432 Hz vs 440Hz

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Check this out.


I think its interesting to consider data from before info control was as efficient.

As Era of Love noticed, the above link does not work anymore.

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I have been following this tread as it meanders along. Mostly because I would like to know a lot more than I do now about music theory and harmonics as understood anciently.

Here is an interesting site talking about harmonics which I came across recently though it was probably created about 1995.
I think he started from an interest in Pythagorean music theory and kept going from there.

On this page: _http://ray.tomes.biz/alex.htm he mentions his conclusion that
Based on Indian music, the Earth's natural resonance, a study of the rhythm speed for great composers and other evidence, I believe that 450Hz is the true and correct A. It is in harmony with the Earth...

BTW. Elsewhere on the site he presents a critique of the "Big Bang" theory which might help explain a comment I noticed recently in the Cassiopaean transcripts to the effect that a cosmic ray source was closer than admitted by the current cosmology. He states "The only theory that fits the known facts is a variable particle mass theory". I don't know if this has been mentioned here already?

And these two have somehow been "blended" with Cassiopaea website so here they are corrected:


I want to ask you... If there was a concert or festival like ROCK IN RIO and bands were playing there in 432 Hz, wouldn't people have so much fun? Would they be like kinda falling asleep or less crazy????????
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Yes, I agree, definition of a second is arbitrary and as such it's 'removed' from intrinsic natural phenomena.


Time as such is only a convention and I see it as a measure of interaction/change, especially associated with periodic changes/motions in Nature.
As we live on BBM and as such we are related to it, it's 'natural' that we're measuring time as it is 'seen' on Earth and common periodic motion on Earth is its rotation. So it's natural choice to relate definition of time to Earth's rotation.

Well, viewing the unit of time in the context of what the C's said about humans (paraphrasing): rather bodycentric lot, then 'a second' becomes pretty much the natural human choice for a measure of the feeling of the passage of time. Most prominent natural cycle/rhythm for a living human being is the heart-beat, and an average rhythm of the human heart in its more or less relaxed, unstressed state is 60 beats per minute, which translates into 1 Hz, i.e. one beat per second. That then simply means that natural human cycle/rhythm, i.e. an unit measure of how much of the 'time' has passed or the 'time' between two successive heart-beats, is then one second.

Maybe more importantly, the above also implies that the passage of time is pretty much subjective (for living beings at least) and is closely (if not exclusively) linked to the body, i.e. to the heart rhythm of the particular individual. Which then can be connected to the so called hibernation in which hearts of the people in that state beat very very slowly, effectively making also the time to pass very very slowly for them. The C's mentioned something like a heart-beat per hour when in hibernation mode.

Q: (L) When you say replacement, do you mean something as simple as someone dying, such as a head of state, and being replaced by another person who comes to power? That would be the simplest scenario that would fit this explanation.

A: Your scenario is not simple.

Q: (L) I mean simple in terms of the machinations...

A: Both.

Q: (L) Would it also be that key personnel could also be replaced as in duplication?

A: Yes. And removing to secret activity realm. Enough wars have taken place to effectively create entire new "underground race" of humans, both from direct capture followed by "reeducation," and spawning activity using these persons and others.

Q: (L) What do you mean by spawning activity?

A: Those captured have reproduced offspring, these never having seen your world.

Q: (L) Are you saying... (TK) They have given birth and these children have never seen our world... (L) How can an entire race of people, or groups of people, live under the surface of this planet, without the whole 6 billion of the rest of us on top, or at least a large number, realizing that there is anything going on? This is so wild an idea...

A: No. How much space exists underground, as opposed to that on the surface?

Q: (L) A lot, I suppose. You aren't saying that the earth is hollow, are you?

A: No, not exactly.

Q: (L) Well, how deep is the deepest of these underground cities?

A: 3,108 miles.

Q: (L) That's pretty deep! But wouldn't it be too hot at that depth?

A: No. Temperature averages 68 degrees F.

Q: (TK) That's pretty comfortable! (L) How do they have light?

A: Magnetic resonance.

Q: (L) Well, aren't they subject to being crushed by earthquakes?

A: No, earthquakes are not felt deep underground!!

Q: (L) Does any of this underground civilization activity have any relation to this massive underground base the Russians are building?

A: No.

Q: (TK) Is any of this under the ocean?

A: Yes.

Q: (TK) Well, we'll never explore all of what is under the ocean. (L) It just staggers the mind to think about it. What do they want these people for?

A: To replace you.

Q: (TK) And why? Because they can control them better. Right?

A: Completely.

Q: (L) Do these people being bred and raised in these underground cities have souls?

A: Yes, most.

Q: (TK) Are they just like us only raised differently?

A: More complicated than that.

Q: (L) How long have they been doing this?

A: 14,000 years, approximately.

Q: (L) If they have been doing it that long, obviously the ones they have taken at the beginning have croaked and are of no use to replace anybody on the earth unless they have been replacing people from time to time for various reasons...

A: No, their technology makes yours look like Neanderthal by comparison! Hibernation tubes... One heartbeat per hour, for example.

Q: (TH) That means that for every year we live, they would live 4200 years... (L) Does any of this have anything to do with that crazy pit at Oak Island?

A: In an offhand way.

Q: (L) How do we fit into all of this? (TK) We don't!

A: You have been the "preparation committee."

Q: (L) What have we been doing? Is it part of the plan for us to destroy the planet, destroy the ozone layer, pollute the seas and so forth to make it more habitable for them?

A: Those things are inconsequential and easily repaired.

Q: (TK) With their technology, they can fix all of that. (L) This is really horrible, you know! To think of all this... (TK) Apparently, from what I am understanding, they can't just come in and wipe us out and replace us, because the 'rules' won't allow it.

A: Yet the natural cycles within the framework of the natural order of things will allow all these things to fall into place.

Q: (L) Is there some law within the realm of these beings, sort of like the law of gravity, that prevents them from just coming in and taking over?

A: No.

Q: (TK) I don't think it is like the law of gravity...

A: What "law" is there that inhibits you from manipulating 2nd density beings at will?!?

Q: (L) Well, I don't go out and deliberately hurt or manipulate anything or anybody. (TK) Of course, in our handling of these 'critters,' we are conserving them in some ways so that we will have an ongoing food supply... I think there are rules to the game. It's like a chess game. They can't just come in and change things, it has to progress in some way. But, there are loopholes and they can sneak in and manipulate and get away with some things... (TH) Then, there aren't rules - there are just guidelines.

A: Two important points there: 1) When we said "you," we meant 3rd density collectively. 2) You missed our statement about the natural cycle and order of things almost completely. We suggest you reread and ponder... Also, what if your race is manipulated to destroy yourselves, or, just hang around until the next natural cataclysm?
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