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American Coup d'état

Dossier - 9/11 and After

by Henry See

On September 11, 2001, people the world over watched in horror as the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, symbol of American economic power, collapsed after being hit by two jetliners. The Pentagon, symbol of American military power, was also a "target" of attack, although the American media quickly let the Pentagon fire slide under the rug, focusing instead upon the tragedy of the towers.

Something changed that day. George Bush the Second, in the mire of a collapsing economy, was in trouble. Within days media spin had spun him back to the top of the charts, the warrior leader who was taking a tough stand against those who would dare attack America at home.

Almost two years later, look at all that has changed. Civil rights are being stripped away in the United States. The US government is throwing its weight around internationally, making it clear, that as Bush said in the aftermath of 9/11, "you are either with us or against us". The Iraqi oil fields have been "liberated" for American oil giants while the Iraqi people are living in an American-sowed terror, without electricity, without water, without hope.

Bush, the AWOL Vietnam reservist, stages media events and lands on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit. He has had the fewest press conferences of any President. The so-called "liberal" media who watched Clinton like a starved dog eying a piece of meat have shut their eyes to the reality of Bush's America: lies about WMD in Iraq, lies about his relations with Kenneth Lay, former chief of Enron, lies about Iran and Syria, his strutting on the international stage like a tin-pot dictator, carrying through on his threats to let the rest of the world know that he is serious and the world belongs to him and his clique.

"You are either with us or against us."

We have been following and recording the descent of America into totalitariansim on this site since the events of that September. We have been putting it into a larger context. It seemed outrageous then. It seems even more outrageous now. Then it was outrageous that a clique within the upper echelons of the US government, most likely centered in the Pentagon, would plot such a thing, would willingly sacrifice 3,000 American citizens to set the stage for the introduction of their totalitarian policies. Now it is outrageous that they have gotten away with so much with so little reaction, with so little recognition on the part of the American people themselves of what was happening.

Leave the confines of the new American prison and you find that the populations of other countries can see what is going with greater clarity. There are no illusions that Americans were liberators in Iraq. They are carpetbaggers, covering their power politics with a thin veneer of propaganda.

Why can't Americans see it?

The links below are the articles that have appeared on the Cassiopaea site since the coup d'état in the US on this topic. They trace the thread of Mossad implication in the organizing of the attacks. Why should we be surprised? What other country in the world has benefited as greatly as Israel from 9/11. Arabs in general, and the Palestinians in particular have been labelled as "terrorists". The ruthless Israeli army is carrying out a campaign of genocide under the banner of the "war on terrorism" in the occupied territories of Palestine.

We also look at the question of the Pentagon crash. There was no commercial airliner at the crash site. The Pentagon was hit by a drone, carefully controlled to strike a section of the building that was under repair. As in an Agatha Christie novel where the actual killer becomes the victim of an unsuccessful murder attempt to divert our suspicions, so the Cabal in the Pentagon saw fit to organize an attrack on themselves to throw off the scent.

And it worked.

Even among those who are critical of Bush, who believe that he has profited from this tragedy to implement his fascist state, there is general disbelief that those around him could be implicated in such a cold-hearted scheme as to blow up Americans for their own political ends.

Why is this so hard to believe?

American governments do it the world over and have been for years. Are Americans so special? The CIA conducted numerous chemical and bio-warefare tests on Americans and in American cities in the fifties and sixties. They subjected American soldiers to fall-out from nuclear testing to be able to study the after-effects of radiation exposure. We have prepared a timeline of these types of activities.

If these people can order the assassination of third-world political leaders, can use depleted uranium in bullets and bombs that will contaminate cities for years to come, leading to the deaths of thousands of children, can impose sanctions against a country with the purported aim of bringing an opponent to his knees, sanctions whose only effect is to starve children and deprive them of much-needed medicine, is it "reasonable" to believe that they would exempt "Americans" from such terror if it served their ends?

Why would they care if the victims were "American" instead of being Iraqi or Chilean? Is it not clear that they consider themselves an "elite", high above the hoi-poloi of the general population. Must they not be laughing among themselves at how easy it is to lead the unwashed masses where they wish?

But is there any evidence for US complicity? Such as Senator Bob Graham, chief of the Senate intelligence Committee, meeting with the chief of Pakinstani intelligence, Mahmoud Ahmad, the morning of September 11. Such as $100,000 passing from this same Pakinstani intelligence chief and into the bank account of Mohammad Atta, identified as the chief "terrorist". This is the subject of the article Mahmoud Ahmad and the Secret Cult.

The Quantum Future School is unique among groups professing to teach a method of spiritual awakening in placing such an emphasis on the events that have transpired since September 11. This concern with seeing the lies of this world is dismissed by many as a diversion from the "spiritual" path. This is discussed in the article To Be Or Not To Be and Splitting Realities. For us, on the contrary, it is the path, for it is the work to see the manipulations, the invisible forces at work in the world, that gives us the knowledge and understanding of this reality that will permit us to move on. When we are able to confront the horrors of this life, stare them straight in the eye, we will know them for what they are, as part of a larger reality in which both contractile and expanding forces are necessary for the existence of anything. And then, when by the grace of the shocks received through this work of ever developing our ability to discern between the upward and downward spirals we will have changed our inner being and will have aligned ourselves with our own creative connection to life, when we ourselves in our deepest being then no longer fit here, we shall move on.

The Signs of the Times page is a daily look at the invisible hand that controls our world, at the handiwork of Gurdjieff's "evil magician". It is easy to dismiss as outrageous the idea that we are trapped in a prison we cannot feel with guards we cannot see. Careful study of the facts, however, day in and day out, brings awareness of this prison to our senses through the development of a different way of seeing.

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