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You know what ?

The photos in this thread also remind me of ?

PICTURE POSTCARDS !!! I almost get this urge to write postcards again. They sometimes could show those amazing views of cities or landscapes, with almost grandiose colors. (Buy me ! Buuuuy me!!) On the verge of unreal beauty.

Alone the procedure to stray around in a city, selecting beautiful postcard motives... was in itself a pleasure.

Then the ceremony to sit in a café (with cake 😋 and write those backsides full to the brim with words; anything and everything that comes to mind.

Beautiful (sometimes also lonely) memories - but nevertheless beautiful !! It seems like a distant time now... but that does not diminish the beauty shown off through the selection you guys show off here.

Wonderful. 💕

What a nice little break - from a world so obsessed with headlines, masks and doomsday numbers :nuts: This spot has a fresh breath of wonders.

Definitely inspiring !


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The magical world of the different types of Fungi (includes certain mushrooms) in the world is diverse and also otherworldy. Here are a few :)

Barbie pagoda fungus

 Some guy put up a fake picture of the Barbie Pagoda (Podoserpula Miranda), here’s a real (and...jpg

Funghi Nell'acqua

46 Magical Wild Mushrooms You Won't Believe Are Real _(1).jpg

Cup Fungi

Cup Fungi.jpg

Unfortunately the name of this fungu is unknown to me.


Morchella esculenta var vulgaris

British Fungi Morchella esculenta var vulgaris.jpg

Tremella fuciformis

Silver Ear - Tremella fuciformis.jpg

Blue Mycean Mushroom

Welcome To Nature on Twitter.jpg

There are many more admirable types of fungi. Too much even to be shared by one person. If you are interested, look them up and share the best ones here if you like. :)
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