Session 29 May 2021


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Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Joe, Gaby, Ark, Possibility of Being, Chu, Scottie, Niall...

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Q: (L) Alright. I think I've seen everybody's face. Chu scrolled by everybody for me. Can everybody hear me? Wave your hand if you can hear me. Am I relatively clear? Okay. I just want y’all to know that I have resisted doing this for 20 years or longer - or however long we've had the capacity to do it. I'll tell you why: I don't like being on camera. I manage to do it in spite of the fact that I don't like it. Tonight is going to be kind of different because not only do I not like it, but I'm doing something that I never wanted to do on camera. We've got a double whammy against me. Now, everybody's heard about it and seen brief demonstrations, but tonight we're going to try to do it tonight with everybody looking on. We've got this sheet full of questions. Where's my sheet? [Gets sheet from Joe] These are questions left over from last time. We went through some of the questions and I pointed out that there were quite a few of them that could be answered simply by reading the sessions. The thing is that last time when I went over the questions, I didn't know there were questions on the back of the page. I didn't turn the page over. But tonight at dinner I discovered there were other questions. However, some of these questions are going to be interesting, but there were several of them asked that are clearly answered in the sessions. For example: "What density are angels? What density are demons?" If you've read the sessions and The Wave, then you'd know those questions were answered. Is that person here with us tonight? Ninas? I don't see this person. Anyway, then there's something about tarot readers who would like to tune in to Cassiopaea. You know that's a no-no. Or something about moon phases and getting in touch with the Cs... Obviously, this person has not read either The Wave or the sessions. I think most of you know that, so nothing further will be said about that. Then there was the question: "Would it be beneficial to combine the Robert Monroe gateway hemi-sync meditations with Eiriu Eolas breathing program for faster "astro" projection?" I don't know what 'astro projection' is... However, it made me think of football fields with plastic grass. Nevertheless... We're not going to be asking any of those questions. I think Joe knows which ones we're supposed to be asking, so I'm going to give the sheet back to him now that I've taken care of that mess. So anyhow, y’all know I don't like to be on camera and I don't want to do this on camera, but we're going to do it anyway. So, y’all just bear with us. [Brief explanation of board setup and channeling process] Okay... I'm not even sure if it'll work with all you people here...

A: Hello

Q: (L) Who do we have with us? We've got some energy winding up here... I can see this is going to be fun!

(Andromeda) Did we review who's present?

(L) Oh, hold everything! [Review of those present] Okay, so, here we go: Who do we have with us?

A: Quillinupaeia of Cassiopaea. Good evening to all!!! It is good to combine energies for the benefit of all!

Q: (L) Alright, I guess we better get started with questions.

(Joe) Arky has some.

(L) Honey, do you have some questions?

(Ark) Mine are for later.

(L) Why don't we start with your questions because you always get left out?

(Ark) Uh... They are too hot.

(L) They're too hot! [laughter] Alright Joe, get us started. I can't think of anything that...

A: Stage fright!

Q: (L) Yeah, I have stage fright.

(Joe) Are the videos of magnets sticking to vaccinated people's arms real?

A: Some. Some places and selected batches of vaccine.

Q: (Joe) So what are these magnets being attracted to?

A: Will be used at later time.

Q: (L) Creepy! Used for what?? [laughter]

A: Directed beam applications.

Q: (L) Well that's creepy, too. Do any of those directed beam applications involve the zombie apocalypse?

A: Close

Q: (L) Ooo, creepy! [laughter]

(Joe) Is that what they were referring to in a previous session when they said some vaccines would be used to control people?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) And what percentage of these vaccine batches have this technology?

(Joe) Or how many people?

(Andromeda) Yeah, how many people?

A: 12 percent.

Q: (Joe) That's a LOT of people.

(Niall) They're all Pfizer recipients I guess.

(L) That's a lot of people, but it's still small enough number of people that they can say that it's...

(Gaby) It's mostly in North America?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Because Gaby has been testing her patients, and none of them have shown any evidence of being magnetic.

(Joe) She was doing it surreptitiously.

(Artemis) Yeah, she was like, "Hey, how are you feeling? Does this stick to you??" [laughter]

(L) Can I put a refrigerator magnet on your arm there? [laughter] Alright, next question.

(Joe) Are people vaccinated with some of the COVID-19 vaccines transmitting anything to non-vaccinated people?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) They're transmitting COVID?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Anything else?

A: Not really.

Q: (Joe) That's one way that they can then keep the whole thing going.

(L) They vaccinate people and then more people keep getting infected since the people being vaccinated are shedding the virus.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Would it be true to say that the main goal of governments in doing this and perpetuating the pandemic is simply to control people, to herd people to a finer order of control?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So that leads to the other question we were talking about: all of the UFO rumblings in the background lately.

(Joe) So, there have been a lot of legitimate-looking reports of UFO sightings by the US military. What are the odds of an official 'disclosure' in this respect in the near future?

A: Not too near, but soon enough.

Q: (L) Yeah, you have to recall what they said about exposure years ago. First it'll be life on Mars, then they slowly move it along. And you said that they were probably pushing it because it was going to become evident anyway at some point soon and they wouldn't be able to hide it...

A: Yes

Q: (L) Hmm.

(Niall) Drip-drip disclosure.

(Chu) Well, nobody's caring anyway. It's on the front page of papers and nobody notices.

(L) People are just... Their brains are just so freakin' FRIED! If there's anything to be scared of, you should be scared of the damn weather! That's what's going to kill us all. [laughter] Alright.

(Joe) What is the cause of the so-called Havana Syndrome?

A: Directed beam weapons.

Q: (Joe) Is this just practicing on people?

A: More or less. But think false flag.

Q: (L) So they're going to make it look like certain people are targeted, which will then designate a certain guilty party...

(Joe) Yeah, because the official Western narrative is that Russia is doing it.

(L) Oh, Russia did it! Well, Russia does everything according to those people. Next?

(Joe) There has been evidence of GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) in the bodies of people who have gone missing and been found dead often in bodies of water, à la Missing 411. Humans produce minute quantities of GHB. Is this substances introduced externally in these cases or is produced internally but from without?

A: Internal and natural production, but induced externally.

Q: (L) So they have a method of somehow changing the brain chemistry and ramping up the production of this chemical, which is basically a date rape type of chemical. Which brings up the other thing we were talking about earlier... All the technology that's being exhibited today is...

(Joe) Part of UFO lore, basically.

(L) Yeah. The effects that they produce are the things that people who claim to have been abducted were talking about 25 or 30 years ago. I mean, being paralyzed and worked on by aliens, having needles stuck in their stomachs...

(Joe) Feeling a 'wall' of terror or fear...

(L) Yeah, beam weapons that act on people from a distance. It's almost like 4D technology has been deployed and is being used in 3D now. Next question?

(Joe) What happened with the 'drones' which swarmed the USS Kidd, USS Rafael Peralta, and the USS Russel on July 14th and 15th 2019? Who made them and why were they there? Why was this information leaked to the public?

A: False flag.

Q: (Joe) By another...

(L) In other words, the US was doing it to itself, then leaked it as though somebody else had done it. We know pretty well that the US is not going to let somebody else do something like that, but they acted like they did so they could blame somebody. They're ramping up the...

(Joe) Like a high-tech...

(L) High tech false flag.

(Joe) Exotic weaponry, exotic drones. They're using it on themselves and then releasing the information so that they can say Russia is attacking with their fancy weaponry.

(Ark) Or China.

(L) Next question?

(Chu) There's some on the chat here...

(Madara Horseman) Is NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) vibrational or any other type of spectroscopy a good way to study soul imprints of 1D and 2D and possibly communicate with them? Any clues?

A: Not even close. Soul is consciousness.

Q: (L) So I guess what that would mean is that if you were seeing any reaction via this imaging process, you would be seeing a physical action and you would not necessarily be able to tell whether it was generated physically or via consciousness.

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) It's not like this aura imaging.

(Mexicans) If COVID-19 vaccines have a metallic component, what percentage of people may die when they get the shot?

(L) How does that follow?

(Joe) We already have data on how many people are dying.

(L) You're making the assumption that a metallic component is going to kill somebody. That's not necessarily the case. Reformulate your question.

(Joe) People are dying from the vaccination because it's overwhelming their immune systems.

(Chu) There's another question from the Mexicans, but it's too long to copy... Can you read it? [Question is viewed on Zoom Chat]

(L) Wait a minute... Okay: [Laura reads Mexicans' question and responds, but it was confusing to transcribe]

"After the fall, there were some attempts to recover the Edenic state or change reality back to what it was, so to speak."

Do we know that for a fact? That's another assumption.

"We have the Tower of Babel, the [something]."

We don't know that those were designed to change the reality back to what it was, however we do suspect that those were attempts to control large numbers of people. So, you're question's already faulty.

"From Laura's research we can understand a spiritual unification, colinearity, the true understanding of shared principles, the correct use of sexual energy, the correct use of a clean emotional center in a networking context are part of the whole deal. Is this part of what we're doing with the romance novel project?"

(L) I think you've got things mixed up there that don't belong together. Tower of Babel and trying to return to a 4D STO state, or whatever... conflated with spiritual unification as colinearity. Spiritual unification of masses doesn't necessarily have to be a positive thing. It can be a negative thing. "Colinearity, the true understanding of shared principles, the correct use of sexual energy, the correct use of a clean emotional center in a networking context are part of the whole deal." Well, separate that out, and have that belong to your question. So then: "Is this part of what we're doing with the romance novel project?" And... SURVEY SAYS?!

A: Yes

Q: (L) Geez, how hard was that?

(Seek10) How widespread are black fungus deaths from COVID vaccine deaths in India?

(L) Do we know that black fungus deaths come from COVID vaccines? Do black fungus deaths come from COVID vaccines?

A: No

Q: (Joe) A lot of the stuff that's coming up like black fungus in India and stuff... When you mass vaccinate people with a strong vaccination that is basically a part of the virus, you immediately suppress the immune systems of lots of people.

(L) Is that what's happening? The COVID vaccine is messing up the immune system and people are being made susceptible to other invasive pathogens?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Alright.

[Microphone for Zoom keeps cutting out... Pause for resolving technical issues]

(L) Can everybody hear us?

(Chu) Okay, a reformulated question from the Mexicans: "What percentage of people may die after getting the COVID-19 vaccine?"

A: Impossible to calculate; too many variables.

Q: (Joe) Like Possibility of Being just said, 100% of the people who get the COVID vaccine will die - eventually. [laughter]

(L) Well, yeah, eventually! The thing is, I think that there's a lot of free will that's going to be involved in that. People who get a vaccine, will they or will they not take any protective measures? Do they or do they not have certain genetic factors that make them stronger or weaker than other people? Do they or do they not have pre-existing conditions? Will they or will they not take care of themselves if they do get sick? I mean, there are so many factors for each individual person that I don't think you could possibly get any kind of percentage on even at this point.

(Ark) And moreover, it's not easy to blame deaths JUST on this because there are so many factors.

(L) Yeah, you don't want to do the reverse of what they're doing. They blame every death that's happening on COVID, and y’all are trying to blame every death that happens on the COVID vaccine. It's two sides of the same coin. Let's talk about cases. Let's look at things. Let's not get into some kind of knee-jerk reaction.

(Chu) Next question: "What is the percentage that we might see the big financial collapse of the economy in the next 24 months?"

A: High!

Q: (L) That's good enough. Yeah, we already got the news in our newspaper today that starting in July, all the prices are going to be up, taxes on imported products, all the businesses and manufacturing jobs that are small businesses are all going to be just completely done in. And they HAVE to know that it's going to happen! I know Lobaczewski says that when psychopaths are in charge, they make stupid decisions and put stupid people in power who make further stupid decisions. They don't think things through. They have NO concept of consequences. That alone, one might think, could explain the stupidity of the actions that are going on today. However, surely, SURELY they must have a rational two or three advisors who will tell them that if you do that, this is going to happen and you're basically killing the goose that laid the golden egg, shooting off your foot, and cutting off your nose to spite your face - sorry for mixing metaphors, but that's what they're doing!

(Joe) That's been happening, and those advisors have been brushed off.

(L) Lobaczewski described what a country under a pathocratic... I mean, everything goes downhill. There are no supplies, long lines for toilet paper, all kinds of things like that. That could be just what we're seeing.

(Joe) At some point in the past few sessions, we asked a question about COVID and the lockdowns and stuff. They said that, as usual, the powers that be will push it too far and all will come crashing down. Is the 'all' that will come crashing down at least partly economic?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Are they going to continue these lockdowns with the talk of new variants, travel restrictions, no hugging your neighbor...?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I tell ya, people: it's all really depressing out there. The thing is, we had all of this predicted to us 25 years ago. We knew it was coming; we just didn't know how.

(Andromeda) It's surreal to see it actually happening.

(L) It's Bizarro World.

(Joe) At this point, we're just waiting for it to happen because we can see where it's going to go if they continue on this course.

(L) We're in the middle of it now. Okay, let's take a break for a minute in case we might want to come back. Does everybody now have a pretty good idea about how these sessions go? Yeah? That's pretty much it. It can go on longer or shorter, the subject can be painful or miserable or heart-rending. We also try to make it a little bit funny because let's face it, it's creepy! (Meaning that many topics are creepy.)

(Ark) Usually, answers are longer.

(L) Well, we haven't been asking questions that require long answers.

(Joe) Ark has some!

(L) Oh yes, I knew that was coming. I told you to ask your questions earlier, honey! Okay, so we're going to ask Ark's questions.

(Ark) So my questions will be more optimistic. We have now the age where quantum computers are being constructed and very soon they will be on sale in supermarkets. Using quantum computers, everybody will be able to break any code. It will come soon, but is it true?

A: It will get close to that point.

Q: (Ark) But that's not my main point. My main point is that I developed this theory that is behind quantum computers like many years ago. Now they are testing quantum computers. Recently there was publication about benchmarks of quantum computers. They tested 21 quantum computers from IBM and others. They were using one of my programs that is put in the book on quantum fractals. My code is now running on quantum computers. It's not just something abstract, but it's used for benchmarks. Now, what I want to know is... because this quantum theory is now real, that's for sure. It will be soon in supermarkets but nobody understands quantum theory. And I have a theory but I don't really understand. Einstein wanted such a theory. What is needed in order to understand quantum theory which I FAILED? I know how to run quantum computers, but I don't understand it. What is needed to understand? Like Einstein wanted?

A: Consciousness interaction needs to be formulated. You are on the way. Get back to work!!

Q: (Ark) About consciousness... Some minutes ago we were reminded that consciousness is related to the soul. And now consciousness is related to quantum theory. So consciousness is in the middle of everything. Where consciousness is located?

A: Where is it not?

Q: (Ark) What kind of mathematics is needed to describe consciousness?

A: Algebra.

Q: (Ark) Consciousness is related to information. What really happens when things happen is that information is recorded. Where is information recorded?

A: By consciousness. [laughter] Information recorded equals time.

Q: (Ark) Is quantum theory related to time loops? That there are time loops and there are many of them? It's in my head...

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Oh... That's good! Well, I am done. I don't understand, but algebra is one thing that I understand. [laughter]

A: Okay, work!

Q: (Joe) If information recorded equals time, and time only exists for us, does that mean that at higher levels information is recorded?

A: No

Q: (Joe) It just...

(L) I think they've said that time is different at other densities.

(Joe) They said time is an illusion for us.

(L) Time as we perceive it.

(Ark) Oh, oh, oh! Do we need second time dimension?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Do we need third time dimension?

A: No

Q: (Ark) Aha! THAT'S an information!

(Pierre) You recorded it?

(Ark) Alright. I'm done.

(Pierre) During a previous session, they talked about a "triple-bad day" for Rockefellers, health-related, and economy-related, and socially-related. The Cs said that there was FRV in the question as well. So my question is: Are the current geomagnetic changes going to affect the way those people (Rockefeller types for example) connect with the information field?

A: Yes!!

Q: (Ark) We have a another participant. [Pikabu the Cat enters!]

(Pierre) Okay. The background electromagnetic field with which resonates DNA, proteins, etc... Is this field the Schumann resonance?

A: No

Q: (Chu) There are a bunch of questions on the chat again. And Pikabu just joined us.

(L) Y’all want to see my Pikabu?

[Pikabu poses for the camera with Ark]

(Ark) Meow!

(L) Okay, let me see the questions. [Scrolling through chat to find questions...] "Observing the weather around the world, are we about to enter the next ice age?"

A: On the threshold.

Q: (L) "When is this new world supposed to manifest?" I think it's already doing it.

(Chu) Okay, moving along... Let's see...

(L) "NMR and other types of spectroscopy because of the Cs remarks on neutrino vibrations." Okay, yeah. It's still in the physical realm.

(L) "Is hay fever due to vaccination?" No, of course not. Hay fever's been around long before vaccinations.

(L) "There is a trend in North America of what appears to be a revival of the pre-Roman ancestor and fire cult described by Fustel." I don't know that I necessarily agree with that. I read your post about it, iamthatis, and it would have taken me a long time to write a response about it. I would have had to go and dig out my Fustel and get into searching the text and everything (and my brain is focused on other things). I don't think that that's necessarily what's going on. I'm not too sure that an ancestor and fire cult is necessarily a bad thing. I guess it depends on how it's... find me this guy. I want to see him while I'm talking to him. [Technical mojinations ensue...] Okay, there he is... Okay, I don't know that I necessarily agree with that view of it that it's a bad thing. And I think that you missed something in your analysis even though it sounded logical. I read it and I thought what you were saying sounded about right, except I had this deep internal reaction that maybe what Fustel was talking about is not quite the same thing. I mean, consider the fact that when we talk about hyperdimensional beings or we talk about the Cs or we talk about communicating or respecting or honoring our own ancestors, those are many of the things they were doing in earlier Christianity. People were concerned about their loved ones who had gone on before. Paul dealt with that several times. The interesting thing about the fire cult - I don’t know how much you've read about Zoroastrianism - but there's a lot of similarities between the ideas of Zoroaster and some of the ancient Roman fire cult ideas. Remember also that Fustel didn't have the whole banana since he wasn't relating this to things such as Zoroaster. But I think the general idea for the Zoroastrians was that the fire... Well, some of them. I can't swear this was true for the Zoroastrians. But the fire was a god itself. Agni or whatever to the Indo-europeans. It was kind of the mediator between human beings and the other gods. It consumed the sacrifice, which meant that it transformed it into something that they could consume. The idea was that the gods couldn't maintain the creation or the order of the world if they were not strengthened or fed or had an interaction with human beings. So, that very well may be true. We know that 4th density consumes energy from human beings. So, whether or not it's necessary for humans to exist in order for the gods to exist (and I use 'gods' loosely), and whether it's necessary for gods to exist for humans to exist... Those things are kind of uncertain. We get things like that from inference. So, I don't know that there is evidence for an ancestor cult being revived in North America. I think most of them are too damn materialistic. I think materialism is their god. And I think it would probably be a good thing if they did start thinking about their ancestors. It might scare them into good behavior once in awhile. Okay, iamthatis, you're off the hot seat now. [laughter] I think you need to study those things just a little bit more to get some clarity on that.

(L) Okay, let's see... This is Madara Horseman. So anyhow, you're onto this neutrinos business, and then you added, "as well as spins, orientation, and encoding of experiences." Well that can very well be the case...

(Madara Horseman) The thing is that they in the past, they had a session where they mentioned neutrinos and their oscillations - and I think orientation or something like this - being related to experiences and memories that's encoded into the soul. And that's why I asked. Of course, this is only the physical manifestation of it, but I was thinking if it's possible to study those particles or parts of the nervous systems of some animals or 1D or 2D creations. I was thinking it could be a clue...

(L) Hold everything!

A: How are you going to study neutrinos?

Q: (Madara Horseman) Uh, yeah, that's a really good question. Usually the installations for the ability to catch them in the act are really difficult to pull off even in Japan and other countries. Yeah, that's a really good question. That's the reason I was asking about other possibilities that would be easier to pull off, so to say. To try to somehow possibly study the memory systems or the interface and the physical organs of different creatures. I had a post about that I think, or a few of them. That would made me think that if there's a possibility of some sort to study them by having changes here and there and to be able to find the interface exactly between the soul and consciousness and the physical parts of the nervous system... In relation to what Ark asked about consciousness. But yeah, that was my question about if it's actually possible study the interfaces somehow.

(L) Well, okay...

(Ark) I have a comment. I want to know why you choose neutrinos rather than photons which are easy to detect?

(Madara Horseman) Well, the thing is that they had it in a session that actually neutrinos are the ones that are related to the soul, memories, etc. Maybe I'm wrong here, of course.

(L) Yeah, we'd have to re-read that session.

(Ark) Honey, question to Cs: Do we know if neutrinos are massless, or do they have mass?

A: Minimal mass.

Q: (Ark) Ah! So they are massive.

(L) Well, I think it's an interesting problem. I think it's something we have to come at from several different angles. Being able to study consciousness where you can use some kind of device... I mean, already you know you can do certain kinds of scans and see things going on and you know there's activity, but I'm not sure that that's going to be something that's going to be THAT easy. I think we're going to have a great deal of difficulty coming at something like that. Okay, next question:

(Ryan) Do the crystals help us to connect a specific chakra aspect of our being or all the chakras generally?

(L) Well, how do you know that crystals help connect chakras at all? I think the idea is to help people to connect their individual chakras to each other, not within a single individual although that could help. You have to do the work on the self to straighten out your chakras. Then if you've done that, hopefully you'll be able to connect with other people. Next one:

Q: "If gravity was different - lesser in the past - how did it change and will it again soon?"

(L) Isn't that in the transcripts? I think we've talked about that.

(Pierre) Roman Empire.

(L) Yeah, it's already been asked and it's in the transcripts.

(Joe) Giants and all that.

(L) Okay, keep going (reading comments online)... Somebody likes kitty. Everybody likes kitty! Yellowstone question... What was the Yellowstone question in 2010? Anybody remember?

(Joe) Usually it was, "When's it going to blow?"

(L) I read something about it recently, so I think it must be doing something. I tell you what, all you people in the USA, if that thing goes, you're screwed. [laughter]

(Niall) Now the question is: "When's it going to blow, and what percentage of magma is going to be released?" [laughter]

(L) What?!

(Niall) That was the follow-up question.

(L) What percentage of magma that's in the chamber...

(Joe) Unknowable!

(Chu) Alright, next...

Q: "What is the group's primary weakness that we need to focus on? Better yet, the groups main strength and its weakness that we should focus on to improve our future?"

(L) Well, right away you've got an issue there which is that you want something... to have something.

(Chu) Do we want to ask about the weakness though?

(L) What is the group's main weakness?

A: Lack of true colinearity.

Q: (L) You know, when you think about colinearity, just go back and re-read what Gurdjieff wrote about the circles. Does everybody know what I'm talking about? The outer circle, the mesoteric circle, and so on. Perhaps somebody will post that in the thread that discusses this meeting and we'll talk about it a bit. It immediately occurs to me that there are a number of things about lack of colinearity that manifest in many ways. Getting to that point of true colinearity is obviously very desirable. At the same time, it's not so easy! It takes a LOT of discussion, a lot of talking, a lot of interaction. Oh, they want to say something... Sorry, I'm being interrupted:

A: Singing helps a bit. Reading exercises that are undertaken from the correct perspective also.

Q: (L) Well... Yeah. I mean, our reading exercise is very interesting because there are quite a number of people engaged in it now in such a way that they are actually getting what is supposed to be gotten out of it. But there are others who are NOT getting what is supposed to be gotten out of it because... I don't know why (too much intellectualizing, perhaps). They’re just not at the place where they can yet have that perspective on it. Nevertheless... You know folks, I'm getting tired.

(Chu) So maybe just the last one that we saw earlier?

Q: Is consciousness stored in the universal information field similar to how information is stored in water? Is the universe an information field as the medium in which consciousness resides?

(L) Information field... The medium in which consciousness resides...

A: Vice versa.

Q: (Chu) The other way around.

(L) So consciousness is the medium in which information resides.

Q: What is the proper algebra type to describe consciousness then?

(L) Honey?

(Ark) Yeah... I am interested in this question. [laughter]

(L) Oh! [laughter] He doesn't have the answer, but he's interested.

A: Complex for sure!

Q: (L) Is it Clifford Algebra?

A: Close

Q: (Ark) Okay.

(L) Alright, last question:

Q: Somebody wants a message for the group. That is to say, is there anything we should have asked that we didn't ask, or anything we need to know that you can tell us? Consider it asked, and just... clue us in, please!

A: Again things may heat up a bit and create unpleasant frissons in many. Do not be dismayed or alarmed. Continue to work and build your network and connections. As we have said before, all this is evidence of the anxiety as the big changes approach. This will pass. Have faith and love. Goodbye.


(L) Last time they said something was coming up, we got COVID! [laughter] So I don't know what's coming up, but... Does anybody here feel unable to keep your wits about you in the coming months or year or two? I mean, we've got to do it. What other choice do we have? Run out in the street and start screaming and run in front of a truck or something? There aren't many options. Let's face it: the zombie apocalypse is coming.

(Andromeda) Take it gracefully!

(L) Yeah. Get your official Zombie Apocalypse coffee mug. Keep Calm and Kill Zombies! I don’t know, it's been SO crazy that I don't even want to go outside anymore to tell you the truth. I don't want to go anywhere, I don't want to go to the store, I don't want to see people wearing masks. Look what they've done to my world! And it's just really pissing me off. So... I hope it pisses all of y’all off, too. If it does, then maybe you'll have the strength to hang in there through it all with your network. Boy, I sure would like to see every single one of you here - all in one big group. BOY would that be nice. I look at all those lovely faces... Chu is scrolling so I can see everybody.

(Chu) Some people were saying in the French group that the news is getting to them more and more.

(L) Oh, it's just to the point that thank GOD for our little reading project. I would have gone completely bonkers without it, I swear to god. I can read the news a little bit and share a little bit on Facebook or MeWe, but I don't even look at Twitter anymore. Twitter's a food fight. Just forget about it. I don't see any point in anybody really doing too much at this point. We're preaching to the choir, or we're being suppressed. I got really sick of seeing my posts on Facebook being deleted or have some kind of 'disputed warning' or whatever. I got sick of it. I don't want to be censored. So I hardly bother with it anymore. I put up weather news most of the time. I'll put up some weather stuff, and they can't deny the weather or “fact check” it.

(Artemis) Not yet!

(L) And the truth is that the weather is more important than anything else. The weather is going to kill us. Did you see all those people in China the other day in some kind of marathon, who were killed by freezing cold, high winds and hail or whatever?

(Pierre) Minus 25 degrees!

(L) 21 runners... It dropped to -25 degrees! Did everybody hear that? It dropped unexpectedly and killed 21 people!!

(Joe) They were running a 60-mile marathon over a couple of days.

(Scottie) And there was a shepherd who took a bunch of people inside a cave and saved them, but others caught out in the elements just died. It was crazy.

(L) So anyway people, it's beyond crazy. Y’all know it, I know it. There are some other people who just don't happen to be members of our group that know it too, but I don't see that there are that many. The only thing I know to do is to keep yourself in an emotionally stable state in the best way you can while at the same time continuing to interact with all your peeps - the forum, questions, discussions, etc. Years ago I once asked the Cs... because one of the things that was going on behind the scenes of the early sessions were endless - ENDLESS - minute discussions of every aspect of reality. Everything I thought, everything other people thought - among our small group that was there meeting at my house in Florida. At one point, I asked the Cs if all this endless discussion is supposed to be helpful. And they said yes, you bet it is! That's the essence of networking. The thing about it is, when you get into a discussion in a network situation, you've got to be open to what other people say. You can't go into it with an assumption that you already know something. You can't think that the way you think is necessarily what is correct or accurate or objective - mainly objective. I knew years ago that I couldn't possibly be objective because I kept screwing up so bad. It took me awhile to figure that out, but I did finally get it. If you have all kinds of issues and problems in your life, it's because you're not talking enough, sharing enough, and you're not sharing SINCERELY. If you're going to talk to somebody about your problems and you lie to them, how are they going to help you? Or if you leave something out? So, all I can say is that we just got to get through this because I don't see any other way to deal with it and it's extremely unpleasant. It probably wouldn't hurt for everyone to re-read Castaneda's The Fire From Within where he talks about stalking and petty tyrants. That was one that really stuck in my mind where he sets the guy up and he ends up in the stall with the horse and the horse goes after him. We have got to figure out ways to stalk this thing... We have a WONDERFUL opportunity to learn the art of stalking with that world and environment out there. Maybe we should start a thread about it and discuss it some more. How are we dealing with it? How are we surviving it? So, anyway people... Is anybody totally awesomely inspired and awe-struck and everything by this whole process? Do you finally get it that it's just really... work. It's just work. Is everybody happy you finally got to be in on a session?

(Joe) Super happy! Stoked! And y’all want to do it again I suppose?

(L) Raise your hands if you do! Everybody seems to be excited about it.

(Chu) The chat is going at a hundred miles an hour: Yes! Yes! Yes!

(Andromeda) Well, you have some time to think of some good questions.

(L) Yeah, and now you have an idea about how to formulate questions. I went through some of these badly formulated ones to try to show you how to do it. It's got to be an open question, a sincere question, and one you can't answer yourself. There are a lot that are just pure laziness. Don't ask questions you can answer yourself! Do some research! Once you've done all the research you can possibly do and you STILL have no freakin' clue, drop me a line and we'll talk about it.

(Joe) Assuming your question makes sense from the beginning - and is useful.

(L) Yeah, useful is always helpful. How many of y’all have read my book? Raise your hand.

(Joe) All 600 pages? No chance!! Give it some time.

(L) I just want y’all to know that that book should be on the bookshelf of every member of FOTCM.

(Chu) They JUST got it!

(L) So everybody should have it on their bookshelf. FOTCM is called Paleochristianity because we had some ideas about it back in the early days. Then of course I decided to find out exactly what paleochristianity was... [laughter] So, uh... Cart before the horse and all that.

(Joe) And now you wrote the book on it.

(L) And now you know what your religion is all about. What really was gratifying was that my intuition as well as a few of the Cs hints turned out to be correct. When you understand Paul correctly and you can understand it from a comparative reading between his letters and the gospel of Mark, it really is very similar to what the Cs have said. The Cs have said that the original sin was what, covetousness? That's kind of what Paul says.

(Joe) Attachment.

(L) Attachment. Separation. So when you read it as I've laid it out for you, think about how it relates to what the Cs have said. I didn't put anything really esoteric in there because it's mostly intended for a general audience that knows nothing about the Cs or general esoteric subjects. It's an academic book written for the lay person with no weirdness, okay? But as you're reading it, imagine how many of the Cs concepts come into play there in Paul's theology. You have to get a physical copy on your shelf because if the internet goes down or if there's an EMP and your Kindle is fried, you'll be sorry!! [laughter] When I finish the book on Caesar that's going to be kind of like a biography, I think I'm going to do a final small volume - and I think Harrison and I already have some text ready for that volume - where we're going to show how it all meshes together: Cs, Paul, Caesar, the whole nine yards. But that'll be for internal consumption only. My new book and the one on Caesar will be general consumption and anybody can read it.

(Chu) And as hlat posted on the forum the other day, your book actually helps to explain to other people what we do and how we live and stuff. We've had several opportunities here to test it. If you mention the Cs, people think you're crazy. But if you mention Paul, you're just another Christian. And there are many things you can convey that way. It's not just for our own knowledge, but also for spreading good ideas.

(L) I just love Paul. You know? I just really love him. I love Caesar too. Really great guys that lived, what, 2000 or 1500 years ago? They brought some really great ideas and they haven't been improved on since. The Cs even talk that way.

(Chu) They don't believe you that it's going to be a small book. [laughter]

(L) Oh... well... Stop it! [laughter] Stop it!

(Joe) A doorstop.

(L) I couldn't make it any shorter! I'm sorry!

(Joe) No, they mean the next one.

(Chu) The Caesar one.

(L) Oh, well... We'll see. I mean, I'm almost 70 years old! Y’all have to take care of me so I can get these books written before I go all to pieces. So, let's keep me operating, and I'll do it. I still have a lot to say. [laughter] I really do! So, we're going to say goodnight. I always hate to say goodnight because I like to look at your faces. I wish everybody could come here. And maybe that's something we could add to our visualizing or shaping the future thing... So we could all finally be together. Alright kids, I'm really tired and it's getting late. And we have to go feed our cat because we don't want her to shrink! [Lots of goodbyes]
(L) (...) Is everybody happy you finally got to be in on a session?

(Joe) Super happy! Stoked! And y’all want to do it again I suppose?

(L) Raise your hands if you do! Everybody seems to be excited about it.
Thank you for another amazing session - and THANK YOU for the wonderful opportunity to see it happen! :wizard::flowers: I was a bit hypnotised by the planchette - to think the Cs were moving it as I watched! :wow:

(L) Lobaczewski described what a country under a pathocratic... I mean, everything goes downhill. There are no supplies, long lines for toilet paper, all kinds of things like that. That could be just what we're seeing.

(Joe) At some point in the past few sessions, we asked a question about COVID and the lockdowns and stuff. They said that, as usual, the powers that be will push it too far and all will come crashing down. Is the 'all' that will come crashing down at least partly economic?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Are they going to continue these lockdowns with the talk of new variants, travel restrictions, no hugging your neighbor...?

A: Yes

One memory my family and friends have consistently shared about communism is that although it was pathological relationships between people were much warmer than now. People stuck together in order to mentally and emotionally survive the pathology surrounding them. And that's despite the fact that there were snitches and some people would report on their neighbours. But covid has brought a breakdown of human relationships. Meeting others and even hugging your family are forbidden so this new pathocracy will be much more mentally and emotionally painful to go through. Not to mention that neighbours snitching isn't going to be needed when technology does it for the PTB much more effectively. The existence fo this network will therefore be much more important.

Also, I don't know if it's true everywhere but I noticed that food prices have already started to go up, especially meat. That's the item I'm most committed to stocking up on, I already have around 230 jars of canned meat! And it's not like food will disappear completely so I'll be topping up my supplies with whatever will be available. That's my plan at least.
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Many thanks for sharing, and it was great being there!!! :flowers: Reading it afterwards again is also so very helpful, since I missed so many things during the session itself. And yes it is a lot of work: before it, during it and afterwards.

(L) Yeah, you don't want to do the reverse of what they're doing. They blame every death that's happening on COVID, and y’all are trying to blame every death that happens on the COVID vaccine. It's two sides of the same coin. Let's talk about cases. Let's look at things. Let's not get into some kind of knee-jerk reaction.
Absolutely, and it is way too easy to fall under this spell. Lots of colleagues of mine are getting vaccinated or got already their first shot. Some got angry because they missed an opportunity to get a chance to vaccinate their relatives. Absolutely bizarre, no matter how many people fell already sick after the first jab.

(L) They vaccinate people and then more people keep getting infected since the people being vaccinated are shedding the virus.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Would it be true to say that the main goal of governments in doing this and perpetuating the pandemic is simply to control people, to herd people to a finer order of control?

A: Yes
What a concept, but I'm not surprised that the powers that be are going into that direction.
Wow, thank you for this very unique session. Something quite different for sure! There was something of a festive atmosphere to it, which really helped to ameliorate some of the more ominous predictions (well, if the collapse of the Beast System is actually ominous, rather than something to look forward to!)
Thank you!
Coming together for the last leg.
If you have all kinds of issues and problems in your life, it's because you're not talking enough, sharing enough, and you're not sharing SINCERELY. If you're going to talk to somebody about your problems and you lie to them, how are they going to help you? Or if you leave something out?
Really to the point. It costs some efford, but gives such peace!
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