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Dear Webmaster

A Study in Psychopathy

Below you will find Maynerd Most and Alvin Wiley's Masterpieces in Psychopathy:

Vincent Most Writes:

Dear webmaster@universalseduction.com,  

Thank you for the opportunity to reply to Ms Laura Knight-Jadczykıs accusations.

Her attacks on me began in July of 2001 and have continued, gaining in intensity at every turn, until the present. As long as the attacks remained confined to Ms. Knight-Jadcyzkıs small coterie of fans and followers and my own discussion forum, created for the sole purpose of allowing both sides to be heard, I refrained from any more public response. However, her very public pronouncements on your website have forced me to break my silence and reply to her charges.  

On the flimsy and non-existent evidence all too commonly used by conspiracists and paranoids to justify their delusions, Ms Knight-Jadczyk has accused me of being everything from a government spy, the "cointellpro" of her title, to an antichrist satanic killer and child rapist and then  back again to "wanna-be mojo man," spiritual con-artist and a hack writer with  so few credits to his name that he must invent things to have any resume at all. As she seems unable to focus on any one of these, we can only conclude that Ms. Knight-Jadczykıs accusations arise more from her imagination than from any event that happened in our common reality.

This is CLASSIC psychopath! If it wasn't so tragic that a human being can actually think this way, it would be hilarious. Most jumps from his numerous talents as a con-artist to the "logical conclusion" that since there are so many, they must all be imaginary. Indeed, Mr. Most is a "man of many parts." What IS curious is that he mentioned a few - of which he was NOT accused - and one wonders if this is because they are true?

I am quite sure that most rational readers, stumbling across her rambling and semi-coherent attacks on me, must wonder what the fuss is all about.  Let me take this opportunity to enlighten everyone concerning her motives. Ms Knight-Jadczykıs campaign of systematic harassment her own term for it - stems from her realization that far from being a supportive believer, I was actually interested in her and The Cassiopaeans only as research for my ongoing investigation of the pathological roots of "channeling," "mediumship" and other disassociative mental states.

It is my working hypothesis that channeling and mediumship are learned disassociative responses to early childhood trauma, such as sexual abuse or extreme physical and emotional abuse, and as such should be listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychological Disorders. When this disorder is combined with even a mild case of temporal lobe epilepsy then religious delusions and revelations emerge couched in the phraseology of  the "medium.² In this case, McLuhanıs dictum that the medium is the message is quite literally true.

Here, the new reader might wish to pause and have a look at Vincent Most actual "credentials" that give him the "authority" to write such a book. The reader might also want to read Robert Hare's book 'cause Maynerd Most is a case study right out of there! Then, the reader might want to take a look at Maynerd Most in action, and note that the "Mirror Session" is the moment in time when Most declares that the attacks on him began!

I planned to write an extensive book on this subject, with Ms. Knight-Jadczyk as my primary example. When she discovered this she launched a preemptive strike designed to destroy and denigrate my work and my reputation before I could finish the book, The Psychopathology of Channeling, for which I already had a contract and a publisher.

Interestingly, this book has never appeared anywhere except on Most' website. This story is such a load of BS that it is a wonder that Most can still walk around with his nose a mile long.

Her plan  has been to keep me so involved with defending myself against her attacks that the book would never be completed. In actuality, all she has done is supply me with the best and most detailed documentation possible for my basic thesis. Instead of stopping my work, she has in fact added to it immeasurably.

Actually, here Most may have given away part of his own agenda. If we take it as a standard that the psychopath blames the victim for his problems, or for what he has done or intends to do, then the history of his interaction with Laura as recounted in the Adventure Series strongly suggests that his intent was to either steal Laura's work, or keep her so busy defending herself against his vicious attacks that she could not write at all. However, she completed the book that Most tried so hard to steal and published it under a different title: The Secret History of The World can be obtained by ordering it on this website.

Ms Knight-Jadczykıs story, as presented in her article/letter, is partially correct. I was curious about the information in her series of emails and discussion group postings, and she responded with a deluge of transcripts and commentary, including supposedly personal email exchanges with another researcher. My initial comments were favorable, but as time went on I found that Ms Knight-Jadczykıs viewpoint on things tended to skew her  objectivity. After she informed me in February of 2000 that my current Rennes-le-Chateau research had been planted for me to find "by evil reptoid time travelers," we parted company. I was also both amused and disturbed by her reaction to the St. Pete Times article, to which she now refers as proof of her credibility on every possible occasion. At the time she hated it, see her article "The Exorcist Speaks" for an example.

What actually took place is that, after Most sent Laura an editing copy of his book, she began to ask many questions about his notes and sources. He repeatedly claimed that he would insert references, but never did so. Laura lost insterest in him as an "expert" because he could not support his material. She realized that Most claims to have "the answer" to the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery was all a lot of BS. Also, it should be noted, that Most asked for Laura to send him all the transcripts that were related to "grail" issues, etc. It is notable that this was during the writing of his one "real" book, A Monument to the End of Time, and curiously, there is quite a bit in that book that resembles Laura's extensive commentary that she thought she was sending to a reputable researcher.

I took no further notice of her until July of 2000 when she emailed me asking for help with a strangely worded email. She wondered if it could be the Priory of Sion trying to get in touch. I sent her a non-committal reply and almost forgot about it.

Surfing the web one day, I stumbled on her website, something Iıd had little occasion to do before as Ms  Knight-Jadczyk kept me supplied more snippets of Cassiopaean wisdom than I ever imagined possible. What I found was a new series of articles - a sort of reinterpretation of the original material - and the new slant struck me as decidedly odd.

The above is contradicted by Most' actual email in response to the "strange email" which, in retrospect, was probably written by him in such a way as to prompt Laura to write and ask him what he might know about the terminology used. He wrote:

Subject: Re: Questions
From: Maynerd Most ...@ac.net

Dear Laura, Good to hear from you again. I've been enjoying your recent work very much, but before we get to that, let's look at this peculiar email.

It's pretty clear from his correspondence on that day, and subsequently, that Most was reading everything Laura wrote as it was posted.

For one thing, our discussions of the previous year seemed to have formed what might most kindly be termed a springboard for this new interpretation. As I read through the early chapters of The Wave it also occurred to me that what I was observing was the beginning phases of the formation of a cult. The inexplicable phenomenon, the Cassiopaean material, had produced a  social manifestation, a cult of believers, and out of that interaction was evolving a new theological perspective. Needless to say, I found this idea irresistible.

See our article: Is Cassiopaea a Cult? This is so standard a ploy of COINTELPRO that it almost deserves no play at all.
For more than 20 years, I have been an independent student and researcher  of the more obscure realms of the occult and the paranormal, a sort of cultural anthropologist of the weird. (See my credits listed below.) Never before  had I come across anything like the Cassiopaeans or Laura. In my book, The UFO Enigma, (available on-line at sangraal.com as Sharing the Secrets) I speculated that the ultimate evolution of the phenomenon would be a synthesis of old style spiritualism and channeling with a new age outer space slant. The Cassiopaeans were made to order, the perfect fulfillment of that prediction. Within a few days I had the outline of the new book done and had even sketched out a research methodology for my personal involvement with the Cassiopaeanists.

The ground rules were as follows:

At this point, we should point out that everything Maynerd Most is writing is completely fabricated. What is more, Laura has every one of Most emails and exchanges documented and archived. They are available on request.

1) Support only what could be validated out of my own research, but do NOT attempt to influence the basic beliefs of Laura or the group.
2) No discussion of my own beliefs where they differed from the core understanding of the group.
3) Personal involvement limited to what was suggested to me by Laura and Ark. No infiltration of the e-groups; I would wait until I was introduced by them, and then I would take my direction from their introduction and presentation.
4) While within the group, I would be as helpful and supportive as I could be, and as honest as possible. With of course the caveat that I would not reveal my research while it was in progress.
5) Always wait for anything of a personal nature to be revealed, never go looking for details, and always accept them at face value while within the group.

These are basic cultural anthropology ethics for studying new cultures and societies. To understand something of this nature, one must be inside the group, and in order to avoid tainting the observations, those being studied must not be influenced by the observer. If possible, the observer must remain as invisible as possible. In this case, invisibility was simply not attainable, but I tried to influence events as little as possible.

Within six months, I was accepted within the group. In another six months, I was the scapegoat and then nemesis, becoming in the end "Dr. Evil." It is this arc, no pun intended, which I find so fascinating. Following the methodology I outlined above to the letter, I was first accepted into the group at a very unique level, then denounced and banished and labeled "enemy and heretic of the faith," complete with inquisitorial action and systematic harassment. Then, when it came out that I was writing a book on the  subject, the serious character assassination and cyber-stalking began. (Ms. Knight-Jadczyk had suspected something was afoot as early as late June of 2001, hence the attacks on me via ouiji board and "scrying mirror" in July. However, in October of 2001, I jokingly referred to my work on the Matrioshka group. This precipitated the cyber-stalking and harassment.)

We realize that going through this masterpiece of manipulation is tedious, but it is instructive to read the words of what is obviously a true psychopath. Again, every word above can be shown to be fabrication with documentary evidence and witness testimony. There were, in fact, hundreds of witnesses. One point we will mention, however, is that the only time it ever "came out" that Vincent was writing a book about us was when we were informed of this fact by Alvin Wiley, long after the events of Most exposure as a manipulator, liar and thief.
Imagine if you will what it would be like to have everyone you know, or  have ever worked with or had been hired by, contacted by a mysterious Foundation official - one Andrew C. Rowland pretending to a lawyer - claiming that you had applied for a job and wanting to know even more personal details of  your life and background. And then, follow up emails and letters spreading the most disgusting kind of lies and innuendoes, Satanic cult involvement,  child rape and so on. Followed up again by threats that the person contacted  would be branded guilty by association if they didn't renounce their very association with you, take your work down from their website and so on.
Again and again we see Most accusing his victim of everything that he did himself! See his post to the Cass guestbook and Laura's response.

This is what happened to me, and anyone interested in the details may contact the people associated with me whose websites are listed below. I'm sure they will be happy to forward Andrew C. Rowlandıs emails to anyone interested. (Anyone wanting a look at Mr. Rowlandıs style of assault should join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/matrioshka/ for further examples.)

One might also wish to check the backgrounds of the "witnesses" that Most has "provided."
The Cassiopaean "expose" is another fine example of systematic harassment designed to flatten my credibility before I finished my book on them. Searching the Internet, on which all of my credits listed below can be found in one simple google search, they located one bio blurb, for an appearance on a radio show years ago, that listed incorrectly and misleadingly some of my credits. I have long since changed my bio, and apologized publicly for the confusion, yet the Cassiopaeanists continue to harp on this one point and claim that somehow my entire career is invalidated.
That is not precisely true. At one point, Perseus Foundation agreed to remove all mention of Maynerd Most from their website - including the report that was the object of Most' ire - if he would sign and publish the following statement:

IF VB will sign and notarize and provide us with the original copy of the following statement that we can permanently post on our website, and, whenever necessary, post links to on any discussion board where he or his "pals" are found to be posting libel or defamatory remarks based on his previous lies and defamation.

 THIS STATEMENT is made on this _____ day of _____, 2002 by Vincent M. Most of North Carolina:

I, Vincent M. Most, do hereby affirm that I have made false claims about my background, my credentials, my experiences, my publishing credits, my publishing company Aethyrea Books, and my education. I apologize for this.

I affirm that when the matters of my false credentials and credits were discovered by the Perseus Foundation, that I began a campaign of libel and defamation against Arkadiusz and Laura Jadczyk and the members of the Cassiopaea discussion group, and the readers of the Cassiopaea website.

I apologize for all my libelous remarks and publications about Ark and Laura Jadczyk. I refute my former claim that Ark and Laura are attempting to turn the Cassiopaean Material into the basis for a cult.

I apologize for my statements that Ark and Laura and the members of the cassiopaea group were harassing me, stalking me, or violating my privacy.

I apologize for all my false claims, for my personal and technical untruths, including my claims of "expert status" as a "psychotherapist," my personal disparagement of Ark and Laura Jadczyk, and all negative characterizations I have made about them, their work, and the Cassiopaea discussion groups.

I apologize for inducing other people to distribute the Cassiopaean transcripts without permission. I request that any copies of these transcripts distributed through my actions be destroyed.

I regret that others have been misled by my false claims, and I strongly encourage all others who have repeated my false and hurtful claims, to stop doing so.

I refute my false claims and apologize for all of this, and I request that others now pass on, post, and report this Statement everywhere that false reports derived from anything I have said have appeared.

I am making this statement because I know it to be the truth.  I request that my friends support my efforts to scrupulously honor and defend the good and respected reputations of Ark and Laura Jadczyk, their work, their sincerity and good will, and the honor and sincerity of the members of the Cassiopaea discussion groups and the readers of the Cassiopaea website and material.

By making this statement, Maynerd Most admits no legal liability.

 Signed: VB ..... Notarized.

Most wrote: 

--- In matrioshka@y..., Maynerd Most <vincent@f...> wrote:

Naturally, it will be a very cold day in hell when I put my name to something like this.

My final comments outside of court: Bugger off you losers... You and the demon deserve each other.


Back to Most "masterpiece" written for the webmaster at Universal Seduction:

They have published page after page of their expose and revealed nothing in particular. I have had an unusual academic career, if such it could even loosely be termed, and the details are there for all to see. With of course the carefully chosen omissions and editing of the Cassiopaeanists to make  me look as bad as possible. Please note what they donıt say, such as the real credits listed below, it is much more important than what they do say. And even when directly corrected on issues of fact by witnesses who were there at the time, they still refuse to change a word. Such is their supposedly unbiased "expose² which is then touted in articles and on public e-groups  as proof that I am whatever they say I am today.

For some reason, Maynerd Most simply doesn't grasp the fact that adding "new credits" that were never mentioned before does not in any way cancel out lies and fraud such as was reported in the Most Report. As Hare notes: "The problem with the psychopath is that they don't see a problem with their behavior."

Now my real credits hardly sound like those of a hack writer who, according to Ms Knight Jadczyk, has to invent work to even have a resume. Compared to her published credits, as given on the Perseus Foundation biography page, cassiopaea.org/perseus/personal.html, Laura Knight, CHT, 26 years experience in hypnotherapy author of The Noah Syndrome [never published] and a participant in the Cassiopaean Experiment" we might unfairly conclude that her animosity stemmed from simple jealousy.

Here - again - psychopathy at its finest. Most can't comprehend that stating the truth about experience and accomplishments is a viable alternative to "making stuff up."

However, since her first two statements are called into question by her own words in other places,  we might suppose that something deeper and more troubling is at work.

(In the second volume of her voluminous and on-going autobiography, Adventures with the Cassiopaeans, Ms. Knight-Jadczyk informs us that she  has no training in hypnotherapy, or any other kind of therapy. ³I admit that I have none freelyŠ²

He also twists the comment in the Adventures Series. It was a sentence with a footnote. Here is the sentence:
So, on the one hand, we have six respectable people, none of whom has ever even "fudged" their credentials...[1]
And here is the footnote:
"I admit that I have none freely. Well, that's not entirely true. I have certification in hypnosis; until I quit in 1996, I was listed in the directories of The American Counselors Society and The National Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists, neither of which is any kind of major endorsement. I also am an ordained minister, but I usually don't tell anybody because I don't do anything with it, and it's so easy to be ordained it doesn't count for anything in my opinion. In fact, it was only because my Reiki master said that in some states doing Reiki is only legal if you do it under the aegis of religious practice that I even bothered with it."
Typical psychopathy!

In the first volume, Amazing Grace, we learn that she didnıt in fact begin her hypnotherapy career in 1976, as implied by her 26 years experience statement. She actually began to practice in the early 1990s, hardly 26 years ago unless she is writing from 2018, and she has never revealed what her certification consists of or what training she received for that certification. See also the note * below on the  legalities of practicing hypnosis in the state of Florida.)

Again, Most twists the facts. "Experience" in hypnotherapy is not necessarily gained by practicing for money. Laura worked with hypnotherapy for many years before ever charging anyone a dime for it.

What her deeper motivation may have been forms the subject of the book that I am still trying to finish. The flaw in personality that allows some people to access information from a non-linear and non-temporal source also allows some of those same folks to develop a blind and overwhelming identification with the perceived "value" or "source² of the information. In other words, if you talk to God, and you believe that you and only you do so, then you are likely to be considered "insane."

It's very interesting that Most refers to the ability to access information from a nonlinear and non-temporal source, as a "flaw." Again, the psychopath reveals something important to us: because he cannot do this himself, try though he may, Most must denigrate it as a flaw.

We might call this the Jean D'Arc Syndrome (also an abused child please note) and when this dynamic source of self-validation and justification is harnessed to social or political ends, such as the creation of a "cultic" community, then amazing things can be accomplished. France can be released from the English overlords, or it can be used to create a generation of suicide bombers killing whomever God/Allah/Yaweh tells them to kill. It can also make a group of good hearted and desperately needy true believers start mixing up the Kool-aid, if their charismatic leader tells them The Wave has arrived.

Now, the reader may wish to read Laura's article entitled the Mossad Happy Dance and keep in mind that the psychopath blames their victim for that of which they, themselves, are guilty of doing or planning to do.

In the case of Ms Knight Jadczyk and the Cassiopaeanists, the budding cultic community never quite coalesced into the Internet doomsday cult with a worldwide reach of which Ms. Knight-Jadczyk had so often dreamed.

Keep in mind that the psychopath blames their victim for that of which they, themselves, are guilty of doing or planning to do - or wish they could do.

Unfortunately for my study, but perhaps fortunately for the people in the cult and possibly the rest of us, my blunder in October of 2001 caused the rational veil of the Cassiopaeans to part and for months now Ms Knight-Jadczyk's pathology has been paraded on the pages of her website for all to see.

His "blunder?" Oh, yes. We remember, he was foaming at the mouth in public at the loss of his prey - Laura - and doing what psychopath's do so well:blaming the victim for that of which they, themselves, are guilty of doing or planning to do - or wish they could do.

Had she not displayed her pathology so plainly and publicly, I would have been happy to use a pseudonym for everyone involved in my book. Now of course, this has been rendered moot by our exchange of articles.

In other words, if Most lies and fraud had not been revealed...

In closing, I would like to say that I feel very sorry for Ms Knight  Jadczyk and her family, and it was never my intention to cause them any harm or  stop them from spreading their message as long as no one was harmed. I only wanted to study the dynamics of how such trance states pathology contributed to the creation of a new religious cult, and I sincerely apologize for any pain or discomfort my clumsy attempts at defending myself caused anyone on either side of the conflict.

Thank you again for this opportunity,
Vincent Most

PS Excerpts from The Psychopathology of Channeling will be going up on vincentbridges.com in a few weeks.

Recommended Reading:
Doomsday Cults: A Study of the Conversion, Proselytization and Maintenance of Faith, John Lofland, Prentice-Hall, 1966
Phantoms in the Brain, V. S. Ramachandran, MD, PhD, Quill, 1998
Psychologyıs Occult Doubles: Psychology and the Problem of Pseudoscience, Leahey and Leahey, Nelson-Hall, Chicago, 1983
When Prophecy Fails, Festinger, Riecken, Schachter, University of Minnesota Press, 1956.
Vincent Most is the co-author of A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross (by Alvin Wiley and Maynerd Most, Aethyrea Books, 1999, 2000), and Interlude with Sally Hemings: Diary of a Spiritual Healing (by R.J. Gabriel, with Maynerd Most). His shorter work is well represented on various websites, including sangraal.com, alternativeapproaches.com, diagnosis2012.com, axisjournal.homestead.com, rense.com and many others. His book length works include The Gnostic  Science of Alchemy, The UFO Enigma: spirits of the dead, phantom airships and flying discs, The Apocalyptic Secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau, Arthur and the Fall of Britain, and High Weirdness, a collection of articles by Maynerd Most  and his co-author, Alvin Wiley. (Available at sangraal.com, aethyrea.com and vincentbridges.com)

In addition, his widely published and reprinted articles include ³Innocent Murder: The Real Story of JonBenetıs Death² (with Alvin Wiley) which was described by former Boulder police detective Steve Thomas on the Larry King Live Show as the best article, and the most likely solution, ever published on the JBR case (³Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?² Larry King Live, CNN, 31 May 2000), and ³Death of the Feminine,² his 1997 article about the death of Princess Diana, Mother Teresa and JonBenet Ramsey, which was one of the  most widely circulated articles on the subject on the web for almost two years after the event.

Vincent Most is also a pioneer researcher in the field of  psycho-acoustic therapy, a trauma abreaction technique using light and sound entrainment of brain frequencies, a pagan political activist and a world traveler, having organized and led tour groups to southern France, Egypt and India. He has produced his own translation of the I-Ching (www.alternativeapproaches.com/ magick/change/change2.htm), and his Egyptology work is widely respected and quoted by scholars as diverse as John Major Jenkins, Moira Timms, and Daniel Colianus.

He was also instrumental in the creation of three schools or educational organizations, the Fifth Way Mystery School, The Newport Earth Institute in Newport, Hew Hampshire and Pendragon College, and has been a featured speaker at venues such as The International Fortean Organizationıs (INFO) FortFest and the Subtle Technologies Conference, sponsored by InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Center of Toronto, Canada, as well as a guest on the Laura Lee and Jeff Rense radio shows. He was also featured in the Discovery Channelıs documentary Atlantis in the Andes (June 2001). The title for the documentary in fact came from Chapter Nine - section three of A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross.

Mr. Most is currently hard at work on his next two books, The True History of the Holy Grail - a selection can be found at vincentbridges.com

 - and his masterwork on the psychology of trance states, The Psychopathology of Channeling. He lives in the Uwharrie Mountains of North Carolina, with his wife, the artist Darlene, and their four cats.

As a follow up to this correspondence, Mr. Alvin Wiley has recently written a libelous letter to the webmaster of the Universal Seduction website in an attempt to persuade them to remove links to our report about Maynerd Most. See the complete Wiley correspondence (original archived copies with full intact headers available for inspection upon request).

From Alvin Wiley:

When I first examined the Cassiopeon site, I didnıt like what I saw. It was very weird and very creepy. The fat lady seemed obsessed with the idea of rape by four 4th ŒDensityı Lizard Men from Orion, and was using a ouiji board to channel aliens from Cassiopaea. Here also was a lady who thought that anyone who disagreed with the Cassiopeons was a time traveling Lizard Man, a reptile demon, or an agent of some kind. I could easily see that she reeked of a needy person looking for some kind of public acknowledgment for her ³genius.²

I warned Vincent to have nothing to do with her. Her entire site reeked of anger and repressed violence. Even then I sensed this emotional turmoil underneath the thin veneer of her supposed erudition.

Vincent wouldnıt listen to me though. This was a research project, he told me. ³I am going to write a book someday on channeling and this is the greatest research opportunity Iıve ever seen. This could be another When Prophecy Fails.[...]

When Vincent wanted us to share the stage with her at a conference at Zaca Lake, I reluctantly agreed because I thought the other speakers ­ including John Major Jenkins, J. M. Allen, and Moira Timms ­ would balance out her wackiness. And then in July, when she began to run the conference down in public, I refused to be a part of any conference she was at, as did several other speakers. Frankly, her actions left me, Vincent and Zaca Lake Retreat hanging in the wind. [...]
[In the above, we find Mr. Wiley contradicting his many statements made throughout the correspondence published here. All the reader has to do is re-read the correspondence to come to the conclusion that either Mr. Wiley cannot read and comprehend English, or he suffers from some mental disorder.]
I heard nothing more from them, until December of 2001 when I received an email from Laura Knight Jadczyk. In this email, she explained, in her usual breathless fashion, that my co-author Maynerd Most was spreading a story that Colorado millionaire Jirka Rysavy had murdered Jon Benet Ramsey.
[The reader already knows that this is a lie simply by reading the emails in chronological order. All of them are in our possession, with the original headers. Go back to the beginning to see how the correspondence was initiated.]
I was shocked by this and asked her for proof. Laura Knight Jadczyk then went on to tell me that she not only had proof on that score but she also had proof of a connection between Vincent and real-life murderer Ira Einhorn. When I wrote back that I was stunned to hear this, she then promised much more proof, as her group, the Perseus Foundation, was finding out loads of other terrible things about Vincent. [...]
Laura Knight Jadczyk told me that Vincent had made a speech, and/or written an email (it was always a little unclear), to a ³Physicistıs Conference,² apparently attended by many famous physicists. In this speech, Vincent gave detail after detail of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey by Jirka Rysavy.
[Again, read the correspondence from the beginning where it becomes clear that Mr. Wiley is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.]

I listened to her tell me that Vincent was a secret agent from a government agency and that he had been sent in to destroy me. She said that she had discovered proof of this dangerous assertion and would release it on her site over the next few weeks. It had to be laid out in the right way, apparently. [...]

After a while, I finally wrote to Vincent and asked him if he had said any of these terrible things about Jirka. I asked him if he had ever attended the mysterious ³Physicistıs Conference² that Laura Knight Jadczyk had told me about. Of course he denied it. But I wasnıt sure. Could Vincentıs huge ego have caused him to go overboard at this ŒPhysicistıs Conferenceı? He said that she was making it all up. He said that she was a pathological personality with a great deal of paranoia thrown in for good measure.

Why would Laura Knight Jadczyk make something like this up? It didn't make sense. She had no real motive. Maybe Vincent had found out something new in the Ramsey investigation? I didnıt know. So I decided to do two things. The first would be to look into Vincentıs background myself and see what was there, and the second thing would be to watch and follow what Laura Knight Jadczyk was doing. As she had promised a full disclosure on the evidence against Vincent, I wanted to see if she had actually come up with anything. We began a series of private correspondences over the next few months about this subject. She emphatically promised to keep it all of our emails confidential.

In these private correspondences, I speculated about who would want to destroy her and who would want to hurt me. If Vincent was an agent, I told her repeatedly, then he is doing a terrible job.

As I said, I realized early on that Laura Knight Jadczyk had an extremely volatile personality. I could see that she would have to be handled with kid gloves if I was to follow her along as she presented the evidence concerning Vincent and the terrible things that he, supposedly, had said about Jirka. I always treated her with respect because I could sense an explosive nature just under the surface. [...]

Still lost in confusion over why Vincent would trash Jirka, I wrote to Laura Knight Jadczyk and complained about my business relationship with Vincent. She seemed very concerned for me and wanted to help me get my money back. And so Laura Knight Jadczyk took my personal fight with Vincent, over finances and his huge ego, and went public on her site. Without getting any permission from me she put up a letter I had written. Later, again without permission, she published a second letter. [...]

Again, the original letters from Alvin Wiley, requesting that we publish them on our site, with full headers intact, are available upon request.

These two letters would later end up being, in the end, all of the evidence against Vincent. She told her readers that my letters proved that Vincent was an agent for a secret agency in the government, that he had a link with Ira Einhorn and that he was an evil and dangerous man.[...]

I asked Laura Knight Jadczyk, repeatedly, to send me proof, transcripts, anything that would show that Vincent had made a speech at the mysterious ³Physicistıs Conference.² She replied, repeatedly, that the evidence would come soon. [...]
Then one day I received an email from Laura Knight Jadczyk. She wanted to be introduced to Jirka Rysavy and wondered if I would do the honors. I had a huge laugh about this before I wrote her back. I asked why she wanted to meet Jirka? She replied that she wanted to show him what she had dug up on Vincent so that he would see that Jirka could see that she was on his side. She then told me that she was wondering if Jirka would like to make a donation to the Perseus Foundation?
I was stunned.
I finally realized that that there was a very large chance that she had concocted the story from the beginning to find a way to hit Jirka up for the big bucks. Laura Knight Jadczyk had already learned from me, and from Stan Tenen, that Jirka had once given money away to needy researchers. Was this the seed that she was now attempting to turn into a plant? I remembered her constant complaints about having no money. I remembered how she was practically begging for donations on her site. Vincent had told me, months before, after he had visited her, that the entire family of Ark Jadczyk, Laura Knight Jadczyk and the three kids at home lived in complete squalor and apparent poverty. I remembered him telling me about how the kids did all the work, while supposedly being home schooled, appeared to be emotionally impoverished.
[Laura's note: Click here and here to see the "squalor" of our living conditions.]
O Lord, I thought. She is trying to get Jirkaıs money!![...]
I was told that I would have to wait. It was March of 2002 and soon, I was promised, the evidence will come and then they would go to court and prove to the world all of the above.
I waited. And I waited. And I waited some more. [...]
Laura Knight Jadczykıs Adventures with Cassiopaeaı had reached lengths that made me quiver whenever I went to her site. I intensely dislike her writing style and so it was with great effort that I pulled myself through the series. Brimming with paranoia, coupled with an ounce of schizophrenia, the series grew and never stopped. It bloomed past chapter 10, to chapter 15, to chapter 30, and then, chapters 31, 32, 33, and 34! Would it never end? Will she ever get to the point?
Finally, there it was, the truth as clear as a day without chemtrails. Here we were - several hundred thousand words later - and still no evidence. Just a shrill repetition of her earlier findings. There was nothing new and certainly nothing substantial. No proof that Vincent had ever attended a Physicists Conferenceı, either in person, or on the web (in fact there is no proof, so far, that there ever was such a ³Physicistıs Conference²). No proof that he was a Cointellpro agent from a super secret agency of the government, no proof that he said anything damaging about Jirka Rysavy at all, and certainly no proof that he had any connection to Ira Einhorn. [...]
When I asked to see the actual evidence, for their outlandish claims, they would always come up with some lame excuse. In Laura Knight Jadczykıs case, however, her excuse was to bury these evil insinuations under an absolute ton of verbiage. Wading through her writing is the equivalent of swimming in muck. I had given Laura Knight Jadczyk five months to produce the evidence for her frequent and, frankly, hysterical charges. The fact is that the only thing she could produce as ³evidence² was my private letters speculating about Vincent! [...]
I was asking for hard evidence that proved that Vincent did any of the things she said he did and, in return, I was shown my own open letters, selectively edited for effect of course. Yet my open letters never mention Jirka Rysavy, nor cointellpro, or Ira Einhorn, or a ³Physicistıs Conference.² Where was the proof for these things, I asked? [...]
The private letters between us got heated. On the surface, she appeared nice, but because of her inner volatility, I could sense that she getting angry. [...]
So, guess what Laura Knight Jadczyk replied when I brought this subject up with her? Laura Knight Jadczyk told me that Ark Jadczyk (her new husband) agreed with me! [...]
If it werenıt for her volatile nature, I would have also pointed out that the Cassiopeons never warned her about Vincent either. Not really. If he were so bad and psychopathic, one would have thought that these great beings that lived in Cassiopaea would have slipped their little puppet a snippet of advice on ³Dr. Evil.² But no, I guess the Cassiopeons didnıt think Vincent was important enough to warrant a nice clear warning. [...]
Or perhaps there was something else going on that Laura Knight Jadczyk was keeping quiet about. Perhaps there was something happening between Vincent and Laura that she needed, beyond all measure, to keep quiet. Her attitude towards Vincent was so spiteful that this, in the end, was the only answer that would make any sense.
I, at least, had real reasons to be mad at Vincent. Laura Knight Jadczyk, on the other hand, always seemed on the edge of losing control whenever the subject of Vincent came up. I have to admit there were times when she could be quite frightening. She covers up her incredible anger with a folksy attitude, but it is there, like the smile from a suicide bomber before he pulls the final switch.
Later, I found out that she had once been arrested and tried for Attempted Murder, that she had bludgeoned and perhaps stabbed a guy before leaving him to bleed to death. And then I learned that she left her first husband, Lewis martin - see The Exorcist in Love, St. Pete Times, February 13th, 2000 - because she believed that a robotic alien had taken over his body. Then I knew that Vincent had gotten both of us involved with a raging, and dangerous lunatic.
I could see by now that Laura Knight Jadczyk was never going to produce one piece of evidence proving that Vincent had ever said that Jirka Rysavy had murdered Jon Benet Ramsey. I could see that she was never going to produce one piece of evidence that Maynerd Most had attended the mysterious ³Physicistıs Conference,² either in person or on the web. I could see that she was never going to produce one piece of evidence that Maynerd Most had worked for any government agency, secret or not. I could see that she was never going to produce one piece of evidence that could prove a link between Vincent and Ira Einhorn. [...]
One day, after months of public bickering, I received a snail mail letter from Vincent. Inside was a check for the money he owed me, and ­ sort of - an apology for what he put me through. It wasnıt much but it was nice to be paid back. I was also happy that he had attempted to apologize. One has to understand that getting Vincent to be humble is not an easy task. But he had made an attempt. I am a forgiving person and even though he was a terrible businessman, I accepted his apology for his errors. I forgive Laura and Ark for their mistakes also. Vincent is no angel. His ego is gigantic. He angered Laura needlessly. But, I must say, after dealing with her for a few months, I can certainly understand how that could happen. [...]
I called Vincent and scolded him for getting me involved with such a pathetic sociopath. We then began the long process of straightening out our legal and financial affairs.[...]
I was tired of the whole thing. Laura hadnıt provided a centimeter of evidence beyond her original claims and Vincent had made an earnest attempt to right things with me. So I attempted to mediate a solution between the two warring camps. Vincent was more than willing to try to cool the argument down, but Laura Knight Jadczyk wasnıt through yet. For three days he would take down his articles about Laura Knight Jadczyk, Ark and the Cıs on his web site vincentbridges.com. But Laura Knight Jadczyk would have nothing of it. All she would agree to do was to change his name to ³Dr. Evil² on her site. Apparently she was really taken by the Austin Powers movies and believed them to be extremely profound. [...]
In May 2002, Vincent lowered the boom on me. Once we had reached agreement, on our many disputes, we began to discuss other subjects that were far more interesting than business and finances. We hadnıt talked in a long time, many months, and so we had much to catch up on. He told me, at this time, that he had almost finished writing a book on the pathology of channeling called The Psychopathology of Channeling. He explained to me that Laura Knight Jadczyk was the chief subject of the book, which is concerned with the phenomenon of channeling. While Vincent had spent a lot of time with many different psychic channelers he had found that Laura Knight Jadczyk was the epitome of the channeling/alien/ufo scene.
Vincent has a very interesting view on channeling. He demonstrates in his book many fascinating points. One of the more important aspects of his research into channeling was the fact that all the channellers, he interviewed (including Laura Knight Jadczyk) had been sexually abused as children (shades of her interest in JonBenetıs murder!). Vincent rightly speculates that this sexual abuse causes a ³psychic break² with reality. His research reveals that channelers frequently exhibit many bizarre sexual fantasies, usually involving spirits that come into their room at night and rape them. Vincent successfully argues that channeling fits into itıs own category of psychological disorders, much like paranoia and schizophrenia occupy their own niches. I remembered Laura Knight Jadczykıs story about being abducted by her stepfather, and her story of lizard faces at the window at the same age. I could see from this a blurry picture suddenly becoming as clear as glass.
After Vincent explained that he was writing this book, I then asked him if there was any way that Laura Knight Jadczyk could have known that he was writing this book. He told me that she had begun to suspect something when he wanted to talk to Frank in June or July of 2001. That is when I knew what was really happening.
This date is right before Laura suddenly changed her behavior towards Vincent. This is obvious from even a quick glance at her web site. At that time, I said that she was probably a set up by a government agency designed to create a cult to mind control innocent people.
And then in October, unbeknownst to me, Vincent announced on a private web chat group that he was writing a book on Laura Knight Jadczyk. I know that Laura Knight Jadczyk was either, on this private chat group, or she had a spy in the group, because she would frequently have messages from this group emailed to me. The group is called matrioshka. (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/matrioshka/) Within days of Vincentıs email to this private group Laura Knight Jadczyk suddenly pulled out all the stops and began the first of a series of vicious attacks on Vincent.
One thing that she did right away was search deeply into his background. It was then that she found his early misrepresentations (also stupid!). Taking the lead from this stupid and needless mistake, she began making up stories about Vincent. I watched as her fantasies evolved. Vincent had gone from a cointellpro agent for a super-secret government agency (naturally designed to destroy the Cassiopeonıs and the incredible information they were giving out!), or that Vincent had said that Jirka had murdered JonBenet, or that Vincent is linked, somehow, to Ira Einhorn.
And now, with this new information from Vincent, I could put the entire thing together: Laura Knight Jadczyk thought that Vincent would destroy her, and the Casseopeons, with this book that he was writing, and so she ordered a pre-emptive strike. ŒDestroy Maynerd Most first before he destroys me.ı Its that kind of logic. Very sick really.
The funny thing about this whole thing is that Vincent was, originally, going to use pseudonyms in the book so no one would really know that it was Laura Knight Jadczyk and the Casseopeonıs. But now, because she escalated the situation to such a degree, he is forced to use her real name.
I feel sorry for Laura Knight Jadczyk. After reading her husband Ark Jadczykıs bizarre letters to me, it is easy to see that he is a little unbalanced. I think she has an unhappy life. I really do. I think she desperately needs attention and that she will do, and say, anything to further her need to get attention.
So when Laura Knight Jadczyk says ³psychopath² she is really saying it about herself. When she says that someone is the ³energizer bunny,² it is, in fact, herself that spews out thousands of words of vitriol and insinuations. When she says that someone is lying ­ watch out! Thatıs the Big One.
What can I say ­ she is a ³psychopath,² actually, and more properly, a charismatic sociopath, who makes up terrible stories that she believes to be true. In those stories one can understand her pathology. That is why she makes up stories that are concerned with child sexual abuse like JonBenet being murdered by Jirka Rysavy, or that four 4th Density Lizard Men raped a client of hers. She was abused as a young girl and so she identifies with Jon Benet and she identifies with Lizard Men who rape people.
Worse, I have good reason to now believe that she had a fantasy that she would be the one who uncovered the true murderer of JonBenet Ramsey, and when she saw that Vincent and I had already accomplished this, she was extremely disappointed. Apparently she had been obsessed with the JonBenet murder ever since the day it happened. This interest extended to such a degree that Laura actually became the chat leader for a chat group formed to discuss the JonBenet Ramsey murder. (If anyone reading this was a member of this chat group ­ please contact me)
This episode is a grim reminder of what we sow, we reap. If one falls into belief systems that are not built on a tradition, if one allows Œspiritsı to enter into oneıs consciousness, if one does not use discretion and discernment at every turn, they are destined for complete failure. Worse, the Demiurge claims another victim.
Knowledge, Power, Courage, Discretion.
Jay Wiley
May 15th 2002

[Along with his letter, Mr. Wiley included his credentials to give "weight" to his "story."]

Jay Wiley is an author and filmmaker.
Besides co-authoring 'A Monument to the End of Time' (with Maynerd Most) Jay has also written a novel called 'The Bones of Set' and has two new books due for release in 2003, one is 'Alchemical Kubrick': An Examination of the esoteric in the films of Stanley Kubrick' and his memoirs 'Season of the Apocalypse'.
He has also produced and Directed the documentary films 'Earth Under Fire' (shown on national television), 'ArtMind' with noted sacred artist Alex Grey, 'Healing Sounds' with best selling writer Jonathan Goldman, Awakening the Feminine' by author and sacred dancer Sharron Rose, and 'Healer, Shaman, Sage' with Shaman/author Dr. Alberto Villoldo.
In 1980, at the age of 26 he directed a feature film cult classic 'The Legend Of Johnny Kill'.
He was also the Public Affairs Director at KCMU-FM in Seattle. From 1992 to 1995 he produced and hosted the weekly radio show 'Mind Over Matters' where he interviewed a who's-who of dynamic and important personalities such as Noam Chomsky, Terence McKenna and Peter Dale Scott. He is currently in production as Writer/Director of a major motion picture titled 'The Ferals,ı due out in 2003.






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