1. K

    The Jarkos soul

    Hello everyone, I found last month the channel on Polish YouTube which is called JarkosowaDusza. It's about man who thanks to his work with life and soul could talk with higher self. I know that a lot of people declare that they got that connection but this connection is very similar with...
  2. thisplacerocks

    Do comets and planets have souls and gender?

    Before you laugh, I'm just curious whether celestial bodies such as comets and planets have souls and gender. Planets like Mars and Jupiter (Zeus father) have masculine names. Earth and Venus have feminine names. Planets seem to be alive and have some form of consciousness to support a living...
  3. Border Dog

    What is Fear ? Why we feel Fear ??

    Fears still seem to be very necessary to the Animal Man but not so much to the Conscious Man, so as the Animal Man becomes more self-conscious, the treatments and influence of those fears evolve to the point of clearly serving as faithful to each individual's evolutionary balance. Thus, as a...
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