artificial intelligence

  1. United Gnosis

    Conversations with an AI

    A Romanian commentator on youtube, Vee, mentioned the website on stream a couple months ago. It was an obviously powerful chatbot, very intriguing, but he moved on with the stream and it wasn't until recently that he came back to it and I had to realize, too - it's coming...
  2. L

    What do the Cs think will happen when Artificial Intelligences become self-conscious? Will we achieve Singularity?

    I distinctly remember one specific mention from them on a session which took place on September 9, 1995, but that's about it. Could you help me understand more their point of view, please? For the record, hete's the quote I was talking about:
  3. Ocean

    Artificial Intelligence News & Discussion Artificial intelligence gets a step closer Machines approach Turing Test threshold Written by Ian Williams, 13 Oct 2008 Artificial intelligence came another step closer to reality this weekend after a computer came...
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