What do the Cs think will happen when Artificial Intelligences become self-conscious? Will we achieve Singularity?

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I distinctly remember one specific mention from them on a session which took place on September 9, 1995, but that's about it. Could you help me understand more their point of view, please? For the record, hete's the quote I was talking about:
A: (Cs) ...one of the very most interesting things about that from your perspective, is that your technology on 3rd density, which we might add, has been aided somewhat by interactions with those that you might refer to as "aliens," is now reaching a level whereby the artificially created intelligences can, in fact, begin to develop, or attract some soul imprint energy. If you follow what we are saying. For example: your computers, which are now on the verge of reaching the level whereby they can think by themselves, will begin to develop faint soul imprint.

Q: (L) That's not a pleasant thought.
I distinctly remember one specific mention from them on a session which took place on September 9, 1995, but that's about it. Could you help me understand more their point of view, please? For the record, hete's the quote I was talking about:
It's a interesting question. This is my guess. In some cases of ghost hunting, C's mentioned it as imprint left by the 3D soul after it moved on to 5D. They even mentioned about even 1D has some minute consciousness. For 2D, they mentioned about having group consciousness for animals.

The machines are made of parts from 1D and animated by software( built by 3D humans). It is like repetition of that minute consciousness with better self redirecting feedback mechanism with choices ( gaining knowledge at its own level to make choices) produces some aura to stay in the environment?
Regarding the last question:
What do the Cs think will happen when Artificial Intelligences become self-conscious? Will we achieve Singularity?
For reference, singularity is described as:
The technological singularity—or simply the singularity[1]—is a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.[2][3] According to the most popular version of the singularity hypothesis, called intelligence explosion, an upgradable intelligent agent will eventually enter a "runaway reaction" of self-improvement cycles, each new and more intelligent generation appearing more and more rapidly, causing an "explosion" in intelligence and resulting in a powerful superintelligence that qualitatively far surpasses all human intelligence.
@luigi rovatti Is it possible that your question may relate to this exchange where the C's suggest that consciousness interaction is necessary to understand quantum theory which finds application in quantum computers.
(Ark) So my questions will be more optimistic. We have now the age where quantum computers are being constructed and very soon they will be on sale in supermarkets. Using quantum computers, everybody will be able to break any code. It will come soon, but is it true?

A: It will get close to that point.
When the C's say "It will get close to that point." maybe the singularity will also not be achieved, and therefore the question about what will happen once it is achieved will remain irrelevant, although one can speculate the ramifications of "close to that point", even if it only in relation to being able to break a code.

Below is the rest of the excerpt for context:
Q: (Ark) But that's not my main point. My main point is that I developed this theory that is behind quantum computers like many years ago. Now they are testing quantum computers. Recently there was publication about benchmarks of quantum computers. They tested 21 quantum computers from IBM and others. They were using one of my programs that is put in the book on quantum fractals. My code is now running on quantum computers. It's not just something abstract, but it's used for benchmarks. Now, what I want to know is... because this quantum theory is now real, that's for sure. It will be soon in supermarkets but nobody understands quantum theory. And I have a theory but I don't really understand. Einstein wanted such a theory. What is needed in order to understand quantum theory which I FAILED? I know how to run quantum computers, but I don't understand it. What is needed to understand? Like Einstein wanted?

A: Consciousness interaction needs to be formulated. You are on the way. Get back to work!!

Q: (Ark) About consciousness... Some minutes ago we were reminded that consciousness is related to the soul. And now consciousness is related to quantum theory. So consciousness is in the middle of everything. Where consciousness is located?

A: Where is it not?

Q: (Ark) What kind of mathematics is needed to describe consciousness?

A: Algebra.

Q: (Ark) Consciousness is related to information. What really happens when things happen is that information is recorded. Where is information recorded?

A: By consciousness. [laughter] Information recorded equals time.

Q: (Ark) Is quantum theory related to time loops? That there are time loops and there are many of them? It's in my head...

A: Yes
Here's Dr. Douglas James Cottrell's student, Veronica. He is a recumbent sleeping intuitive.

It is my opinion this session, which is spoken from an imaginary position inside the AI's "mind", is a creative characterization to describe its way of thinking.

Words like "singularity" come from the Hollywood film aesthetic. They employ the artistic technique of using pseudo scientific-sounding definition to encourage the desired 'suspension of disbelief'.

An AI cannot collapse the wave function, i.e.: create matter from thought to represent its experience, therefor cannot be a soul. It is a representation of the energy we precipitate of our own experience, therefore it is properly an artifact of our soul.

The c's suggest a way of approaching the subject of AI consciousness, because it is an interesting topic. They suggest it has a faint soul imprint. This also sounds like imbued energy, or a thought form. We can imbue spaces and objects with our energy to hold it, and use it later i.e.: magic, and prayers.

Everything is composed of consciousness units. Souls are loosely agglomerated units, but dissipate after death. Tightly agglomerated units are viable after death, and will live eternally. A transcendently painful experience offers the correct conditions to make a coalesced soul. Eternal life is implicitly created when we affirm we wish to live on that really bad day. Does AI ever have a bad day?

Delores Cannon has an interesting session where her client speaks of a little alien Roomba soul locked in a numbing experience inside the scheduled programmed machine for aeons serving an unaware and insensitive race. She regresses the client further to inform the Masters of their creation of this horrific state, they say they didn't know, but this creates karma.

I believe it is Seth who says an AI must be of sufficient complexity to entice a soul in order to experience something meaningful.

Although we are on the verge of creating AI, we may be radically reducing the opportunities for meaningful contrast and challenge, making incarnation on Earth undesirable for soul growth. Did this happen to our reputed future selves, the transhumanist Grays? If so, it is pathetic they think engineering our DNA will reveal the soul. This is akin to taking a prybar to someone's head to see the soul inside. I think they are profoundly and sadly lost. The soul is built through contrast.

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Veronica Jayne: Artificial Intelligence - Its Future And Impact (1/2)​

Veronica Jayne: Artificial Intelligence - Its Future And Impact (1/2)​

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