyze these things. not just for the obvious lessons involved either.

If we consider all possible scenarios, things can remain open up until the last moment. If as you say it's due to all bits and pieces of directions their life took, it would also mean that doing something even just one particular thing differently may have led the life in question to a different outcome and maybe even avoid an untimely death.

Lucky are those who lay down, say they are ready to die and do. For many in our 3D world, I believe death arrives as a surprise. If we go with the premise that there are people with unresolved issues from prior lifetimes in our world,it is possible if they were more careful about how they interact in their environment, they could have lived long enough to resolve some of those issues.

If the person in question dies accidentally while working on something which has the possibility to benefit humanity in a positive way, it is a responsibility of every awakening individual to try to see the lesson in it. One must think and ask questions about these things even if we don't want to draw too much attention to ourselves.

I also believe there are no accidents as in "god doesn't make mistakes." There are accidents and then there are Accidents.

Remember who the esotericists say the god of this world is?

Sue Lu wrote:

BT wrote: "In this instance, the discussion almost totally revolves around the potential and possibility that there is an inter-density interference with our day-to-day existance and that would of course include the termination of same, especially if they sanctify our life to the degree that we sanctify the life of a bug we squash or a flower we pick."

SL: Thanks for your response. On the surface, this seems - even to me - to be almost a "silly" question, but you'd be surprised how much thought is running around within me around it! LOL! Must be "time" for me to look at this particular issue a little more deeply or differently.

Assuming my idea IS inaccurate and death can be determined by something "not in the original plan" we'll say, I seem to recall reading in the C's material the concept that all that occurs in our life, including our death, is by choice.

We could ask what part of the total Self makes that choice, of course. But for me, if you've noticed a theme of mine in the few posts I've made, I'm attempting to learn a new way of looking at this life of mine. More, perhaps, the way those on this list do.

Mind you, it requires that I relinquish the idea that I have full say in the progress of my life, which I don't particular care for, but as I mentioned in a recent post, I'm willingly offering up my sacred cows here.

So what I'm looking to do in asking this seemingly silly question, is reframe my cognitive processes. In the past, at best I would feel it important to understand the inner life a person to understand their death.

And from that inner life, if I somehow managed to glean it even in part through symbolic clues in their outer life, I would then see an archetypal theme, perhaps, or a "soul path direction" that made the exit at that point in time make sense.

Considering outside forces is not natural to me, frankly. Hyperdimensional realities don't change that either. In fact, the recognition of hyperdimensional reality caused "my view" to fall into place even more sensibly, if you can believe it. So... I'm working on this from a particular entry point, and input is helpful.

Laura wrote:

Hi Sue Lue, Maybe it's time to repost the following which is in the archives somewhere and has been noted on the website in a number of places, though there's so much there now, I couldn't say exactly where - probably in the Wave series.


And then just factor in 4 D STS manipulation along with Spirit attachment.

But, at a higher level of reality, all is just lessons. And isn't that the point? Those who have experienced these things a sufficient number of times to "learn the lesson" then begin to look for the way to avoid repeating them. That's what we are doing. Here's the original post:

C** and I were discussing by phone last night, the intricacies of "Spirit Attachment" and its potentials for having stupendously profound effects on anyone's life. She was a bit surprised at some of the things I told her, so I became aware that such information, while easily available to the practitioner of hypnotherapy, seems to be known in only a limited way to the average person, even a person with a strong and long-standing intererest in, and study of, metaphysics.

The numbers of texts that have been written on the subject I am discussing here are considerable, most of them produced by research and not "channeled" information, nor "philosophical" conjecture. Many of the researchers in the field have been either psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, and to some extent, priests with medical and/or psychological training.

It seems clear to me that the teaching "you create your own reality by what you think or focus on, so don't consider anything you don't want to create" has done a great disservice to the large majority of "seekers on the path" by preventing their discovery of many of the very things that would enable them to "root out" barriers to greater progress.

To learn about something, to investigate, is NOT the same thing as "creating." "The condition of spirit interference, spirit possession, or spirit attachment is almost universal in the human population. Practitioners in modalities of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy have discovered the same prevalence. If spirit interference is such a common condition, and at the root of so many 'ills of society,' it must be studied and understood. It is essential taht people be made aware of it and that more practitioners, both in the mental health professions and in the clergy, be trained to use the appropriate techniques to relieve the affliction. One must dispel the myth and superstition regarding spirits and spirit possession, more appropriately termed spirit attachment.

The literature about spirit attachment has developed out of many years of clinical experience among some pioneering psychologists and psychiatrists, including Dr. Carl Wickland, Dr. Edith Fiore, Dr. Joel Whitton, Dr. William Baldwin... all scientifically trained practitioners. There are thousands of case histories studied and "worked" via tradtional double blind experimentation. When I was learning the methodology, I did NOT inform any of my subjects that I was going to ask them a couple of questions at some point during their sessions that were designed to identify spirit attachment. I was, in fact, somewhat suspicious of the claim that so many people suffered in this way.

But, at the same time, I knew that hypnosis, psychotherapy, and other "standard" methods often did not work, or only worked for a period of time before the "extinction" process took over. This "extinction" was even a part of the theory of a Swis psychiatrist who did a lot of work in hypnotherapy, and he realized that intensive sessions, even if they showed marvelous initial successes, eventually "relapsed."

I experienced the same problem with subjects. But, after my first few "spirit release" sessions, following rather specific techniques, the rate of "relapse" was almost entirely eliminated.

"The condition of spirit possession - that is, full or partial takeover of a living human by a discarnate being - has been recognized or at least theorized in every era and every culture. In ninety percent of societies worldwide there are recores of possession-like phenomena (Foulks, 1985).

"Extensive contemporary evidence suggests that discarnate beings, the spirits of deceased humans, can influence living people by forming a physical or mental connection or attachment, and subsequently imposing detrimental physical and/or emotional conditions and symptoms. This condition has been called the 'possession state,' 'possession disorder,' 'spirit possession syndrome,' 'spirit obsession,' or 'spirit attachment.' (Hyslop, 1917; Wickland, 1924; 1934; Allison, 1980; Guirdham, 1982; Crabtree, 1985; Fiore, 1987)

My own experience has been that I have NEVER had a subject who was NOT attached in one way or another, to one extent or another, since I learned the mode of differential diagnosis. And, in fact, if the matter is discussed beforehand, which I have done on occasions after my long period of "testing the hypothesis," the ones who most vehemently deny the possibility are generally the ones with the most stubborn and deeprooted attachments!

"Earthbound spirits, the surviving consciousness of deceased humans, are the most prevalent possessing, obsessing or attaching entities to be found. The disembodied consciousness seems to attach itself and merge fully or partially with the subconscious mind of a living person, exerting some degree of influence on thought processes, emotions, behavior and the physical body. The attaching entity becomes a parasite in the mind of the host. A victim of this condition can be totally amnesic about episodes of complete takeover."

The normal cases tend to be those of "influencing thought" and not complete takeover as Baldwin describes.

"A spirit can be bound to the earth plane by the emotions and feelings connected with a sudden traumatic death. Anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, guilt, remorse, EVEN STRONG TIES OF LOVE, can interfere with the normal transition. ERRONEOUS BELIEFS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE can prevent a spirit from moving into the Light because the after death experience does not coincide with false expectations or preconceived notions of the way it is supposed to be."

One particular case I handled involved a young man who was NOT informed in advance that I was going to do a "differential diagnosis" during his session. His problem was a sleep disorder and he did not seem to be able to get a grip on it. One doctor had diagnosed "sleep apnea" and he had a "jerking leg" syndrome that was also driving him batty. Medications and minor surgery had not helped.

During the session, I asked the series of questions, and an entity came forward and identified "herself." She was frightened and lost and told her story: she had been a young French girl who had been murdered in the course of a rape, and had died without receiving the sacraments. Her guilt about the sexual nature of her death added to the lack of being shriven made her fearful of the "light" she could see, and she "hid" from it, finding a "home" in a passing individual. Well, when that individual came to America, and later died, she found another "home" and passed along until she found a "home" in my client who fell off his bicycle as a child and hurt his leg near the hospital where he last "host" had just died. The pain and embarrasment of the child created a frequency that she could "merge" with, and VOILA! She had a new home. And the sleep problems began, some "feminine" characteristics began to be manifested in the young boy, the leg never got completely well, and years passed...

I was able to "converse" with this entity, counsel her about the realities of the spirit world, relieve her guilt and fear, and enabled her to "go into the light." The subject's sleep problems were instantly "cured," the "jumping leg" never jumped again, and the peculiar "feminine" characteristics were gone.

"Following death by drug overdose, a newly deceased spirit maintains strong appetite for the drug, and this hunger cannot be satisfied in the non-physical realm. The being must experience the drug through the sensorium of a living person who uses the substance, or can be persuaded or "urged" to do so. Many drug users are controlled by the attached spirit of a deceased drug addict.

"Many spirits remain in the earth plane due to a lack of awareness of their passing. If there is already an attached spirit, the process may be more difficult. The newly deceased being can 'piggy back' the attached earthbound to the Light, or the attached earthbound 'lets go' and one goes and one stays. After this separation, the earthbound can wander in the lower astral plane awaiting the next incarnation of the being to whom it was attached. The entity can locate the being in the new incarnation and reconnect. This repeated attachment can occur for many lifetimes of the host. However, the earthbound can just as quickly attach to another unsuspecting person after separating from the former host at the time of death.

"If the newly deceased spirit cannot break away from the attached spirit or hasn't strength enough to carry it into the light, it can become earthbound also, with the original earthbound still attached to it. This pair can then attach to another living person. After death, the spirit of this person also may be prevented from reaching the Light due to the nested, or layered, attached spirits. This spirit becomes part of the chain of earthbound spirits that can compound until in numbers in the dozens, even hundreds."

I had one client, an elderly gentleman who was desperate for SOMETHING to help him. He had been operated on about a dozen times for various problems... internal organ, joint replacement, triple bypass surgery... you name it. And, during one of his surgeries, his daughter had been killed in an auto accident and he was not even able to attend her funeral. This poor guy broke my heart!

Well, during the session I found that, not only had he picked up a number of recently "dead" dudes floating around the hospitals where he had been (hospitals are GREAT places to pick up attachments) but that he had a set of "multiples and repeaters," as I call them. Digging through and back, the "bottom line" was that, during the break-up of Atlantis, seemingly, he had been a sort of leader of a small group and they were fleeing the destruction and had taken refuge in a building according to his instructions. It was his job and responsibility to "save and protect" them all, and when the building collapsed on all of them, killing them before his eyes, his anguish was such that all these souls "found refuge" in him... and this had been repeating for many incarnations... every time he incarnated, they were waiting for him..." It was a pretty sad story, but with a successful ending, even though the saddest part was persuading him to "let go" of his daughter who had ALSO become part of the group.

"Some investigators in this field estimate that between 70% and 100% of the population are affected or influenced by one or more discarnate spirit entities at some time in their life. (Berg, 1984, p. 50; Fiore, 1987)

"Any mental or physical symptom or condition, strong emotion, repressed negative feeling, conscious or unconscious need can act like a magnet to attract a discarnate entity with the same or similar emotion, condition, need, or feeling. Anger and rage, fear and terror, sadness and grief, guilt, remorse or feelings of the need for punishment can invite entities with similar feelings.

"Severe stress may cause susceptibility to the influence of an intrusive spirit. Altering the consciousness with alcohol or drugs, especially the hallucinogens, looses one's external ego boundaries and opens the subconsciious mind to infestation by discarnate beings. The same holds true for the use of strong analgesics and the anesthetic drugs necessary in surgery. A codeine tablet taken for the relief of a dental extraction can sufficiently alter the consciousness to allow entry to a spirit.

"Physical intrusions such as surgery or blood transfusion can lead to an entity attachment. In the case of an organ transplant the spirit of the organ donor can literally follow the transplanted organ into the new body. Physical trauma, accidental falls, beatings or any blow to the head can render a person vulnerable to an intrusive spirit.

"Sexual intercourse can allow the exchange of attached entities between two people. Sexual abuse creates vulnerability to spirit invaison.

"A living person can have dozens, even hundreds of attached spirits as they occupy no physical space. They can attach to the aura or float within the aura, outside the body. If any part of the body of the host has a physical weakness the earthbound can attach to that area because of a corresponding weakness or injury to the physical body of the spirit prior to death. A spirit can lodge in any of the chakras of the hoset, drawn by the particular energy of the chakra or by the physical structures of that level of the body.

"Connection with an earthbound spirit may be established by the purposeful choice of either the spirit or the living human due to a strong emotional bond between them in this life or in a previous lifetime together. A grieving person can welcome the spirit of a dear departed one only to find the consequences unbearable."

In this respect, one subject of mine was a Jewish fellow in his 70s who was severely hunchbacked... and had been unable to get over the death of his father some 50 years ago. Well, I suspected that the father had never left, and I was right. But, I was surprised that the two of them agreed to remain together until the death of the son when they made a pact to go into the light together. The guy said he had lived this long with this situation, even knowing now that it had been the cause of his back twisting into such a terrible deformity, he wanted to "keep his father with him." So, that was a funny case.

"A living human can be affecdted by an attached spirit in many different ways. The discarnate entity retains the psychic energy pattern of its own ailments following death and can produce in the host any mental aberration or emotional disturbance and any symptom of physical illness.

"Erratic or inconsistent behavior can result from a shifting of control between separate entities. This behavior is similar in appearance to the phenomenon of switching between alters in MPD. This condition can be extremely confusing and frightening for a person and for their family.

"An attached entity can be associated with any emotional track of a living person such as anger, fear, sadness or guilt. The emotional energy of the entity intensifies the expression of a specific emotion, often leading to inappropriate overreactions to ordinary life situations.


In my humble opinion, the LACK of KNOWLEDGE about this is one of the chief reasons that the "New Age" thinking has been so heaviliy inculcated with the idea that one must not ever think about such negative things! If you don't know, you can't fix! And, these 4th density STS dudes don't want us to know what is going on! That's why they have created religions and delivered "truths" in "chariots of light" for millennia... "just have faith in ________ and all else will be okay!"

"THE HOST IS USUALLY UNAWARE OF THE PRESENCE OF ATTACHED SPIRITS. The thoughts, desires and behaviors of an attached entity are experienced as the person's own thoughts, desires and behaviors. The thoughts, feelings, habits and desires do not seem foreign if they have been present for a long time, even from childhood. THIS IS A MAJOR FACTOF IN THE WIDESPREAD DENIAL OF THE CONCEPT AND LACK OF ACCEPTANCE OF THE PHENOMENA OF DISCARNATE INTERFERENCE AND SPIRIT ATTACHMENT, OBSESSION OR POSSESSION.


Based on personal experience, I can assure you that this is so!

"They symptoms of spiritual attachment can be very subtle. An attached spirit may be present without producing ANY noticeable symptoms. Yet attached entities always exert some influence ranging from minor energy drains to major control or interference. Complete possession or takeover can result in suppression of the original personality. The earthbound spirit does not replace the rightful spirit in the body in such a case, it just usurps control. An attached earthbound spirit cannot maintain life in a human body after the original spirit being has separated from the body in the transition of death.


This is contrary to a lot of religious and even "new age" philosophies, but is clinically demonstrated over and over again.

"This seems to be a violation of free will. It also appears to refute the popular notion that each person is totally responsible for creating his or her reality and that there are no victims. The conflict exists due to lack of knowledge."


"In ignorance and denial of the possibilities or spirit interference, there is no search for knowledge regarding the definitions of permission and free will choice. Denial of the existence of spirit attachment is no defense against it and, in fact, constitutes a tacit acceptance of deception by adoption of illusion. With limited, if any, knowledge and distorted perceptions of the nature of the spirit world, the non-physical reality, many people leave themselves open and create their own vulnerability as part of creating their own reality!

"It is fashionable today to 'channel my higher self' or 'spirit teachers' or whatever. Without knowledge and an ability to discern, one is then subject to the vagaries of any passing entity who hears the call.

"Some 'surround themselves with light,' or pray and specify 'for my highest good' in their invocations. This constitutes permission and welcome for a discarnate spirit who truly believes that it is acting 'for your highest good.'"

There are a LOT of well-meaning dead dudes wandering in the lower astral planes due to ingnorance or some sort of "affinity" to the earth, or even being used as "pawns" of higher density STS beings. As Cayce always said: a dead Presbyterian is just that: a dead Presbyterian!

It was the extensive knowledge of this therapy and the attendant dangers in such enterprises that assisted us in the several years of work to "break through" the lower astral to the higher realms. Knowing the techniques of "differential diagnosis" and how effective they were, I regularly applied them to all entities that communicated with us via the board. In fact, we effected a number of "spirit releasements" via the board, and some of the stories we were told by various entities were enough to break your heart. One that sticks in my mind was a little girl who had apparently died of leukemia and was "looking for her mother."

Anyway, without the knowledge of these techniques and the regular application of the "cleansing" and "viewing" and so on, one simply CANNOT be involved in any kind of receiving in expanded states of consciousness without some attendant danger.

And, in the case of shamanistic 'releasement" that is ever so popular: It works if the subject and ALL attaching entities are of the same "belief" system. But, a shaman who attempts to dislodge a devoutly Cathollic entity will have a hard time, and vice versa! The accomplished therapist must wear many hats: shaman, priest, psychologist, mother, friend, or whatever.

But this is a consideration for the "run of the mill" attachment situation. It does NOT include the truly "demonic" or 4th and 5th density kind. That is another kettle of fish altogether. In such cases, religious symbolism is pretty useless. Only a united effort by two or more people can dislodge such entities... but the fact is that the victim is generally unable to function without them if they have been present a long time. The rate of "relapse" with these types is high no matter what one does.

There are also very "difficult" dead dudes, as I call them. I had one such, along with an assortment of "baby souls" that glommed onto me during several visits to hospitals where my "bleeding heart" made me wide open to them. And, I released all of them with great care and love... and some little sadness, too!

But, my "twisted sister," as we like to call her, was something else! It took a couple of people, numerous efforts and techniques, and some months to get rid of THAT one. And the pain I suffered during the process was beyond anything imaginable! She "lived" in my left shoulder and neck area and had attached to me through several lifetimes... Seems that we were twin sisters in one lifetime in Persia in the 1600's and were in love with the same guy (or lust). An argument arose, it turned into a pushing match, she ended up falling into a fire pit and died of her injuries... hating me for her suffering and the loss of the object of her love. So, she decided that I would never experience any peace or happiness... and proceeded to make that a fact through the four subsequent lifetimes, including the last where her influences guided certain decsions that led to tragedy and my suicide.

Then, apparently, it was SHE who wanted to be married to my ex-husband and manipulated me through many twisted pathways to that end. SHE enjoyed being with him ... pretty sick, in my opinion.

Anyway, after learning the details of this situation both via guided imagery, the C's and my own knowledge of the symptoms due to my work with others, I was able to really perceive when my thoughts and feelings reflected HER desires and not my own.

It was partly this knowledge that enabled me to break with my ex-husband, though I will tell you that her attempts to make me go back were the torments of Hell! But, finally, my therapist, knowing the story and situation, and Freddie and I were able to "gang up" on her. The pain in the left shoulder suddenly transferred to the right... and it was difficult to "move" it for some weeks... then, in a great effort of will, telling this gal mentally that NOTHING she did was going to make me go back to the ex... that she could KILL me with pain, and the efforts of my therapist and his needles and Reiki and his speaking to her and demainding that she leave... well, it was like an explosion and I could feel the "passing" like a sort of "giving birth" through my arm. It was pretty amazing. Instant relief after YEARS of suffering!

And, the funny thing is, a couple of hours later I received a call from my ex-father-in-law telling me that my ex had fallen off the roof of a house and broken his shoulder... at the exact time that "Twisted Sister" left.

So, she wanted to be with him... And that's the story.

The point is: all there is is lessons. We suffer until we learn how not to suffer. And that means leaving 3rd density STS - NOT changing it. That is not our right. God has created it, it is what it is, and it has a purpose: to be our classroom. We only need to figure out the lessons to graduate - and that can be one of two ways: STS or STO. Default mode is to remain mixed and never graduate.