1. L

    Is the universe holographic?

    As stated by various authors such as Michael Talbot and Leonard Susskind.
  2. Ryan

    Role of Crypto/Cybercurrencies in the PTB's loss of control?

    Hi All, I was pondering Bitcoin and cyber/cryptocurrencies today and wondered if it would be possible to ask the C's some questions about them? Here's a few that came to mind: Is Bitcoin 4D STO technology, or based upon STO principles? Do Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a role to play...
  3. christx11

    Primes and perfect balance

    In the attached PDF in my post: Hidden Secrets of all existence, I am able to equate many of the sessions concepts about gravity and consciousness in my primes construction. A double structure Has a structure where the micro and macro are kind of swappable, totally interchangeable, invertible...
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