A warning about aluminum and cooking

However I don't think we have a lot of aluminum containers today.
The above post is from 2009; and really noticed around this time in what the vessel cook is preparing the food in 2023:
Slow rice cooker with aluminum coated pot (this was received onboard aprox 2 months ago)

The old pots from previous rice cooker are used for boiling, frying etc:

After a bout of inflammation (back, legs) I decided to change my situation onboard: I listend the Gabor Mate's "When the body says no" and took charge of some "light" cooking (in my cabin ):

I found the previous slow rice cooker in one locker, plus small pot - stainless steel in which to cook after my afternoon shift.
So that my intention is to eat evening (after a min. 20 hrs fast), as the food onboard is not the best.
What we use at my parents house are carbon steel cookwares. Here is an article I found online.

Here is another review on why it is better and non-toxic.

However, Carbon Steel, unlike old Teflon coated cookware, is completely non toxic. It only has the two chemicals in it—carbon and iron—neither of which are toxic. And the best part about Carbon Steel is that it’s actually naturally non stick when you develop a seasoning layer.

Carbon Steel is safe enough that you could eat off of your Pan if you really wanted to. However, if your pan is rusted, you may want to think twice before cooking a meal in it—it’s usually best to not eat off of rusted surfaces. Luckily, you can easily remove the rust and restore it back to new.

Where Im from, these are what we usually use. The non-stick pans were only introduced to our household probably when I was already a teenager. Electric stoves are uncommon in our household. We have gas stove and make use of the old style way of cooking with coconut husks and wood for flame.

I also noticed that when my apartment then didnt allowed gas stoves, I had no choice but to use the electric stove and using a carbon steel cookware is hard to find. I used the non-stick ones instead and noticed pain in my lower back which were not there before. I think the cookware may be a contributing factor. I will check online where I could buy good carbon steel cookwares. Are you also using those? Do you have a link where we can purchase it? Thank you! 😍
My Grandfather died of Parkinsons Disease. I often wondered if it was caused by the use of standard issue aluminium dixie tins they used to cook and eat their food in during World War 2


The Military Routinely Disperses Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass Into the Air​

Story at a glance:
  • Militaries around the world routinely disperse tiny bits of aluminum-coated fiberglass and plastic — known as “chaff” — into the air column, to shield aircraft and ships from enemy radar
  • Chaff has been used for decades, without clear evidence that it’s safe for humans and the environment
  • In response to a United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report issued in August 2021, the U.N. announced it’s considering spraying sulfate aerosols into the Earth’s stratosphere to modify climate. The tiny reflective particles would act as reflectors, bouncing sunlight back into space instead of onto the Earth’s surface
  • The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is using “climate science” as a vehicle to promote socialist ideology
  • According to Dane Wigington, founder of Geoengineeringwatch.org, the risks of geoengineering are so immense, it poses an extinction-level threat to humanity, and the window of opportunity to save ourselves is rapidly closing


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