Natural stone jewelry

I made a set of light colored agate in a variety of patterns. There are "veins", "sakura petals", milky, gemstone with quartz and others.

Necklace transformer, you can remove the pendant and wear as beads.
Fittings gilded. Earrings for earrings silver with gold-plated, there is a test 925.
I decorated the necklace with quartz pendants, they are movable.







Khepri in Egyptian mythology - refers to the scarab as an ancient god. He is "the one who sprang up (from himself)" who emerges from the earth without conception. At first Khepri was considered a form of manifestation of Atum, but later became identified also with Ra. God in the form of scarab represents the morning sun from the lower world, born from the womb (east) of his mother Nut (sky). Khepri is also associated with the symbolism of resurrection, as stated in the "Book of the Dead": "Khepri will become me, transforming into the first substance, I sprout with the help of the universal power of germination".

The Sun is the Divine Supreme Intelligence.
The Scarab Beetle is our earthly labor. You see the red rays under the beetle's legs. They symbolize us as particles of the Supreme Mind on earth. Our humble work here is the work of the small divine consciousnesses on earth. Why the 3D Earth is depicted as a ball of dung - let your imagination tell you. ;)
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