1. luc

    Werner Heisenberg: Physics and Beyond - Encounters and Conversations

    Just finished this wonderful book, „Physics and Beyond” by famous physicist Werner Heisenberg (German orig. title “Der Teil und das Ganze”) and can highly recommend it for those interested in philosophy, physics and history. It’s kind of a mix between autobiography, recounting Heisenberg’s many...
  2. Amarock

    Soviet post-WW2 aspect of UFO phenomenon?

    In transcripts and in popular culture overall there is a huge overbalance of attention to the western side of the hemisphere in terms of ET connections, etc. I mean everybody talks about area 51, rosewell, secret US pact with aliens, etc. but there was also USSR who, even being on the second...
  3. Amarock

    The same narrative all over the world? Or just wishful thinking?

    So, some time ago I've read Velikovski's book "Worlds in collision" after I saw it mentioned somewhere in this forum (maybe even CS session) In short, for those who is not familiar, one of the main points is that Bronze age (around 1500 bc for reference) collapse was caused by cosmic event. In...
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