A video I made on mega-dosing vitamins for covid and post-viral fatigue


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I just posted a video which I have been working on for a couple of days on mega-dose vitamin therapy for COVID/post-covid. I didn't explicitly say anything about covid and just referred to it as "viral infection" and censored the studies so that the algorithm doesn't pick it up. I hope it doesn't get me a strike on my YT channel, but it is possible :lol:. Either way, the mechanisms and studies are all COVID-specific.

Here it is!

That was really great! Your explanation of some complex processes was given in an easy to follow way. I think
the information about how these critical vitamins (by the way, the correct pronounciation is vaituhmuhnz not vituhminz :-P) supply the body with various vital processes will be really helpful for people. Thumbs up!!
Great work Keyhole! :grad: 🏆

Let’s hope this information finds its way to everyone who is looking and listening. More people will be desperately searching for solutions in the near future, and this is exactly the kind of thing they need to come across. :flowers:
dommage que ce ne soit pas sous titré...

Too bad there are no subtitles...
@PERLOU , pour obtenir des sous-titres (générés et traduits automatiquement mais suffisament bien pour être compréhensibles) :
1/ cliquer sur l'icône sous-titres (à gauche de la roue dentée, dans la barre du bas) pour activer ceux en anglais (générés automatiquement)
2/ si besoin cliquer sur l'icône des paramètres (ladit roue dentée), puis sur l'item « Sous-titres », puis « Traduire automatiquement » et choisir la langue-cible souhaitée en faisant défiler la liste.

To obtain subtitles (automatically generated and translated, but sufficiently well to be understandable) :
1/ click on the icon Subtitles (on the left of the wheel, in the lower bar) to activate those in English (generated automatically).
2/ if needed, click on the icon Parameters (the wheel), then on item "Subtitles", then on "Translate automatically" and choose the wished target language by scrolling the list.
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Merci pour la vidéo et la marche à suivre pour la lire en Français, je ne connaissais pas ce moyen...
appris quelque chose... MERCI...

Thank you for the video and the way to read it in French, I did not know this way...
I learned something... THANK YOU...
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