Access Consciousness (including Access Bars) by Gary M. Douglas, "Dr." Dain Heer


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I've recently heard about "Access consciousness", a growing movement about a kind of (psycho-energetic) therapy (methods called : "Access Bars", "Access Body"). Formerly it was called "Access Energy Transformation".

First, the infos from the official websites :

According to them, the method was created (channeled) by its founder Gary M. Douglas in 1990 or 1991.
_ said:
Born in Midwest USA and raised in San Diego, California in a “normal” middle class family, Gary was fascinated from an early age with the human psyche. After completing a psychology degree and building a successful career as a realtor in Santa Barbara, California, Gary’s interest grew into a desire to assist people to ‘know what they know’ and help create positive change in the world and in people’s lives.

This desire eventually compelled Gary to develop a set of pragmatic wellbeing tools and, in 1991, he consolidated his knowledge under the banner of Access Consciousness. Since then, his teachings have expanded into over 170 countries and have been translated into more than 30 languages. His tools are practiced by celebrities, corporate executives and teachers, and are used by health professionals (such as psychologists, chiropractors, naturopaths) to improve the health and wellbeing of their clients.

(...) A vibrant 75-year-old grandfather, (...)
In the early 2000s, he associated with "Dr." Dain Heer (Doctor of Chiropratic ?), a handsome guy.
_ said:
Originally trained as a chiropractor, he has a completely different approach to healing by facilitating people to tap into and recognise their own abilities and knowing. (...)
A Doctor of Chiropractic, born and raised in California, USA, Dain Heer hosts a regular radio show entitled Conversations in Consciousness on Voice of America. He has been a guest on hundreds of nationally syndicated radio shows. He also has appeared on several TV shows including ‘Fox News’, ‘Good Morning’ Shows in New Zealand, Australia and Canada and on Gaiam TV.

Dain Heer is the author of nine books on the topics of embodiment, healing, money and relationships. Being You, Changing the World is now an international best seller. It was published in June 2011 and has been translated into Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian, Estonian and Japanese.
(To be continued...)

Edited : added the former name.


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All right, let's investigate this case...

Quickly I've found a reference to a link between the founder and Scientology church. Hmm, it's getting hot here !

An introduction by by Craig Malisow from Houston Press :
" Cover Story: Are You Human or Humanoid? "
HP said:
In that way, as well as its pay-to-play structure and secretive literature, it's reminiscent of Scientology. This makes sense, because founder Gary Douglas was close with some high-ranking Scientologists (they'd actually broken away from the group) and he no doubt picked up on what a great money-making machine it was. Any halfway-decent entrepreneur could just switch a few words around, and, presto, you've got a nice Scientology knockoff.

Still, in most of its 20-plus years, Access has remained on the fringes. It wasn't until former NFL player Ricky Williams got involved with Douglas, through Williams's charitable organization, that Access got some mainstream exposure. Unfortunately, the exposure wasn't that flattering to Access or Williams.
A more developped and interesting article by the same Craig Malisow from Houston Press :
" What's Behind Gary Douglas's Scientology Knockoff? "

Here is a selection of interesting or relevant parts :
HP said:
Not many people knew about Access, and there was no real vehicle to get it into schools, until ex-NFL player Ricky Williams fell in love with Access and accepted a $50,000 donation from them for his Ricky Williams Foundation. Some sports writers poked fun at Williams for aligning himself with a "cult," but at least Access got some attention.
Children picked their parents before they were even conceived, and then they stripped those parents of choice. Douglas's son and daughter chose their moments of conception when Douglas was still asleep. On both occasions, according to Access's blog, he suddenly snapped awake just before ejaculating inside his wife. Boom, now he's got Schyler, playing guitar in a band in Santa Barbara, along with Grace, a new mom herself, here in Houston. See, kids get it.
(I beg your pardon ?!? :shock: )
HP said:
he thing is, Access might never have been born had Gary Major Douglas gotten out of real estate.

He'd done well for a while — by his estimation, making $100,000 a year. But by 1990, according to Santa Barbara court records, his business went belly up. He was sued by collection agencies, then filed for bankruptcy in 1993. His host of creditors included the IRS and the U.S. Department of Justice's tax division. He'd be paying off those federal liens for the next eight years. After real estate, he had a short stint in the United Way, but nothing seemed to be working for him.

That's when Douglas surveyed the metaphysical landscape of Santa Barbara and found an opening.

For years, Douglas had flitted on the outskirts of Scientology. His first wife, Laurie Alexander, ran a "field group" in the city — pulling in new recruits through Scientology's "auditing" process. (...)

After Douglas divorced Alexander in 1983, he married an ex-Scientologist named Patricia O'Hara. The two were close friends with another former Scientologist, named Mary Wernicke, who was roughly 40 years their senior. The English-born Wernicke rose up the Scientology ranks, working for the church's exclusive "Sea Org" unit. (...) in the early 1980s. (...) Wernicke was one of many higher-ups who left the church for the short-lived offshoot, the Advanced Ability Center. Douglas grew very close to Wernicke and even cared for her as her health began to fail in older age. He moved her into his Santa Barbara home and hired nurses to tend to her.

According to mutual friend Kathleen Martin, Wernicke had a profound influence on Douglas. She made Douglas the executor of her will. She wasn't a wealthy woman and she had no surviving relatives, so she left her jewelry and books to a handful of friends, including Douglas, his wife and his daughter Grace. She left $10,000 for one friend, and any remaining money (including the proceeds of any household items sold) to Douglas, which amounted to around $100,000. Martin says that Douglas gave her a portion of the money, even though Wernicke hadn't willed any to her; it was simply in Douglas's nature to be generous, she says.

Not only was Douglas exposed to key elements of Scientology through Wernicke and others, he was tapped into the growing popularity in Santa Barbara of "channels," people who claimed to be able to allow spirits to enter their bodies. It was always a hit at parties. Though channels no doubt were serious about these supernatural powers, Douglas was not without a sense of humor.

According to the early Access document "How Access Came to Be," "Gary related that, in 1987, he went to a party and saw a man channeling a being called Bashar. He said, 'How come he can do that and I can't? He is no better looking than I, he's no taller, he certainly doesn't speak better — he's from New Jersey."

Around the time Douglas's real estate business imploded, he discovered his own channeling powers. One night, his body was taken over by the spirit of Grigori Rasputin, the Russian mystic who was assassinated in 1916. Douglas would later joke about how it was just his luck that he couldn't be a conduit for any of the typical angelic beings claimed by other channels. Douglas didn't entirely trust Rasputin, and he eventually was inhabited by other spirits, including a "wise ancient Chinese man named Tchia Tsin," a "robust, rowdy" 14th-century friar named Brother George, and a group of alien beings called Novian.

"Never having been human, Novian was very hard on [Douglas's] body," according to "How Access Came to Be." "They would take about one breath and talk for twenty minutes, lower Gary's blood pressure and heartbeat to the point that, on a 92-degree day, he would be freezing...Belligerent, he said, 'You know what? If you can't give this information through Rasputin, I am not doing it anymore. This f—king hurts, and I'm just not going to do it.' The very next day, Rasputin began talking about what is now known as Access."

Douglas retired Rasputin several years ago, but old recordings indicate that Accessories were spellbound by these channeling sessions, a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that Douglas's faux Russian accent makes him sound like a high-school thespian doing ­Tevye.

Rasputin was enough of a hit that Douglas decided to go into business, creating what was originally called Access Energy Transformation. Access was more than a channeling routine — it was a watered-down repackaging of Scientology. At the ground level, both offered fairly typical New Age palaver, but there was incredible chance for advancement, if you were willing to pay.

Around 2000, a thirtysomething Santa Barbara-area chiropractor named Dain Heer was on the verge of suicide. Handsome in a J.Crew-catalog sort of way, with a gentle manner, he had a wonderful fiancée and lived in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. On the surface, he appeared to have it all. But his chiropractic practice wasn't doing well, and he could barely pay his share of the rent on the apartment he shared with his fiancée. Heer states in his profile on various Access sites that he was a victim of childhood abuse. He had too much self-doubt and self-loathing to allow himself to be happy and in love. It got bad enough that he set a six-month expiration date for his life if nothing got better.

(...) when he saw an ad for a woman who "ran bars," in Access parlance. The woman turned out to be Douglas's stepdaughter, Shannon, who discovered that this sad, chiseled man was actually a prodigy. He had a gift for healing that he wasn't even aware of. He took the Access Foundation and Level One classes, and then Douglas went to see him. He asked Heer to start facilitating Level Three classes, something the chiropractor hadn't anticipated. (...)

Before long, Heer moved into Douglas's home and became Access's number-two man.

With his hint of vulnerability, impeccable taste in clothes and awesome hair, Heer was an immediate hit. Based on some accounts by former Accessories, the man has magic fingers. When he runs bars at Access workshops, with only his fingertips on a woman's head, he has been known to induce orgasm.
Hem... :shock:
These women's recounting of Douglas's behavior describes a man radically different from the Douglas in the 2004 workshops reviewed by the Press. That was a man who advocated self-reliance, and swapping a low-confidence victim mentality for one of empowerment. That Douglas even encouraged skepticism, saying at a workshop that one sign Access isn't a cult is that "I ask and request of you one thing: Know that you know. Whatever makes you feel light is right and true. Whatever makes you feel heavy is a lie — don't buy a lie from anybody. Not me. Not the guy I channel, Rasputin. Not anybody."
Andrew Blanford explains on that he took a basic Access class and has "read much of the material."

He writes that, while "there are some good things in Access," much of the material "is confusing, convoluted and contradictory at best." According to Blanford, "Most of the deceit and coercion you won't discover until you are invested to the point that you don't want to admit to yourself that you were duped."

He told the Press in an e-mail, "One of the foundational elements of Access Consciousness is accepting and allowing everything, therefore Access Consciousness should be in total acceptance and allowance of any critical discernment of their teachings or writings."
From the March 2012 Level One manual: "How do you handle a demon bitch or bastard from hell? You call them up and say quietly to them three times, 'If you do this again, I will kill you.' Make sure nobody else can hear you. You have to mean it. Maybe not this lifetime, but you will kill them. If they tell somebody, you go, 'Me? Would I do such a thing?'"

And then there's this, from the same manual: "In many cases where children were sexually abused, the child allowed themselves to be molested because it was a way of stopping the person from doing it to anybody else. And they knew it — even if they were only six or seven years old. That was a great gift and a bizarre point of view to realize that they know it's what they have to do."

There's also a treatise on family in Access's March 2012 Foundation manual, which states that the word stands for "-flicked--up and mainly interested in limiting you" and explains that "the reason they love you is that you agree with them." Also: "Remember, the only reason to have a family is if they have money you might inherit. Otherwise, divorce them."
On July 24, Ricky Williams tweeted his gratitude to Access.

"Thank you to Gary [Douglas], @RickysKids raised over 50,000 dollars thanks to the generosity of Gary, Dain and Access ­Consciousness."

He was referring to a component of his nonprofit Ricky Williams Foundation called Ricky's Kids, which "is perfecting a new and alternative place of growth for children in the Austin area." (...)
According to foundation representative Peggy King, some of the Foundation's donors backed off when Williams retired from the NFL, and Access stepped in with a one-time $50,000 donation.

The Austin Chronicle explored this relationship in a story last August: "Williams says he's become an [A]ccessory of the Access movement, and the mission of his foundation has been transformed into an outlet for delivering the controversial teachings of Access Consciousness to the underprivileged children who attend his camps." (...)

It's an important step toward Douglas's goal of reaching even more kids. Currently, kids can attend Access classes for free or at a reduced rate. Douglas believes Access's tools can help kids excel at school; the kids who use Access methods are called "Xmen."

This is in keeping with the goals of the Access True Knowledge Foundation to establish Access Schools — "after-school programs or schools that educate kids in a more expansive and dynamic way," according to the Foundation's Web site.

Foundation directors include Douglas, Heer and Houston oil heiress Curry Glassell, who's also served on the boards of the Alley Theatre, The Glassell School of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. According to her Web site, she's been facilitating Access classes for ten years.
The organization's answer to this article :
" Is Access a Scam? "

A (not really interesting) article from RT about AC as a cult :
" ‘Scientology knock-off’: Whistleblower exposes ‘cult’ that thinks ‘children are sexy’ "
RT said:
Access Consciousness was founded by US-based Douglas, a former Scientologist. Douglas claims that after his body was overtaken by the spirit of Grigory Rasputin, the Russian mystical faith healer who was assassinated in 1916, he discovered his channeling powers and set up the group.

Douglas also claims to have been inhabited by other spirits, including an ancient Chinese man called Tchia Tsin and a group of alien beings called the Novian.
(To be continued...)


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Two other good sources of infos / critics about AC :

Access schism, a forum to discuss or testimony AC :

On her blog "whirled musings", "Cosmic" Connie L. Schmidt has written many blog about AC, including (from the latter to the former) :

November 2012 : Access Consciousness gets a little more MSM lovin'

August 2012: Access Consciousness wants kids, and lots of 'em (The beginning of the mainstream media love affair with Access)

August 2011: ACCESS Consciousness: a cult (or scam) by any other name...

May 2011: Calling all trannies! (and Harry Potter fans)

March 2011: What's next? Access death panels?

March 2011: Warning: Accessories on the loose in Houston!

June 2010: Access asks: Are you humanoid, or merely human?

June 2010: Mad monk makes eyes at riled Realtor...and the rest, as they say, is hysteria (The tale of how Gary Douglas became best buds with Rasputin)

June 2010: Now Heer this: Top ACCESSory woos Oprah!

February 2010: A little motion on the ocean

October 2009: ACCESS: The incredible lightness of boinking

July 2008: More dark than snark today
(scroll down to : ACCESS: it just gets worse)

May 2008: On a would-be marriage, and a horse's ACCESS (scroll down to "Warning: ACCESSories on the loose")

June 2007: The excess of ACCESS

June 2007: Grabbing a hot piece of ACCESS


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A strange thing which still exists in AC : their (kind of) mantra called : "the clearing statement" :

Dain Heer said:
These crazy weird words are the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement – a simple tool that thousands of people around the world use every day to continually create a life of ease, joy and glory.

It goes like this:
“Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POC and POD, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds”.
You can use it to change almost anything that is keeping you stuck, limited or tied up in knots!
Hum, I don't know why, but I cannot stop thinking there is an hidden meaning behind this sentence - carefully designed to brainwash those addicted to AC ?

DH said:
Much of what we would like to change is not cognitive or logical; it is created and held energetically. Take a moment to recall a time when you got really angry about something without being clear about the logical reason… was it actually an energy you were aware of?

Many modalities clear the limitations built around words. Access Consciousness clears the energy underneath the words. (...)
DH said:
This is what the shorthand stands for:

Right and Wrong, Good and Bad
What’s good, perfect and correct about this?
What’s wrong, mean, vicious, terrible, bad, and awful about this?
What’s right and wrong, good and bad?

Is the point of creation of the thoughts, feelings and emotions immediately preceding whatever you decided.

Is the point of destruction immediately following whatever you decided. It’s like pulling the bottom card out of a house of cards. The whole thing falls down.

All 9
Stands for nine layers of crap that we’re taking out. You know that somewhere in those nine layers, there’s got to be a pony because you couldn’t put that much crap in one place without having a pony in there. It’s crap that you’re generating yourself, which is the bad part. You created it, you can change it.

Is the short version of: What’s meaningful about this? What’s meaningless about this? What’s the punishment for this? What’s the reward for this?

Stands for nucleated spheres*. Have you ever been told you have to peel the layers of the onion to get to the core of an issue? Well, this is it—except it’s not an onion. It’s an energetic structure that looks like one. These are pre-verbal.

Have you ever seen one of those kids’ bubble pipes? Blow here and you create a mass of bubbles on the other end of the pipe? As you pop one bubble it fills back in. Basically these have to do with those areas of our life where we’ve tried to change something continuously with no effect. This is what keeps something repeating ad infinitum…

Are feelings or sensations you get that stop your heart, stop your breath, or stop your willingness to look at possibilities. It’s like when your business is in the red and you get another final notice and you say argh! You weren’t expecting that right now.

And sometimes we just say, “POC and POD it.”
* : I'm not sure what does this jargon expression "nucleated spheres" really means for them.

Last but not least :
For a more scientific explanation, check out this blog & radio show with a neuroscientists review!

Some excerps from this one :
AC blog said:
What showed up when Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, neuroscientist and executive director of Center for Cognitive Enhancement, interviewed Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer about energy, space and consciousness… and the Access Bars?
I'm going to check this "neuroscientist" below.

AC blog said:
Listen to the full show for a scientific explanation of “Your Point of View Creates Your Reality, Reality Does Not Create Your Point of View” and hear about what Dr. Fannin is excited about with regards to the Access Bars Study coming out in 2016!
Oh, their own version of "YCYOR", checked ! :rolleyes:

AC blog said:
During this segment, Dr. Fannin continues by explaining the science and quantum physics of the Clearing Statement and Gary responds with, “That was beautiful because what I saw is how it has its physiological ramifications and actualization of what occurs.”
New-agey reference to quantum physics, checked ! :rolleyes:

So, let's see who is this "gentleman", Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin :
Thought Genius said:
Jeffrey L. Fannin holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications. He is the founder and Executive Director forThought Genius, LLC. He has worked in the neuroscience field, mapping and analyzing the brain for over two decades.

Dr. Fannin has extensive experience training the brain for optimal brain performance working with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), anxiety disorders, depression, and trauma recovery.

Over the years, Dr. Fannin has been involved in cutting-edge research, using electroencephalogram EEG technology, to accurately measure balanced brainwave energy; he has created effective brain mapping and brain training programs. Engaging this process forms symmetrical brain wave pattern in both hemispheres of the brain and creates harmony from front to back. Thus, giving the person greater access to more mental and emotional resources. His recent research interest pursues the effect of subtle energy in the quantum field and consciousness affecting the brain. He does workshops and speaks at international events.

Dr. Fannin was part of a research team at Arizona State University researching neuroscience and leadership; including work at the United States Military Academy at West Point. For several years, he served on faculty at Walden University teaching cognitive neuroscience at the masters and doctoral level. He has taught and developed courses in quantum neuroscience for Quantum University. He has appeared on Quantum World TV, recently as presenter at the World Congress for Quantum Medicine; also on Gaiam TV, You Are Not Your Brain. His work has been featured in local media, international media such as the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Business Week, London Financial Times, in Singapore’s Weekend Edition, BBC radio, and appeared in the documentary PGS - Intuition appearing internationally in theaters.

He is currently completing an interesting, easy to read, book entitled NEURO AWAKENING: Crossing The Bridge of Science to Discover Your Inner Being. A compelling book that explains how the brain works and how to control our thoughts in order experience deep satisfaction in living well and creating the reality we desire.
Strange mix of
- on the one hand "fringe science" research on "subtle energy in the QF and consciouness affecting the brain"
- on the other hand research on neuroscience and leadership and a connexion with West Point military academy...

Almost same bio there :

Psych-K said:
Jeffrey L. Fannin holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications.
Scroll down below bio for videos
He has been involved in brain neuroscience for over 15 years and owns the Center for Cognitive Enhancement. Dr. Fannin has extensive experience training the brain for optimal performance to improve brain function, enhance mental and emotional dexterity.

Over the years he has been involved in cutting-edge research, such as, using quantitative electroencephalogram qEEG technology. This allows him to accurately assess and measure balanced brainwave activity, known as the whole-brain state. This research focuses on subconscious belief patterns, translating limited personal success into balanced brain performance. He has co-authored several peer reviewed neuroscience articles on varied subjects as well as PSYCH-K. An article featuring PSYCH-K was published in the peer reviewed journal NeuroConnections. The full 25 page report was published in its entirety in the International Journal of Management and Business. Both articles can be found on this website under the tab: Free Offers, Articles

Dr. Jeffrey Fannin in Psych-k
Dr. Fannin was part of a research team at Arizona State University researching neuroscience and leadership; including work at the United States Military Academy at West Point. This research allowed him to co-teach a unique course at Arizona State University, “The Neuroscience of Leadership.” His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on Fox News, Business Week, London Financial Times, in Singapore’s Weekend Edition, BBC radio and many more. Currently, he is in the process of completing a book dealing with the brain and how we interact in the world.

Jeffrey Fannin PhD, executive Director, The Center For Cognitive Enhancement, Glendale, AZ 85308 602-548-9092,
His papers on Psych-K are available there :

It seems indeed that he published a few research papers on "peer-reviewed journals" according to G**gle Scholar :
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