Session 23 November 1996


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November 23, 1996
Frank, Terry, Jan, Alice, Laura, Ark via computer

Q: (L) Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: (L) And who do we have...

A: Tonno.

Q: (L) And where do you transmit from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) We have quite a variety of questions this evening. The first is regarding the difficulties with UFL and the financial arrangements {referring to Ark’s planned travel to the US}. Will this work out so that he can be here the 1st of February, as planned?

A: Maybe a slight delay.

Q: (L) And the personal finances?

A: You will see.

Q: (L) You said before that her {Ark’s ex} actions would accelerate the legal process.

A: In progress.

Q: (L) It looks now as though the legal affair will not be over before he comes here... this distresses me.

A: These are things you must wait to see.

Q: (L) Okay, is there anything you would suggest in regard to any of his situation?

A: Slow down for strength of mind.

Q: (L) Okay, switch gears. Can you comment on the strange nature of the events of the past two weeks...

A: Learning is fun.

Q: (L) Was PatrickZ abducted in my house as he claims.

A: Probe further and you will know.

Q: (L) Okay, talk to P. Why is his mother going off into psychotic behavior?

A: Not psychosis, neurosis.

Q: (L) Well, then I guess we are supposed to be figuring it out as we go...

A: Yup!

Q: (T) Is Fearon H dead? {UFO researcher of our acquaintance who went out to investigate Area 51 about 6 months previous to this session.}

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Did he commit suicide as we were told?

A: No.

Q: (L) Was he murdered?

A: No.

Q: (T) Was it an accident?

A: No.

Q: (L) Well, how does one get hung by the neck if it is not an accident or suicide or murder?

A: He was not hung.

Q: (T) That's what I figured. But he IS dead?

A: Yes.

Q: (J) How did he die?

A: Stroke.

Q: (T) Well, I can believe that. He popped every pill he could find. He was in terrible health. See this thread for additional info:

(T) What is wrong with my computer?

A: Offset files. Tangled web, being fed by incorrect steps to correct. Need to back up all data, then clean drive. Shortcuts won't do it, and it is not as tedious as you think. But not doing it will be! {This suggestion was followed, and worked.}

Q: (T) Thank you...

A: You are welcome... Minor Cassiopaean "glitch," sorry!

Q: (T) About Flight 800. Pierre Salinger claims that the info floating around on the internet is accurate. He says that the Navy downed the flight.

A: Close. Pierre Salinger is an impeccable journalist and not one to "fly off the handle."

Q: (T) Very true. And that is why I am amazed that the rest of the journalism community is attacking him.

A: Why should you be amazed? They are "bought and paid for."

Q: (T) What did happen to flight 800?

A: This was the result of an experiment gone awry. So was KAL "007" in 1983.

Q: (L) What was the nature of the experiment?

A: Testing of secret impulse guidance system using civilian airliner as an arbitrary "bounce" guidance target. Instead, it became the "homing" target, and a different aircraft became the bouncer. This was because the programmers did not anticipate the lower than expected altitude of the 747. Warning: this must stay in this room for the present!!!!!!!!!! The facts will eventually be discussed by others. At that time, the danger is lifted.

{At this point, it has been discussed in the exact same terms as described here in a reputable, national magazine.}

Now, about KAL 007... that one is not dangerous to know. The plane was deliberately instructed to fly off course in order to trigger the Soviet's Pacific air defense system, to "see what they were made of" in that area. The plane was lost, but the experiment worked. They did not expect them to shoot down a civilian airliner. Now, all moving targets create electronic impulses. These can be "read" by the proper extremely high tech equipment. Older radar guided systems are subject to malfunctions in weather conditions that are severe, as one example. Also, the impulse system is an offshoot of the electromagnetic pulse experiments being carried out at Montauk, Brookings and elsewhere as part of the HAARP project! In connection with Pentagon missile tests, HAARP has many interesting tie-ins, not the least of which is your cell phone towers.

Now, the homing target can be any moving object. It can be whatever is entered on the computer. It can be a squirrel in a tree, a jogger on the beach, a building, whatever you want. The system looks for any moving target in order to establish recognition to the computer, in order to establish recognition of match pattern of pulse. TWA 800 was flying at the exact same altitude that was supposed to be designated for the "drone" craft. The drone plane was farther out at sea. The "bounce" target was to be any moving object in the air within 400 square miles.

Q: (L) So, TWA 800, through a series of problems, happened to find itself at the right altitude, a restricted altitude, within the parameters of the experiment. Anything further on this?

A: Not for now.

Q: (L) Okay, let's move on to Courtney Brown. (T) We all know who he is, and what he is writing about in regard to remote viewing... what is it all about?

A: Vague.

Q: (T) Is the book Courtney Brown wrote, "Cosmic Voyage," concerning the Martian population...

A: It is true that there are underground bases on Mars, but they are Orion STS.

Q: (T) Are there Martians as portrayed by Courtney Brown?

A: Not exactly. He is portraying the Orion STS as the Martians.

Q: (T) Is Courtney Brown a government disinformation agent?

A: More as an "agent provocateur."

Q: (T) Is he working for the government?

A: Not directly, and remember, the government is not one entity.

Q: (L) Who is primarily backing Courtney Brown?

A: Rockefeller group.

Q: (L) Is Mike Lindemann and company part of this Rockefeller group at this time?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Linda Howe?

A: No.

Q: (T) Did Courtney actually do remote viewing to obtain the information in the book?

A: Not really. Not needed.

Q: (T) Does this mean that the whole story is concocted on his part?

A: Semi. Elements of it are factual.

Q: (T) Yes. I could see that there were factual elements. I could also see that there was a LOT that was questionable. that conflicts with EVERYTHING else that has come out from other researchers. This is all totally twisted and different.

A: Close.

Q: (T) Is Courtney able to do remote viewing?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) But he did not use it with this book?

A: No.

Q: (T) So, the book was made up the way it is. It is a story. Some factual information, some invented information, some pure BS thrown in to fluff it out. So, the book is NOT an account of work that has come from remote viewing sessions?

A: No, but not needed.

Q: (L) You have said twice that remote viewing was not "needed." Where did he get his information?

A: Secret sources. Agents of the “nation of the third eye."

Q: (J) What or who - is the "Nation of the Third Eye?"

A: Terran civilization under the surface.

Q: (L) Now, wait a minute. I remember that when they said the Aryans were brought from Kantek, and that they were "sturdier," or something like that, and I remarked that it seemed that they would be less sturdy - and the C's answered "on the surface." Now, that has always bothered me. I don't think they meant "surface appearances." Have the Aryans been glorified as the "master race" because they are more suited to living underground?

A: Close. All types there are "Aryan."

Q: (L) Okay, is this a Terran underground civilization that has been 'managed' by Orions, or did it develop on its own?

A: One at a time.

Q: (L) Did the underground civilization develop on its own?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it managed or manipulated by Orions as well?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are these "managers" Orions from other densities?

A: Yes and no.

Q: (L) I don't understand. Are there some that are 4th and some that are 3rd?

A: The human types there are "bi-density."

Q: (L) Holy Shiite Moslems!

A: Grays and Lizards are 4th density. They can "visit" 3rd density, but they must keep returning to 4th in order to "regenerate."

Q: (T) Are you saying that the human/Aryan types can exist as long as they want in any density?

A: In 4th and 3rd.

Q: (L) They can move back and forth, existing with equal ease on either density?

A: Well, not with "equal ease," because 4th density is easier, naturally.

Q: (T) So, the information Courtney Brown was given to write this quasi fiction book, is about the Aryans and not about the Martians?

A: "Martians" is easier to understand for the less well- informed, not to mention any discussion of the densities!

Q: (T) Absolutely. Martians are easier to accept. A lot easier to understand than densities! (L) Okay, Third Eye. What is this?

A: That is what they call themselves when pressed for an explanation by surface types, such as yourselves. They were the inspiration for Masonic lore and Illuminati, too.

Q: (L) Does this "Third Eye" designation have a connotation of third eye abilities as we understand them?

A: Psychic.

Q: (T) Does Courtney know he has been had?

A: He has not been "had." He is under the employ of those who pull the levers, so to speak.

Q: (L) You said "pull the levers." Is Courtney Brown a robot, Greenbaumed, mind-controlled, implanted, or any or all of the above? (T) Or is he just foolish?

A: No. Not so foolish, he does not worry about paying the power bill. As Forest Gump said: "Stupid is as stupid does."

Q: (L) Are you implying that I am foolish or stupid because I DO worry about paying the power bill?

A: No, we are not implying that you are stupid, or foolish, for that matter... But, Courtney Brown is not either. Who is he hurting? And, he has hit the jackpot with this one. Knowledge can be procured by reading literature, then analyzing it.

Q: (T) Is the time-table that he has given correct?

A: Close.

Q: (T) So, the powers that be are going to follow this time table and present the Aryans as Martians?

A: No.

Q: (L) Are the Aryans going to present themselves as Martians?

A: Initially. In order for the Terrans to get used to the idea of EBEs.

Q: (T) But, they are not the good guys. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

A: Some of the "good guys" are identical in appearance.

Q: (T) Is this a subterfuge on the part of the Aryans so that they can slide in quietly and take over?

A: No, they do not need that at all. It is a way for the "government" to introduce everyone to the new reality of the existence of intelligent life all over the place, not just here.

Q: (T) So, they have their own agenda, but it is not what Courtney presented in the book.

A: It does not matter. The book is a somewhat altered "New Reality 101."

Q: (A) Where should I turn now concerning research subjects?

A: Not very specific, but due to the constraints, we will do our best. Suggest focus on larger horizon of current search. You are limiting yourself because of recent trend for more calculation. This is restricting you. Have you delved fully into field generators?

Q: (A) Which field to look at? Electromagnetic? Gravitational? Other?

A: Of course it is up to you, but why not combine the two, since they are in reality perfectly balanced and "interwoven" in nature!

Q: (A) Should I abandon my work on quantum theory?

A: Again, as with all, it is up to you. But, if we were you, we would not.

Q: (A) Should I look into the electromagnetic rail-guns problem?

A: Maybe, but first you must establish a link that you have pondered before but set aside. You set many questions aside. Patience serves the "questor of hidden knowledge" well!

Q: (A) Can you be more specific about the link you have in mind?

A: Yes, but we will not, because you must do the discovery here, in order for the progress to be reestablished.

Q: (A) Is the subject of my research at all important? If so, why?

A: Of course it is! You are on a pre-destined mission as you have always instinctively known. Recently though, you have developed a greater awareness of this. Self doubts are merely the result of crises in your personal life. Please do not confuse this with your work.

Q: (A) Which branch of physics is closest to understanding of inter-density communications?

A: Theoretical.

Q: (A) Which branch of mathematics?

A: Two of them: calculus and algebra.

Q: (A) Should I look into zero-point energy problem?

A: That one should be "set aside." Because it will lead to a "dead end."

Q: (A) Are the extra-dimensions beyond those of space and time relevant?

A: What "extra dimensions?"

Q: (A) Is time multi-dimensional? If so, is it three- dimensional?

A: Not correct concept. Time is not a dimension. This is very complex from your standpoint, but let us just say that time is "selective," or "variable."

Q: (A) I thank you for tonight. Any other comment to ponder about before the next session?

A: Ask, if needed, for a comment on the last responses.

Q: (A) Yes, a comment is needed. I am confused about space, time, Einstein's general relativity, gravitation and electromagnetism.

A: Einstein's Theory of Relativity is only partially correct. That is why we say that there is no "dimension" of time. As far as gravity and electromagnetics are concerned, we suggest a review of the as yet publicly unfinished Unified Field Theory of the same gentleman. Was it completed and put into application in secret? Hmmmmm... And, if so, what are the ramifications? Maybe you could make the same discoveries.

Q: (L) Any last comment?

A; Slow down for strength of mind.

End of Session
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