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Vinegar of the Four Theives
« on: November 18, 2009, 01:24:48 AM »
Hi all,

   I first came across this info at a health conference I went to last month, forgot about it, then read something else about it.  Now with all this Ukranian swine flu/hemmoraging lungs info. it seems like a good time to share a nice, herbal recipe.  Vinegar of the Four Theives is a very strong antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasite and antiseptic to have in your arsenal. 

Here's some history:  From
Four Thieves Vinegar: Antiviral, Germicide and Possible Alternative for Flu Shots
      According to herbalist Elizabeth Kastner, "During the height of the plague in France in 1721, it was discovered that the homes of disease victims were being ransacked. At first, no effort was made to find the criminals, since all knew they were fools, soon to die of the plague.

      "As time went on, it became apparent that the thieves were continuing in their raids... and quite inexplicably, avoiding falling victim to the disease. Soon, they became highly sought -- not due to their crimes, but in an effort to learn their secret.

      "When they were finally captured, they refused to speak until a bargain was offered: remain silent and hang. Divulge the secret to their resistance to the deadly plague and walk away.

      "It seems that the mother of several of the boys was a midwife and had a recipe which used plants which were easily wildcrafted... yet, she knew that this would change immediately if anyone learned the formula, so she swore her children to secrecy. Her sons saved their necks and shared the recipe for the disinfectant, which is still used in France to this day."

      Given the simple ingredients of Four Thieves Vinegar and with all the yammering about smallpox, bioterrorism diseases, and flu vaccine shortages in the news these days, it seems prudent to me to prepare a home stock of this historical preventative for dread diseases. According to Kastner, the traditional recipe for Four Thieves Vinegar "makes a lot of sense, medicinally speaking."

      You can make your own "Four Thieves Vinegar" by following the simple recipe below.

Four Thieves Vinegar Recipe: Use equal parts of the following herbs:

Melissa (lemon balm)
A handful of garlic cloves
      Blend ingredients in a glass jar and cover completely with organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, which is available in most health food stores. Cold infuse (let sit at room temperature in a cool place) for six weeks and then strain off herbs and garlic.

      You can take Four Thieves Vinegar by the teaspoonful, use it as a salad dressing, or even add a spoonful to your bath water for personal protection. Four Thieves Vinegar and warmed organic coconut oil make an excellent salad dressing.

      You can also use it as a topical spray to disinfect surfaces -- including skin -- and/or you can take it as a tincture. All of the ingredients in Four Thieves Vinegar are either potent antibacterials or antivirals!
  I've seen different recipes on the internet.  Wormwood, camphor, juniper berries are listed as alternate ingredients.   A more pared down version with just rosemary, sage, rue and peppermint can be used as a bug spray.  Many sites suggest just using it as a body spray or for household cleaning, others suggest using it internally as well. 

Here's my lecturer's recipe.  From class notes Dr. Philip Fritchey:

Divide equal portions of the following into two 1 gallon "Sun Tea" jugs:
   One gallon of red wine vinegar or distilled cider vinegar
   8 oz minced fresh garlic (expose to air 15-20 minutes before mixing into vinegar)
   2 oz of lavendar flowers
   2 oz of rose petals

1 1/2 oz each of the finely chopped tops of:
  sage - salvia officinalis
  thyme - thymus vulgaris
  angelica - a. atropupurea or a. archangelica
  roman wormwood (aka mugwort) - artemis vulgaris

1/2 oz camphor, powdered
1/2 oz rue, floweing tops

1/4 oz each of :
  sweet flag rhizome {underground stem} - acorus calamus

Place on a sunny widow sill.  Steep for two weeks, shaking at least onece daily.  Strain and press the herbs out after two weeks.  Combine the fluids from both batches.  Store in tightly capped dark glass bottles.  Keep refrigerated for longest life. 

Recommended dosage:  1tbsp two or three times daily as prophylactic, 1 oz three to five times daily for therapy.  May be added to juice or water. 

This second recipe is quite involved.  I'm gonna try making a simpler recipe.  I've talked to people about colloidal silver and I've gotten a "huh?" look and response.  People I've talked to have seemed a bit more accepting of herbs.