Along With The Gods Part I & II - (The Korean Neo, but not)


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Hello and happy new year to all,

From Korean cinema, the trend is only "Parasite" and the "squid game". I detest the trends because they pigeonhole the masses especially if they are geared to be more zombie. For those of you who are not used to Korean film production, either because you find it hard to synchronize a very different language, well, please make an effort, I invite you to watch these two movies, especially for their background values. They are not the only ones of course and not all of them bring good or interesting values, but each one will know what he sees. For me they are movies that really motivate me to think or maybe I just get used to think every time I see or read something beyond what I have at first glance. Anyway, I close my fingers and hope you enjoy them.

Along With The Gods Part I: The Two Worlds:

Along With the Gods Part II: The Last 49 Days:
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