1. daco

    Osho - A psychopathic cult leader

    I want to ask you opinions about Osho,there is no topic about him until now.I read some books from him and what I found is that in this books are basicly "nothing" comparing to Gurdjieff work the strange thing is that Gurdjieff influenced Osho. Beside one documentary which criticize Osho,I...
  2. seek10

    Narendra Modi: 'Hero of the Masses' or 'Villain', as liberal English media have portrayed him for 17 years?

    The answer to the question is obvious after the recent elections. But, what about the accusations made against him all this long as if he is the "Most Vilified Indian"ever by media (particularly liberal English media). I want to address this question in this thread along with "how majority of...
  3. Ant22

    BRICS: Laying the Foundations of the Next Empire?

    I've been following the activities of the BRICS block quite closely over the past year and while the US empire is failing, the BRICS countries are building solid foundations to take over their spot. A really interesting article was posted on Sott yesterday...
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