1. luc

    Stainton Moses: Spirit Teachings (“Imperator“ channelling)

    I saw this referenced in Stafford Betty’s work and got curious: there are two books containing the channeling of a group of spirits headed by “Imperator”, channelled by Stainton Moses, a 19th century former Anglican priest. They are available online for free in different formats here, but I’d...
  2. luc

    The Reformation: Martin Luther’s Pathological War

    Hi all, about a year ago, I did some research on Martin Luther and the reformation, which kind of sat in a file but which I'd like to share now. I tried to clean it up, but it's still a bit redundant and long! Apologies. I thought it's worth sharing anyway because it might give some hints and...
  3. Amarock

    The same narrative all over the world? Or just wishful thinking?

    So, some time ago I've read Velikovski's book "Worlds in collision" after I saw it mentioned somewhere in this forum (maybe even CS session) In short, for those who is not familiar, one of the main points is that Bronze age (around 1500 bc for reference) collapse was caused by cosmic event. In...
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