Adding a Sub-Forum in the Linguistics Forum


The Force is Strong With This One
I would like to Suggest adding a Sub-Forum in the Linguistics Forum entitled Definitions as a place to put Definitions of the many terms in use on Cassiopaea Forums. I suggest this as a two fold option one there is the Dictionary definition of terms that of course could be used but some terms in use here a more abstract and do not have official definition. The other option I was considering for terms such as Service to Self, Service to Others, and terms of that nature is using a group view to define such words, this could be used for regular words as well.

To try to explain better I think of the image with the blind folded Scientist, they can only define the Elephant based on there perception of how it feels, I view Defining words the same way. another way I think of it is like looking at a stained glass window, ever person who looks at the image will pick up different parts based on there perception. Some will see the image as a whole others will look for colors or different images within the scene that catches there eye, and if you ask each person to describe what they saw you can build a whole picture of that stained window with a deeper understanding than your eyes alone can provide.

So in conclusion I think having a place to put definition would be nice and helpful to current and new user.
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