1. Ryan

    Samozdrav Breathing Device - Inexpensive HBOT Alternative?

    Hi All, Several Forum members (including myself) have purchased Samozdrav devices now, and after discussion in one of the Éirú Eolas sessions, we thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread specifically for information and discussions regarding this device. I've quoted some of the...
  2. F

    Getting rid of our programs

    Hello everyone, I am french and I apologize if any of my sentences are incorrect or unpleasant to read. I have seen an interview with Laura where she states that the C’s have instructed us to get rid of our political, cultural, emotional (…) programs. I wonder if they have given specific...
  3. Luis Miguel

    Éiriú-Eolas Online Workshops and Practice - Public

    This is an invitation to all the members of the Cassiopaea Forum to our weekly Éiriú-Eolas online workshops and practice. The idea is to learn or have a better understanding of the EE breathing and meditation technique, and practice weekly in a virtual group setting. We'll also have special...
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