A meteor explosion over Zagreb


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Just saw my friends message from 10:35 that there was a big earthquake (from her perspective) in Zagreb, Croatia.
Later she told me that media report that it was a meteor explosion over Zagreb.

Main stream media report:
_Stiglo objašnjenje snažne detonacije zbog koje su građani u panici zvali 112: "Bolid je eksplodirao oko 10:31, to je veći komad svemirskog kamena"
A strong detonation erupted in the Zagreb area on Friday morning, which worried citizens who at first thought it was an earthquake. Although the sound wall was also suspected, due to the announced activities of the military, it turned out that the detonation came from a meteor explosion.

The noise, which was heard around 10:30 in the Zagreb area and annoyed some citizens, appears to have been caused by a meteor burn out. At first, it was thought to be an earthquake or the breaking of a sound wall by fighter jets, but, as reported by the Croatian Astronomical Federation, a larger piece of space rock exploded some 30 kilometers in height.

"There was a rumble, like some heavy thunder," one reader from the Zagreb neighborhood of Gajnice told us. Another reader from Trnski tells them that her building has been shaken a lot.

"The meteor exploded at about 10:31 AM, the sound in Zagreb was heard at 10:34 AM - it's a larger piece of space rock. The breakup happened at a height of more than 30 kilometers above the surface. Where exactly is not clear, probably above the territory of Hungary" the Croatian Astronomical Federation posted on Facebook.

At about the same time, a meteorite falling was recorded in the sky above Rijeka. It was shot by Andrija Čolak, a Rijeka entrepreneur, who posted the video on his Facebook.

"It flashed just like a flash. We heard it a little, too" Čolak told us.
A video of the meteorite over Rijeka is in the link above.


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Funny, we got earthquake last saturday in my region, but some poeple saw a meteorite or fireball as well at that time.

Wonder if there is a connection betwen the two,
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