9-11 Truth Gathering Chicago, June 2-4th - Anyone else going?


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My brother and I decided to goto chicago june 2-4 for the 9-11 truth gathering. Here's the URL: http://www.911truth.org/ChicagoConference.htm

It should be an interesting time. But i was wondering if a.) anyone else is going and b.) what info the signs team reccomends i bring and disseminate.

I was thinking ponerology and stranger then fiction, any other reccomendations or MUST haves?
This does have some appeal, but it's uncertain how one weekend will contribute to "shared strategy and synergistic efforts".

The gist of their purpose is:

"Everything we need to succeed -- we now have:

• Mounting facts and evidence from 9/11 truth movement researchers
• Dynamic new truth groups bursting forth at an unprecedented rate
• The support of respected leaders across the political spectrum
• A nationwide communications network in independent media
• Enduring inspiration from courageous whistleblowers & victim families
• A country gradually waking up to the desperate need for truth
• Visual and performing artists offering their creativity to our cause

All that’s missing is a shared strategy and synergistic efforts - Please join us in Chicago and help turn 9/11 knowledge into the transformative power we need. "

I would recommend the most important things to take as your ears and your voice.
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