1. SMM

    Noise by Daniel Kahnemann

    Kahnemann has a new book titled Noise that will be available on Amazon May 18 2021 (UK). I haven't checked Penguin for other dates. In a nutshell, it's about the noise-to-signal ratio when making decisions based on all available, and even subconscious, information. Here's the description: I...
  2. Border Dog

    What is Fear ? Why we feel Fear ??

    Fears still seem to be very necessary to the Animal Man but not so much to the Conscious Man, so as the Animal Man becomes more self-conscious, the treatments and influence of those fears evolve to the point of clearly serving as faithful to each individual's evolutionary balance. Thus, as a...
  3. Akul

    Psychological relation between culture, nature and urbanization

    Several months ago I pondered upon an idea which was kind of own synthesis inspired by several sources and quotes, see below which could currently remember. However, I wonder if exist a source where the idea is originally mentioned and discussed. I need help about finding such source(s), and...
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