9/11 Attack: Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak - Foreknowledge or just Coincidence?


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I've recently came across statements made by the former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak who had to step down from his position on March 7, 2001, after which Ariel Sharon became Prime Minister. Three hours after the attack he said a whole bunch of quite revealing things that are very "predictive" of specifics about the attacks themselves and what needs to be done and which countries have to be dealt with, together with mentioning Bin Laden, who at this point wasn't even officially the culprit, if memory serfs right. The moderator even corrects Barak in the sense that "we don't know that yet Barak, remeber!". Barak mentioned lot of things the world only became aware of through concrete actions like wars many years later. One wonders of course if this isn't a rather obvious tell tell sign that Israel was very much directly involved in the attack itself and the plan behind it. You can hardly get around the fact that Barak knew all the specifics already of what the plan looks like 3 hours after the attack.

In that regard I also came across a rather interesting statement of the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on the day of the attack, towards the New York times, in which he said that the attacks are "very good” in regard to the relationship of the US and Israel, after which he corrected himself and said “Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.” More on that below.

I came across both of these statements after starting to watch a video mentioned here in the new thread From Yahweh to Zion, in which the author of the book, Laurent Guyenot, was interviewed about said book and his prior research into 911, the Golf of Tunken incident and the JFK assassination among other things. One of the interesting ideas Guyenot brings up in that interview is, that both the Gulf of Tunken incident, as well as the 9/11 event, were not only a sort of Psy-Op from Zionist/Mossad, but that even the "conspiracy world" was being Psy-Oped into the wrong direction by bringing America itself and its leaders into the focus of attention of "who did it". The famous slogan "9/11 was an inside job" was apparently part of this plan which worked out rather good. He even suggests, that the Golf of Tunken "revelations" that suddenly were widely publicized and promoted by the media back then, was a similar Psy-Op to implicate american leadership and put the focus away of Israel/Mossad/Zionists. I would assume at this point that only a handful, at most, of American leadership at the time knew exactly what was going to happen, and even they were surprised on the sheer scale of what transpires and what was actually going to be the plan.

So here is what Ehud Barak said three hours after the attack:

Notice especially how insistent and specifically he mentions Russia and Putin as one of the partners he expects to join in with the, quote; "war against Terror"
Which is a term, as we remember, that was first officially mentioned nine days after the attack on Sept. 20, 2001, by Bush:

U.S. president George W. Bush first used the term "war on terrorism" on 16 September 2001, and then "war on terror" a few days later in a formal speech to Congress.

Also notice how Barak managed to speak of 5 or 6 countries that host terror and have to be paraphrasing "dealt with" by wars: "Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and North Korea". Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Three hours after the attack Barak said all that and many other key things and phrases, that only days, weeks, months and years later will be established and be common knowledge. Like for example, specifically mentioning Bin Laden two times and the slick moderator (who likely knew part of the script) correcting him paraphrasing "that we do not know he is responsible". Or, "we have to pay a price" and so on. The video was recorded on "9/11/2001 at 11:28am (EST)", according to the video description. The moderator says at one point "three hours after the attack“, in regards to when the interview is taking place.

I've transcribed the video since a transcript doesn't seem to be available on the internet, strangely enough. In [brackets] are my additions and I leave out any special markings about certain phrases and revealing things, that both people say, otherwise I would pretty much have to highlighted everything which would be difficult to read:

Yasser Arafat: We are completely shocked, completely shocked, unbelievable... [reacting to 9/11 attack]

Moderator: Right, that's the view from the Palestinian side. Joining me now here in the BBC world studio is the former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, who's in London at the moment. Mr. Barak, welcome to BBC world. First, your reaction having heard what's happened, at least four planes have been hijacked and there may be more.

Ehud Barak: The world will not be the same from today on. It's an attack against our whole civilization. I don't know who is responsible, I believe we will know in 12 hours [who is responsible]. If it is a kind of Bin Laden organization and even if it's something else I believe that this is the time to deploy a globally concerted effort led by the United States, the UK, Europe and Russia, against all sources of terror. The same kind of struggle that our forefathers launched against the piracy on the high seas...

Moderator: In your position as Prime Minister, defence minister, also formerly in the army, were you ever aware of any incident planned like this?

Ehud Barak: Not in these dimensions, but different elements were there. Clearly there was an attempt on the twin towers a few years ago, there was an attempt to explode the Holland and Licoln Tunnel leading into Manhattan, and, but of this size and a simultaneous attack, I don't think that anyone had predicted it in advance.

Moderator: Is it something that security services [and] intelligence services could ever have gotten wind of?

Ehud Barak: I'm not sure, but this is not the case, it really happened in front of our eyes and the question what should be done in regard to it in order to avoid it in the future it's going to be a tough struggle. There will be many tough and painful moments along the way, but I believe that if we will coordinate diplomatic, operational intelligence and economic activities, that we will not let them land at any Airport and we'll isolate automatically any nation that is ready to host terror or support them. By doing this consistently along six or ten years, we will reduce dramatically this challenge to all our way of life.

Moderator: Your words Mr. Barak are very similar to the words used to justify missile defense in the United States, which may have taken another ten or fifteen years. Here we've seen low-tech hijacked by those with evil intent.

Ehud Barak: I believe that it's first of all, missile defense is always also something which is clearly needed as long as...

Moderator: [talking over Barak, while Brak continious to talk] But it doesn‘t stop something like this, doesn‘t it?

Ehud Barak:...there are rogue states, and it should be done and it should be deployed, maybe not on national level, but only on regional level to cover exactly the sweat from rogue states like Iran, Iraq or Libya, but in this area we will suffer. It will not be so easy to go [on] an airplane in the next, in the near future, but we have no way but to stand firm facing terrror, otherwise all our way of life will be threatened. And to stand firm means to isolate from the world every nation that is hosting them and calling every terror-thug with the accurate name and be ready, with all the pain that comes with it, to act upon our observations.

Moderator: What price might democracy have to pay given what has happened in the last three hours in the United States, given what you're experiencing now in Israel in the center of Jerusalem from your own citizens with the bombing over the weekend?

Ehud Barak: There is no shortcuts you know. Our civilization is ready, highly vulnerable; look at the entrances into the gates of boarding airplanes. It's a situation were it is not easy. Every simple step crossing borders or going on a plane or on a ship will become more complicated but at the same time it's a time to identify; there are no more than five or six countries in the world which are directly or indirectly responsible for hosting terror, there are no more than ten or fifteen terror-thugs in the world. All those organizations are well-known, the MI6 knows all the information, the CIA knows, the Mossad knows and [not understandable section].

And it's time for action! Facing such an attack we cannot but act and these terror-thugs and rogue leaders are highly skillful in identifying the slightest cracks in the will of power, our power of will, of the leaders of the free world.

Moderator: But let me press this point about democracy and the prize democracy may have to pay because you know very well that many passengers in the United States have long expected to be able to walk into an airport get on a domestic aircraft unhindered within about ten minutes of the plane taking off. They expect that, as a free country...

Ehud Barak: And it's a part of the problem that we have in a world which is so turbulent that we cannot, [corrects himself] we won't be able to isolate our advanced way of life on what happens around and we… It's a time to launch an operational [and] concrete war against terror, even if it takes certain pains from the routine activities of our normal societies.

Moderator: Now Mr. Barak, you have deep problems [and] great attention in the Middle East at the moment but you've used there a war against this kind of terrorism. What can be done? Because the great thing that is talked about by people like you, diplomats, politicians, world leaders is preventing conflict before it happens…

When you talk about a war, how do you take a war or a challenge or a struggle to those who are determined, through three or four people only today, to hijack four planes at least as we know, hit the Pentagon, hit the World Trade Center, try and hit we believe somewhere else... How do you take a war to four people?

Ehud Barak: I spent decades struggling terror almost you know with my ten fingers, together with a lot of colleagues all around the world… I believe that the world intelligence community in a concerted effort can identify within a few month the sources of this terror. They can identify the places where they are deployed on earth. Every such a place is within a certain country; The Bin Laden sits in Afghanistan, there is a source of terror…

Moderator: [moderator interupts Barak] But who else have you indedtivied though? Beacause we are not saying he's responsible for this necessarily…

Ehud Barak: No, no, [waving strongly with his hands and shaking his head denying it and stuttering] we, we don‘t say that he is responsible, [correcting himslef] necessarily responsibile... We know where aother terror-thugs are living, we know that [not understandable section] Central Asia is a major route for drugs but at the same time a major route for terror and I know that President Putin is highly committed to the struggle against Terror and I feel that he should be part of this international effort. I believe that the MI6 is highly capable, you have proven it along decades, your own skills in standing firm politically and acting pointedly [and] operationally against terror. And we should cooperate with all...

Moderator: [Moderator interupts at this point and corrects Brak] Preemptively, preemptively...

Ehud Barak: ... both pre-emptive and by diplomatic means namely rogue states, the are five of them; Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea… These kind of states should be treated as rogue states! And the same applies to even leaders like Arafat... We've heard him just recently condemning this [terror]. I praise him for this condemnation but he personally is responsible for many terror events that happened in the last few years. Same happened with some other capitals in the Middle East…

Moderator: Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel here in BBC world; Thank you for joining us here in our studio in London...

In very similar fashion Ehud Barak appeared (apparently a day later on Sept 12.) on BBC's "Hardtalk". Also notice here again his specific and forceful mentioning of Russia and Putin, in that he expects him to join in:

Now to Netanyahu. On the day of the attack Netanyahu said:

Here’s how The New York Times reported it:

Asked tonight what the attack meant for relations between the United States and Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the former prime minister, replied, “It’s very good.” Then he edited himself: “Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.” He predicted that the attack would “strengthen the bond between our two peoples, because we’ve experienced terror over so many decades, but the United States has now experienced a massive hemorrhaging of terror.”
Even after generously allowing Netanyahu to “edit” himself, the Times did not conceal that Netanyahu was not thinking in terms of sympathy for the victims of 9/11 and the United States, nor what a “friend” could do to help America. Rather, he was already thinking on the day it happened about how 9/11 could be manipulated to get America to do more for Israel.

A couple of years later Natanyahu reportedly boasted:

"We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq," Ma'ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events "swung American public opinion in our favor."

At some point Netanyahu also boasted that he had predicted the 9/11 attack in his 1995 book:

Which turns out to be not quite what he wrote in the book. What he wrote in the book, is apparently this:

Binyamin Netanyahu, prime minister-designate of Israel, claims to have predicted 9/11. Two examples:

  • On CNNin November 2006: "I wrote a book in 1995, and I said that if the West doesn't wake up to the suicidal nature of militant Islam, the next thing you will see is militant Islam bringing down the World Trade Center."
  • To the Jerusalem Conference in January 2009 (at 12:57 into his speech): "Look, I wrote ... in 1995 … that radical Islam will topple the Twin Towers."
What exactly did Netanyahu write in that 1995 book, Fighting Terrorism (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), that came out two years after the Blind Sheikh's crew truck bombed the World Trade Center? Two passages there bear on his claim of foresight. First, on p. 52:

What road should the United States and other democracies pursue if they are to overcome not only the domestic terror of Oklahoma City but the potentially much more insidious international terror which produced the [1993] World Trade Center bombing, and which may very well produce other such tragedies before it has been defeated?
This vaguely alludes to "other such tragedies" but predicts nothing along the lines of 9/11. On p. 125, Netanyahu speculates about various forms of Islamist terror:

Iran might be tempted to actually use nuclear weapons against Israel or a neighboring Arab state, and then avoid the consequences of Western reaction by threatening to activate its pre-armed militants in the West. … In the worst of such scenarios, the consequences could be not a car bomb but a nuclear bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center.
A nuclear bombing of the twin towers would have rendered all of New York City uninhabitable for generations; the two airliners on 9/11 brought down the World Trade Center and destroyed near-by buildings, but otherwise New York City remains very much inhabited and alive today, a dynamic world capital.

Comments: (1) Neither passage predicted "militant Islam bringing down the World Trade Center" nor "radical Islam will topple the Twin Towers." Verdict: Netanyahu did not predict 9/11.

(2) The discrepancy between the actual text of the 1995 book and recent claims reveals something small but troubling about Netanyahu's character, reminding me of the politicians who served unsuccessfully as prime minister in the 1990s rather than an older and wiser "new Bibi." (March 8, 2009)
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