3D Learning is better?


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3D learning is better?

In reference to the 3D school being faster and better learning.

In a dream a few months back I started complaining to a friend how it was difficult to get anything done around here (in the dream world) because everything keeps shifting about. First you get used to walking down the street talking to a friend, then bam! You’re swimming with the dolphins or running from spiders. The point is, we don’t have time to actually sort anything out!

At the time we were walking through a department store, and I approached the cash register attempting to pay, when all the people disappeared, then the furnishing disappeared. I continued my rant: “see, it’s like we’re in a computer simulation and someone just flipped the switches for people, or no people then the furnishings. I was trying to figure out the payment process and now…I got nothing!”

Next, we were trying to complete a project (saving a white cat) I stopped and told the friend, we have to do this methodically! Correctly! and as swift as possible! before things change again so we can have completed something. And then, we did just that, and I woke up.

Upon waking I remembered the Cs, Marciniak and perhaps other saying that here in 3D learning is much faster/better.

Here in 3D, my problems/the-work never leave me. Their here every day, week, and year whatever it takes to work on them. If I’m studying, and leave a bookmark at pg. 343, there it is, when I come back to take up the study again. If I go to bed with BLM tearing the world apart, when I awake in the morning, with little change, hey! there they are again. Triumphs and tragedies all pretty much right where I left them. Good stuff too, like the project in the back yard, relationships that have been nurtured. In time what I learn gels and with more time and testing its part of me. Maybe that is a uniqueness of 3D. Its infuriating at times, and seem like it takes soooo long, but no free lunch and all. If this analogy is even half right, then we’re storing up treasures/jewels/knowledge in heaven so to speak, and most the time not even knowing were doing it. Most the time I feel like I’m just being beat and drug all around the game board…wait a minute, I am getting beat a drug all around the game board, but that’s probably part of the process and a good thing.

Take it for what it’s worth, it was just a dream. But for me, it allows me to gork the idea that “here” learning is better.


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I feel like I’m just being beat and drug all around the game board…

Take it for what it’s worth, it was just a dream. But for me, it allows me to gork the idea that “here” learning is better.

Kudos on your resilience Adobe, running on fumes myself...a gork in a dream, a more apt personal description currently eludes me 🤕


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I’ve thought, for much of my life that time is simply an artifact to keep us from being overwhelmed by everything happening all at once.

Perhaps that is a big part of 4D, that the illusion of “time” is removed and instead we “go” where our thoughts take us? Of course, all within the rules and bounds of 4D, which we will “learn” and become accustomed to.


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It's a rough school. Do you guys think it was already a school for advanced learning back when it was STO, and it got hijacked and now it's a school AND a slave farm? Somehow now it is both, and I wonder how much is by design and how much is accidental. It's hard to manage this mentally, while the realm represents a school and a loosh farm!
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