What's the weather where you are?

@XPan I heard about "unprecedented" snow at this time of the year in Stockholm - I'm wondering is it as "unprecedented" and bad as they say, or is it something seen before? Not a lot of mainstream news on this weather event, as it flies in the face of the "snowless"-AGW narrative.

Hi there Jefferson. Thanks for your question. :flowers:

Oh, I wouldn't say that at all. I mean "unprecedented snow". Snow in november is truly nothing out of the ordinary. If it would be 1 October - then yes. If it would be mid October, well that's unusual - but has happened before, too.

It was only last year 2022 we had a whopping 50 cm in November in Stockholm - and the highest amounts where measured in the city creating chaos - but at the same time - very curiously - our Swedish Weather service SMHI somehow dabbled with that event, because officially it was only 25 cm - and the next day there is no measurement to be found. It means officially the record never existed. Which i find outmost strange. It would have been an all time high record snow depth for Stockholm in November

This time today 29 Nov 2023 - as i look out of the window, we got around 15-16 cm, perhaps even 20 cm snow depth. But it certainly isn't unusual or "unprecedented" in any way.

This snow was caused by the same cyclone which earlier when it was far more powerful, wrecked havoc over many countries in East Europe. But up here, it is just another stranded snow cyclone, which picked up the moisture from the Baltic Sea, driving snow showers into the city of Stockholm. And surely it is now much colder than the days before. (down to -16°C in Tullinge, outermost suburb), but even that has happened many times before - while other years it just stays mild.

The same spectrum of weather songs are played in Stockholm; whether 18th century, 19th century or 20th century. Sometimes very mild winters. Sometimes very cold winters. Sometimes extremely snowy winters, other times not much snow to write home about.

Here is a snapshot photo i took from West Stockholm last night around 01.16 at the Vällingby train depot when it was snowing. it was beautiful ! (with lots of warm clothes on)

Oh, but the average 30 day sunshine hours are at the bottom. Still only 0.45 hours per day in average

the good news is that -7 feels the same as -1 and way more comfortable than above zero when humidity have its toll, so rejoice
In SC Alaska, it is 32°F (freezing). For the last 4-5 days, its been around 40°F. We had a windy day that brought the temperature up to about 47°F day before yesterday. So, it is warmer than normal.
Our temps can vary a lot during the winter as being on the coast is like a warm/cold divide. With all the news about how warm the ocean was last summer, it looks like the ocean warmth is keeping our area warmer, for now.
We did have a couple days where the temps went down to the single digits, but so far the temps are mild.
Sunrise is 9:43am sunset is 3:52pm.
Winter has finally arrived in West Wales this week. Temps have dropped by 10c, you can see your breath if you;re outside. I went for a winter walk yesterday and it was brilliant. You really know who you are when you're out in the cold. No frost yet but it's getting pretty close. Some parts of the UK will get some snow, but on the west coast we'll be fine, we get protected by the warm fronts coming in from the Irish Sea. I like this time of year, I get my birthday and Christmas in the coming weeks. It'll be interesting what weather we get next, it's been very mild for us so far this year.
Same where I am in the UK, but it is very out of the ordinary. Cold records are being broken.

I consider "coldest in 13 years" nothing out of ordinary, weather has always fluctuated and sometimes december is well into +, sometimes cold comes a bit earlier. We shouldn't fall for bbc manipulations, cause they wouldn't be themself without spreading drama, so "coldest for some parts", but how much colder? and what is proportion of those "some parts" to those where it is just normal...
I understand, albeit don't quote me on that, that we are on colder side of the weather patterns lately, but i'm not alarmed as of yet
Today I am staying at home and am fine. I will leave the house only for snow shoveling (I am getting a lot of exercise with it...).

We are having a winter wonder land, which we normally see in the Alps but not here. It was snowing from yesterday morning here. Now we have about 50cm new snow (0.55 yd; ca. 19 inch) in my part of the city and it is still snowing. The weather forecast told that snow will be less and less falling this afternoon and tomorrow it will be sunny.
There is almost no local public transport in my city - one of the major one in my country! No busses, no tramway; Underground and fast trains (S-Bahn) may work but in a reduced way but some/many connections may not work right now. Trains may also not drive right now. There is lots and lots of snow breakage of trees and bushes. Weather warning system recommends to stay at home and be careful the next days when going into parks or under trees due to possible falling branches or trees.

There are some regions with snow warnings and snow breakage in Southern Germany right now (see warnings in appendix).
The weather is on the more extreme amount of snow side but not unheard of. There were winters during the last 100 years with sheets of snow and very low temperature. We have about -2C (35,6 F). Our weather is making news right now... (And it seems there no global warning talk right now...)


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From 21 to 0 C in less than 24 hours. That can't be healthy.


And before this two day's warm weather, it was also 0 C.

Two years ago, we had strange warm weather in the beginning of October, last year in the beginning of November, and this year in December.
Not there, but still. What an irony...

The plane, which was planning to fly to the global warming summit in Dubai, froze in the lane at Munich airport.
Stockholm, Sweden
4 Dec 2023

Very cold up here this morning, around -9°C [15.8°F] in the City, and down to -13°C [8.6°F] in the suburbs around 06.00 - so i can feel that cold when i am at work in the train depots going back and forth (but it is of course warmer inside the train depot hall, thanks God). Nevertheless, the current temperatures are respectable low temperatures given that the sky is mostly overcast. If it would be all clear - boy, we would see a lot lower temperatures, i think.

New November cold record in Visby

The station Visby on the island of Gotland had temperatures down to -15.4°C [4.28°F], during the last morning of November 2023, which marks a new cold record for this very old station (year 1859). The earlier November cold record was from Nov 1884 with -12°C.


We got plenty ! But no exceptional depths in Stockholm; neither in the end of November nor now that we walked into the month of December. However, one place did get an all-time-high record for November: Älvkarleby 120 km north of Stockholm, measured a whopping 53 cm snow depth in the end of November on the 30th. It has now increased to 58 cm.

Well, the north winds we had, in combination with a still open Baltic Sea, resulting into numerous snow showers, band-feeding the north coast of Stockholm with huge amounts of snow. The snow cannon effect, so to speak.

Stockholm has officially 17 cm, measured yesterday morning.


Sunshine hours
continue to be dreadfully poor... (November 2023 resulted in Stockholm a total of just 13.6 hours sunshine. Woopie :umm:. And now ? well... there is barely any sun visible. And not much starts either for that matter.

Personally, I am taking 20.000 IU Vitamin D3 (+K2) almost daily since a couple of weeks, and I feel good with it, I must say. Even creativity and spirit connection have finally (after a long time) come back lately. :wow:
Moscow is breaking records. I had to be in the car all day yesterday during this record snowfall. I will say that even without knowing about these record values, it felt like I had never experienced this before, although I have quite a lot of experience - 32 years behind the wheel. The sensations did not deceive me.
Forecaster Tishkovets announced the record height of snowdrifts in Moscow

Moscow, December 4 - AIF-Moscow.
The height of snowdrifts in Moscow reaches 40 centimeters, which is a record in the entire history of observations. This was announced in his Telegram channel by the leading specialist of the Phobos weather center, Yevgeny Tishkovets.

"At the base of the capital's VDNKH weather station, the height of the snow cover by the morning of December 4 is 36 cm, in Tushino - 35 cm, Moscow State University - 41 cm, in the city center - on Baltschug - 43 cm," the forecaster wrote.

He noted that such snowdrifts are typical for February, when the height of the snow cover reaches its highest values. In addition, records were broken 71 years ago and 19 years ago (1952 and 2004), when the depth of snowdrifts reached 30 cm.

Earlier it was reported that 25% of the monthly precipitation fell in Moscow over the past day. Siberian frosts are expected in the capital by the end of the week. The thermometer will drop to minus 22 degrees.
Синоптик Тишковец заявил о рекордной высоте сугробов в Москве

Москва бьет рекорды. Мне вчера пришлось целый день быть в автомобиле во время этого рекордного снегопада. Я скажу, что еще не зная об этих рекордных значениях, было ощущение, что я такого раньше не переживал, хотя опыт у меня довольно большой- 32 года за рулем. Ощущения меня не обманули.
Moscow is breaking records. I had to be in the car all day yesterday during this record snowfall. I will say that even without knowing about these record values, it felt like I had never experienced this before, although I have quite a lot of experience - 32 years behind the wheel. The sensations did not deceive me.

Синоптик Тишковец заявил о рекордной высоте сугробов в Москве

Москва бьет рекорды. Мне вчера пришлось целый день быть в автомобиле во время этого рекордного снегопада. Я скажу, что еще не зная об этих рекордных значениях, было ощущение, что я такого раньше не переживал, хотя опыт у меня довольно большой- 32 года за рулем. Ощущения меня не обманули.
And according to Windy, the next days will be worst, without mention in the East of Russia, where some places already get -50° C (-58° F):

Take all good care of you in Russia.
Take all good care of you in Russia.
Thank you for the wish.
So far, nothing extraordinary is happening here.
If we talk about regions with especially low temperatures, then people's lives there are adapted to these conditions. By the way, who does not know, it is on the territory of Yakutia that the "pole of cold" of our planet is located.
In Yakutsk, schoolchildren were transferred to remote control due to 49-degree frosts

YAKUTSK, December 5 - RIA Novosti. School classes for students in grades 9-11 were canceled in Yakutsk due to severe frost, the training will be held in an online format, the Department of education of the city administration reports in the telegram channel.
"On December fifth, 2023, an active day (a day on which it is forbidden to work outdoors – ed.) for students of grades 9, 10, 11. Outdoor air temperature in the city of Yakutsk <...> minus 49 degrees. An active day is announced for the whole day, regardless of the shift ..., training is organized using remote technologies," the department's Telegram channel says.
Earlier it was reported that Hong Kong flu was detected in Yakutia, the SARS epidemic threshold was exceeded by 92%. Schoolchildren of grades 1-8 in Yakutsk were quarantined from November 28 to December 8.
В Якутске школьников перевели на дистанционку из-за 49-градусных морозов

If we talk about Moscow, where I actually am, then there are no special cataclysms either. Yes, there was a little more snow than usual, but the city services are actively working and coping quite well. Frosts are expected for several days, but the temperatures themselves do not represent anything unusual for us. Interestingly, in the last 10 years or so, all our winters have been warmer than they were in my childhood, and the beginning of this winter is similar to what it was 40 years ago. Is this a trend? After all, we were warned about a new "ice age".
Muscovites were warned about abnormal frosts seven to ten degrees below normal

MOSCOW, December 4 - RIA Novosti. Rescuers warned of abnormal frosts 7-10 degrees below normal from Tuesday to Saturday in Moscow, according to the website of the capital's headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.
"According to forecasts of weather forecasters of Roshydromet, abnormally cold weather is expected in Moscow from December 05 to December 09 with an average daily air temperature of 7-10 degrees below the climatic norm," the message says.
Rescuers urge to dress according to the weather, clothes should be layered, it is recommended to wear a change of shoes indoors; it is also recommended not to expose cheeks, ears, nose, wrists, fingers and ankles on the street.
"Try not to stand in the cold, move. Put on a hat (30% of the heat is lost when the head is uncovered). Take cover from the wind. Use the nearest premises for heating: shops, entrances of residential buildings, and so on. When you come home from the cold, do not drink hot tea immediately and do not take a hot shower or bath. With a sudden change in temperature, a significant load on the cardiovascular system may occur. The body must adapt to room temperature within 20-30 minutes," the Ministry of Emergency Situations added.
Москвичей предупредили об аномальных морозах

Спасибо за пожелание.
Пока у нас чего то экстраординарного не происходит.
Если говорить про регионы с особенно низкими температурами, то там жизнь у людей приспособлена к этим условиям. Кстати, кто не знает, именно на территории Якутии находится "полюс холода" нашей планеты.
Если говорить про Москву, где я собственно нахожусь, то тоже особых катаклизмов не наблюдается. Да выпало несколько больше снега, чем обычно, но городские службы активно работают и вполне справляются. Ожидаются морозы на несколько дней, но сами по себе температуры ничего необычного для нас не представляют. Интересно то, что в последние лет 10 примерно, все зимы у нас были теплее, чем было в моем детстве, а начало нынешней зимы похоже на то что было 40 лет назад. Это тенденция? Нас ведь предупреждали о новом "ледниковом периоде".
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