the wave

  1. msante

    Dream about the future and "being prepared"

    I don't usually remember my dreams, and the few times I remember them they are rarely of those dreams loaded with symbolism and deep messages; it seems that the scriptwriter of my dreams is not very witty :-P. The point is that last Thursday night I had one of those rare dreams that led me to...
  2. MatiaS

    What are paradoxes?

    So I'm reading the Wave series and this passage that Ark has written just blew me away. I'm deeply fascinated by the whole concept of paradoxes and this excerpt got me into thinking. It seems to me that our reality is full of paradoxes at every turn. Things are never black or white, here or...
  3. pecha

    Essence of a human?

    I felt so disillusioned for a while earlier today from reading Aug Tellez's recent twitter posts (I know that a few members here have advised not to, but I was too curious). As I was reading through replies on this post from EFJH, weirdly enough, I got out of the pit in my mind. It felt like a...
  4. nisaza

    Video de habla de una masa "invisible" que hace desaparecer estrellas

    Hola, Hace tiempo que sigo a este youtuber principalmente por la calidad del contenido de su canal. Lo más importante es que se documenta muy bien antes generar contenido, no se cierra a ciertas ideologías y da siempre consejos de no creer en todo lo que sale en internet y tener una mentalidad...
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